NOTE : Lemons ahoy ! This fic has lemon and is totally not suitable for people under 18. By reading this, you're supposed to be 18, but if you're not and you're parents or whatever catch you reading this, then sorry, not my fault. But other than that, go enjoy the heavily lemon- scented smut.

By: Mikami


Damn it !, Bulma cursed loudly as she swept a shaking hand over her hair which was gathered in a ponytail. With the vigorous sweeps that were roughly put upon her head, loose strands fell at the sides of her angered face.

Damn you Vegita !, Bulma ran through creative curses in her mind and afterward proceeding to express them fully in words.

Her angry voice echoed through the house. How many times has he left me ?!!!!! How many times have I gone through this ?!!!!! How many ?!!!!!, Bulma's mind screamed.

Just the thought of Vegita not only made her cringe and twitch in anger, it made her throw a few magazines on the floor that were set on a chair.

" Damn you Vegita !!!" she yelled as loud as she could, hearing her voice bounce off the walls. The house was empty. Totally and utterly empty.

It turned out that Trunks decided to stay over at Gokuu and Chi Chi's that night to stay with Goten. A surprise call from their house came a few hours ago.

How could she not permit her little boy to not have fun and stay over ? She couldn't. It looked like another night without Trunks' father.

But damn him. Damn Vegita to hell. I hope a plane hits him wherever he his, Bulma decided as she plopped down on one of the chairs in the kitchen, crossing her arms in deep irritation.

She hated it. She hated it more than anything. From the moment Vegita had touched her lips, Bulma knew she'd be getting herself into something. But in the rising heat of the moment, it was forgotten, so was her precautions and every other thought. And it was his fault.

It was Vegita's fault for attracting her like no other man had, caressing her, his touch, his eyes and his kiss. All his fault.

And before she knew it, they were both lying in the same bed in each other's arms, sweaty and satisfied.

But now, it was different, Bulma definitely knew very well. She told Vegita of the baby in the past. He acted as if he didn't give a shit. Vegita brushed her off as if she was a fly to be driven away of just a mere obstacle.

Since then she'd been enraged. Bulma wanted so much to throw him out of the house. And she was about to too if he hadn't disappeared first.

Yes, Vegita did disappear again. Bulma's rage grew since then. Forcing the Saiyan Prince out of her mind, soul and heart. He wasn't there for the birth of his son, not that he cared anyway.

What did she EVER see in him in the first place ? First of all, he wasn't even human. Vegita was a Saiyan. Part of an alien warrior race that had the appearance of a human but with the powerful immense strength and close to undefeatable. Second, he just happened to be the Saiyan Prince. Such arrogance, sarcasm, pride at an enormous size engulfed him. And an ego bigger that the galaxy itself, along with stubbornness. But then again, his well shaped body, signaling many years of harsh training and discipline. The clean lines and tight ridges along every stone muscle under that smooth skin. His handsome face that carried that constant scowl.

Vegita seemed to be all of that and the horrible traits and acts of a normal Saiyan. He was until that night when Bulma and Vegita made Trunks. But after that, it seemed he turned back into the bastard he once was.

Bulma never thought she'd be having that much trouble with men. First Yamucha's unfaithfulness and now Mr. High-and-Mighty-I'm-Vegita. What was with her and conceited men ? Bulma didn't know.

Bulma couldn't stand sitting. She was too restless. After Vegita left, her waiting went from minutes, to hours, to days, to weeks and now months. Long months. Vegita had been gone that long with a word or trace.

He had left her and their son again. And all this time had only been fueling Bulma's anger towards Vegita. She even believed now she hated him.

Bulma stood up, knowing ever since that time she couldn't sit still. She spent all this time cursing Trunks' father. If only she could hurt him in any way to make him fell what he did to her and their son.

She clamped her eyes shut trying to hold in another rush of anger. It was not to be. Bulma's hand lashed out, sweeping the papers harshly on the kitchen floor, making a quiet thud and a scattered mess.

Not caring, she walked heatedly back into the room. Pacing through the house wasn't doing her much good. It didn't do anything at all.

For one thing, she thought, it was good Trunks was out of the house. Bulma didn't want him to see his mother throwing a few things because of his father.

It really looked like she'd be alone the whole night. Her parent's decided to take a small vacation for their anniversary. Bulma was glad to have such parents, even if they were very apprehensive at first when they met Vegita. In fact the were scared of him and couldn't turn him away even if they wanted to.

