A Day With Vegeta
By: Bulmafox

"Goodbye", Goku said to Bulma, Krillin, and Yamcha. "Oh, and Bulma?" he added to her, "Hope you have a healthy baby. See ya in three!" Goku said as he, Gohan, and Piccolo flew off.

"Whatís he talking about?" Krillin asked, "Hey, Bulma, are going to be a mom?"

"Of course not!" Bulma said firmly, "I donít know what heís talking about!"

Yamcha started blushing seriously and said to Bulma, "I think what heís trying to say isÖmaybe you should get married and start a familyÖafter all, youíre not getting any younger!" By this tine, Yamchaís face had turned beet red. Everyone, including Puar, was looking at Yamcha like he had just lost his mind.

"What? Was it something I said?" Yamcha asked as the others just shook their heads and walked away.

Everyone went their separate ways to prepare for the androids. Krillin went to train at Kame House, although Master Roshi frequently interrupted him. Yamcha tried to train at the gym, but he spent too much time gawking at the ladies in the dance class to get anything done. After trying, unsuccessfully, to resume training, and after breaking the equipment, Yamcha decided to join the dance class. After a while, he also joined a weight-training classówith girls, of course. Yamcha became quite the ladies man at the gym. Tien and Chiaotzu trained way out in the middle of nowhere. Piccolo and Goku trained Gohan, with the condition that Gohan continue his studies. He was going to get an education, Chi Chi made sure of that. Vegeta stayed at Capsule Corporation and trained under 150 times gravity in the gravity room.

"There he goes again", Dr. Briefs commented after the gravity machine blew up for the third time in two months. "Bulma," Dr. Briefs called out, "Mind to Vegeta, will you, dear?"

"Honestly, Dad", Bulma told her father while she dragged Vegeta to Capsuleís sickbay, "Heís going to kill himself at this rate. And weíre wasting thousands of dollars on metal that could be better used elsewhere."

Dr. Briefs said, "I know, but you know how Vegeta is. We build gravity machines, or he will blow this place sky-high."

"He wouldnít do that", Bulma said confidently.

"Why not?" Dr. Briefs asked.

"Because if he blew this place up, he couldnít get his hands on a gravity room, not to mention there wouldnít be anyone around to build one", Bulma explained.

"Good point", Dr.Briefs said. He turned around to the pile of rubble that used to be the gravity room and mumbled to his cat, "Looks like weíre gonna be pulliní another all-nighter, eh, Scratch?"

"Meow", Scratch replied.

It took nearly an hour for Bulma to drag Vegeta all the way to the sickbay, and another 15 minutes to lift him on to the bed. "Youíre too heavy for me to do this all the time. I hope you appreciate what Iím doing, you crazy Saiyan", Bulma told a still-unconscious Vegeta. She went to one of the storage rooms to look for some metal. Bulma went in and asked Dr. Briefs, "Dad, you know the metal you use to build the gravity room with?"

Dr. Briefs, who was drawing up a blueprint at his desk, said, "Yes, dear. Why?"

Bulma asked, "Do you know where itís at?"

Dr. Briefs pointed to the pile behind him and said, "Right there." Bulma collected the metal, and just as she reached the door, Dr. Briefs stopped her in her tracks. "Oh, and Bulma? Do you have any ideas on how to make a better gravity room?"

Bulma said, "Make it ki-proof. Oh, and some really good soundproof walls wouldnít hurt, either", then walked out with the metal.

"Right. Iíll get right on it" Dr. Briefs called after Bulma.

Bulma went into the sickbay and molded the metal to Vegetaís body, creating a Vegeta-proof full body cast, and left to eat lunch.

An hour later, Vegeta woke up. He tried to take off to the gravity room, only to find he couldnít move. He tried as hard as he could to move something, but he couldnít move anything. He tried to break out of the cast, but that didnít work, either. He finally got so frustrated that he turned to his last resort.

"WOMAN, GET YOUR LAZY BUTT DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!" Vegeta yelled at the top of his lungs.

Bulma looked over in Vegetaís direction, all the way across the compound, and said to herself, "Who does he think he is, the great King Yemma?" Bulma sighed and yelled at the top of her lungs, "ALL RIGHT, O-HIGH-AND-MIGHTY-PRINCE, IíM COMING, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!" and walked all the way across Capsule Corp., taking her sweet time, because she knew that it would annoy Vegeta to no end.

