Note : This fanfic is fully inspired and plays kind of like a second part to Evil Orange Crayon and Nova's fic " Chikyuu Captive ". So meaning, a great arigatou to both of them again. Yep, it has an extended plot, I have a habit of doing that. The character Shiruko isn't mine either.


Chikyuu Captive: Captive Prince
By: Mikami


Part I
* * * * *


Closer, closer I moved near you
This way I want you makes me fear you
-The Corrs-


Crouched in a tight corner with mixed conflicting emotions. She sat there, hugging her knees tightly. She wanted to cry, she wanted to scream. But would it get her anywhere ? There was no hope. It wouldn't do anything for her. And so her tears spilled, eyes closing themselves.

It had been just the day before she was at the Prince's chambers. She could do nothing as he violated her. To protest was to be dead even before the actual blow was to occur. His eager hands roamed up and down every curve of her body and each caress could turn murderous.

Bulma had no choice as her sobs let themselves free. She wasn't sure what these tears were for. Sadness, a little. She was all alone now. She was the only Chikyuu native on this Kami- forsaken planet.

Damn it to hell. Bulma's body racked with sobs as she hugged herself tighter. Determined not to touch anymore of the atmosphere she was in now. The Saiyajin Prince's touch was what she felt covered in. Without a bath since the day before, she still could smell his scent on her own skin. Her eyes watered viciously as memories flooded from the night before.

So perfectly glamored up, only to be thrown into his chambers to be a slave. Bulma wept. A slave. She hoped he wouldn't find her but the painful feeling in her stomach knew better. The Prince of Vegiitasi was not at all stupid.

He touched her gently as he picked her up. The dreaded fear of his rough behavior grew larger as they drew near the sheets. Even more so how he continued to peel, no tear, her clothing to reveal her body. Through blurry tears, she could see it in his eyes that he enjoyed it.

And now she found herself to be awake in a slightly smaller room. The plain color of the walls surrounded her as she kept to herself in the corner. There was not much in this room. She had awaked here and not in the Prince's chambers. Of course, he got what he wanted and the object he used to achieve his desires was not fit to stay in his quarters.

The last view she had gotten the night before was the Prince's face. Cold, hard and cruel. Piercing, harsh black eyes, high cheek bones and hair that flared like fire. Warm breath and soft lips that were used to caress every part of her body. Bulma thought after that, it would've been a dream. She would wake up in her own room, hearing the beeping noises of the robots, her mother's cheerful humming and her father's usual rustling through the technology section of the morning paper.

But she woke up on a few cushions on the hard floor in another room. Reality hit her hard. Every moment had been real. The Prince already had her.

Even the soft fabric around her torso didn't comfort her. The dress had been mercilessly torn by his highness and thrown aside, never to be seen again. It seemed the only garment she was left with was a white sheet. It was the only thing she had now.

Pulling the sheet to her chest again, Bulma tried to wipe her flow of tears. Hope seemed lost and she would never see her planet again. She was to stay here now. What was to become of her ? She recalled the woman's saying just before she was sent to the Prince's chamber. " Enjoy the pampering while it lasts, girl, after tonight, even if you survive Vegita, you most likely will be trained as a slave like the rest of them." Just a slave and nothing more.

Unknowing anger had built up inside of her. Why her ? This hellish thing could've happened to anyone else but why her ? Did Kami hate her ? She had quite her share of troubles in the past. This was the dead end. No escape at all as well as no hope. It made her angry to think she'd become a slave. Or more so now since the Prince had his way with her, she was to become any other that would be thrown to a man for his desires. Not man, Saiyajin.

All of a sudden her head shot up in the sound of the opening door. Fear had more taken over anger and yet she couldn't move. the corner was tight and there was hardly anywhere to hide. So she was forced to stay where she was.

Through her blurred vision, she could make out only another female form. Her heart sank more as two others appeared behind the woman. Saiyajin guards.

The woman stared at her as she approached. The expression on her face was unreadable to Bulma. It was as if the life had been drained from her so long ago and the only thing that remained was a shell. But a tiny look of sympathy, that Bulma didn't see, crossed the older woman's features. She knew the pain.

" Get away from me." Bulma shot, trying to further push her way by leaning into the corner. The solid walls would not give way. She brought her knees to her chest as close as she could, clutching the sheet tightly." Please.......just go away."

She was frightened. The woman knelt down in front of her as if she was a small, lost child. " That is not possible, girl." she said. Her voice was soft but with a mix of fear and being stern. The woman knew the eyes of the guards were upon her constantly. She knew she had to have this taken care of. " New slaves are to be elsewhere. It is time to go."

New slaves. To Bulma's horror, every word and every warning that was given to her the night before was true. She was now bound and no longer free. Bulma looked up, the taste of salty tears rimming the corners of her mouth. They fell freely now as she looked at the woman. She shook her head slightly, silently determined to say no. Bulma felt she didn't have the strength. She felt weak.

Another look of fear touched the woman's features." You are ordered to be placed with the rest. You will do as you are told girl." Then she leaned over towards the young blue-haired female, taking her wrist gently." For your sake."

" No...." Bulma whispered, her face twisting in emotional pain." Please, leave me alone....I-I don't want-"

Both guards grew impatient, knowing what had to be done. Having that worthless slave woman with them to get this little bitch was taking longer then they thought. The unbearable habits of stupid females. They stalked towards her, pushing the woman out of the way and grabbed Bulma.

Bulma let out a fearful scream as they dragged her to her feet, one hand still trying to hold the sheet to her chest." No please !" she screamed, half crying." Please....don't !"

" Shut your damn mouth, bitch." one of them growled." You would know better to shut up. Your worthless little life is in King Vegita's hands, and if you want to keep what's left of it I suggest you stay silent."

Nothing but a mess of words as her own whimpers and cries mixed in. It was all a blur as the woman told the guards to stop and that she would take it from here. They were reluctant as the struggling Chikyuu female weakly tried to stand.