Bulma stopped pacing back and forth, grabbed her short, black, silk nightdress and threw it into the bathroom, she was close behind. Bulma slammed the door shut behind her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A rapid figure engulfed in a powerful steel blue light which was almost white, shot through the evening sky.

I've left her long enough for her to handle, Vegita thought. What other thoughts about Bulma, he decided he didn't care. A mere, inferior, human. His son was on his way to growing up and it was almost time for the beginning of his training.

Not like she ever could handle anything, Vegita concluded his thought of Bulma. He smirked as he thought of her getting angry, her face flushed red and going crazy because of his absence. It was so amusing.

A thought he always neglected festered in the back of hi mind kept on. Why was he doing this ? Why was he staying with her ? Going back to her ?

He didn't know what the hell kind of hold she had over him. Something he didn't even want to acknowledge ever. A human weakling. Vegita never knew why he hadn't looked at any other woman besides Bulma.

He never wanted to bring the thought up of him becoming soft. That would be a great dishonor.

But Bulma. What kind of a woman was she ? Stubborn, loud no doubt, mouthy, and maybe a bitch but yet........incredibly beautiful. The only woman he could ever allow to get this close to him. Not that he wanted her to be fully penetrating his shield of ice. She was a match of him. Not in combat, but verbal sparring. Though she lost alot of times, she was worthy opponent.

But why should he care ? She wasn't of really of that much concern to him......was she ? Bulma was the only person in the world, and if not, the whole universe, that understood just a little bit of him.

The steel blue light grew brighter and faster as Vegita fled across the now dark sky.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bulma thought having a cold shower would help cool her heated anger calm down. It didn't help. It was just cold.

Whatever she did, Bulma couldn't keep her mind off Vegita. This wasn't the first time he left her alone. They had been quite a few times. He wasn't there for Trunks' birth. Then he came back to see if the baby was 'acceptable' for the hard training in the future.

Vegita stayed for a while, but then left again, leaving Bulma to raise the child in it's very early years. Now this was the third time Vegita left. Bulma hated it. She just had to adjust to both ways. When he was here and when he wasn't.

Her life became very tiring and hectic after she became involved with him.

Bulma turned the knobs of the shower off. Without noticing, she gripped them harder then she should, signaling this anger wasn't going to go away for quite some time.

She grabbed her towel off the rack and wrapped it around her body. Stepping out of the shower, she brushed her teeth rapidly, not knowing how hard she as brushing.

After finishing the slight assault on her teeth, Bulma dried herself off. Her towel dropped to the floor over he head. When done, underwear followed.

Picking up her brush, she stepped out of the bathroom, running the brush through her hair at a rapid pace. Even now she was still angry.

There was only one person that could make her this steamed. That was Vegita.

That bastard ! she thought bitterly for a moment. Thinking he could just do whatever he wants. Well, he has another thing coming ! Bulma decided when he comes back, she'll find a way to throw him out of the house for good. A way so he doesn't want to come back. Bulma was confident she could take care of Trunks by herself. And with training, she'd ask Gokuu to help along with most of the others. But, there was always a " but ", it could crash down like that too.

The curtains for the sliding glass doors to the balcony remained open, revealing the stars and the moon. How beautiful they were and yet Bulma took no notice.

She continued brushing her wet hair. When he comes back, we're going to have a LONG talk about everything. Ha ! Vegita you just wait and see. Nobody pushes me around, especially you !

Bulma still couldn't get rid of the feeling that he might steer her off the subject she want to blow up at his face. Vegita was capable of anything when it came to her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In a short time, Vegita flew over the city and it's bright lights. Weak in frame but strong in mind, even if he hated to, Vegita had to admit to himself this about humans. Spotting the Capsule Corp., he headed to toward it quickly and a balcony. Vegita could tell the doors were closed and the curtains drawn with a faint illumination from a small light source. What humans call " lamps."

He flew directly towards it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bulma stood from where she was sitting on the bed, the wet drops from the tips of her blue hair falling freely on her back. Nonetheless she kept brushing vigorously.

Being in relationship with the Saiyan Prince himself was anything but normal. They came together on lonely circumstances. Though they couldn't stand each other at first, it turned into an attraction since both couldn't find a suitable match for being so stubborn and mouthy. They finally found each other.

