Part II
* * * * *


" Kuso......." Vegita felt like he couldn't move without some kind of searing pain through his body." KUSO !!!!"

" YOU BAKA YARO !!!" he screamed, trying to jump up from a seat in his chambers. He surprisingly managed to punch a hole into the communication unit on top of the desk. Exhausted, it even hurt to breathe even slightly. He felt he couldn't breathe, like every bone in his body screamed for him to not move.

It was like blood was still pouring from every wound his father made and opened up. Vegita slumped down on the floor, clenching tight fists and teeth. Goddamn you old man......I swear you a slow death.....

Vegita didn't know what he wanted. He was alone. Clear blue eyes. Now why did they seem soothing to the mind. Damn it to hell. Damn her to hell. Anger coursed through his veins as another image of the Chikyuu native flashed through his head once again. That's all her fault !!!!!!

Vegita pounded the ground once with both fists, leaving mini-craters in the cold stone floor. The cuts and bruises on his body still burning. The side of his head felt like it had been run over, his tail sprawled on the floor behind him. Even it withered in pain.

A sudden noise at the door, made him force his strained neck upwards. Bitch. Bare feet appeared on the floor in front of him, trailed by thin white fabric. He stared up at her with hatred as she approached.

The murderous look her gave her made Bulma want to run again. But no. But she could swear the basin of water shook in her hands. If she didn't hold on, she would drop it.

His pride resurfacing, Vegita got up off the floor. Struggling not to wince as every part of his body screamed at him. No lowly slave was to tower over him and look upon him. Vegita looked at her once, scornfully then looked at what she was carrying. It must have either been that Kami- forsaken trainer who was as good as dead the next day or Shiruko. That warrior had a way of finding out things. Surely not his father, his father didn't give shit.

But whoever that dead baka was, how dare he send her, Vegita had thought scornfully. And to let her see him in a such a state as this disgusted him fully.

Bulma struggled to set the basin down, trying not to meet his glare. A fear wavered inside her as if she was being stabbed. She struggled to calm down. Even though this new feeling within her grew terribly, she still feared him.

Vegita thought he wanted none of this weak aid. He could heal by himself, but the wounds would not go away in a flash. There was a malfunction with the regeneration tank. Just his luck.

Vegita hated her, thousands of emotions crossed his mind as the thought of holding her neck in his hands and breaking it in two, hearing the satisfying snap. To see her body go limp in his arms as he would drop her. Vegita wanted to kill this little bitch. She was the one the did this to him. Damn her.....damn her........for being so beautiful....

How dare she come back to face him or even look at him. After she gave him so much trouble, making it difficult for him to have her, then calling for her again, she had been even more disobedient and loud. Then she stayed in his thoughts, causing him to be way off-track of his training, resulting in this state of being pathetic and getting the shit beat out of him by his bastard father.

He wasn't going to let her touch him. Her graceful hands making their way to try to sooth him even if she was a slave. Vegita looked at her disgustedly." You dare to come back woman." he hissed at her.

" I've been sent." she gulped." To help you my Prince." she said quietly, her eyes cast down. Bulma could swear she was shaking right there.

The way she acknowledged him as "my Prince", suddenly sent a surprise through him. As if she was now ready to be subject of him. Feh, he still didn't want to like it. He invisioned it, her death and the sight of her blood. Satisfying.

" Please." she repeated. He wouldn't move, not taking his narrowed and hateful eyes off her as he continued to stand. He seemed ridged and didn't want any of this. Vegita's eyes danced over her body, forcing himself not to look at her beauty, only the sight of her frail neck. Vegita wanted to kill her, the anger inside was too much.

Bulma could see his fists clenched, she didn't even know she was holding her breath. She could see his anger. He had removed his shirt before she came in, revealing his pain. Across his back, a cut on his shoulder. The side where his ribs were made her cringe as a bruise stretched over the terrain. Just looking at him, strangely made Bulma want to help him. But it was insane.

Vegita tried hard to keep his hands together. Kill her........bitch........ugh... He clamped his eyes shut tightly for a moment, feeling her presence draw closer. Her movements were slow, fearful, frightened.

Bulma didn't want to die. Not now. The rippling muscles moved slightly before her, a large cut running up his back but not deep. She kept her gasp quiet. There it was again. Sympathy. What was wrong ? She should be hating him like every other slave on his damn planet.