Vegeta waited for a good five minutes, and Bulma still hadnít arrived. He called out again, "Woman, are you coming or not?" Still no Bulma. "Woman, can you hear me?!!!" he yelled once more.

Just then, Bulma stormed in and said sarcastically, "You bellowed, O Mighty Prince?"

"Woman", he said to her, "What on Kamiís green earth is thisÖcontraption?"

"First of all, my nameís Bulma, and if you yell like that again, Iíll just let you lie there and suffer. Second of all, that Ďcontraptioní is a body cast."

"Get me out of here right now."

"Or what? You canít do anything in that state."

"Oh yeah? Just watch me!" Vegeta tried to wiggle his way out of the body cast, but he just fell down on the floor. Bulma giggled at that sight.

Vegeta wasnít amused. "Whatís so funny?" he demanded.

Bulma said, "Oh, nothing", then burst out laughing at the frustrated little prince as she walked out.

"Wait! Woman! Where are you going?" Vegeta yelled after Bulma, "Come back here, Iím not done with you yet! BULMA, COME BACK HERE!!"

"At least he got my name right", Bulma said to herself as she jumped into her air car and took off to Chi Chiís. The two went shopping at the mall and vented about their problems for a record of five hours, and they had to practically be pushed out after closing. Bulma said goodnight to Chi Chi, and headed home, in a much better mood. She practically bounced by Dr. Briefs on her way to check on Vegeta.

"Been shopping again?" Dr. Briefs asked Bulma, "Hey, did you get me anything?" Bulma lightly tossed him a little gadget as she went by. "Wow, Iíve been searching for this doodad everywhere. Thanks, Bulma!" Dr. Briefs called after her.

Bulma went to the sickbay and opened the door. "Hi, Vegeta, how are you?" Bulma asked Vegeta.

"Senzu beans", Vegeta said.

" ĎSenzu beansí? What kind of answer is that?" Bulma demanded.

"I need Senzu beans. You do know what they are, donít you?"

"Of course I do, but youíre not getting any."

"And why not?"

"Youíll just go and kill yourself trying to become a ĎSuper Saiyaní. Besides, you train too loudly."

"I can be much louder if you donít get me those Senzu beans."

"Youíre still not getting them, and thatís final", Bulma said as she walked out the door.

"Fine, woman", Vegeta said to himself, "This means war!"

The next morning, Bulma almost jumped 30 feet out of her bed when Vegeta yelled "WOMAN!" from across the compound. After Bulma got used to the voice, she ignored it, taking her sweet time to get dressed and eat breakfast before working on her newest project, a spaceship called Capsule 4. Bulma tried to work on it, but she was interrupted by a certain Saiyan prince yelling "WOMAN" every five seconds. Finally, Bulma couldnít take it anymore, and she marched down to the sickbay to give Vegeta a piece of her mind.

"Who do you think you are, barking out orders like that!?" Bulma shouted to Vegeta.

"I want a pillow", Vegeta told Bulma.

"You want a pillow? Here!", Bulma said. She threw the pillow as hard as she could at Vegetaís head and stormed out.

"That wasnít very nice!" Vegeta yelled after her.

This continued for half a day. Vegeta yelled for one thing after another at what he knew were all the wrong moments. He would have kept it up all day, but there was only so much he could get in a sickbay. When he ran out of things to demand, Vegeta started singing, "WOMAN WOMAN WOMAN", nonstop, at the top of his lungs.

Bulma was working on Capsule 4 when the "WOMAN WOMAN" onslaught began. She stopped working and said to herself, "So, thatís his plan. Well, two people can play at that game", and started singing, "LA LA LA", nonstop, at the top of her lungs, to drown out Vegetaís "WOMAN" singing.

The two of them kept at their singing war until 10pm. By that time, Dr. Briefsí nerves were shot, and he went to try to talk some sense into his daughter. "Bulma", Dr. Briefs asked, "Wonít you give the man his Senzu bean, please? Iím starting to lose my hearing."

"Iím not about to give in to his demands, Dad!" Bulma said firmly.