The relationship lasted a long time and was still ongoing. Bulma was just surprised he came back a second time. But this was the third time he left, could it be different ? Vegita was unpredictable and full of surprises. One moment he could be such a son of a bitch ass then the next thing he could be " un-Vegita-like " by letting her see a glimpse of was under miles and miles of that cold exterior, without noticing he did. Those were the surprising and surprising and Bulma didn't know where the hell he was.

So help me Vegita, I'm going to get through to you and put it through you're thick Saiyan head that you don't push me around ! Bulma gritted her teeth silently as she stood up from the bed and walked toward the dresser.

Bulma picked up her hair dryer without notice as a figure bathed in black of night descended upon the balcony.

She did not hear a sound except for the electrical noise coming from the little machine used to style her hair back to it's original form.

Bulma brushed her hair to make the process faster, not knowing the slow opening of the glass doors to the balcony.

The figure stepped in, bringing slightly the chill of the dark night. One by one, boots took steps toard the unknowing blue-haired female. So beautiful........

Bulma's hair was almost dry. The dim light from both bedside lamps fell on her, highlighting the graceful slopes of her waist, her tender arms and legs.

Vegita stopped in his tracks, a few little steps away from her. His arms moved to their usual place when he he stood. Arms crossed over his chest. He stood there behind her, smirking the way he always did, finding it amusing that she hadn't noticed his arrival. Andknowing Bulma, Vegita knew she'd probably freak out and hit the ceiling when she would find him standing there.

Bulma ran through various thought. Getting angry right now wouldn't do her much good. She didn't know when Vegita would come back anything. Months from now, maybe even years from now. He showed up whenever he pleased.

Finding something else to do brought her anger down a tad bit, knowing she was getting all heated up for nothing right now. But when Vegita would return, she promised she'll find another way to pound him.

And so she finished. Bulma clicked the off button and ran the brush through her hair a couple of times, looking downward. She went to start from the very top and looked up too see her reflection in the mirror.

Her eyes suddenly gave a very wide expression as she looked beyond her reflection. Bulma gave a quick gasp and whirled around rapidly. It was Vegita. He indeed almost scared her to death.

A few seconds he stared at her with sheer amusement, neglecting to acknowledge the tiny flicker of amazement at what a nightdress this was. Must have been a new garment. It fell over he body so gently, the curves of her breasts and nipples slightly visible.

Bulma's startled and scared-to-death expression turned into one of anger and rage. She almost flushed red as her teeth gritted again. Just when the heated feeling was going away, it came back because of Vegita's surprise arrival.

" What the hell are you doing here ?!!" Bulma demanded, almost shouting.

Vegita stood calmly as if she was mute." What do you think ?" he asked rolling his eyes. Could she be ANY stupider ? he thought." I was getting tired of where I was at."

Bulma's fist clenched, which Vegita promptly ignored." Well, you've never really enjoyed staying here either so why don't you just LEAVE !!!"

Vegita snorted, his strong arms falling to his sides. He took a few steps toward her and shook his head." What the hell's up your ass ?"

Bulma felt like her head was about to explode. Vegita had many techniques in which to make her pissed. He'd perfected them the whole time they were together. He knew which buttons to push. Hell, he played around." What the hell's up my ass ?!" she shouted, throwing her hands up at him." I'll tell you Vegita ! You're nothing but a sleezy arrogant bastard that does nothing but order me around, insult me, hurt Trunks so he doesn't have a father most of the time and when you're at home you do nothing but sit on your lazy ass or do your stupid training !!!"

" Uh huh ?" he said without effort as he straightened his gloves before her, rudely showing that he wasn't at all interested in what she had to say.

" I'm in the door not even five minutes and you're already going psycho on me. God woman, I don't even know how you're parents even tolerate you." he then looked passed her, at the door. He didn't hear a single sound except for Bulma's angered breathing. He assumed that her parents were out. All the better.

Bulma gave out a huge irritated yell, grabbing the nearest item she could find, her hair dryer, and threw it at him. Vegita couldn't help but supress a cruel laugh of amusement as he tilted out of the way, the hair dryer landing on the floor with a thud.

She threw her brush, hoping to catch him off guard after he dodged the dryer. It didn't work. He swiped it from the air and let it fall beside his feet." Then why are you STILL here ?!!" she spat at him, returning to her point." Why don't you just leave Vegita ?!! It's the least you could do ! After leaving Trunks so many times, he's almost got accustomed to your absence ! You've hurt him too many times !"

Vegita stood in front of Bulma, his arms back in their usual place.

