Cast Away
By: Mikami


You're a mystery
You are the heart of intrigue
You're no good, no good for me
You have no idea.

-The Corrs-


Bulma couldn't sleep. She turned again and shut her eyes. The sensation of sleep just wasn't there. Once again her eyes flew open. She sighed uncomfortably as she fixed her blanket, annoyed.

She tried again, shifting her position. Soon it became so frequent, the blanket twisted around her legs tightly, further not allowing her to sleep.

It was hot, it was cold, blanket on or thrown to the side, Bulma couldn't sleep a wink. She hated the fact everyone was sleeping and she wasn't.

Bulma lifted her head slightly to the clock. It was almost 3:50. Had she been awake since going to bed at 12:00 ? Bulma couldn't remember.

Maybe there was so much on her mind. She just couldn't get this new contraption to work at the lab. It was missing something, she felt. Tired, she went upstairs expecting to sleep. She was wrong.

Finally, Bulma threw the covers to the side and got out of bed. Tossing and turning took away any amount of sleep that was to come.

She made her way down to the hall and to the bathroom.

Opening the light, Bulma winced at the sudden glare as she turned it on. And regaining focus, her reflection came to view in the mirror before her.

Bulma's blue eyes looked hollowed out. It's life seemed to have disappeared long before. Who she saw in front in other didn't look like the lively sixteen year old that met a young Goku when looking for dragonballs. No.

She was still young, yes. But worn out too. Nothing but a picture of a tired-out soul, battered down with life's problems. Bulma didn't really lead a normal life. Everyday she had to deal with many things.

Bulma had touched her face softly. If stress kept up, she could be getting wrinkles. Inspecting herself only a little, she stopped when she saw there was none.

Silence had enveloped the room. Nothing was heard except her own breathing as she focused more. Tiredness wasn't the only thing there. Loneliness.

Bulma had seen it there for a long time, just not wanting to. Refusing to even regard it. But now it weighed her down terribly. Working in the lab wasn't her life. She just didn't want this empty feeling anymore.

Had Yamucha really meant to be unfaithful or was that just a one-time fling during a relationship that was important to her ? Bulma had taken him back so many times. Why was she so blind ?

Bulma's thoughts drifted back a few days before. She wanted to surprise him for his birthday. Having a key to his apartment, she tidied up his place a little and even bought a cake. Looking at her watch excitedly, she knew Yamucha was to be home in a few minutes. Hearing the doorknob turn, she flew behind the wall that separated the hall and the living room. Then she heard another voice. It belonged to a woman.

Strangle disturbed, Bulma leaned over to see. A heated kiss was placed on the woman's lips. Yamucha carried her in, not noticing the place was clean and the candles on the table.

Bulma held her breath in attempt not to cry.

Yamucha and this woman giggling, the sound running through her ears but feeling like slaps. He carried her to the kitchen.

Bulma couldn't stay any longer. And so, having a chance, she flew towards the door and yanked it open not caring whether Yamucha heard or not.

Hot tears blurred her vision as the reflection became misty. Anger and loneliness poured from her eyes freely as Bulma sank to her knees to cover her eyes.

It had been the third time she was hit with devastation because of Yamucha.

Bulma wrapped her arms tightly around herself as she sobbed quietly. The empty feeling never ceased as it came upon her again. She vowed to herself not to have anything to do with that bastard. But wasn't that what she vowed the last time ? Bulma automatically forgot about that when she found him crawling to apologize two days after she caught him. How dare he.

What she wanted was arms to pull her close. Warm kisses to proclaim passion and reassurance. She didn't know who to place. There was no one. Yamucha would never feature and once again she broke down.

* * * * *

The atmosphere was dead foggy. Annoyed, he couldn't see thing completely. He scowled deeply as he found another useless tree.

The fog hung above him heavily to weigh him down. It would be useless to fly, he might end up crashing into another tree as he so found out just a minute before.