"Thatís fine, Bulma, but if you donít, I will", Dr. Briefs told Bulma. He went to get the Senzu beans and gave one to Vegeta before she could stop him. A few minutes later, Vegeta walked up to Bulma.

"Looks like your little plan didnít work, after all", Vegeta told Bulma.

"At least I didnít bow down to Your Highnessí demands."

"No, you didnít, but your father did. What a wimp!"

"What did you say?"

"You heard me, you brainless idiot."

"Thatís it!" Bulma yelled. She picked up the closest thing to her and threw it as hard as she could at Vegeta.

Vegeta caught it with ease and said, "Youíll have to do much better than that to hit me with one of those little playthings." He walked toward the newly built gravity room.

"Fine! Go train! I hope you blow it up and get crushed!" Bulma yelled after Vegeta.

Vegeta stopped and said, "Just for that one, I wonít destroy the gravity machine", then he walked into the gravity room.

"Ooooh, he makes me so mad, I could just SCREAM!!" Bulma screamed.

Dr. Briefs was pondering, over a cup of coffee, what to do about Bulma and Vegeta when his wife, Mrs. Briefs, walked in.

"Whatís wrong, dear? Mrs. Briefs asked Dr. Briefs.

"Those two", Dr. Briefs pointed outside, "All they do is argue, argue, argue in the loudest voices. Itís gotten to the point where Iím starting to lose my hearing. Do you have any ideas?"

"Bulmaís birthday is coming up", Mrs. Briefs said.

Suddenly, an idea came to Dr. Briefs, and he pounded the table. "I got it!" he said excitedly. He whispered his plan to Mrs. Briefs.

Over the next three months, Dr. Briefs hired numerous crews and spent a lot of money to implement his plan. He also invested in a really good set of earplugs. Vegeta also started training under 200 times gravity. Surprisingly enough, he didnít destroy the gravity machine the entire time. Meanwhile, Dr. Briefsí plan was completed just in time for Bulmaís birthday.

On the big day, Bulma woke up, got dressed, and went downstairs to eat breakfast as usual. She turned on the light and everyone yelled "Surprise!" All of her friends and family were there: Dr. Briefs, Mrs. Briefs, Goku, Chi Chi, Gohan, Krillin, Yamcha, Puar, and Oolong. Bulma noticed that there was something odd about the scene. Over I a corner, sitting with his arms crossed and his face scowling as always, was the unlikeliest person of all to come to a birthday party: Vegeta.

Bulmaís jaw dropped to the floor. Suddenly, everyone except Vegeta yelled, "Happy Birthday, Bulma!"

Vegeta mumbled, "Happy whatever, woman. Now can we eat?" Bulma continued to stare at Vegeta. He asked rather harshly, "What are you looking at, woman? Havenít you ever seen a birthday party before?"

Bulma replied, "Yes, but not one with you in it."

"Better not get soft on me, woman. I only came for the food."

"Iím not. I only ask that you not ruin my party. And for the last time, my name is Bulma, not woman!"

"I know that. I just choose to call you Ďwomaní because I know how mad I makes you"

Bulma sighed and said, "Youíre impossible"

Dr. Briefs attempted to restore peace in the kitchen by saying, "Enough arguing for one day. Come on, letís open presents!"

"All right, Iíll get mine over with first.", Krillin volunteered. He braced himself for Bulmaís possible rejection.

Bulma opened the box and took out an orange space suit, like the one she had worn to Namek. "Oh wow! This is just what I wanted. Thanks, Krillin", she exclaimed.

Krillin was surprised by Bulmaís reaction. "Really? You think so?" he asked in amazement.

"Open mine next", Yamcha said eagerly. He was blushing just a little.

"What are you up to?" Bulma wondered as she opened her next present. Inside the box was the skimpiest, laciest red nightie she had ever seen. "Yamcha! What were you thinking?" Bulma asked.

Yamcha managed to sputter out, "That you would use it sometime soon. Like maybe tonight."

"Yamcha", Bulma scolded playfully, "You Neanderthal!"

"Mine next! Mine next!" Oolong said excitedly.

Bulma opened up the next present and pulled out a red muzzle. "A muzzle?" Bulma asked, "Whatís this for?"