" Haven't you ever considered that your disappearances have also hurt me ?!" Bulma cut him off when she thought he was going to reply." Oh no, not you. The mighty Prince of the Saiyans ! Vegita you don't give shit about anything of this !" Bulma fought with all her might to contain the lump in her throat and water that was about to come to her eyes.

" I never thought I'd be saying this to you at first....." she said angrily." But now I can. I hate you Vegita ! I hate you !" Bulma took a quick step forward, her hand lashed out quickly to come in contact with his face.

Vegita caught her hand effortlessly in mid-air and held on to it tightly. Bulma's teeth gritted as she struggled to pull free. She couldn't, Vegita's grasp was like steel cuffs around her wrist. She stared down at her wrist and pulled a bit more. But as she struggled more, Vegita's grip tightened. But Bulma refused to show that he was squeezing a bit too hard and was becoming uncomfortable.

Vegita stared at her twitching face. He could feel deeply the blood coursing through her veins. Her pulse, how it was beating at a fast rate and the slight struggle of her arm and hand. To him, this wasn't even pressure at all. If he did put a little more, he would've broken her wrist. But no, he couldn't do that. She actually looked even more attractive when she was all fired up and angry.

Bulma looked up to see Vegita's face. His dark eyes and that sardonic look of amusement. How she hated that look and yet, she thought deep down Vegita looked as good as ever. His eyes teased hers. It danced silently in his eyes. The next thing she knew, her space was invaded, for he had taken a big step toward her. Bulma was crushed up to his stone-like chest, Vegita had locked their waists together, stomach to stomach.

Vegita still held on to her wrist, somehow enjoying his teasing. Looking into her deep blue eyes, like pools of water, he saw what her anger masked. Something he never expected to see. What her anger masked was not hate, as what she was yelling at him, it was need. Though his expression remained unchanged, he couldn't help but feel surprised.

The eyes are the windows of the soul. Bulma's eyes, though they had an angry glint to them, showed what she really felt. It was need, it was sorrow, it was love.

" Vegita !" she yelled into his face." Dammit ! Leave me alone !" Bulma struggled to get out of his tight grasp. She felt the blood draining from her arm as she only bent her fingers slightly. " Vegita !"

Bulma fought, but she couldn't move her waist as she felt his hips grind against hers only slightly. But not in a painful manner. More slowly, deeply. No ! I....I can't....I have to.....get it through his're hurting me......

Vegita loosened his grip on Bulma's wrist so it wouldn't hurt her. He smirked." Temper, temper woman." he teased her.

Bulma glared at him angrily as she reached behind her with her free hand, grabbed a styling comb and slapped him with it as hard as she could.

Vegita winced a crack as he stepped back. It was then Bulma took a slight chance to get out. But she didn't get very far as Vegita shot out at her with lightning speed with an angry glare and almost slammed her against the wall, making a loud thud.

Bulma uttered a small sound and a gasp as she felt her back hit the wall." son of a bitch ! !" she screamed loudly. She almost started to sound helpless now. She struggled with all her might as Vegita's hand, from their place on her throat, moved to pin both her wrists above her head, like she was chained.

By now, Bulma gave him one of her best hateful stares." Goddammit Vegita ! Let me go, now ! I hate you ! You damn bastard ! LET ME GO !!" She thrashed her legs as hard as she could, her arms, she couldn't move them. Bulma strained to look away from his face and the smirk it carried.

Vegita could feel the weak protests from her arms, and the shaking of her body which was in contact with his. She was so frail and weak, she couldn't fight him off. What was happening was interesting to see.

" Did you really think that your pathetic attempt could hurt me Bulma ?" she could see that cruel smile that he always gave her. Bulma just had to face it. She was cornered and there was no escape from Vegita. He gave a silent amused laugh as his face drew closer to hers. He was almost drowning in her blue eyes, he needed to turn away for awhile. But she was so beautiful, he needed to find an excuse to not look obvious.

" Let me go......" her voice dropped, as if now pleading him to stop. Her struggles were useless and she couldn't fight him off for the life of her. She was getting tired trying to fight as he pinned her hands above her head.".....please."

Bulma looked up at him, his eyes. They were swimming in pupil with hers. Those dark, dark eyes. If she couldn't fight him off, the only thing she could do was not look helpless. And so she tried with all her might. Bulma didn't want to show Vegita that she was weak. Not now, not ever.

