By: Mikami


" Are you talking to that loudmouthed wife of Kakarrotto again ?" Vegeta asked, annoyance sleeping into his tone. He sat back with a scowl.

Bulma turned away from the phone for slight second when Chi chi suddenly went into silent anger. Bulma sighed irritably as she faced him." Excuse me Vegeta, but no one asked for your opinion because, guess what ? No one was to talking to you. So why don't you take your Royal ass elsewhere so it could benefit both of us." Bulma said sharply her eyes narrowed." And don't you say anything about Chi chi either, it's not like you've been quiet for ten minutes in your life." And with that she turned back to her conversation, rolling her eyes.

Vegeta scowled again as he shook his head. Women........human women....such a problem for these weakling men that follow them around. What bakas, letting themselves be led around like blind dogs by the inferior female species." Baka." he sneered, giving her a dark look.

Bulma ignored him as Vegeta popped the rest of the sandwich in his mouth he was eating beside the kitchen counter. Female conversation rang in his ears and was boring him. It's not like he could understand either. What did he have to say about clothes, accessories, make-up and hair ? Nothing.

Bulma laughed lightly trying to ignore Vegeta's shots of dirty looks." Really ? My Kami, that's insane ! Chi chi, you know Goku doesn't like that." Another laugh from her.

Vegeta rolled his eyes as he picked up his plate and made his way to the sink behind Bulma. Who cares ? he though sourly. Never really crossed my mind they'd stoop so low to talk about that poor excuse for a fool Kakarrotto.......but then again they are human. Once again, Women.

Upon putting the plate in the sink, he looked her way again. Her back was turned towards him, on the phone. Her soft blue hair cascaded over her shoulders and down her back. Bulma was leaning on the counter with her elbows rested. What else could he think ? She was noisy, annoying, stubborn, loud, short-tempered--But.......what a woman...... He smirked. Bulma was gorgeous. Deep eyes, smooth and slender, long legs that had made Vegeta start to make his way towards her.

Vegeta's grin widened even more as he drew closer to her form at the counter. He knew she hated when he would come out of nowhere. Bulma would yell and scold him continuously while he stood there not caring about a single word she said. Then he would counter with something rude like " Oh, gomen were you just saying something ?", to tease her and piss her off for fun. But it was amusing to see her hit the ceiling at his ways. But then again, this time, he'd be sure to prevent her from it.

The light sound of Chi chi's rambling had caught Vegeta's ears as he put his mouth close to Bulma's other ear." I still think it's a waste of time talking to Kakarrotto's mate." his warm breath suddenly tickling her ear.

Bulma felt him smirk. The surprise hit her. He had just appeared behind her out of nowhere. The sly bastard." Vegeta !" she turned towards him, but even more surprised at how close he was to her. She almost jumped." I'm on the phone !" she said annoyed, trying to cover up with a loud reply." Will you please go away ?! For once ?! Don't you have training to do ?!" Bulma then turned back to Chi chi with a whirl, hoping that would take care of him even if she wasn't convinced that she did. Bulma didn't know what was up with him all of a sudden. Vegeta never stopped bothering her." Sorry Chi chi, I just can't seem to get rid of this stupid baka."

Vegeta scowled again." You're the one that's stupid enough to even talk to her." he hissed in her ear once again with a sour look. His hands found their way around her waist, pressing his body slightly forward into her back. One of his greatest pleasures was annoying her.

Bulma was about to protest something on the phone when she felt small pressure being pushed against a body like stone. The new sensation felt so good to be enclosed by his hands. But she stubbornly tried to ignore it and carry on the conversation with Chi chi. To hang up would be rude.

Bulma talked, trying to resist by leaning forward to signal to him to go away and leave her in peace. The bastard was stubborn and she knew for a fact he liked to annoy her. It wasn't easy.

Vegeta smirked, locking their hips together and holding her fragile body next to his in front of him.

Bulma found it hard to keep up with Chi chi as Vegeta's warm breath decsended upon her neck and warm lips softly brushing her skin. Resisting this temptation was hard and she meant it, feeling his slow kisses travel from around her shoulder to the side of her neck. His hands making their slow way around her flat stomach, fingers spread out eagerly.