The hot wet cloth in her hand seemed cold compared to her sweaty palm as she drew closer to him. Vegita didn't even ask her to come forth yet. Bulma didn't know what to do. The only option was forward or else.

Vegita's eyes shot open quickly, the hot cloth perfectly clear on his back. It stung but he kept still. That was her job. She was a slave. He could let her enjoy her last few seconds of life. They would be short, Vegita wanted to decide that.

Bulma continued, small blotches of his royal blood coming off on the cloth. She put the cloth back into steaming water, reaching for it on a nearby table as she stood behind him. Bulma was silent. It's like he went ridged at her touch. Why did he cast this feeling upon her ? It was so strange, so dangerous. Bulma wanted to let herself go even if it seemed like suicide. She was drowning in the Prince's image as she dabbed it over another cut.

Vegita didn't want to look at her. To look at her would be weak. Vegita somehow knew his guard against he would be let down. He was just in denial. Remembering the first time so well.

The cloth had turned red as well as the water within the basin. Bulma wouldn't be allowed to change it and yet she continued as she found herself walking to move around his still body to face him. Bulma struggled to keep her shaken hands still and nervousness down as she faced him.

Vegita still wouldn't look at her. Wanting to get away or kill her now, his eyes suddenly shot open as the soft touch of her hand dabbed at the large cut over his shoulder. Vegita's eyebrows lowered, glaring at her.

Bulma couldn't avoid his glare. She could see his hate clearly at her and nothing but that and yet she continued. She ran the red cloth over another cut, causing a tiny flinch near his eye as the small chains that connected her wrists made small noises.

A thousand emotions rushed through him. Vegita told himself he would not be weak as to soften. It would be a disgrace.

Bulma didn't know how long she sat there under his eyes. She couldn't help but drown in his presence. The almighty Prince of Vegitasei had such an effect. Did he do this all the time ? Probably not, all women slaves who lost their minds would jump right into bed.

Prince Vegita looked better now, physically meaning his condition, except for that never- ending sulk, frown or scowl that he always carried on his face. So why did she want to touch him......wipe that look off his face......the strangest wish of hers to somehow know what his pain is. To take his pain away.

But weren't slaves used for that too ? Not the way Bulma thought about it. For a Saiyajin royalty to forget about his pain, he would just kill one of them. Bulma wanted differently. She made it annoyingly difficult for awhile for him to have her but now, why didn't it matter ?

I'm just here for his wounds...... Bulma breathed. ......Maybe I do feel sorry for him in a way, but that doesn't mean........ The thought that she was insane never left her. Bulma's hand traveled over a gash on the side of his head. But the more she looked at him, his eyes, she could see the anger that flickered........and interest.

Surprised, Bulma hid it well. Although scared, she watched Vegita look away from her with scorn. He hated to be in front of her like this.

Bulma made it a little difficult the last time, maybe not so this time. There was something about Vegita that made her want to understand him. Dropping the cloth back into the water, Bulma looked over her deed. The cuts were still there but he looked better than before, hopefully he didn't hurt too much.

Bulma lowered her hands from the side of his head. There was nothing much she could do for him. She did her bidding and maybe it would be a good idea to get out. The Prince may feel like killing a being to ease down his anger. Bulma could see he was one with alot of pride. She didn't leave.

Bulma watched his close his eyes, the lines of anger working around his forehead once again. Feeling the soft fabric of her garment, she fiddled with it somewhat and knowing what she was doing she let it drop into a white pile around her. The fabric was pooled at her feet, revealing her splendor.

Vegita's eyes opened, automatically surprised. Her blue hair falling over her shoulders, he must've forgotten how even more beautiful she was without foolish covering. The dim light of the room highlighting every graceful curve from head to toe.

How dare she........payment is final..... With lightning fast movement, Vegita's hand lashed out and grabbed her throat. Bulma gasped loudly as her eyes blinked.....but she felt no pain whatsoever, just the warmth of his hand around her neck. Fear stuck her but she felt rooted and frozen to the ground.

What's the matter......kill her. Vegita looked menacingly at her just the way he would've any other who was going to die by him. Yet he couldn't find it in him to enclose her frail neck tightly. He just couldn't do it.

Bulma's blue eyes reflected her fear of him clearly, the red cloth now on the floor at her chained feet. But this was odd, she had time to think, Vegita would've killed her seconds ago. What was the delay ?