Bulma could see a smirk playing at the corners of Vegita's lips. Lips that she missed all this time. Her head and her heart were tearing her up. Her mind, telling her to hate him. He had been doing nothing but hurling insults at her, and she was totally undeserving of it. But her heart. Why did her heart want to understand him ? Vegita......please.......

Bulma could do no more. Her body began to feel sore under his from her thrashing. She looked up at him from her last desperate attempt to get free."" she cursed him, her voice now low from shouting.

What emotions her eyes gave out. Vegita stared. Bulma didn't mean what she was saying. He found it confusing and interesting at the same time. It was captivating. It was her. Their faces only a few inches away from each other.

Vegita..........Vegita...I love you...... Bulma had the courage to meet his gaze. Vegita..........I miss you so much....... What hung on his face was an expression she had never seen before. Her lips started to tingle.

He looked deeply, as if searching her soul and her eyes, The meaning of what she had been pondering to say to him. Vegita didn't really understand what the feeling was. What was it that weakling humans called it ? Love, right ? What exactly was it ? To ask would be to sound stupid. He never did ask.

Vegita was mesmerized with Bulma. She was so beautiful. What kind of hold do you have on me woman ? What is it ? Vegita demanded through his mind. He had invaded her space again, almost in a trance. He didn't want to let go.

Bulma's stubborness came to play once again." Go ahead Vegita." she forced out a challenge." If you hate me so much, if I bother you so much and if you keep throwing your insults at obviously don't need me do you ?" she said." Go ahead........kill me...Vegita."

Vegita had to laugh. He let it out arrogantly." Kill you ?" he echoed her words in amusement. He threw his head back for a moment." God woman, do you really think I'd waste my time taking your stupid life ? Ha ! You're what makes the word stupid have it's meaning !"

" Why do you keep doing this to me Vegita ?" Bulma hissed menicingly through her teeth. " Why do you love to torture me like this- "

Vegita couldn't take it anymore. She talked too much as it is. The next thing Bulma knew, his lips had caught her words in a kiss. Bulma stopped in mid-sentence.

Her mind screamed in her head. What the hell are you doing ?!! Are you really going to let him take advantage of you ?!! Stop it !!! Bulma didn't know what to do. But the tingling feeling on her lips was satisfied

Vegita's lips moved over hers in such a comfortable rhythm. He hadn't realized how much he wanted her. And the strange feeling that was trying to take hold of him never ceased to stop growing inside him. What it was, he felt he needed incredible inside power to defeat it. It was what lead him to caress her lips in the first place. The longer he kissed her, the more anxious he became.

I love you Vegita......can't you see I miss you so much ? No can't let him........but you love him too much.......... Bulma gathered up all her remaining will to fight him and pulled her head back from his mouth.

She didn't expect to meet his eyes but did." Vegita, stop. I-I want-" He hushed her up again. It was getting harder and harder to fight what she truly wanted. But Bulma pulled away again. The feeling of being uncomfortable because he still had her pinned to the wall wasn't around anymore. How could she ever get through to this arrogant, proud, sardonic, smug, pigheaded but truly wonderful man ? " What's going on in that Saiyan head of yours ?" Bulma asked in a low voice. She had calmed down, but mesmerized by the look on his face and his coal-black eyes." I want to be close Vegita but you won't let me near....."

" Bulma," then he kissed her intensely. Then withdrawing from her lips, his voice was low, " it's," another kiss, " none," kiss," of," kiss," your damn," kiss,"," longer, longer kiss.

Bulma could feel the pounding of his heart against her chest. She could feel hers starting to jump to a fast rate. She couldn't contain it. Bulma now realized how much she missed him and wanted him. Yearning for this. For Vegita. Bulma responded to his callings, as she pressed her body forward, away from the wall and into his body.

Vegita didn't want to show his surprise as he continued to move closer, feeling the firmness of her breasts pressed against his broad, steel-like chest. It had a certain tingling feeling now, where they touched him. He kept his hands above her head, not letting go of her wrists.

Bulma deepened the kiss in full intensity as she felt his free hand begin to run over her body slowly. From her arms, to her side. Vegita purposely went slow, feeling her shiver with anticipation but pressed against his body.

Bulma felt him grin against her lips as she felt him slide down her buttock, sensually and slowly, feeling her body with the silk fabric of her short nightdress. It's like his hands had a life of their own, as Bulma felt the fabric of his white gloves slide down her right upper thigh. She expected him to make his way down. It was too soon to assume, as Vegita only made his way down enough to only travel back up again, this time, slipping under the black silk.