Bulma felt like she was drowning in a nightmare. She wouldn't wake up. She fell into the other woman's arms, sobbing and crying. She couldn't see as her vision blurred more from tears. She couldn't even walk or stand straight from her shivering. Bulma didn't even notice being led out of the room. Thus became her difficult path.

* * * * *

The softness of her skin and the silkiness of her blue hair. The Chikyuu native. True there were many more like her, but how many as beautiful ? Even if there were alot more, she looked rare of her kind.

Vegita scowled in disgust to himself as he tried pushing the thought aside. That was absolutely ludicrous. Insane, revolting. A one weakling woman that had been offered to him to take for one night had just occupied his thoughts for more than a minute.

So she was a Chikyuu native. A female coming from a planet of true weaklings. A planet that had gravity of one G. Pathetic.

Vegita's eyes narrowed by themselves, as his arms crossed tightly against his chest. The thought of his father using that woman for a ploy. How foolish, his father should know better than to attempt anything against his son. Vegita even thought that his own father would be under- estimating him. No matter, it was all in good time when King Vegita's blood would run down his son's hands, followed by a laugh of victory. All in good time.

Nonetheless, Vegita hid the slight surprise that he had been feeling on the upside at the offering that was dropped by his chambers last night. She feared him well, that was maybe the only thing that would qualify to matter little.

He wasn't aware of where she was when the others got her. He didn't care and it didn't matter. But still, stirring anger dwelled within him at the thought of his damned father. The weak bastard thought she was an odd creature, maybe thinking she wasn't good enough for himself and ended up tossing her to his son to see if he wanted her.

So what ? Was that his father's way of saying that the Prince only deserves something that's second rate ? Something when his father didn't want it, he'd get it ? That only made Vegita angry. Well, much to his hidden thoughts, that female satisfied him. And she wasn't a waste. Besides, he wouldn't have gotten a new female as a fine pet if his father had killed her first with his wild nature. Ignorace and he would've killed her.

Snorting in annoyance to his own thoughts, Vegita got up from his present seat and slipped on a white glove as his tail coiled around his waist. His nose was sensitive and he could still smell her scent through the thin sheets. Overwhelmingly glorious. She was so different, not like any other whore his father threw at him. He picked up only slightly what she said. She had never been made love to. Something like that. So she wasn't a slave before, let alone a pleasure slave or whore like the others. What was she said she was ? Vegita let the thought slide this time. ? Hm. He concentrated on her, being as gentle as possible.

As more thoughts gathered to him as he started towards the large doors of his chambers, it slipped into his head she really was different. Not only had she looked like she had never been touched like he touched her, she was noisy, loud and unwilling. Most of the others just went along to please him with their actions and seductive smiles. Vegita never enjoyed it, it only made him sick. But this female, her fear was clear and pouring like a river before him and the first ever to show she was terribly unwilling for him to take her.

Vegita's hand reached for the knob and turned to open, only to find the Saiyajin general Nappa already about to call on him. His eyebrows lowered to his usual scowl to everybody else. He glowered at the general." As dense as you are Nappa, you could've at least waited a damn moment more for my arrival."

A hard fist connected to Nappa's chest as a sign of deep respect along with a slight bow. " My apologies Prince. But it is required that--"

" Bitch, bitch, bitch." Vegita rolled his eyes with an angry sigh as he swept past the much bigger Saiyajin." I don't need to be told repeatedly by you or anyone for that matter."

" Gomen--"

" And stop those pathetic apologies." the Prince snapped, turning around for a moment. " Makes me sick."

Nappa held his tongue, as another mindless apology started to come. He could say nothing more as he followed the Prince to another endless and ruthless day of training. Unbreakable, this Prince was. Perhaps more than the present ruler of Vegitasei. Anytime at all, the power of the Prince was enough to make King Vegita fall. It was just the trigger that he lacked.

* * * * *

The days were long and unbearable. The palace walls seemed to close in on Bulma. Trapping her, no escape. She couldn't go outside, it was immediate death. It seemed everywhere she turned would result to death.

The guards, the rath of the King, outside because of the inhuman gravity and more so the Prince. She didn't know why but it was especially the Prince.

She thought he was going to hurt her, it would be more than painful. Torture as he lingered over her with nothing but lust in his eyes. But the more it stayed in her mind, it started to creep up on her that it wasn't as she expected it to be. Even though he yelled at her to keep quiet or else and held her down, he was gentle with her.

It had been quite a few days from that night and she hasn't seen his royal highness since. No thought came to mind as she thought of running into him. She knew for a fact she'd cringe back in fear. Bulma decided she wouldn't even look at him.

That night she stayed with him seemed like a blink of a eye now. Her mind was foggy and she couldn't remember much about it. All that remained were the routinely ways of being a Vegitasei slave.

Nonetheless, the slaves were treated harshly. If a task was not performed properly, a result of physical punishment would take place. If a task was not completed at all, the slave was taken and never seen again. Slaves were worthless and not missed, it wouldn't matter if any Saiyajin at all felt like bloodshed of a worthless any time. They never ran out of them either. With planets that were over-taken, the remaining population would become slaves. And the galaxy was always rich with planets to conquer and enslave.

But then again, Saiyajins enjoyed the sight of blood. Any from a living being. The lower class slaves, mostly male, would be subject to harder tasks and would be killed more often. Even sometimes for amusement and sport. Some serving the general and other officers of the Saiyajin army. The slaves that stayed inside the palace to work, were mostly women that weren't good enough to do anything else. Then there were pleasure slaves. The women that were subject to either the King or Prince's pleasure. And if allowed a few times, a high ranking soldier may choose one.

But no doubt, all slaves lived hellish lives. And Bulma was one of them.

She was put with the rest of the women that also have been snatched away from everything they used to know and now were made to know only how to pleasure a man. From what Bulma knew now, most of the women, if not all have been with King Vegita. But the Prince was still a mystery.

Bulma felt disgusting, spending days and nights with palace whores. Some of them had already lost their minds. They have learned to enjoy life like this. Each one of them being called by a high ranking officer as an award for a battle's work. Some were from planets Bulma had never even heard about. Others could bear the Saiyajins' brute strength when being violated time and time again.

