The characters of Vejiita and Bulma are credited to Toriyama-sama, not me. John Michael Montgomery sings this song and, once again, my subconscious demanded I write their story down. I guess you could put the timeline after Buu defeat, and sub-sequent resurrection of the Dark Prince of Vejiita-sei, but it could really fit in anywhere. No, it is not a continuation of Love She Can’t Live Without, although I should start a Country Songfic section...I have a couple more ideas to go along with some other country songs...and I really don’t care for country ...sigh... What gets ingrained in my subconscious is going to kill me one of these days....Read and enjoy! *grin* Gie-chan


Angel In My Eyes
By: Gie


The early morning dawn peeked over the edge of the rumpled comforter and slowly caressed the soundly sleeping female that laid among the rumpled sheets, oblivious to all around her in the waking world.

In the waning light of the stars the complex creature known as the Saiya-jiin no Ouji stood quiet on the balcony, eyes focused on the distant stars that seemed to be within reach, but when he attempted to grab them and take them as his own, they would move just out of range.

‘Much like the goals that I set for myself,’ Vejiita mused, his dark eyebrows furling together in a scowl. Everyone had many plans for him as he grew up--plans and ideas that were not of his choosing. To become the Legendary One. To grow to be the strongest ever and take over the Throne, leading his people to heights unknown in past reigns.

But there are many twists and turns on the Road of Life--and one thing that he learned and learned well in his worn travels is that you can not swerve around every bump and pothole in the road. Or you’ll drive into the ditch when you’re not looking.

He sighed and turned toward the inside of the room, where the purple-tressed female stirred in her deep slumber, exposing a sleep-flushed cheek and barely-mumbling lips. One slim, creamy leg poked out from under the sheets, dangling off the side of the bed. He opened the door and slipped into the room silent, not wanting to wake her so early in the morning.

He moved to the edge of the bed and crouched down next to her, resting his arms on the side on the mattress and stared into her soft expression, still in her sound slumber.


I watch her lyin' in bed asleep
And I thank my lucky stars
For every second she's here with me
I wanna hold her in my arms


As he stared into her peaceful expression a deep sadness fills his being, striking him hard in his heart.

‘I almost lost her.’

Actually, he did lose her. There was no ‘almost’ to it. He had died, and gone to Hell. She had lived and lamented her loss. And just the thought of putting her through that torture made him feel dead inside. He may not show it on the outside, but inside, his heart beats just for her, and their child. There was no ‘me’ anymore. It’s all ‘her,’ and ‘him.’ He laid his life down for her and their son. And the Kami took his offering, sending him to the depths of his punishment.

Vejiita reached out and gently tucked a stray lock of her lavender hair behind her delicate ear, giving him an unobstructed view of her features. She stirred slightly under his touch and he froze--not wanting to disturb her slumber. But she just mumbled something under her breath about pancakes and hydraulic drives.

A small smirk curled at his lips and he let his finger trace across her cheekbone, smoothing the soft skin with a gentle caress. His ungloved digit followed a path across her jawline, strong and stubborn in the face of battle, yet gentle and caring in times of comfort. Was the sacrifice worth it? At one time, he would have said no. No female was worth anything special but to act as a womb for future spawn. But time, and a hard-driving hormonal need, changed those barbaric thoughts around. Was she worth the sacrifice? Was she worth the pain?



She is my day
She is my night
She is the breath that gives me life


But things weren’t always a bundle of roses. They fought constantly. It didn’t matter what the topic was. If he had an opinion about something, she’d take the opposite, just to piss him off. And if she felt strongly about a cause or a belief, he’d ridicule her mercilessly for even thinking in such a manner. But that was their way of communicating, no matter what the others around them thought of their mannerisms. From Day One, and he snorted, until Day End, they would be at each other’s throats about the little things and important things that mean nothing, but everything.

But that didn’t mean they didn’t care about each other.

Sometimes the fights would go on for days, their attitudes and pride not letting them back down and admit defeat--even if they couldn’t remember what they were fighting about in the end. Vejiita smirked slightly. He did enjoy their verbal spars. Always did, and probably always will. He knew exactly what buttons to push to send her flying into a blind rage. The forgiving part of the fight was the most enjoyable. Especially if their making-up sessions lasted into the wee hours of the morning.

Even though they fought and were at each other’s throats constantly, there was peaceful times in the household, and Vejiita did enjoy them as much as the tenacious hours of their arguments. Being alone with Bulma was one of the things he looked forward to most out of his day, be it in the bedroom, enjoying the spoils of each other’s bodies, or catching a quiet moment in the kitchen. These times were the most precious to the Saiya-jiin Prince, for these were the moments that he could let down that harsh shield of non-emotion that he kept around himself. No one needed to see him let down his guard, for that meant he was weak in the eyes of the enemy, and that could get you killed. To cry in Friiezer’s armies meant you were dead.

But that slight fact mattered none to the weak female he was forced to mate with. She’d like it if he was bawling on her shoulder every night. Vejiita let out a gust of air and pulled his hand away, and in a single swift motion, rose and left the room.


Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry
Sometimes we fight and we don't know why
But no matter what she believes in me
She's the closest to heaven that I'll ever see
She'll always be an angel in my eyes


He roamed the slowly lightening corridors of Capsule Corp, passing every now and then a GuardBot moving through the halls, doing its programmed duties. When he came upon the room he sought, he opened the door and slowly stole inside the silent depths.

He stood next to the bed, looking down upon the small figure that lied innocently on the sheets. The small copy of him was sprawled spread-eagled on the mattress, one arm over his face and one leg falling off the side. Gentle snores from the young one told Vejiita that he was deep in slumber still, and more than likely will be for awhile. A snort caught his attention and he glanced at the other occupant of the room, watching the spawn of Kakarotto flip over in his own bed.

The two innocents-by-night weren’t all that innocent by day. War and Battle will do that to a senshi; will force you to grow up before your time. He saw complete evidence in the grown-up future version of his spawn. The ever-alert, hunted look that Vejiita knew that once had been in his eyes was clearly visible in Mirai no Trunks. The same look that haunted his dreams after all these years. Even though this version of his child had seen the spoils of war, he would not be affected as his future counterpart had been. For this one will have everyone around him still--a full set of parents, uncles and aunts.

Something Vejiita desperately wished he had when he was in his formative years.

Slowly he bent down and rearranged his progeny on the bed and retucked him in for the last couple hours of the coming morning. As Vejiita brushed away the feathery bangs the half-breed inherited from his mother, the Saiya-jiin no Ouji gently leaned forward to brush his lips across the smooth, youthful forehead. "Stay innocent, Chibi," he whispered into the olive skin. He moved over to the other brat and rearranged him as well, but left off the kiss. He wasn’t getting *that* soft.

When he stood to leave the room, a whisper caught his attention. "I love you, too, Papa."

The Dark Prince turned around, glancing at the purple-tressed boy who was staring at him in the dark, his pale eyes wide. "Go back to sleep, brat."

He nodded and before he flipped over, Trunks whispered again. "We missed you a lot when you were gone."

Vejiita acknowledged him with a soft grunt. "I missed both of you too when I was gone. Now, sleep." He closed the door behind him, letting the soft click accentuate his words.

As he made his way back to the room he shared with his mate, he thought how different his life would have been had he not come searching for the Dragonballs. Would he still be in Friiezer’s service as his lackey? Would he even still be alive at this point in his life? He definitely would not have been mated to the most annoying and weak Human female this planet created as he is now.

When he entered the still-quiet room, he closed the curtains that were letting in the morning light. He shut off any device that would awaken them rudely. When he was done, he crawled under the criss-crossed covers, and pulled Bulma close to him, wrapping her in his powerful arms. She automatically melted into his side as if she, and only she, was meant to be there. She stirred slightly, one eye opening blearily. "Where did you go?"

He grunted, burying his face in the crook of her shoulder. "Shush. Sleep, Onna. Or you’ll be in an more-than-normal ugly mood in the morning."

She grunted back. "Bakayaro."


Sometimes I feel her by my side
Like she's watchin' over me
I get a chill runnin' down my spine
And that's all the proof I need
That she fills my heart
She fills my soul
She is the half that makes me whole


Soon, her breaths turned even once more, and Vejiita tightened his hold on her. He didn’t know what he would have done if their roles were reversed, and she was the one that had died instead of him. Actually, he could picture what he would do, but he chose not to dwell upon it. Chikyuu would not bode well in the Saiya-jiin no Ouji’s death furies if their Bond was broken.

The moment that he discovered that they were Bonded was a very tenacious time for him. He knew he had feelings for the loud mouthed, foul tempered Chikyuu female, but did not know how to act upon them. He had been on this lump of rock for some time--in fact they had been in the middle of fighting Cell. It was in the space of time when they were waiting for Cell to start his games. He had come back to Capsule Corp after training in the Room of Spirit and Time. To her, he was gone for only a few days. To him, it was two years. Two years to think about her. Her skin. Her face. Her touch. Her scent. The scent that still stirred phenomenal feelings after all these years.

When he arrived home that night he tried to resist the pull. He did for so long in the Room. But then he had Mirai no Trunks and his constant training to deter his thoughts and desires. But they were still there. And they grew stronger and more demanding with each passing day that he was denied her. That he denied the Bond. Now that there were no physical barriers that separated them, his primal urges took over and he mated with her once again. This time, he moved with a purpose, to seal the Bond they began to create, instead with the reckless abandon of the hormonal.

That night was also the first and only time he told her he loved her.

But she knew without his words that he loved her. He was not eloquent with words, especially when emotions were involved. He spoke more with actions, as a warrior does. And that was fine for her. Especially when she woke in the morning stiff, sore, and completely satiated from his ‘actions.’

Vejiita sighed slightly and nuzzled deeper into his mate. His. And he was hers. He may not have planned these events, or had them planned for him early in his life, but they definitely were not unwelcome. He closed his eyes and let sleep complete him once more, knowing what he held close to him was safe at the moment.


But no matter what she believes in me
She's the closest to heaven that I'll ever see
She'll always be an angel in my eyes


So, what do you think? I love the lyrics--I just hope I brought some peace of mind that Vejiita gave me...please C&C...R&R...A&W...*grin* Gie-chan

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