With his hand moving at such a sensual pace, Bulma tried to contain a small shudder of yearning for him. She looked at him now, examining his face as his lips moved back a few short inches from her own. Vegita's eyes were hot with desire, drowning her. Bulma felt the blossoming heat bellow her waist grow.

His hand crept up her thigh, feeling the growing warmth under her thin nightdress. He ravaged her neck, his body fully pressing against hers as he took slow hold of her thin lace underwear.

Suddenly Bulma's eyes shot open at a fast rate because of the sudden feeling that he gave her. Vegita grabbed her panties and ripped them off, leaving the heat to flow freely down her thighs.

Vegita pulled back enough to see the expression on her face. He grinned devilishly as he let the thin lacy garment fall beside his feet, dropping his right glove along with it and revealing his bare hand.

Bulma was aware of the power Vegita's hands held, he crept back up her leg, knowing that now nothing stood between him and the spot between her legs.

He used his knee to slowly spread her legs, giving his hand enough space to get through. He could feel the heat of her arousal as he made his way up. Vegita sensed the increase in Bulma's breathing and the slow rising and falling of her breasts against his chest.

Bulma sought out his lips again, feeling his finger trace the length of her womanhood under her short nightdress. One finger pressed softly against her cleft, then delved deeper inside her. She was wet. It only made him smile.

Bulma struggled to move her lips in a hard kiss, running her tongue along the top row of his perfect teeth as his hand produced their wonderful sensation. She moaned against him.

Vegita had let go of both her arms, letting her free. He knew that if he let her go, she wouldn't want to leave where she was right now. And so with that smug thought, he dropped his other glove, landing beside his left foot.

Bulma put a little space between the wall and her back as he slipped his left hand through to bring her closer to him. He locked them both together, with a hand cupping her buttock, Vegita's teeth grazed her shoulder, burying his face in the side of her neck.

Bulma let out a soft sigh as she closed her eyes. She was beginning to feel her the lower part of her body sing as his finger inside her quickened it's pace. She could feel more than just his warm breath on the side of her neck. He didn't take his probing hand from her behind, as his teeth clamped onto a strap of her nightdress and pulled it downward.

How sensitive her breasts were, Bulma's nipples had hardened as Vegita noticed her hips beginning to push against his hand invitingly. With his tongue, slid the other strap off.

A small breeze brushed her now bare shoulders, the only support Bulma's nightdress had to stay on now was her nipples.

Vegita pulled back slightly again. He could see the same need he was feeling in her eyes. But to Bulma's disappointment, Vegita's hand strayed away from her womanhood. The beautiful feeling was gone in a flash.

But before Bulma could react to this sudden space between her calling sex and Vegita, his hand behind her, tugged only a little from the back and off slid her nightdress. It caressed her body gracefully as it slid down to encircle her feet at the bottom, Vegita never thought she could be more beautiful right now in her naked splendor.

Bulma had forgotten about what she was angry for. It seemed all she really wanted was Vegita to come back and this time stay for good. Bulma wanted a family, she especially wanted Trunks' father to be with them too. All she ever wanted without noticing it, was Vegita.

She couldn't deny the feeling that she truly came to love this proud Saiyan Prince. A Prince too, Vegita was.

Although he never would want to admit it, Vegita never looked at another woman the way he looked at Bulma. Such a beautiful creature on this earth was with a Prince that happened to be from another planet. His lips had captivated hers in a heated kiss.

The kiss became less exploring and more needful. Since Bulma's arms were now free, she didn't want to push him away, and Vegita knew it very well too. Her hands moved from his face, down his neck and over the close fitting black suit that masked his chest and finally they stopped at his sides. Her hands sought out the hem of his shirt and began to glide up his back slowly, feeling the warmth of his body.

Bulma heaved softly as she felt Vegita's muscles ripple at her feather-like touch. She continued as she caressed his broad shoulders with both hands.

Bulma didn't even have to tell him anything. He sensed it, taking off his shirt to reveal a well sculpted torso and using those well-muscled arms to pull her closer to him as his kiss traveled down her neck and took one of her nipples into his mouth.

Her arms loosely went around his head, mutely begging him to continue on his sweet torture. She pressed his face closer into her chest, feeling him draw wet circles with his tongue around her hardened nipples. He flicked it while his other hand massaged the other.

Bulma leaned into his touch fully. She shivered with want as her fingers played with his unruly black hair.