Bulma would look around. All women were different planet races. She never found another human in this place. It seemed she was the only one from Chikyuu.

The others would sometimes stare at her. The color of her hair, her astonishingly rare and beautiful looks. Her glorious form that made her a woman. News was not kept from everybody in this so-called harem of King Vegita. They all knew of this strange Chikyuu native's encounter with Prince Vegita. She was the newest addition and she had been overly frightened.

That was rare. It was known that Prince Vegita hardly desired any of his father's whores for himself. He would not share a woman with his revolting father. That was against all his standards. It was strange as well because the Prince was much more dedicated to combat and skills rather than a woman who had been made another palace whore. He only took one when his father would take a new one and push her at him to annoy him.

Bulma didn't know what number she was, nor did she care. Her life was hell now. She just prayed to Kami every night that she wouldn't have to enter into anymore encounters with any Saiyajin. The Prince was the first, she prayed he'd be the last.

When not being called upon to satisfy any sensual desires, most pleasure slaves worked alongside the slaves that were servants. Bulma was one of them also. It was a way to fill up her time. A dagger of fear would pierce her very soul to see the Saiyajin guards' eyes about her. Their tails looping to and fro, watching her every move, wishing they had King Vegita's permission to take her. And repeatedly violate her.

Yet all through the torture of being a slave and a known fact she couldn't escape lingered about her, she still found it in her to be angry. How the Saiyajins lived their lives was revolting. Everything about them made her cringe in well as fear. Bulma could do nothing about it as they ruled her life. But that didn't stop her from the angry conflicting emotions within her.

Bulma never talked to the other women slaves. Her days were spent alone, now and then getting a creepy feeling that the others watched her. As far as she knew, she had no privacy. Bathing, changing, Bulma had none. The only one she ever spoke a word to was the older woman that made sure she stayed in place. To get out of place was also to die instantly. Slaves did not matter, they were trained to be prepared to die anytime since the Saiyajin royalties and associates killed whoever and whenever the feeling struck.

There was no release, the older slave woman proved that to her long before as now they walked down the towering but spacious halls of the palace. The palace walls were simple and very unlike ones one would see or picture in a fairytale. Very far from it.

It was late, the hall was dim and it was chilly through the palace that evening even if the weather was always hot and humid on Vegitasei. Through the thin white garment she wore, Bulma put her arms around herself in attempt to keep together.

She followed two other female slaves in front of her. They were quiet and their heads were down in silence as a single Saiyajin guard led them back to where the pleasure slaves were kept. It had been hard. Servants were not fed often and she had been glared at and screamed at many times for being too slow when she was going her fastest to serve them. She was in almost tears, only to be mocked by the Saiyajin elites. She wanted to run. No hope.

Sleep didn't feature much at night. They were dragged harshly in the morning. And when she would try to sleep, she would toss and turn as dreams sent her nights into turmoil. Her past life being blown away by Vegitasei's inhabitants. Memories of Vegitasei's King.

Her eyes almost started to close. Her arms started to fall loosely at her sides. Bulma felt drowsy, pained. The view went a tad blurry before her, she put a hand to her forehead, hoping to clear her mind of her surroundings and only to concentrate to getting back without getting killed.

The three bodies in front of her seemed to disappear as the torches that hung along the walls seemed dimmer. Bulma made a turn to the right, following the brighter torches as she rubbed her sore neck with a pained expression.

Bulma felt she wanted to weep again. Again and again if she had to. It was the only thing that let out the pain. Her only comfort, for there was none.

With a hand on the wall she stumbled again. Bulma could barely stay on her own feet. She had never been worked this hard. What was hard was she could never complain. Ever. Keeping silent was the best thing to do, as what the older slave woman told her. Including the holding of tears.

Only one thought came to her mind as her hand mindlessly swept new wetness near the corners of her eyes. Death was release.

Looking up, Bulma stopped, the thought still lingering in her mind. But another caught her attention. Was this even the same hall ? She had to admit, she didn't know the palace at all. But they looked all the same.

A new fear struck her suddenly. Bulma whirled around, the same view of what she had in front of her. The two other slaves and the guard were nowhere to be found. The fear grew, filling the pit of her unfed stomach. Another turn was made, a little more frantically.

It hit her hard as she started to run one way then another. Finding her way back to the others was a complete must. If anyone was to find her alone, what penalty she could not say. Even if she didn't admit to herself, Bulma secretly longed for death. But as fear came over her completely, the pain of death is what made her run panickingly.

Her eyes darted fearfully from side to side, silently praying that no one would find her. She was to get back and they would know sooner or later that a slave was missing. They would think she tried to escape and hunt for her like a predator stalking it's prey. And the hunt would be very short. There was always a guarantee they would find her.

Panic coursed through her veins as Bulma tried keeping her strained panting at low volume. She turned another hall, hoping she wasn't getting herself more lost. There was no way around, the halls was spacious but were like a labyrinth.

Bulma turned another corner, all of a sudden like a projectile hitting a dark figure. From her lips erupted a scream that was contained for many days, Bulma fell to the floor in front of it in frozen fear. She shivered and her body racked as her arms covered her head, clamping her eyes shut. The vision of a painful blow danced in her head.

Her clamped eyes gave out tears. Prince Vegita smirked as he looked down upon the lowly slave cowering before him in such fear. The light of the torches highlighting her hair, enough to bring recognition to him. It was her.

A sudden small rush came about him as he laid eyes upon her. It disturbed him but he brushed it aside. The sound of feet running coming up to him immediately.

" My Prince !" one of them yelled.

Bulma neglected to look up as she was still paralyzed with fear, Vegita's name ringing in her ears. She didn't know which one. The King or his son. Either one, they were bound to do something. She tried burying her head even more in her arms.

" Has anything happened ?" the other asked. Both Saiyajin guards approached their Prince. Vegita did nothing but scowl in annoyance. Their appearance annoyed him very much. Both guards suddenly were drawn to the shaking woman on the floor.