Vegeta grinned devilishly, bearing teeth brushing the skin of her neck. Bulma inhaled slowly, feeling the caress from his hands stroke her stomach up and down as well as the bite on her earlobe from his teeth, only to feel his tongue circle the side of her neck. Vegita's teeth grazing her shoulder, taking the strap of her shirt between them to pull it down.

Bulma's guard was starting to fall. That's what he wanted. She tried helplessly again to move forward to get away from him but his hands kept them locked together.

Vegeta inhaled her scent fully.

Ever since that time, it had been only two days when it happened. He had caught her alone on that night and cornered her. Bulma had just been working late night on a project. She was positively glowing. Bulma had surrendered to his caresses completely, allowing herself to be made love to by Saiyajin fire.

But Vegeta put it this way. It was her fault for looking the way she did. But that night was more than what it was physically. It took place inside him. Something willed him to touch her, hold her. Something he, himself didn't understand.

Whenever she was around, all he could see was Bulma. When they came in contact, he could smell her, taste her and she filled all of his senses. And he could he explain ?........good.

It felt so natural to encircle her body, even if she was protesting in a small way because she was busy. He felt.......whole. Something else he couldn't explain.

Bulma tried pushing away again. But she wanted to surrender. A hundred more times, she wanted so much. Vegeta had some sort of hold, a power over her. Dark, mysterious, dashing. But with that she also got his pride, stubbornness and arguments on the side.

Bulma's other hand crept down to smack his in an effort to ward him off. No use.

Vegeta couldn't stop looking so smug. Just to touch her felt so good. Her body was so inviting. Whenever he saw her now he wanted to take her. In fact every chance until now he had.

He ran both hands with outstretched fingers down her sides and over the curves of her hips with a great deal of good memorization without even looking as he was busy grazing her other shoulder.

" Bulma-san." said Chi chi questioningly, not noticing that her friend was having trouble with a Saiyajin Prince's inviting caresses.

" Has anything happened to you ?" Chi chi asked.

Her eyes were about to fall shut when she realized what she was doing and snapped out of her trance. Bulma spoke," all....Vegeta will you please !" She squealed in annoyance feeling his warm hands move upwards to her breasts and begin to massage them slowly. Through the thin fabric, her nipples had hardened, signaling her ready arousal but to cover it up her face was marked by irritation.

" Vegeta !" Vegeta only gave a mischievous little impish laugh to annoy her further. He only grinned at the thought that she couldn't concentrate on the subject she was discussing at hand with Chi chi. His hands truly had a life of their own by sneaking under her shirt with two fingertips coming up to stroke the most sensitive part of her nipples. He continued to tease her, make her heat flow.

Bulma was finding it hard to even breathe as she struggled to keep her breathing from going hard. She had to refrain herself from moaning as Vegeta's fingertips danced over the tips of her breasts." Y-yes Chi chi...I...I know--oh--about.....that." Bulma managed.

Chi chi smiled." So how is that Saiyajin anyway ?" she asked to pull up another topic.

Bulma hesitated, somehow disappointed at the removal of contact between Vegeta's hands and her breasts. Vegeta abandoned them, having other intentions within as he still smirked the way he did. Bulma had the chance to answer." He's a baka." she shot, hoping that Vegeta would think it was him they were now talking about. He paid no heed and that annoyed her even more. She wished he would just leave.......did she really ?

Unknowingly, Vegeta had moved down again to her skirt. He didn't stop there, he moved upwards. Bulma wanted to slap him and send him on his way. But she couldn't, the phone was to her ear and she couldn't move with him pressed against her back. She could only feel them moving up her thighs at an aching slow and throbbing pace that was making it harder for her to even hold the phone and talk at the same time.

Vegeta trailed his kisses around her neck as his thumbs hooked on the sides of the lacy garment and started to slide it off.

Bulma could swear her eyes went wide as dinner plates. The bastard was bent on undressing her while she was busy. Bit by bit, her suddenly heated womanhood's throbbing was uncovered after it's lacy cover brushed downwards. Bulma felt it fall the rest of the way as she looked down. There on the floor, circled around her feet was her white underwear.

That sneaky rat. She didn't want to look at his devilish grin, she knew he had it pasted all over his face, feeling her skirt ride up her legs. But Vegeta was good at doing this, making her sweat pleasure.