"For Vegeta", Oolong chuckled.

"What did you say, runt?!" Vegeta snapped.

"You heard me! And who are you to be calling anybody a runt, you runt?" Oolong snapped back.

"Thatís it! The pigís dead!" Vegeta yelled angrily. He stood up and prepared to fire a ki blast at Oolong.

Bulma stood up immediately. "Vegeta, stop it right now!" she ordered.

Vegeta yelled at Bulma, "Who are you to boss me around?!"

Bulma snapped, "Iím the one who controls the food, Vegeta! Now, sit down and shut up right this instant! That is, unless you donít want any food. Have I made myself clear?"

Vegeta reluctantly sat down and mumbles, "Crystal."

Oolong stuck his tongue out at Vegeta. Bulma snapped on him, too. "You too, Oolong!"

"All right, sorry Bulma. Who put razors in your breakfast?"

Everyone gaped at Bulma as if she had sprouted six heads. Goku managed to exclaim, "Wow, Bulma. You bossed Vegeta around and survived! How did you do that?"

"I just know what buttons to push", Bulma said confidently, obviously very proud of herself.

The rest of the presents were handed out without incident. Bulma received some homemade capsules from Gohan, some expensive, hard to find perfume from Chi Chi, a framed picture of Bulma, Yamcha, and Puar from Puar, and a fighting gi just like Gokuís, tailored to Bulmaís shape and size, from Goku.

Finally, it was Dr. and Mrs. Briefsí turn. "This one comes from both of us", Dr. Briefs said. He blindfolded Bulma and led her to an air car. Everyone except Vegeta went in the car and took off. Fifteen minutes later, they arrived at a modest, at least by Capsuleís standards, multi- bedroom, two-story house. Dr. Briefs took Bulmaís blindfold off and said, "Ta-da! This is your birthday present, Bulma. A brand new house!"

Bulma marveled at how big her new house was, that is, until she got suspicious. "I know somethingís up, Dad. What is it?" Bulma asked accusingly.

Dr. Briefs asked nervously, "Whatever do you mean, dear?"

Bulma told her dad, "Out of all the years Iíve lived at Capsule Corp., you never even attempted to buy me a house, until Vegeta moved in."

Dr. Briefs explained, "Well, youíre 29 years old now, and I think youíre old enough to move out."

Bulma didnít buy it. "Thatís not the real reason, Iíve been old enough to move out since I was 18."

Dr. Briefs chuckled nervously and said, "Okay, you got me. The real reason I built this house for you is because all you and Vegeta do is argue. Iím starting to lose my hearing."

"Then why didnít you kick Vegeta out?í

"Are you crazy? I donít have a death wish!"

"I could have thrown him out."

"It was easier this way. Besides, I think youíll like the house."

Bulma put on a big drama act about how her father Ďbetrayedí her and cut her off. Dr. Briefs tried to console her by saying, "This house has some nice features on it." He led Bulma inside the house. "See? Thereís an automated kitchen, multiple bedrooms for holding large reunions, even furniture throughout the house. Did I mention thereís a lab in the basement, with basic lad equipment?" Dr. Briefs showed her.

"Oh wow!" Bulma said excitedly. She rushed to the basement to check out the laboratory.

"By the way, I had your project transported here! Itís in the backyard! All right, goodbye!" Dr. Briefs called out. He and the others left for Capsule Corporation.

Meanwhile, at Capsule, Vegeta tried to figure out why he couldnít become a Super Saiyan. Why can Kakarot turn into a Super Saiyan and I canít? WHY? Vegeta wondered. What if Kakarot is somehow related to me? Yes, that would explain everything! He went to the back yard to look for the Capsule 4. He couldnít find it. "Darn, itís gone!" Vegeta exclaimed. He flew off in search of Bulma. "Sheís got to be around here somewhere", Vegeta said to himself. Suddenly, he sensed something. "Thatís Bulmaís ki. Sheís that way", he said. He then flew towards the new house. Vegeta saw a large, white, round thing in the back yard. Thatís it! Vegeta thought. Thatís the Capsule 4! He landed in Bulma,s back yard.

Bulma was in the kitchen admiring the state-of-the-art dishwasher when Vegeta came rushing in. "What do you think youíre doing?" Bulma asked. She had just enough time to grab a nearby packet of capsules before Vegeta grabbed her hand.