He gave them dagger looks of threat." You sniveling bakas," he snapped with crossed arms. " In the very rare times I would summon you, I will but to be overly idiotic by rushing to every situation I am capable of handling myself pisses me off." He watched as both guards winced in hidden terror before him. They repeatedly tried to apologize as he spit insults at them.

" Gomen nasai." one pleaded. Both gave a low bow but were shaken." If his highness will please be forgiving of our foolish doing, we will be forever grateful"

Vegita rolled his eyes. The way they presented themselves before him forced scorn upon him. Disgust. Ignoring their plea his eyes drifted back to Bulma, who was still on the floor.

A sudden smirk spread over his lips. Vegita remembered. She was beautiful. Surprisingly she never strayed from his mind these long days. He wanted so much to touch her, hold her life in his hands. No one would touch her. Vegita got rid of that thought as he turned towards his soldiers.

" Have the whore at my father's harem extend an invitation to this one." Vegita said suddenly, eyeing the shivering woman on the floor.

One of the guard's mouths dropped open. He remembered this woman. Lovely creature, but a second time ? This was unbelievable. They struggled to speak. If they were to say saything, protest, offer their opinion, they were sure to die by the Prince. So they could do nothing but agree.

Vegita watched, as they did his bidding. Picked up the blue-haired woman and have to carry her off.

Bulma looked up at him, fright within her eyes and yet a fiery anger. Vegita noticed this as the flames of the torches danced in his eyes. It gave her an answer that he got whatever he wanted and whenever. And he wanted her." No please......I...I-" she started to sob as she looked upon Vegitasei's Prince.

The guard shoved her." How dare you speak without permission !" he barked at her. " Insolent bitch !"

Vegita's hand lashed out, holding the guard's arm. With a grim look, he shook his head firmly but slowly. This woman was not to be harmed in any way whatsoever. Vegita meant that by the hard look he gave them.

The guard understood as Bulma's quiet sobs filled the hallway." Bitch." he whispered in her ear." You will not address him unless he or King Vegita instructs a worthless slave like you."

Vegita's hard features smirked at her. Bulma was scared. She feared him so. The guards did nothing but drag her down the hall hurriedly.Prince Vegita would be pleased later to see her. Vegita turned around, heading towards his quarters to wait.

* * * * *

The shock was overwhelming. It was late, truly. Prince Vegita had actually asked for a slave without his father having to push them at him until he would take her. What was even more shocking was that the one he asked for was the same woman he had last time. The blue-haired Chikyuu native.

The older slaves understood, after all, this woman was absolutely beautiful. The others, just shocked.

Something had to be wrong with the Prince though no one at all uttered a single word. This was fully the Prince's business unless they wanted to be killed by the Prince himself awhile later. Death might've been a release but it wasn't easy. Death would be slow.

Bulma was close to breaking into another set of tears the moment she found that she was going back to Prince Vegita. She wept, she held onto a pillar. She screamed. They all held her. Like an army, she viewed before her. Forcing her to Vegita.

She wanted release. She found herself wanting death. A quick one.

The older slave ran her finger's through Bulma's soft hair as a single guard readied to take her. Fresh tears had poured down her cheeks at the sight of the older slave touching her face. She was given a forced smile. A smile she didn't like.

The dress was pleasing to any man's eye even if it was different from the last one. Bulma could do nothing. They had even bound her wrists together in fear she would try to run like she did when they were trying to get her ready for the Prince a second time. It was a hassle, the only way was to bind her wrists. They took a chance, her feet were bound too.

Bulma was a prisoner. There was no denying that. Oh Kami.......please..... her mind could only go through prayer. There was nothing she could do as she approached his chamber doors with short steps. The fear grew within her once again. She couldn't even look back because two guards now stayed close to her.

They both exchanged a small conversation in their language. Words Bulma didn't understand nor care about.

Something's wrong with him. One said in their native Saiyajin tongue.

Do you doubt Prince Vegita ?

I wouldn't want to. My death would result. But this godforsaken nagging feeling has never left me since the day this bitch showed up. Her turned slightly to eye Bulma, which sent Bulma into wondering for a moment if they were talking about her. He must have some growing infatuation with her. He snorted, annoyed. The Prince had never showed any form of weakness before. He was so far the only Prince that didn't let any woman, Saiyajin or non- Saiyajin take hold of his consciousness. He hated to be thought of following in his father's footsteps.

I understand. The other replied. He had also trailed his eyes over her feminine form. But I can also bring myself to understand why the Prince may be infatuated with her.

The other nodded gravely, as they steered her right to the large doors. He understood what his companion meant. But he still didn't like the fact that the almightly Prince Vegita may be developing a tender spot for a slave. That was more than disgraceful. Although it seemed hard to think about at first, it could be possible even in the slightest.

One looked at her, her feet and wrists bound together. It was up to Vegita if he wanted these taken off. They decided to leave it to him." You will wait." he said, his voice a low growl. Bulma could tell he didn't like her." It is unusual that Prince Vegita asks for the same whore again, but it is his wish and you are to follow."

Whore ? Whore ?! Bulma felt her teeth grit silently. She had never had sex with anyone else. Her lifeless days were filled with serving these bastards on this Kami-forsaken ball of shit they call Vegitasei. Her first time was with the Prince. Bulma bit her tongue to not utter anything to them even if her mind willed it so. A slave, a captive, a servant and bound, she was still Bulma Briefs and Bulma Briefs had not lost her spiteful tongue. But if she said anything, she might end up getting hurt. Saiyajins were capable of anything.

The other opened the door before her and with a shove, she was pushed in. Bulma shrieked at the sudden force into the dimness of the room.

The same room as before. Memories hit her hard as she stayed planted to one spot. The room was faintly lit with the pouring blue light of the cresent moon. The small chains that connected her wrists made small sounds as she stepped forward, eyeing the dark corners. She knew he was here but what made her tears fall again was him lashing out at her like an animal. He may not be so gentle this time. This could very well mean death for her.

" Kami.......oh Kami......" she whispered like a prayer, her voice inaudible. She tasted her falling tears.