Vegeta sulked as he walked through some sort of land that was unfamiliar to him. And it annoyed him, for he expected himself to know. It was totally unfamiliar.

What was even worse, it seemed endless as he walked. No way out and no way in. Vegeta didn't want to see the fact that he was lost.

He trudged along, looking around and only seeing what the blasted fog cleared in front of him. Nothing but a few trees. Nothing. Where the hell was he ?

This was irritating and he level of tolerance wasn't very high now. Vegeta wanted something to kill.

His pace quickened, hoping to find something, anything to relieve him of this annoyance. Vegeta's fist clenched tightly, with no effort formed a small but powerful ki ball.

A faint black line. The fog was seemingly thicker as he walked forward. Vegeta's frown shifted into a murderous grin as the ki ball grew bigger. He ran quietly, drawing closer for a better view.

The black line grew bigger as well. Thicker.

The light was dim due to the thickness of the fog. Could there be water ?

Thankful, there was a tree just a little ways from the body of water from which the fog let up a little, Vegeta leaned against.

Lowering his hand from mindless fire, he squinted. It was a figure. The lake looked endless, cold and unwavering. As did the figure that stood to glance endlessly at the moving water.

Vegeta looked closer. It wasn't male. It was just this Kami-forsaken fog making it hard to make it out further. Vegeta left his place beside the tree for a closer look, still keeping grasp of energy.

White silk, masked it's graceful slopes and curves as the fog kept it's true identity a mystery.

Lowering down his grasp further, only curiosity grew now.

* * * * *

Bulma closed the bathroom door with a shaking hand, and wiped her tears with the other. She proceeded to go back to her room to get another shot at sleep. She only hoped it would work.

Bulma passed her parents' room. Only the sounds of slumber were emitted. Her room was at the end.

She wrapped her arms around again, she felt so alone. And it was so dark.

Her ears then caught a small sound. Bulma stopped in the middle of the hall, her eyes straying to the left.

That sound. So easy to miss even in such silence but she had heard.

Hard breathing, restless and disturbed. Unknowing, Bulma's hand reached out into the dark and took hold of the knob. Slowly she opened the door to get enveloped in further darkness.

The curtains were drawn and the room was warm. She looked around, hearing the quiet thud as she closed the door of Vegeta's room behind her.

Vegeta had decided to sleep indoors for a change. Normally he would just fall asleep beside the gravity room or in a tree from being deep in thought.

Most thought was lost only actions remained for Bulma as she made steps towards the bed. She could only see the dark outline of the figure that lay. The breathing wasn't faint.

Bulma stared down at the mystery before her. It struck her many times. The complexes and mystery that surrounded. Always Saiyajin.

His pride, stubbornness, arrogance. But dangerously beautiful. Everything a Saiyajin Prince was.

Bulma sat down at the edge of the bed, her hand mistakenly brushing his. He was sweating.

* * * * *

Vegeta crept nearer. He still couldn't see. Not even speaking came to his head. The mist surrounded only that figure, so it seemed. It allowed him forward, strangely like faint gates.

A few more steps and the curiosity would be washed away. A woman.

" H--" Vegeta was cut off immediately. The ground in front of him gave way. His eyes darted up to see that figure of a female. It stood as if nothing was happening.

Greatly confused, his eyes widened as searing white light burst forth from the ground in front of him. The beam had covered the figure.

The hell- ?!!! Vegeta jumped back, looking from side to side. He couldn't see her anymore, struggling so questions wouldn't invade his mind.

Eyes darting upwards, the fog made it impossible to see. Vegeta couldn't see, but didn't hesitate to power up and throw a blast at this sudden oppressor.

Vegeta's beam shot through, hitting nothing. Not having sight of above, he looked around in frustration. The white beam had cleared in front of him.

She was still there. Everything. She had not been harmed but she still stood with her back towards him.

Unexplained, Vegeta ran towards the figure near the lake in white silk. An energy sense had shot through him like a bullet. Vegeta stopped near the cracked ground, eyes up. The fog cleared. A form hung above him.