Bulma's hands moved up to his, her hard breathing still there from being startled. She grasped the hand around her neck.

Her touch was so soft, Vegita's chances of wanting to kill her dropped. He just stood there by her. Watching her take his hand and feeling the soft brush of her lips against the tips of his fingers.

The chains of her hands were roughly pulled forward as Vegita grabbed them, suddenly pulling her towards him. Bulma's stared into his angry eyes, feeling pressed forward into his muscular chest, her bare stomach against the hem of his pants. She felt the sudden heat radiating from between her legs, suddenly wanting to push into him further yet she made no move.

It hit him. Vegita felt it below the waist as well as the firmness of her breasts against his chest. Her nipples had hardened due to him. Looking into her eyes again, he suddenly wanted to smirk at the way she wanted him.

Vegita kept his proud facade." Little bitch." he hissed at her, feeling himself want her as she did him. Loosening his grip only slightly on the chain, he brought himself around her but the warmth of his breath never ceasing to stop flowing over her bare shoulders.

The sudden strike of nervousness was quickly replaced by closed eyes and the feel of his presence all around her. She struggled not to tremble from him though she wanted to be held. It's been so long. But she still knew deep down she'd never have her normal life back again, all that remained was the Prince.

Vegita's eyes traveled eagerly around her, her stunning beauty even if she was worked to the bone these past few weeks. It was almost amazing, her gloriousness was untouched. He stopped behind her, but hands still holding onto the chain. Something caught his eye.

Vegita paused for a small second. Her back. Those marks. He moved to touch them softly. He didn't know why but a wave of sympathy and anger washed over him. Lashes. But he decided to take her away from this pain.

Slowly he brought her hands up above her head, holding on to the chain. Vegita's hand found his way around her flat stomach. With every caress Bulma inhaled at his touched. So gentle. Past encounters with him were surprisingly forgotten.

Vegita's lips descended upon her sweet skin, tasting her once again. He never knew such a woman had an effect on him. His tongue rolled around her neck, kissing her shoulders with eagerness and other hand moving to to stroke the soft blue curls below her waist.

Bulma moaned, such an irresistable sound coming from her parted lips. Her eyes were closed, letting it be. Her arms stayed above her head, she couldn't take it. He could felt her heat.

Vegita turned her around, placing her chained wrists over his head so the chains hung around his neck, drawing her very close to him. Vegita could drink from her blue eyes, her fragile but beautiful body pressed against his.

Giving her a smirk before his lips touched hers, he was surprised she kissed him back with more boldness than he did. He could only respond to her calls, his hands needing to touch every place at every time. He slowly carted her towards the bed, wanting to their bodies to meld together.

Laying her down, it felt much easier than the last time. No protests, no loud noises, only her soft breathing. Vegita smirked again, she could go nowhere even if she wanted to, but it's not like he had to worry about that anymore.

His hands smoothing over her hips and moving down to spread her thighs, feeling his desire for her deepen. Vegita only had to struggle to remove his pants.

Bulma's lips caught hold of his earlobe, Vegita's hands coming to cup both her breasts while his kisses flourished. His fingers played with her nipples with featherlike touch only to see her mouth part for more aching sounds.

Against his chest her breasts heaved up and down with every gasp, her juices bringing her to wimper with pleasure as he teased her womanhood with the tips of his fingers. Softly just probing in and out, feeling her hips push against his hand.

A small laugh from Vegita's traveling lips escaped him, he wanted to savor each and every moment of her. Slowly, tasting her sweet lips. It didn't matter how long it would take him to take her in, it didn't matter if it lasted forever.

Bulma's eyes shot open at the sound and the sudden space between her feet. Her blue eyes held surprised question as she had courage to look into the Saiyajin Prince's mischievous eyes. He broke the chain that bound both feet. Bulma had been freed but also to make it easier for the both of them.

Bulma felt herself smile at him. It was out of nowhere, even Vegita was surprised that this was the first time a slave ever gave him that. Bulma only wrapped her free arms around to his neck, twisting her fingers through his unruly jet black hair. She was surprised herself at her sudden desire for the one that violated her weeks before. All was forgotten.

The sensual movement of her body like gentle waves below him made his stomach flutter. Drawing closer, nearer and teasing him with her smooth movements. Vegita's fingers at her wet entry stayed stationary, the soft pushing of her hips gave the signal she was craving his touch for her pleasure spot.