She stood there in the dim light. Her frightened breathing the only sound that echoed through her ears. Seconds dragged by, as she waiting with her heart in her throat for him to come and take her again. She only wished to not live. Bulma knew she had lost hope long time ago.

Bulma froze. Breathing was heard as warm breath appeared out of nowhere at her ear, behind her. The presence was close, warm. A hard body behind her. His scent filled her with fear as she felt her eyes slide shut, giving out a few tears.

Warm lips touched her neck. Vegita had not forgotten she was delicate. He was pleased she hasn't made any attempts to far. His eager hands finding their way to her stomach, his arms sliding around her waist to enclose her and bring her to his own body. He pressed his face to the side of her neck, taking her in and a hungry mouth at her flesh. His tail moving upwards, brushing her thigh.

Vegita's hands brushed her wrists slightly, feeling the cold metal of the small chains. The baka's went through all that trouble. He smirked only at their attempt to make him happy. Seldom it was.

Bulma felt like she was going to burst. With every touch, her hope to returning home was dead and her wish to die grew.

Vegita felt her body shake and start to rack with sobs under his soft touches. Not again. She had not learned anything. It only added to more of his annoyance.

Bulma found it in her to turn around. The cresent moon reflected off his deep black eyes perfectly, making him look sinister. Clear tears ran down her cheeks. She began to plead." I-I don't want-"

That was it. Vegita wanted what he wanted. There was no time for pathetic sympathy of any sort. He was the Prince and he did not give it at all. He would not fall subject to her worthless requests. He would take her, whether she liked it or not.

" What woman ?!" he growled at her." You should be grateful I decided to let you live after you annoyed me so the last time I had you. It crossed my mind time and time again that I'd snap you in two if you didn't shut your mouth."

" No." Bulma said. It just came freely. Why, she didn't know." Stop, please. I'll do anything, please." She sobbed loudly as more tears poured. She tried backing away from him and his murderous glare." I can't.....please....." she tried breathing. She was getting hysterical. She was like a wild bird in a cage that was desperate to get out even if it knew it wasn't possible.

Vegita grabbed the chains that held both her wrists together. Bulma screamed as he pulled her roughly to him." Bitch." he half-yelled at her." How dare you even try to beg. If you shut up this won't take long."

Bulma shook her head in fright. How badly she wanted out was pushing her to struggle against him. And so she tried. Bulma tried pulled away from his iron grip, her feet stumbling near his to get away, tripping over the chain. She screamed and cried now as she tried weakly to get away.

Vegita's grip was too firm. He looked at her amusingly. This little weakling thought she could try to get away from him. But the noises she made were getting to him." Woman stop your infernal cries !" he held on to her tighter as she screamed for him to stop. Backing up he followed her.

" Shut up !" he bellowed. They both had gone up to the bed. Vegita ended up throwing her against the sheets in irritation, making her sobbing skip once. She only resumed kicking and struggling as he pinned her. His hands gripping her arms tightly.

Bulma thrashed with all her might." Kami-sama, please I beg you ! Stop please !" she cried loudly. Her arms were starting to lose their feeling as his grip tightened. It started to hurt.

Her legs could almost not move under him, Vegita made sure of that. His hard expression became more than annoyed with her." You can scream and cry all you want until your damn throat is raw and your tongue is weak !" His patience was almost lost. She managed to land a scratch on him.

Taking both her wrists in one hand, he roughly pinned them both above her head, leaving one of his hands free. Before Bulma's frightened eyes, her face was illuminated by a small gathering ki ball. She couldn't breathe, this was it.

She could see his eyes. Full of anger. She was going to erupt with one final scream until he took the chance to speak before she did." Damn little bitch !" he growled, his face very close to her tear-stained one. Through gritted teeth, he showed her only a small part of his power. He could kill her instantly. It crossed his mind a dozen times. He felt like getting rid of this annoyance.

Bulma felt it's power as her voice caught in her throat for a moment." Nothing can save you woman." he told her angrily seething through teeth." I have lost much patience with you and if you want to keep the rest of your worthless life, you will do as I say bitch."

She turned her head to the side." I'll die first." she found herself whisper. Death was a release, her tears poured as the only thought remained.

Vegita heard that. The ki ball disappeared. A sadistic and cruel smile. Somehow he knew how her mind was working about now. Death wasn't only looked on as a punishment. It was a release. Apparently, this slave had not adapted to Vegitasei's ways like the others. Death, even if it meant hers, she'd be free from this hell.

The smile that he wore chilled her thoroughly." Death is an escape to the damned ne ?" he said in a low mocking voice. She looked at him with fear. Now she was afraid he knew exactly what she was thinking. A finger lifted over her face, touching her chin and softly tracing down her neck.

" You belong to Vegitasei." he said, his voice hinting harsh and firm assurance." Your mind, your body, you soul." The sadistic smile grew wider as the tip if his finger circled around both breasts. Bulma gasped as fear choked her, the finger stroking a nipple through the thin fabric. He would not be foolish to kill her and free her. She belonged to the palace, all of her. She would be a waste if she was killed. Such an annoyance as her should receive punishment. To not give her what she most wanted. Release. Death. Vegita let her live. They would keep her alive. She would live in her own hell with the rest of the slaves.

Bulma knew by the look on his face. She knew what he was doing. She couldn't speak, she couldn't plead to for death. The blood drained from her arms as she struggled one last time to get free, painfully. His hand running down her stomach to part her thighs. Taking hold of her through the fabric. Now it was fully confirmed she'd stay in this hell forever. Her spirit was killed. There was no way out.

* * * * *

Weariness and a body that refused anything is what prevented Bulma to do anything. She had gotten punishment. Full punishment. It seemed even after a few days, her back still throbbed and hurt. Lashes.

Seven days since she screamed her loudest and cried her hardest. She felt she was going to die right there. But she didn't. She wanted them to leave her body on the floor while blood spilled over the white garment she wore. On the cold floor she laid, passed out. The other slaves had helped to nurse her back to near health.