Vegita went to pay homage to her other breast, sucking it as if to absorb it's flavor. His thumbs ran over the inside of her hips, making her want to curl her toes because of it's sensation.

Vegita knelt down, his kiss traveling from her breasts to her stomach. His kiss turned tongue, encirled her naval once and turned into a heated kiss as it touched her abdomen. He ran his hands through the inside of her thighs.

The next thing thing Bulma knew, Vegita's hands were replaced by the wetness of his tongue. She drew in a sharp gasp as she braced herself, Vegita's tongue had traced the inside of her thigh and was coming closer to it's desired spot. Bulma let out a small wimper as she felt him caress her womanhood's inner walls with his probing tongue.

Vegita's hands were locked at her hips, as a harder lick earned him another loud gasp from Bulma's lips.

What followed were more incoherent sounds of pleasure from Bulma, her hands sliding weakly through his hair. She felt the strength to stand up draining from her legs as she held on to his strong shoulder for support. Bulma felt she was going to collaspe into a pile on the floor if he kept up his sweet torture.

Vegita felt Bulma's hips push suddenly into where his mouth was placed between her legs. His ears ringing with her gasps and wimpers. Her legs were now slightly bent. He smiled to himself, that maybe this was more than she could handle. But he knew she was holding on to his shoulder to not fall.

He looked up at her. Her breasts heaving with every gasp.

Bulma had the strength to look down into Vegita's eyes, through the valley of her breasts. Her hands held on to his head as he pulled back slightly from her womanhood.

Vegita looked up at her face and licked his lips slowly. Bulma saw it as a fusion of need, desire, greed and yearning, which sent another bomb of blossoming heat through her lower portion.

Kissing his way up her body, Vegita's teeth tugged at her earlobe." Mmm......" he said in a low voice, irresistibly. Grasping her waist gently, he turned her and began to back her up towards the bed.

Bulma's hands found their way to the hem of his pants, and began to play with it. She loosened it quickly as she felt it fall down his thighs. Bulma tugged at his underwear, which Vegita helped her remove without taking his lips off hers.

When the last barrier of clothing was gone, Vegita pressed her down into the sheets, running eager hands over her body, getting every chance to caress her.

Bulma smirked to herself as she felt him not notice her sneaking hand towards his length. Vegita only felt it when he got there.

His breathing increased as her hand ran up and down his sex, grasping it and feeling him growing bigger and hotter under her touch.

Vegita drew in a sharp gasp, making his way towards her neck. His teeth sweeping her shoulder everytime she moved up and down.

Bulma's eyes were half-lidded, but enough to see the pleasured look on Vegita's face. His brows were furrowed on and off, he struggled not to surpress a tiny moan.

After what seemed like long minutes, Vegita summoned up his strength to reached down and clasp Bulma's hand. He slowly brought it up and opened his eyes.

Bulma couldn't help but feel surprised with that look he gave her as he brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it softly, chastely. Vegita couldn't stop the adoration radiating from his eyes as he stared down at this most beautiful creature on the face of this planet.

Even in the heat of the moment, Bulma's heart was touched.

Vegita let his hands wander over her freely, moving over every curve. How fragile she felt. Bulma was certainly not a Saiyan woman. He still could remember how a woman of his kind looked like. A build. But Bulma ? She could be even better even if he could never tell her that.

Vegita had Bulma's head swimming with wonderful thoughts. Her hands glided down his back slowly while he grazed her neck with his lips. He hugged on to her torso firmly, but not so it hurt. It was like he never wanted to let her go. Not only her body, but her soul.

" Oh." she gasped." Vegita......I love you." Bulma's voice fell to a pleasurable whisper.

Vegita heard every word. It was like a searing bolt of light that shot through his mile-thick shell and went through his heart. He couldn't resist the urge to look at her face. This was a time to admit to himself he adored her.

Another surprise. Bulma couldn't believe she almost saw a small smile creep up to his lips. Not at all the usual bad-ass smirk he carried. It was beautiful. The smile was practically earnest and quietly saying, need, love. She found herself smiling back, taking his face into another heated kiss.

Vegita responded gladly, both of them devouring each other's lips until it almost hurt. His hand gently crept to her opening, feeling his way through. Bulma let out a sharp gasp as she found him entering her.

Vegita worked his way in, and when, he thrusted into her depths with magnifying speed. More and more, it earned him more gasps. Which turned into small shrieks and now screams from Bulma. It was like there was light. Into nothing, into everything.