Bulma pressed his head to urge his hungry mouth over her chest, shivering. Her lips offering incoherent sounds that echoed through the air. Vegita's tail had long since unraveled, slithering through the sheets to sweep her body.

The fur of his tail was soft and caressed her like feathers as Bulma rubbed her cheek with it's tip.

Bulma's hand had the pleasure of running them along the smooth but rock hard surface of his back. She had reflections of her past life. Yamucha. Never as perfect as Prince Vegita. They eagerly began to glide down his back, moving to softly rub just above his tail. In her ear, just faintly heard a small sound of pleasure rush from his lips. Moving further to stroke the base of his tail, touching soft fur.

Vegita's tail left her cheek, stroking down her sides to wrap comfortably around her upper thigh to pull her closer. He looked down at her. This look was now different from the one last time. Whatever would happen next, Bulma wouldn't mind as she decided.

She only responded by lifting her head off the sheets to kiss him. And with that, both her legs drifted apart.

Bulma closed her eyes at the feeling of the empty space between her legs being filled with his length. It hurt little as her eyes squeezed a little more. But they opened at the brush of lips from her mouth to her neck.

Vegita's strokes were slow, mentally keeping in mind she was delicate and not like others. That was part of her beauty. Though she was weak and looked like she had no worth to him, she was not like any he'd seen.

Grunting softly as her limbs wrapped around him, Vegita's tail tightened only slightly around her thigh as her legs found their way around them. His eyes, barely open, seeing her mouth his name in a frenzy of pleasured jolts. Pushing against him to urge him further.

Stroke after stroke, Vegita's perfect fit thrusted into her depths causing her moans to turn into loud screams. Bulma's toes curled more tightly with every deep thrust, like thunder that would never stop, making her wild.

She was drunk with his beautiful and now sweat-beaded body as well as his frantic kisses that she herself devoured. Her nails digging into the flesh of his rear. Too wildly enveloped with his surges to even notice the second time he dug his teeth into her shoulder.

Along with her blood, even her sweat tasted as sweet as she did. Vegita kissed her lips as if he hadn't had a drink of water in weeks as they both climaxed ten-fold.

Bulma knew it was coming and she didn't know where to hold on as her hands traveled frantically across him to find a place to hold on. Vegita wasn't giving her a break and she had some way of knowing. She knew he wasn't planning on holding back either.....but neither was she.

Vegita's ears rang with her incoherent screams her body put forward, only making his already wild thrusting hips, grind deeper into hers. As if fully meld their bodies together. Overtaken by his own act of his desire for her, his tail unraveled from her thigh, jolting every now and then as her inner walls squeezed him tightly. Vegita's tail came around, slithering hysterically through the sheets, needing to come in contact with her body once again ; meeting her chest.

Bulma felt such Saiyajin power within her. Containing it by squeezing him again, making it tighter and feeling another jolt of pleasure from his body.

She couldn't hold it anymore. With one ecstatic scream that put her other ones to shame, she buried her head in the hollow of Vegita's shoulder, releasing it fully as she exploded. The pleasure hitting her like a locomotive.

Vegita's shout mixed along with hers, as he thought he felt the ground move, not being able to hold himself much longer. Both fluids from both bodies touching the sheets instantly.

Giving the last few desperate pumps from his hips into hers, Vegita rubbed himself against her wet womanhood. Sweating was unbelievable, both panting and tearing for air.

Bulma's arms now hung loosely around his neck and with weak pressure pulling him against her. Vegita let it be, it's what he wanted. He looked at her once again, Bulma's mouth open and gasping for air. Another smirk pulled at his lips as a gentle hand reached up to wipe the sweat from her forehead, pushing her blue hair out of her sweet face.

He never looked so beautiful, Bulma decided now. She was too wrapped in fear to see it the last time.

Kissing her lips once more, he kissed her long, lingering and slow. Licking his lips at her taste. Vegita rolled to the side, not knowing what to think anymore and enclosed her in his arms.

Bulma let herself be carried away, feeling the warmth of his body pressed against hers in an embrace. Strangely, she felt protected and didn't want to leave. No thoughts of the future invaded her mind as sleep began to sink in. Slowly by slowly, her eyelids dropped and her clear vision of the Prince's face fading to black. She kissed him again, feeling a rush within herself once again.

Startled by this last action, Vegita hid it. Smirking again, he pulled her closer as his view of her blue eyes fell shut into a deep sleep. A sudden decision came upon him." You are going to be mine little one....." he whispered breathlessly.