She remembered how hysterical she became. Wildly but weakly thrashing as she tried bringing death to herself. For the first time in her life, Bulme wanted death to come to her. Praying wasn't doing her any good. She searched endlessly for anything. A weapon to help her. Nothing.

She had been upset because the slaves had not left her to die. They did the opposite of what she wanted. Why was life so harsh ?

Her back still throbbed, they would leave marks on her once smooth back. All disobedience would be met with that horrible punishment.

* * * * *

" What the hell is wrong with you ?!"

" Shut up baka yaro !" Vegita yelled loudly. The one that was appointed to train him appeared behind him suddenly, inserting the ready energy into Vegita's back. With increasing pain, Vegita fell forward. He couldn't even find it in him to breathe or yell in complete pain.

" Chibi Ouji." his trainer snorted with amusement. But he was curious as to what was wrong with the Prince. It seemed he was getting off track nowadays. Something happened he feared.

Vegita glared hatefully at him enough to burn holes into his head." How dare you provoke me !!!" he screamed furiously. The blue aura flared blindly mixed with pure rage. Nappa was taken back with a mouth dropped open at the Prince's outburst. He had been observing.

" Then come now Vegita-chan." he mocked the Prince, so to get him back on track. He couldn't shrug it off, there really was something up.

Vegita's aura gathered powerfully, causing Vegita to bring together a large ki ball. His trainer grinned. Without hesitation the Prince launched it with a powerful impact.......but it missed his oppnent totally.

Nappa gaped wide-eyed." My Prince !"

His trainer flew high above ground then came down on Vegita with both fists. Vegita hit the ground, hard.

Every bone in his body felt broken as he was grounded into the rubble. Vegita even strained to lift his head, a trickle of blood appeared at the side." Bastard....." he coughed." I'll get you...." He attempted with all his might to roll over from his stomach. The cracked imprint of his body stayed on the harsh stone of the ground. Gritting his teeth, he didn't care how much pain he endured as long as he kicked another trainer to kingdom come.

How dare he even say "chibi" and "Vegita-chan". This one was going to die for this. Vegita wanted to kill him himself. Falling back, he couldn't get up.

That little bitch, after she tried pathetically to refuse him and making it clear, she dared to occupy his thoughts more than ever before. How dare she. Vegita didn't want to admit to himself she had stayed locked within his mind all these days. Ever since she refused him, making it very clear she'd rather die than be taken by him. That made him even more angry. Angry enough to fuse it into his battles, making it hard for him to even fight. He would lose every battle.

Nappa rushed over to the Prince of Vegitasei." My Prince !" he said again. He wanted to grab his shoulder, when Vegita most scornfully pulled away in such anger and disgust.

" Don't touch me baka !" he yelled injecting pure poison into his words. It made Nappa fall back." Don't you ever fucking touch me !!!" Vegita wiped the blood off his lip." And you !" he pointed firmly as he stood up with great difficulty." Are going to perish !!!"

It hurt terribly to even throw a punch or kick. Vegita screamed loudly with hatred for every blow that was missed or blocked. Why was it so easy for his opponent ? Time and time again she flashed in his mind. The deepness of her blue eyes and the softness of her blue hair. Her skin, her scent, her taste. He never forgot the first time he had her.

He suffered moments of blood filled pain after a hard blow to the stomach. Vegita grimaced as he looked up at the trainer, ignoring the small pool of blood under his chin. Desperately trying to scramble up from the ground, Vegita carelessly tried to continue to fight.

Get out of my head you fucking bitch ! Vegita's thoughts screamed loudly, missing another punch. No use, stubbornly it repeatedly reminded him of how she looked and how much he had grown a hidden infatuation with such a weak pathetic creature such as her a few days after he let her live in this hell.

King Vegita watched his son. Weak and worthless. He wanted to kill his son himself for this disgusting display of weakness and vulnerability. With anger he turned around, not bearing to watch the brat lose anymore. If he didn't get his act together he'd kick the shit out of him personally.

What a waste, there was something wrong with the Prince. King Vegita scowled fiercely with slits for eyes, his heavy eyebrows drawn down. He would demand of his son to tell him what was the distraction. Later.

Innocent and frightened, things weren't always what they seemed. Could she be some kind of witch or sorceress ? Vegita's mind whirled painfully as another blow struck his cheek, causing him to reel. You......bitch.......if you possessed me....I will kill you myself.... Vegita's mind managed to declare. Another image flash, Vegita roared angrily rushing towards his opponent.

The trainer simply moved out of the way, a smirk forming his lips." You and your womanish hits Prince !" he uttered another mock to him.

Vegita paid no heed to the numerous bleeding cuts, scrapes and whatever seemed broken. He didn't care. Blood splattered the stone of the yard they battled in as Vegita spit. He wiped hi mouth with a gloved hand, smearing the white leather." You die first." he managed to hiss murderously.

His opponent, as well as his trainer looked upon the beaten Prince. Vegita had never been like this before. Something was ailing him, gut feeling from both Nappa and his trainer. King Vegita couldn't care less about the proud and stubborn brat that was raised in his household but to make another child wasn't one of his options if Vegita died here and now.

Vegita could only glare wide-eyed with hatred as a rather large ki ball made it's way towards him. Too rooted and beaten to the ground to even utter a single breath, Vegita did nothing. The pair of clear blue eyes never left his weary mind as his body was engulfed in the beam. Not even Nappa's idiotic shout could be heard as the last thought of that woman tortured his thoughts as the blackout came out full force.

* * * * *

Their disgusting way of life sickened her literally. Having to serve them was bad enough. Bulma's back still throbbed. She couldn't move as freely as now. She suffered enough and it didn't stop. Although she couldn't see the marks on her back that signaled her pain, she knew they were there.

A life she left seemed so long ago now. Her mother's cheerfulness and warm hugs, her father's loving ways of going about her, Yamucha's friendship as well as Chi chi, beloved friend Son Goku, Master Roshi, and so many of the others even including Oolong. So long ago, it seemed. That was a different life.