" Vegeta.." it said with a smirk.

Beams struck ground. Vegeta leaped out of the way. Falling on the ground with impact, Vegeta looked up with tightly gritted teeth. The figure in front of the lake that was the woman started to turn around.

" Shigi." The form that loomed above him shot another.

Vegeta could only see the beam's front, heading his way.

Vegeta gave a sudden shout as he bolted right up in bed.

Bulma couldn't speak, gasping and startled as Vegeta threw his arms around her the moment he sat up.

Vegeta was sweating fiercely, his panting hard and incoherent. The body he hugged tightly but gently, his chin resting on her shoulder.

Not knowing to do, Bulma's arms found their way around the Saiyajin Prince.

So many question flew through Vegeta's mind racing. Such a presence in front of him strangely became assuring that it was just a dream. Vegeta opened his eyes, feeling enclosed. Soft hair against his cheek, his sweat-drenched body against such a delicate frame that wore a silk garment, close-fitting.

Vegeta pulled away. Something struck him, looking through eyes he could tell were blue even in darkness, since the sight of a Saiyajin was more enhanced than a human's.

Bulma's expression stood unreadable through the dark. Faintly, his features still held his usual expression. Eyebrows locked together but breathing hard.

Frustration. Vegeta's grip had loosened around her waist, his thoughts a mess of confusion, dreams, reality and right now. What they were both at.

I shouldn't be here Bulma suddenly blinked from her trance. Quietly fearful Vegeta might explode in an unpredictable way, she got up abruptly to leave him alone as she assumed he wished.

Turning quickly, she suddenly felt him grab her wrist. It was tight but not hurtful.

Bulma made herself turn back around to face him. She couldn't tell exactly how he gazed at her. But such a feeling came over her, telling her to stop.

Though he tried to hide it, it was made clearly when small pressure was made for her to sit back down.

Bulma did so as Vegeta's grip softened around her wrist. She reached up to touch his neck. He was really sweating. Something told her, he was deeply troubled from the way he said nothing and seemingly wanted nothing except maybe her presence.

Pride didn't feature nor did arrogance as Vegeta himself surprisingly figured out, as he felt Bulma move to enclose him again. And he allowed it.

His questions never ceased to stop flashing in his mind. The visions and images, never- ending. Where was he ? Who was his oppressor ? Why ? Vegeta vowed if he ever found the oppressor from his dream, he would kill him in reality. But that woman. Why had she not seen the danger ? And she had been faceless, he didn't know.

It was frustrating. It festered and grew inside him as he was open to Bulma's arms. But what he found strange was the soothing comfort she brought. The presence of reassurance.

Words were not needed. Bulma closed her eyes. She had walked into a place so forbidden but still in her own home. There was a sense of awkwardness, walking into the Saiyajin Prince's quarters. Sense she shouldn't be there. But that feeling disappeared.

Vegeta didn't know what was happening. The balking part of his mind shut off long before. All was silent and only they were there.

Bulma completely forgot about trying to sleep before. Her tears and her pain had fled from her mind. Her loss of Yamucha no longer occupied her thoughts. She felt safe....and that was what was scary, she felt.

Bulma didn't know how long they stayed in contact. Vegeta didn't say a single word. All they heard was each other's breathing as somehow they shifted position to lie on the bed in total silence.

Vegeta's head rested in the hollow of Bulma's shoulder, hugging her body closely.

Bulma didn't know what to make of this sudden display of openness. Vegeta never opened up to anybody before. Why her ?

His loneliness had shone through clearly. She realized he never did have anyone to talk to, except for her when they fought like cats and dogs.

Bulma felt sorry for him in a way. A lost dream and an accident that brought him here. Maybe this was only part of what lay under the mile thick shell.

They laid in silence in each other's presence. Bulma's eyes never shut once. She swore it was almost close to four in the morning.