* * * * *

Something had come over Prince Vegita. It wasn't like others didn't notice. It was as if something had possession over him. Strange it was and since none of them really liked change, they viewed it as not very good. Especially for the Prince. Such a mighty warrior slowly and unknowingly surrendering himself to a woman. Not even a Saiyajin woman. But they dare not question any of his actions.

Vegita's desire for the Chikyuu native never ceased. He would train even more brutality then before, the encounter with his father fueling his anger into considering murdering his father any day soon. But she never strayed far from his mind. Just seeing her, oddly made him feel stronger, faster, invincible. His strength from training kept piling higher and higher.

So far, it went up to a point where the Prince desired her occasionally. Then occasionally became frequently. Frequently slowly became constantly. Between training, nightly, any time, he wanted to see her. It's not like Bulma minded. It was like it would light her up to see him.

Bulma somehow knew that if she stayed with him, she was in a way protected. She couldn't be called a palace whore. She wasn't at all since Prince Vegita was her first. It wasn't long ago they actually started talking to each other besides engaging in contact.

Vegita knew her name now. Bulma, it was. Laughing at it at first, he thought it was an odd name. Bulma, what kind of a name was that ? He didn't care if she was the first one that he let stay until morning when he would rise to get up to train. He left her there, knowing she was delicate.

Bulma would wake up without him, seeing the covers pulled over her body. The sheets with his scent. She learned to be pretty fond of Prince Vegita.

But it was one particular evening when Vegita had returned, once again sending for the blue- haired beauty. He couldn't believe it. He missed her.......again. Throwing the thoughts aside, all he concentrated on was sending for her.

He dismissed the slave quickly and went to wait.

* * * * *

Bulma was once again led to the corridors. Flashing images of the Prince going through her head. She stiffled a small smile. Bulma learned to follow the halls well these past few months and it wasn't that hard.

It was only now that they led her to a different turn. Bulma's face turned worried. Where were they taking her ? The fear that was gone so long ago returned. She had a feeling that Vegita's quarters were not where she was going." W-where are we going ?" she managed to ask the two guards that were pulling her along.

One of them sighed in annoyance. Nothing worse than a slave that thought she was above the others just because she had some kind of favor with the Prince. It was insane." Shut up lowly woman." one of them growled." It is better to value life now."

Bulma didn't know what that meant. Her heart was rising to her throat to even ask.

The three of them neared huge, double, chamber doors. She managed to gasp. The guard spoke again." King Vegita has requested your pathetic presence." Bulma's eyes widened at the sentence. King Vegita ?! There must have been a mistake. Vegita's father called for her ?

They saw the fear in her eyes. It made them smile sadistically. Most pleasure slaves that were called were almost never seen again. The king's rough nature never took any notice of the slave's well-being. He crushed them.

Bulma could do nothing as she was dragged in reluctantly and dropped off to face Vegitasei's king.

* * * * *

A slender body stepped into the dimness of the room. Her breathing wasn't heavy but it was nervous. But her breath caught once being suddenly enfolded with strong arms and against a body like stone.

Vegita enclosed her, his lips catching her neck and inhaling her scent. He smirked, running his tongue along the back of her neck, receiving pleasured moans in response.

" Oh." she whispered with a hand she lifted to guide his hand along her body." Royal Prince....." she purred seductively.

Vegita's eyes suddenly opened. Something was wrong. He released her, removing all contact. This wasn't Bulma. His Bulma. Vegita grabbed her shoulders, receiving a frightened shriek and whirled her around. His eyes widened. It wasn't her. It was a different woman. Another worthless slave.

What was before him was frightened deep purple eyes and long silvery hair past the shoulders. Her breathing had increased and so had her heartbeat. She thought she was going to die under the Prince's glare.

This was unbelievable. Vegita suddenly felt angry. Normally he wouldn't care if it were one woman or another. It was different this time, all he wanted was Bulma." Little whore." he growled, throwing her to the side with not much force.

With a shout, she fell to the floor. She looked up, trying to prepare herself for death by closing her eyes and trying to shield herself.

Vegita had no time for this foolishness. He wanted to know. That slave of a baka had brought him the wrong woman. A mistake was rewarded by punishment. Even more so because of the failure to send the one he wanted.

With another growl, Vegita yanked the door open and slammed it shut.