Bulma even started to wonder if she was Bulma Briefs anymore. Had her identity started to fade even to her ? No. She promised herself again and again she would never forget who she was even if she would die in a place like this. It would not happen. It was the only way she'd keep what was left of her pride. That was all she had since being stripped of everything before.

No more comfort, family, friendship, warmth and love. No more love. Happiness was one of the many words that didn't exist to her anymore.

With a plate full of strange substances, she was to make her way to another chamber. The Saiyajin general. Bulma remembered seeing him before. Not a friendly fellow at all. She was absolutely terrified of him. His size and build, the way he towered over everyone made her want to faint. And now she had to serve him.

Bulma inhaled and exhaled the whole time through to keep from fainting in the halls and from going hysterical. Her bare feet padded down, but the small chains kept rattling around her feet and wrists.

She and some other slaves had been subject to this so-called new trend. Perhaps the Saiyajins didn't feel like running after slaves that they thought tried to escape. It was a waste of precious time and energy.

Bulma rarely smiled as her blue hair was now longer and more flowing than before. Her hair wasn't cut while living here the past weeks. She gained no weight at all, she remained slender and glorious than ever before even though she was owned by King Vegita.

Unaware she had been watched a good couple of times without noticing. A chill would rise about her but she would ignore it as work needed to be done. Still, the thought of the Prince danced through her head. Vegita.

Bulma stalked down the halls quietly. She had been assigned to this alone now, she didn't know why. The benefit now was that she had known the palace halls better than before. At least she only knew where to go to the Saiyajin general's quarters. All the way in the west wing. To go there was to pass the enormous room that carried the throne.

Nevertheless, she drew nearer to pass it. Her human ears catching a noise. Voices. She kept walking, it was better to know your place than to stop and let your curiousity get the best of you. She struggled to proceed on.

The voices grew louder, no doubt. Angrier, spitting venom and hatred. Male Saiyajin voices. Bulma cringed back as she fear that both magnificent and towering doors were open. She'd have to cross the infernal conversation going on. To see them angry and on the verge of destructing anything is what scared Bulma the most.

Her fear ate her up as she struggled not to shiver. Bulma held onto the plate of food tightly as she sneaked, one foot after the other, hoping they wouldn't notice a lowly slave that would cross the door.

The yelling grew louder, she cringed and was tempted to turn back and run. Her shaking became worse as she forgot where she was supposed to go. She swore if she didn't stop, the ones having the heated conversation would hear the chains and she might drop the plate.

Bulma was at the door, about the pass the gaping space of the opening to the throne room. She wanted to cover her ears but couldn't. She stopped suddenly, daring to peer into the room.

The voices were followed by severe swearing and words of hatred between two Saiyajins. None other than the King and Prince of Vegitasei. Bulma felt rooted to the ground, beholding the scene.

" Weak and pathetic brat !" The older Vegita spat harshly at his son." You don't think I see you lose time and time again. You disgust me !"

" Shut up old man !" Vegita flared at his father." It's none of your business. I deal with my own shit and I especially don't need such a worthless fool of a father to interfere !!!"

" You have courage to call me worthless ?!" he roared at his son. He took a step closer to tower over him. Annoyance and more than a menacing glare pouring out from his eyes. It was clear he hated that son of his." Full of your stubborn pride chibi Ouji, you are the one that's worthless ! Battle after battle, your scars aren't put upon your shit-filled carcass any longer, you grow them !!! You will never live long enough since you're so weak ! Don't you understand the meaning of the word weak little one ?!!" he mocked him fully.

The younger Vegita's hand clenched tightly and solidly as he clamped his eyes shut. Baka yaro of an old worthless old man......shut up ! " I don't give a flying fuck what you think old man ! I'm not the one that already signed Vegitasei's death warrant to that bastard Frieza !!! Ha ! In fact the whole godforsaken court was talking about your foolish decision on the alliance with that demon !"

A rush of anger burned within King Vegita. The words of his spiteful son coursing through his mind. The thought of joining Frieza in an alliance still lingered and still bothered his thoughts. But to be accused by that brat about an important decision flared his anger fully. Roaring, the younger Vegita did not expect this. King Vegita rushed full force towards his son, sending his body towards the hard stone wall on the far right.

Bulma clamped her hand over her mouth. She was about to scream loudly at what she saw and how loud of a noise it made. She almost dropped the plate in her shaking hands. But she held on. Bulma wanted to leave but something kept her rooted to the ground. She couldn't move.

The day's previous beatings drained him of most of his strength. Vegita fell to the floor with a crash, the wounds on his back re-opening. Grunting in pain, he gritted his teeth tightly." You fucking.....bastard." he choked out, glaring up at his father.

King Vegita stepped towards the son, a sadistic and cruel grin spread over his lips." Weak." he spat again, a menacing whisper. Wiping his boot on Vegita's tattered battle suit." Lousy good for nothing brat. You forget, you're pathetic life in still under me."

Vegita grimaced fully as he shifted his aching body to glare defiantly at his father. " Zakkenayo......" he spit harshly.

The king's anger flared dangerously." You little baka !!!" he suddenly screamed. The boot that was placed on Vegita's shoulder, was drawn back then let loose in a sharp kick that connected to his son's stomach. Vegita reeled in blinding pain." You don't ever put yourself above me through your mind ! Or through your godforsaken thoughts !!!"

Repeatedly and continuously, the king delivered solid blows upon Vegita's beaten body. Bulma did nothing but watch in horror as he mercilessly kicked his son. The pool of blood below his chin, staining the white stone floor as it grew. Oh my God........ Bulma felt paralyzed. Her mind and her heart not knowing what to feel.

" Weak brat !" King Vegita screamed. It ended with a sadistic and sickening laugh that made Bulma want to cringe. He laughed at Vegita who was sprawled on the floor, unable to even move. His son would learn lessons, no matter how long it took or how painful it would be. Close to death, the king didn't care.