" Bulma ?" Chi chi said again, wanting to make sure Bulma was still there.

" Uh huh ?" she managed.

" Are you sure nothing's happening between you and Vegeta ?" Chi chi said suspiciously.

" N-no....." Bulma tried, but failed miserably, to ward Vegeta off once again. It didn't work.

" Are you sure ?" Chi chi pressed further.

Bulma gasped again, the surrounding air touching the exposed spot between her legs, which Vegeta was making his way towards." I....I lied.....he...has other talents." she mindlessly confessed.

" You're joking." Chi chi said shocked." You're kidding right ? You and him ? Bulma !"

" Uh huh ?" Bulma said again without thought. Her eyes suddenly clamped shut, her face striking pleasure where Vegeta had delved deeper between her nether lips and moving through the sudden hot juices. He grinned against her neck at her wetness and continued to stroke her pleasure spot.

Bulma thought if he kept this up she could never be able to stand on her own two feet as long as they were standing here. She tried looking back at to give him a menacing look. It turned into one of desire instead. She was surrendering to him.

As her last desperate attempt to ward him off, Bulma went to slap him across the face as a hard way of saying maybe later. With a grin that widened, Vegita caught her wrist without effort. Bulma had turned all the way around to face him now, causing him to release her wet entry.

Below her waist, her nakedness was exposed, however she couldn't for the life of her bend down to fetch her under garments, Vegita was too close and blocking her way.

And so without hesitation, Vegita's hands clasped around her waist and lifted her to sit on the counter. As surprised as she was with the annoyance she already had, Vegita didn't let go of her waist when he set her body down. The seemingly cold tiles of the counter had touched her bare behind, Bulma's arousal taking slight drips and Vegita's hand making sure her skirt didn't get in his way.

" Bulma ?" Chi chi questioned for a second time to make sure she was there." Are you okay ? Tired maybe ? You seem to be breathing hard."

" I-er..." Bulma struggled at the overwhelming desire to throw the phone down and let Vegita's insistent body take her. Enclosing her waist tightly by bringing his face against her shirt- covered chest." I.....hai I'm still here....I-I'm not tired." she exhaled heavily by mistake.

" Bulma what's going on ?" Chi chi was starting to get annoyed. Bulma couldn't pay attention to her suspicious ways. Chi chi was just starting to get irritated at the way Bulma didn't seem to be listening and finding new topics to talk about.

" Nothing's.....going on." Bulma tried again to speak. Vegita's touch was driving her wild, causing her legs to wrap around him tightly. She looked down at Vegita's devilish grin and eyes. She knew he wanted her that bad. That was fully assured when Vegita ended up grabbing the phone from Bulma's hand and hanging up on Chi chi with a loud click.

" Bulma ? Bulma ?" Chi chi repeated. The line turned sudden dial tone. Nothing. The other end was gone." Bulma ?"

That was strange.

On the otherside." Vegita !!!" Bulma protested loudly." What did you do that for you stupid baka ?! I was talking with--"

Vegita closed his mouth over hers quickly with a smirk. Pouring held passion like fire into it fully. Bulma wrapped her arms around her neck tightly, bringing him in.

" I knew you'd give in." he whispered smugly against her lips.

Bulma pulled away only slightly." I did not." she scowled hiding her affection." You're the one that grabbed it from me, being so impatient."

Vegeta smirked, keeping fixed eyes on her lips." Me impatient ? Ha, you should've seen your reaction. Stupid woman, you couldn't even wait, you wanted to hang up."

" No." Bulma replied." It's now your fault that Chi chi will be suspicious tomorrow when I see her."

" Like I care." Vegita managed to snort while his hand took hold of the hem of her shirt. " You think what you want know and I know I'm right." He pulled her closer to another passion-felt kiss. Surprisingly slow, aching and needful. Purposely trying to heighten Bulma's desire." Now shut up."

" Why don't you ?" Bulma snapped, pushing him away and grabbing the hem of her own shirt instead.

" Make me." Vegita shot at her sexily, a hint of desire within his tone.

" Fine." Bulma pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her full breasts. She let him caress them, pulling his head closer by wrapping her arms around him.