The frightened slave on the floor, looked up after the drastic loud noise. Darkness is what surrounded her.

* * * * *

Bulma shut her eyes tightly as her heart made it's way up to her throat. Her tears of fear unable to be held back. King Vegita stood in front of her with such a look of pure lust. She didn't want to see his eyes travel around the curves of her body.

K. Vegita licked his lips slowly at the sight of her. He hasn't seen her ever since he threw her at his son. He had almost forgotten how lovely she was. He took a step closer. Another and another. Her presence filling his senses. The muscles in his legs aching to jump on her.

Bulma felt a hand touch her cheek. She couldn't move away from it, his arm had slid around her waist to keep her to him. Bulma couldn't decided whether to keep her eyes closed or not. They opened, a fear dancing through them to see his lustful features.

K. Vegita wasn't like the royal Prince. Lines of age had already worked themselves through his forehead and around his eyes and mouth. An always murderous glint in his pupils. K. Vegita was taller in size and had more of a rough look mixed with royalty. Even if the King and the Prince, in a way, looked alike, they were still both different.

Bulma felt she couldn't breathe under his stare. He peered into her eyes, making trails down her body. Something soft brushed against her upper thigh. Bulma didn't look down but she knew it was his tail. By the way it caressed her leg, she knew he was getting excited. She was very afraid.

" Beautiful." he whispered, looking at her features." Such fear in such beauty." A single hand came up to trace her jawline. Bulma gasped heavily as tears began to run down her cheeks.

K. Vegita knew, he knew that his son had some dealings with her. He was aware of almost anything even if those issues mattered little to him. This Chikyuu native had been under Vegita's wing the whole time. Perhaps he developed a fondness for the little one. The older Vegita wasn't surprised at all, keeping in thought that his son was nothing but weak.

But she was his now. K. Vegita would make her his......even if it killed her.

With a sudden move that was too quick for Bulma to notice, his lips dove at her hungrily. She shrieked as she tried pushing him away. That only made him more excited and determined. He knew she couldn't pull away. It was amusing though.

His hands painfully touched her body, only doing what he wanted. His hands ever so harsh by running over her delicate body by squeezing too hard.

A desperate cry sounded from Bulma. She screamed again at his painful treatment. K. Vegita ran his hands over her breasts, not a caress but a lustful touch. He only grinned at her as tears poured down her cheeks.

Taking a strong hold of the thin garment she was wearing, a huge rip tore through Bulma's ears as the air of the room touched her bare skin. She screamed again, at the fabric that was so roughly being torn away from her.

She didn't know what to do. He could easily overtake her with no effort. All she could do was scream. Vegita........ her mind seemed to echo. Bulma called for him.

K. Vegita roughly picked her up by hoisting her thrashing form over his shoulder. Grinning widely, he gave an amused laugh of excitement. Bulma could only see the thin fabric that she was once wore, lying on the floor in a messy pile.

She gave another scream that was cut short when he threw her on the bed. She shut her eyes tightly at the sight of his muscular torso. No one could help her now. She didn't know what exactly went on with her and the Prince but would he care now that his father had her ? Perhaps it was too good to be true that a harsh soul like him could learn to be a tad bit concerned for her.

* * * * *

This was insane. Vegita even thought so. The Prince of Vegitasei concerned about a single lowly slave. Why was she that important to him ? It was strange but it was the truth. He hated that he had to face it. It was just this burning desire to find out what happened to her.

Vegita stalked down the halls, an anger fueling him. Perhaps they sent her somewhere else to work and she got lost, resulting in sending him one of the regular whores.

Turn after turn, Vegita drew nearer and nearer to his father's chambers. The only ones that the pleasure slaves belonged to was King Vegita. The younger Vegita would normally have nothing to do with a room full of palace whores. But it was then the blue-haired Chikyuu native stepped into his harsh world. It was mystery how she made him forget his every day trials by just her presence. He wanted to keep that, he would make sure she would stay with him forever.

A scream suddenly rang through the Prince's ears. Such an annoying scream that deserved a huge ki blast to hell. Vegita winced. Another scream but it was more faint this time. Familiar sounding this time. His eyes widened as his pace turned into a slight jog.

King Vegita's chambers.

* * * * *

Bulma screamed again. She couldn't even get it all out as the king's mouth covered hers almost suffocating her. It left her quickly as both his hands roughly took hold of both her legs and spread them, his tail wrapped tightly around her waist.