"Youíre coming with me", Vegeta said as he rushed in, grabbed Bulmaís hand, dragged her along with him to the spaceship, and took off, all in one fluid motion.

"What do you think youíre doing? Let me off right now!" Bulma ordered Vegeta as she walked toward the door to open it.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. It's a long way down", Vegeta warned Bulma.

"So what am I supposed to do, just sit here and let you take me to Kami-knows-where?"


"Why are you doing this to me?"

"Consider this your birthday present. A free trip to outer space and the pleasure of my company."

"Don't flatter yourself. I don't know why I let you move in with us."

"Because you need someone to protect you from the androids. Your weakling boyfriend sure can't do it."

"Hey, don't dis Yamcha like that! Yamcha's a good man! He's strong, handsome...and strong and handsome, and...handsome."

"See? You can't think of any more reasons. And he sleeps with other women. I don't know how you put up with him", Vegeta said smugly.

"Uh...um...rats! I hate when you're right!" Bulma exclaimed. She and Vegeta stayed silent for a few minutes. Finally, to break the silence, Bulma asked, "Where exactly are we going, anyway?"

Vegeta answered, "Planet Frieza."

"WHAT?? I don't have a death wish!" Bulma shrieked as she backed up against the wall as far as possible.

"Frieza's dead, if that's what you're woried about, remember? That 'mystery man' killed him. Which reminds me, I've gotta look him up, as well. He says he's a Saiyan, so he should be in Frieza's files."

"But isn't he from the future?"

"Yes, but Kakarot didn't say from how far in the future he was." The spaceship landed on Planet Frieza and the two got out.

"So, what exactly are we looking for?" Bulma asked.

"That", Vegeta said. He pointed to the huge pink and white multi-dome complex that was some distance off. He and Bulma started walking toward the complex.

After a while, Bulma suddenly thought of a very important thing. She asked, "Hey, Vegeta, why arenít we flying?"

Vegeta told Bulma, "Because I donít want 15,000 scouters picking us up, thatís why!"

"Jeez, it was only a question! You donít have to get so royal about it!" They continued walking in silence. About halfway to the compound, Bulma sat down on a nearby rock. Vegeta, of course, did not notice this, and he continued to walk until he could no longer feel Bulmaís ki.

Vegeta turned around and asked Bulma rather sharply, "What do you thing youíre doing, woman?"

"Iím sitting down, thatís what Iím doing! I can not, or will not, walk another step!" She closed her eyes and to rest on the rock. Suddenly, Bulma felt a lifting sensation. She opened her eyes and saw Vegeta, of all people, carrying her. Bulma unconsciously blushed a little.

Vegeta saw this and told Bulma, "Don't get the wrong idea, woman. I just don't want Kakarot to kill me when I get home." Although I really don't mind carrying her all that much. Whoa, where did that come from?

Bulma, who was still blushing slighly, was lost in thoughts of her own. I can see why Goku and the others had such a hard time with him. Just look at the muscles on this guy! What I wouldn't do to have a boyfriend with that kind of body--oh...my...gosh, I did NOT think that!

"We're here", Vegeta said a little awkwardly. He put Bulma down and walked toward the door.

Bulma grabbed Vegeta's arm and asked, "What do you think you're going to do, just waltz in there all high-and-mighty?"

"Why not?" Vegeta asked.

"Don't you think at least some of them will remember that you turned against Frieza? Walking in there would be suicide!"

"Fine. I suppose you have a better way?"

"Yes, I do. Where is the file room?"

Vegeta pointed to the top floor.

"Good. Here's the plan..." Bulma whispered the plan into Vegeta's ear.

Vegeta grinned wickedly when he heard this plan, and said, "Bulma, if I didn't know any better, I'd almost call you a genius."

"Almost? I am a genius," Bulma said arrogantly. She took out a hovercraft capsule and threw it on the ground, and a hover bike popped out. She sat in the driver's seat and flew Vegeta, who was on the handlebars, to the top floor. Vegeta punched out the glass window and dragged Bulma down the hall with him. When they arrived at the file room, a little thing with buttons said, "Please enter password now."