Vegita nipped at a hardened nipple, while Bulma's hands pulled at his shirt hurriedly. Vegita purposely yanked it off his upper body and flinging it across the kitchen just for her.

Bulma's head tilted back, her eyes barely open drowning in Vegita's sucking ability. She could feel him take her in. Taste her, breathe her. A smile of pleasure touched her lips, only seeing the color of the kitchen ceiling.

Vegita hungrily circled her glorious mounds with his tongue, getting every chance to touch her anywhere and the feeling of her hands against his back filling him with desire. He gave her another fiery kiss, his tongue running against her teeth and entwining with hers.

Vegita began to press her down, Bulma's back now on the rest of the tiles of the counter. She only looked forward to smile at Vegita to see him manage to hoist himself upon the counter as well to move on top of her.

Bulma kept her protests to herself. She knew Vegita wouldn't let her fall to one side and onto the floor. Even if this was one of the most unusual places for him to make love to her, she let herself be fully taken in by him.

Vegita managed to yank her skirt off her legs in one swoop, sending it to the floor beside them as well as succeeding in taking off his barrier of clothing that were his pants.

Kicking it off the rest of the way, he settled upon her and climbed between her legs, both on the kitchen counter.

He grazed her neck with irresistible kisses, listening to her call his name in drowning pleasure.

" Oh Vegita......" Bulma moaned in his ear, sending shivers down his spine.

Vegita's only response was an affectionate kiss and an uncovered look of adoration towards his object of desire and affection. A thousand times he didn't need words to express how much he adored her. Sweet caresses, touches and kisses.

Bulma grinned, hearing Vegita pur against her neck and ear, then burying his face in her hair with a hand under her back to pull her closer to him. Bulma arched her back fully, giving herself to him and telling him she wanted more.

" Now who's being impatient." He grinned, feeling her urgent presses. Her smug Saiyajin Prince, she'd let him have that one. Without letting her have a chance to say anything, he slid his probing length into her wet entry. She closed around him automatically, causing him to utter a small moan.

Bulma felt her empty space filled, her ragged breathing never ceasing to stop as he began his strokes.

Her legs wrapped around him tightly, as Vegita's climax began to build up. His breathing also increased ten-fold along with hers. His hands fully locking their hips together tightly as he spilled into her again and again. Another hard wave of pleasure hit him fully as he inner walls squeezed him. Vegita almost wanted to get mad at her for almost pushing him off the edge. He couldn't resist Bulma's urgent hands pushing him for faster, harder strokes.

Bulma's ragged breathing and moaning turning into screams. The electric surge of pleasure shot through her body, sending the full sensation into every part of her being. Her legs tightened around her waist even more, almost surprising him how much she can squeeze with her frail body. Her toes curling and arms locking him against her.

Vegita's incoherent sounds turned into larger moans, building up continuously. He swore another rush would come hit him like a ton of bricks. And it did, sending him to scream her name, letting it echo through the house.

Bulma continuously screamed her Prince's name at the height of her pleasure. The mess they were making on the kitchen counter never crossed her mind and it didn't matter either that they stayed where they were. Her parents were out on a romantic getaway and weren't due back after a week.

Vegita and Bulma devoured each other's lips with a desperate hard kiss while Vegita continued his strokes. He slammed in and out of her wildly, making her scream loudly with each stroke as a drop of sweat from his nose touched her chest.

Both building climaxes within both of them erupted inside sending every part of them beyond physical pleasure but more. With the last few desperate pumps off his hips Vegita and Bulma slowly fell back to earth, panting but content.

Vegita looked at her, a smirk tugging at his lips with a somewhat tired look on his face matted with sweat. He craned his head once again to kiss her to feel his lips upon hers in great pleasure.

Bulma smile exhaustibly at him as she faintly mouthed that she loved him. Vegita caught it and understood it. All her responded was with another kiss.

But neither of them had the power to move. Too exhausted from another passion filled session, Vegita propped his head upon her stomach and every now and then showering soft kisses.

Bulma smiled as she hugged on to his head loosely with her arms. Oh well, figuring out the problem with lying upon the counter and getting sore would have to wait until later. Much, much later as Bulma decided. All she wanted was Vegita. Vegita knew.


The End

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