Bulma felt the bruises start to turn up, the his tail like a huge iron shackle around her torso. His forced himself upon her while she clawed at him weakly.

Grazing her neck, K. Vegita nipped at her flesh with his teeth. Then all of a sudden taking the soft flesh of her shoulder, sinking his teeth in. His ears rang with a huge eruption of Bulma's pain. Her blood ran down freely, the smell reaching his nose in an instant.

His tongue lapped it up, tasting her. So sweet.

Bulma couldn't even move under him. He was crushing her, his hands twisting at her nipples painfully.

A loud crash was heard as the Prince walked in out of nowhere, not even caring if his father allowed him to or not. He wasn't sure if the screamed sounded that familiar to him anymore. It could've been any slave. But she was loud, and it was starting to annoy him.

Vegita stepped into his father's chambers, his arms taking their place across his chest. An irritated look on his face. He could now see his father toying with the slave but he could not see her.

K. Vegita tore his attention away from Bulma for the moment to give a murderous glare at his son." How dare you, kuso yaro to even interrupt me !!!" the king bellowed from the bed.

Vegita was about to utter another smart-ass insult when something caught his eye. Even if his father's form loomed over the frightened slave and almost fully masking her from view, something caught his eye.

Vegita paused, then squinted. Blue. Upon the white sheets laid a lock of blue hair. Ignoring all his father's worthless threats and enraged glares, he stepped to the side. More of the color came into view. Little by little, he made his way to the bed and around to see.

Bulma...... Vegita's eyes widened as his pupils picked up the view of her tear streaked face, the frozen fear, the growing bruises on her body. He couldn't stop a wave of concern and worry as well as sudden rage from coming over him. His arms uncrossed.

Vegita always thought he would one day kill his father, in fact, he'd be ecstatic to any time. But waiting around had just been giving a final hard shove to now. His teeth gritted so tightly, it was like they were going to snap in his mouth. Vegita's eyes wandered around both figures on the bed. His anger shooting upwards at the sight of his father with his hands on someone that supposedly belonged to him.

With tightly clenched fists, a bright blue aura suddenly came to life around the Prince's figure. Brighter, stronger, K. Vegita stopped talking and his eyes widening at the sight of the rapid rise of his son's power level. A scouter wasn't needed, he could feel it. So powerful, the invisible waves of power were starting to make him wince.

Bulma was overwhelmed. She didn't know what to feel, squinting through the bright blue flare around Vegita's body. The sound of his growling had turned into a fierce roar as the blue aura turned white, enveloping his body.

Bulma couldn't even see him. Due to her sensitive human sight, she had to shut and shield her eyes from it's brightness.

K. Vegita on the other hand stared in masked horror and slight confusion. He had never seen his son so strong. It was beyond him why Vegita was so pissed off at this sight. His father could have any woman he wanted, including what Vegita would claim his.

Vegita glared at his father with hatred. It was time. He knew it in his soul." You mother fucking son of a bitch !!!" Vegita roared, a glowing ki ball coming to hand fast." How dare you touch her !!! You will pay !!!!"

It was launched from Vegita's palms, headed towards the king. The power was swift and fast, K. Vegita almost had not time at all to dodge. He quickly dove off the bed just in time. The ki ball, meaning to miss Bulma completely. It struck the wall on the far end, making a devastating hole.

Retaining his awareness that his son was on the verge of killing him, perhaps for a pathetic slave, K. Vegita got up quickly. Putting his hands together, he managed a quick ki blow. Too quick, there wasn't even enough time to put it together.

Vegita gave him a menacing look that said murder instantly, the blinding aura around him not fading. His anger about the situation may have been more than half the reason he had hatred enough to kill his father but also all the insults and harsh treatment. He wanted to pay him back for every little thing. Every blow, every word, every drop of blood spilt.

Vegita rushed at him quickly. Too quickly, K. Vegita had no time to react. The next thing he knew was the painful fact that he was crushed up against a cracking wall. The wall ready to fall apart into rubble. Opening his eyes, it was just in time to see Vegita fire another strong ki blow directly to his chest.

Smoking clearing, it was blow after another. If not a devastating kick or punch, it was a strong heated ki ball. Vegita had his father eating ki beams.

With another hard uppercut, Vegita watched the blood streak the white marble floor as well as his father's body plummet over it.