Bulma sighed, "Just great. Now we're stuck."

"No, we're not. Watch this." Vegeta fired a ki blast at the console, and the door swung open.

Bulma asked Vegeta, "Am I supposed to be impressed? Anyone can do that."

Vegeta growled, "Just go in!", as they walked in and closed the door. Inside the room, there was a supercomputer that put even Capsule's to shame.

Bulma gawked at the computer and said, "What I wouldn't do to get my hands on that kind of technology!" She watched Vegeta navigate his way through the computer, then she realized something. "Hey Vegeta, why did you bring me along on this trip?"

Vegeta bolted upright and turned around to face Bulma. "What do you mean, woman?"

Bulma said accusingly, "You know what I mean. And don't say something like 'I needed you to fly the ship', because I know perfectly well that you can pilot a spaceship as well as I can, so what's the real reason you brought me along, huh mister?" By this time, Bulma's face was dangerously close to Vegeta's. Vegeta was starting to sweat rather furiously, and he blushed ever so slightly, just barely enough for Bulma to notice.

"Well?" Bulma asked.

Just then, Vegeta heard footsteps in the distance, which he thought came just in time. "Bulma! Do you hear that?" he whispered.

Bulma nodded and whispered back, "They're coming."

"So go out there and distract them."

"Are you crazy?!" Bulma squeaked, "I'll get killed out there!"

"No you won't", Vegeta said. He gave Bulma some of his ki, in the form of a ball. "Take this, Bulma. It's small, but it packs quite a punch. Now go and distract Frieza's men!"

Bulma clutched the ki ball in her hand and went out into the hall. She clung to the wall and walked slowly, afraid that if she made a sound, Frieza's men would storm in and kill her. Sure enough, a band of troops located Bulma and chased her down the hall. Bulma slid in the first door she saw and climbed up a vent.

One of the men asked, "Captain, should we go in?"

The captain said, "No need. The vent goes out into the hall. We'll get her then." As soon as his scouter indicated that Bulma was in the vent in the hall, he ordered, "Fire!"

The second Bulma heard "Fire!" she started crawling as quickly as possible. She heard an endless barrage of gunfire follow her wherever she went. What did I ever do to deserve this?, Bulma asked herself. She tried to lose the barrage of gunfire, but it kept following her. How do they know where I'm at? Just then, she realized something important: They were wearing scouters. Of course! Why didn't I think of that? Their scouters can pick up Vegeta's ki. I think it's time to get rid of this thing. Bulma stayed in one place just long enough for the men to create an opening. She jumped out, fired the ki at the troops, and ran as fast as she could. After a minute, Bulma realized that no one was following her, so she went back to where the ki exploded to see what happened.

Except for the charred wall, floor, and ceiling, there was nothing there. "Wow, Vegeta wasn't kidding when he said that packed quite a punch!" Bulma commented. She sat down. "Now what do I do?" Bulma asked herself. "Might as well check my capsules. Let's see... a hover bike capsule...a machine gun capsule...a toolbox capsule...a mini-bomb capsule... and lots of empty capsules. All right, no one's coming after me. I see no reason why I can't just sit here and wait for Vegeta to get done with whatever he's doing." Bulma closed her eyes and rested against the wall.

A while later, Bulma heard some footsteps approaching her. She got out her machine gun capsule and sighed before she got up, "The lengths I go to for you, Vegeta. You better thank me when this is over." She shot the gun to get the troops' attention.

"Hey, you musclebound morons, I'm over here!" Bulma shouted. She ran past the troops and down the stairs to the first floor. She kept firing her machine gun to draw them to her. Pretty soon, she was surrounded by hundreds of troops. Suddenly, Bulma had an idea. She shouted "Look behind you!" and threw the mini-bomb capsule, then she made a mad dash for the nearby asrenal room. How lucky was that? They fell for the oldest trick in the book! Bulma heard lots of blast and groans, so she decided to look out into the main room. She saw all the soldiers lying on the floor, and Vegeta standing there with a vicious smirk on his face.

"No one can stand up to the mighty Prince of Saiyans", Vegeta said proudly, "Now letís get out of here." He picked up Bulma and flew toward the spaceship. A few minutes later, hundreds of troops were following them. "Donít worry, we can outrun them", Vegeta told Bulma.