Bulma couldn't tell if she kept her eyes opened or closed. It didn't matter. The heat of each stroke and caress from her Saiyajin Prince flooded all her senses, she was beyond drunk with pleasure. It was more. It was everything she ever wanted, everything he could give her and even more. Something Yamucha never could.

His gritting teeth loosened up as Vegita found himself close to her ear. His hard strokes continuing, it was like he wasn't about to be tired for a while. He had pressed his face into Bulma's neck, inhaling the scent of her hair. He moaned her name, followed by a sharp gasp. " I want you too much....." Vegita heaved, feeling the beads of sweat turn up across his body. " Kuso........."

The moist cover of her body had come in contact with his, the sweat gathering at her forehead and her throat almost raw from screaming Vegita's name until it echoed through the walls of the house.

It rang in his ears, Vegita didn't want to get tired out. His hand sought out hers, squeezing it firmly but not so it hurt. He needed to hold her. Bulma's other hand clamped behind him and her nails biting into his back with every stroke. Her legs wrapped around his waist tightly to allow him deeper in.

Vegita felt the steel-blue aura begin to rise about him. He couldn't take it anymore. Bulma's inner walls had squeezed him, locked him, wanted him. Words were not to be found, nor was it really needed. Bulma took him in, captivated him fully. She tried burying her ecstatic screams in the hollow of his shoulder.

He felt her warm breath against his skin as he desperately plunged into her depths. Her nails dug into his back, but he didn't feel it as the light flared around their bodies like a glowing shield, protecting their passion so not to be disturbed.

Not able to hide it any longer, Vegita had withdrew from her neck. His pleasured moans grew louder by the seconds, he had moved down from her neck to cup his mouth around her breast to hush himself.

Bulma only got a short glimpse but pulled his head into her chest. She urged him on.

Her climax shot up in only these few seconds. She shuddered and couldn't contain her scream anymore. It had been building up inside her ever since. She couldn't tell if her eyes were open or closed, she saw Vegita's aura flare around them, it became bright blue around her as if purifying her. Letting her know, that he was really here.

Her grasp tightened lightly as she held on to him. Vegita clamped his eyes shut, a bead of sweat dropped from the tip of his nose onto her chest. The scream he gave was not if pain but at the height of his pleasure, Vegita had detached himself as he found it in him to scream her name as the aura blindly lit the room.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Midnight had long since passed. The window remained open as the white curtains flew up from the night wind. The stars shone brightly but not enough to bathe the room in light. The Earth had no moon, but still there strangely was the presence of light.

Vegita had not gone to sleep since then. He thought he could but he was proved wrong. He laid in bed and Bulma had fallen asleep way before.

His eyes had lingered down to her head. Soft blue hair across his chest from her. Her breathing calm and peaceful. He had not seen her in this kind of peace since the last time they were together like this.

Without hesitation Vegita held her tighter. What kind of feelings did he have for such a weak creature ? He had denied it so many times. It it did matter. It mattered to him more than he'd ever know, or ever let on.

My cursed father is probably laughing. Vegita thought. He scowled softly in the dark. Damn his father, he was a fool. But Vegita didn't care. This human and his son was what he had now. You could just laugh yourself to the deepest pits of hell. You aren't even fit to be called my father and carry the name of Vegita. Vegita knew he'd hate his father further than the course of eternity.

But still, this feeling that plagued him. What made him return to her this time ? He even thought himself that he would be gone for good. Was it his son ? That was part of it. His son would reflect his power of they were back on Vegitasei. How powerful his son would be. That wasn't the whole reason. Even if he didn't admit it, there was the well-being of his son he thought about. But his mate ? A mate was needed back on his planet but wasn't that really important afterwards. Mostly for breeding purposes and that was it. There was no such thing as that word, now what was it ? Love, that was the word.

But now, he had a mate. One from another planet and she wasn't Saiyajin. She became more to him than any other. That was the mystery right there.What have you done to me little one ? Vegita looked down at Bulma's sleeping form. A Saiyajin woman would never look so delicate, so peaceful, fragile or even beautiful. Her beauty was not the only thing that drew him to her. It was her mind, her soul. She sometimes spoke like a Saiyajin woman, a sharp spiteful tongue enough to annoy him forever. A match, his challenge. Bulma was all those things.

Vegita stroked Bulma's back softly. What sort of spell, this woman had put upon him, he didn't know. But all he knew was that it would keep him to her. And that he was to keep her.



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