The older Vegita laid face down on the cold floor. Absolutely furious but unable to move. Blood leaked out of the side of his mouth, his eyes straining to narrow them at his son. A newfound fear growing within him. Vegita was never this strong.

Vegita looked down at his father. Bleeding, broken on the floor. His sadistic grin widening fully. A fire of hatred burning through his eyes. He was savoring the fact that the tables have turned now. It was his turn.

" Doesn't this look familiar." Vegita hissed, his devilish grin twisting his Saiyajin features. The sight of his father's blood bringing him a feeling of victory." Weak.....pathetic......look who those terms apply to now."

" You little shit." he coughed out blood." You will never rule--" His sentence wasn't even finished as he received a hard kick to his side from Vegita's foot.

" Stop preaching baka !" Vegita bellowed. He again kicked him." You were the foolish one father." he said mockingly, emphasizing father." My hatred for you was always here. Hoping one day I would get to savor the moment of your miserable death. You were never fit for Saiyajin rule, you worthless old fool."

K. Vegita heard every drop of poison that was injected into Vegita's words. Somehow he knew this would happen. The son would eventually kill his father, brutally if he had to. It had been done too many times before." All for a useless slave Vegita ? A whore ?" he managed out. The bones of his rib cage seemed broken." You are the weak one. So easily being subject to what the weak call 'emotions'."

Vegita knelt down, destruction playing in his eyes." You die first baka. How dare you." he seethed." I am already king and she's mine." With a gloved hand, his fist glowed with a fierce light in front of his father's face." It's Judgment Day old baka. Everything's mine, not yours. It was never meant to be yours."

" Vegita you shit !" he screamed.

Vegita's grin returned. K. Vegita felt the painful power upon his head as Vegita' placed his palm. The glowing was brighter. With a powerful blow that Vegita delivered, and with contact, the beam was more than enough to shatter K. Vegita's skull across the floor. With a scream that faded as soon as his skull shattered, Vegita laughed uproariously, feeling the last of his father's living power fade away at the touch of his hands. The ki beam killing him instantly.

There was no more movement in the king's body. The king was dead. Lying on the floor, his body couldn't even be identified with a splattered cranium. Vegita got up, the blue aura lowering. His eyes immediately darting towards the bed.

He stared at her curiously as he walked over, stepping around his father's corpse. A smirk enveloped him as he found that his blue-haired woman had fainted long before. Giving a slight laugh, he wrapped a single sheet around her slender body and picked her up.

Making his way to the door, he didn't look back. That was the past. The Saiyajin empire would do well to welcome their new king.......and perhaps a new queen.

* * * * *

It was early as well as a couple days later. The humidity was always there as well as the Saiyajin everyday life. It became very clear to Vegita that everything he saw and everything he didn't see out of his rather large window belong solely to him. The king. He gazed out at the vast land that Vegitasei was. All his. He was it's leader now. As far as he knew, all Saiyajin accept it as normal for a son to kill his father. All ways it was Saiyajin. The weak didn't have a place in this society.

He sighed again but this time looking over his shoulder at the sleeping form on the bed. It was an absolute mystery how far his human woman drove him through. This unknown passion, the will and strength to build up to this fighting level, the death of his bastard father in order for his takeover. He gave a smirk. She was beautiful......and she was all his.

Slipping on an armor vest, Vegita headed for the door. Upon stepping out he was greeted with much respect by the general Nappa as well as the warrior Shiruko. Nappa went on ahead of his king while he wished to speak with Shiruko.

A hard fist connected to his chest as a sign of respect." My king." he acknowledged him. Vegita smirked at the sound. Fit well." There is a treaty to be viewed with a planet."

" I am aware of that." Vegita replied. He didn't like being told what he already knew." You will send for many to keep an eye on her."

Shiruko gave a nod. He remembered and turned around to leave to fulfill this day's duties.

" And Shiruko." Vegita called with his arms crossed.

The warrior turned around to see a stern look on the king's features. Dead serious." My king ?"

" If any part of her is harmed. Slow death will always be penalty." Vegita concluded." If you or any other forgets this, I will always keep that in mind so that I may handle it myself."

" I understand."

Vegita smirked as the Saiyajin warrior walked away. He had a strong feeling things were going to be different now. Of course they were, the kingdom was his way now......and so was Bulma. Explanation wasn't needed to know how attached he became to her. All he knew was that she would be his forever.


The End


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