"Hey, get away from my spaceship!" Bulma yelled.

"What? Weíre not even there yet! How could Ióhey, get away from that thing right now!" Vegeta yelled at the men trying to dismantle the Capsule 4. "Hold on to my neck right now, Bulma", Vegeta ordered Bulma.

Bulma wrapped her arms around Vegetaís neck, freeing one of his hands for a ki blast, Vegeta yelled, "Big Bang Attack!" and fired it near the spaceship to scare the men off. The plan worked, and Vegeta landed right in front of the spaceship and told Bulma to get into it. Vegeta yelled, "Gallic Gun!", and fired a huge ki blast that killed all of Friezaís men on the spot. He got in the spaceship and tried to take off.

"Itís no use", Bulma said, "Those men did a good job of dismantling the propulsion system."

"So?" Vegeta asked, "Fix it!"

Bulma snapped on Vegeta. "Do you have any idea how long it will take to repair this?"

"Then you better get started. This spaceship is our only way home."

After working for about two hours, Bulma decided to take a break. She asked Vegeta, "So, did you find what you were looking for?"

"Yes, kind of. Kakarot isnít related to me."

And that matters because?"

"Because that means anyone can become a Super Saiyan if they train hard enough. I have to train harder than ever to catch up to Kakarot."

"Oh, all right. Hey, Vegeta, did you find out anything about that mystery man?"

I put his description in the computer, but it didnít find anything on him. Apparently, heís either on some far away planet, or he doesnít exist yet. But then again, Kakarot was on a far away planet, and thereís a file on him, soó"

"So the mystery man doesnít exist yet. How many people could possibly be his parents?"

"Letís see, heís a Saiyan, so up to five men can be his father. If Raditz or Nappa had any children, both Frieza and I would know about it, so that leaves Kakarot, Gohan, and me."

"Gohan would be too young to have kids, even three years from now, so that leaves you and Goku. Oh my gosh, Vegeta, what if heís your son?"

"No way. What if heís your son, Bulma?"

"Itís very possible, except that Yamchaís a human, and not a Saiyan, soÖ..oh my gosh, no way! Thereís no way Iím having children with you!"

"Who said I wanted to have kids? Iím not having a bunch of brats screaming all over the place and pulling out my hair."

"Well then, it must be Gokuís kid."

"Yes, must be. I absolutely refuse to let that kid be mine."

"Ö..Iím going to get back to work now", Bulma said awkwardly. She furiously worked on the spaceship until she fell asleep.

When Bulma woke up, she saw that her spaceship had been completely repaired. "Did you do this, Vegeta?"

Vegeta nodded his head. "Oh, thank youó", Bulma started to say, until she saw her capsules in Vegetaís hand. "Hey, what do you think youíre doing with my capsules?!"

ĎYouíll see", Vegeta said. He had a devilish look on his face. When they flew over Friezaís compound, he shouted, "Bombs away!" and dropped the capsules one by one onto the compound, completely decimating it. Afterwards, the Capsule 4 headed for Earth.

As soon as the Capsule 4 had landed, Bulma went into her house to check her messages. There were seven messages in all. Bulma played them in this order:

Dr. Briefs: "Bulma, this is Dad. Where are you? Iíve looked for you everywhere! ÖOkay, bye."

Chi Chi: "Hi, itís Chi Chi. Where are you? Have you diappeared? I hope you get back soon. All right, bye."

Gohan: "Hi, Bulma, this is Gohan. I just wanted to know, are you gonna babysit me again this weekend? I hope you do. ĎKay, bye."

Mrs. Briefs: "Hi, this is Mommy. I just wanted to say hi. All right, bye."

Krillin: "Hi, Bulma, this is Krillin. Listen, if you donít like the space suit, thereís a receipt in the front pocket so you can return it if you want. Bye."

Goku: "Bulma, itís Goku. Will you tell Vegeta that weíre holding a tournament at the halfway mark? So thatísÖletís seeÖ13 months from now. Call me for more info. ĎKay, bye."

Yamcha: "Bulma, itís Yamcha. We need to talk. Bye."

"Boy, that was rude", Bulma said to herself, "I guess I better visit Yamcha first."


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