His head against the cold stone of the floor, covered with bruises, cuts and wounds. A pool of blood encircling his chin. Vegita's eyes were like slits as his vision grew blurry. His damned father, his never-ending hatred for him grew. His train of thought was cut short with a hard kick in the face. Another reel of pain caused him to drop. No one could do anything for him. By now if he had been training properly without that woman invading his thoughts, he would've killed his father right now. But with the day's battle, Vegita felt he could pass out again.

Bulma backed away from the door, the horror of what the king had done to his son. Vegita, she didn't know what to think now. She never thought he was put to such harsh treatment. What was this new feeling ? What's wrong with me ?! Bulma demanded of herself. Sorrow ? The look on the Prince's face. Time after time with every hard kick that had been planted to his side. She couldn't bear to see anyone tortured like that. Such cruelty. She found herself drawn to him. His pain.

But she backed up, fumbling the plate within her hands. She wanted to run. Down the hall.

Vegita gritted his teeth, struggling to look up at his father once more. Gathering his pride once again, the only thing that his father had not harmed or touched. The never-ending vow increased. He would kill his father.

* * * * *

Bulma ran all the way back after quickly and fearfully dropping off the Saiyajin general's meal. Thank Kami he had been out for a while. All she had done was hold her breath and step into the large room and place the plate on a single table.

What she saw fully wrapped around her mind like claws. It dug into her brain, never letting go of her thoughts. Bulma would see it play repeatedly in her head like a movie that kept rewinding.

What struck her there, she didn't know. So cruel, so harsh. The look on his face as he was beaten and kicked on the floor like a worthless animal's carcass. The sheer lines of pain that worked around his forehead while the continuous blows from his father never ceased to stop.

Bulma didn't know what was wrong with her. He violated you Bulma ! she screamed at herself as she leaned against the cold white wall. Stop it ! Just stop thinking !

Her breathing was hard as another image flashed in her mind. Prince Vegita. What was wrong with her ? Bulma put a panicked hand to her forehead. She was almost shaking. She hardly knew him, he was merciless and cruel. He knew her thoughts and how she hated Vegitasei. It was impossible that Bulma had gained a strange feeling of sympathy towards the arrogant, sinister and proud Prince Vegita by that one moment.

Sympathy, compassion. She would be killed for such feelings and their display. Bulma arrived back to where slaves like her were kept. A sight met her eyes. Although slaves were made to pleasure others and were servants, they also seemed to be aids.

Bulma had no idea what was conflicting inside her. The time between this new feeling and before was too short and didn't make any sense to her. Just weeks before, she had shown fear and hidden scorn towards the Prince. But now, was this sudden sympathy she gained for him just because of what she witnessed ? Bulma couldn't figure it out. It was starting to scare her.

During the heat of the moment, she remembered the rush, the hard wave of sudden pleasure as he pulled her too him. Her legs wrapped around his waist, not screaming from fear anymore but to her surprise, pleasure. Bulma's innocence became lost. Vegita had taken it from her. That she never wanted to forgive him for but now, it seemed different. He never hurt her physically but was a little rough and demanding.

What is wrong with me ?! she screamed again, brushing a shaken hand through her hair. One minute I don't want to run into him ever again and now something's come over me that I have to feel sympathy towards that Saiyajin bastard !

Bulma couldn't help her conflicting emotions. Through her fear from the first moment she saw Prince Vegita, there was something about him that made her gut feeling that through his furious threats, he wouldn't go as far as to rip her to shreads. And now this, Bulma had to calm down. What was this ?

Masaka........ Bulma's eyes suddenly went wide as she struggled to breathe, a hand on her chest. It was a breathless whisper." I can't be.........oh" she hardly mouthed, let alone said. It couldn't be the sudden interest. That was ludicrous. Absolutely insane. She couldn't be looking to the Saiyajin Prince for anything, let alone affection and company. She was a slave. Slaves were meant to die any time and were worthless.

Bulma wanted to cry at this new foundation. It couldn't be. It would be betraying all she gathered to believe and not to do ever since she was here.

Her head darted to the side. Two slave women had a small cloth along with a small basin of steaming water. Bulma's eyes started to water yet again. So much blood spilled as he took those blows. Yet his cries were in anger more than expressing pure pain. That signaled pride.

She closed her eyes trying to get rid of her thoughts of him. It wasn't fair, why did it have to be her to be stranded here ? More so, why did she have to grow this intolerable feeling in such a short time ?

One slave placed the bowl in the hands of another species of women from another planet, draping the small cloth over her arm." You will do as he says." Bulma heard." Anything he wills of you, you will do it in order to live."

Bulma stood up, a slow hand coming to wipe her tears away. She could no longer fight the vicious images of the tortured Prince. The feeling was too much to bear. But it's not like she hadn't thought about his highness ever since the beginning.

She found herself drawing closer to the small group of slaves that readied to take the objects to it's destination with another pleasure slave. They looked upon her as soon as she approached.

The older slave eyed her curiously." What is it ?"

Bulma looked at her with an unreadable expression. But she still looked saddened, somewhat." Where is this to go ?" Bulma asked quietly.

The older slave sighed." Something ails the Prince heavily. Not only his physical wounds from battle, but something that is a state of mind. The warrior Shiruko had wanted someone to attend to him, even if the Prince will turn the offer away harshly."

Shiruko What ever happened to him ? Bulma looked silently at the woman who was to go to Vegita's chambers. Bulma inhaled slowly, not knowing what she was doing." I.....I will go." she spoke.

All fell silent at her words. Shock enveloped them all. Secrets and happenings were not kept from anyone around here. They all knew about his Chikyuu native. She was loud, she cried and was weak. Also how she refused the Prince when he called for her the second time. They were sure she would never come back. But now they were even more surprised to even here those words come from her mouth. It was unbelievable, at first this woman was in sheer terror of his highness and now she offered herself to go back to his chambers.

The older slave could not speak at first." You are out of you mind." she choked." You will be killed. After what you have done two times already, you are insane girl."

But Bulma held her ground for some purpose. She held out a slow hand to the woman that was supposed to go. She could see the fear in the other slave's eyes. How much she feared every Saiyajin royalty. With hesitation, she suddenly handed over both objects to Bulma.

* * * * *

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