Vegeta rested against her, unmoving, his hair against her cheek. He looked so undisturbed and seemingly relieved with her presence.

Ignoring everything, boundaries, rules and borders, Bulma reached to shift his head gently towards her more and placed a kiss on his temple.

Suddenly she felt him move. Vegeta slowly craned his head upwards to look at her.

A hollow feeling hit the pit of her stomach as his eyes locked hers. It started to grow. Bulma was so sure he had fallen asleep. She was wrong.

Bulma wanted to wish she hadn't done that. It might've shattered what had happened this hour. She feared now she might have invaded his personal space. Invaded anything that was him for the kiss, she thought, would not be taken passively.

Her muscles tensed, this time Bulma was very ready to get up and leave.

Vegeta reached up slowly as she shifted more comfortably to face her. His hand moved up her neck to the back of her head. And with gentle pressure, he had touched her lips so faintly.

Like a jolt of thunder, Bulma's fear was relieved completely. Lips so warm, soft and tender moved over her's in such a comfortable rhythm.

Vegeta ran this fingertips over her cheeks softly as the touch of her hands felt caressed him like raindrops.

The kiss became more needful and passionate enough to burn them both alive like fire.

Bulma's tongue swept across the top row of his teeth as his hips began to grind against hers while she pushed against his invitingly.

Vegeta's hand began to roam freely, caressing her sides, brushing her cheeks. They traveled down, feeling the softness of the white silk.

Bulma explored the terrain of flesh that was his back, wandering down to the hem of his pants. With a tug, Vegeta helped her remove his sole covering.

His warm hand swept down below the silk, spreading her thighs enough to travel upwards. Vegeta felt the radiating heat that flowed down her legs, his hand brushing her silk-covered crotch lightly and moving over her stomach.

Bulma closed her eyes, feeling the silk of her short nightdress ride up to her waist and the sensation Vegeta's hand brought.

He felt her shiver with want beneath him, softly reaching the underside of her breast. A shudder that Vegeta masked, shot through him when he moved over her one sensitized nub, feeling her nipple harden. Bulma arched her back fully against his hand, aching for his touch.

Vegeta sought out her lips again, managing to slip the nightdress over her head. His hands moved over he body slowly as if to memorize her sweet splendor. To know, to remember.

Bulma's hardened nipples pressed against his chest as he showered gentle kiss across the side of her neck. Bulma's lips caught his earlobe, her tongue tracing and nibbling on it lightly, bringing him to her.

Vegeta moved further down, across her shoulder, down her chest, taking a sensitive breast into his mouth. He flicked a nipple with his tongue once and enclosed it.

Bulma inhaled slowly. Vegeta's hot mouth sending shivers down her spine and her head swimming with delicious thoughts.

He traced her breasts with the tip of his tongue, sucking it's underside and kissing his way to the valley in between, feeling her fingers through his hair faintly.

Softly moving his hands down from her breasts, sides, his kiss followed to encircle her naval.

Bulma felt another wave of heat hit her below her hips, emitting another shudder of desire. Vegeta had so softly placed either hand on her panties. And her heat was set free slowly as he peeled it away. Wet fabric brushed her thighs as Vegeta moved it down with one hand this time.

Vegeta ran a single slow hand from her breasts down to below her waist teasing her (almost shyly) by tracing a single finger just above the triangle of blue hair.

He was almost surprised as Bulma's legs bent, knees upwards. She felt her legs drift apart, opening them towards him.

His hand, like with a life of their own, moved towards her silky crotch, a finger slipping through the hairs to her wet entry. So warm and tight. Bulma's hips pushed against his hand urgently.

She shifted more, further brining her knees up to allow him deeper when his mouth wrapped around her womanhood. Bulma's breath was taken away. Her panting increased ten-fold, hard and ragged as Vegeta's tongue probed and caressed her inner walls.

Her smell, her taste engulfed all his senses, feeling right. Her hips pushed against his mouth with anxiety, seeking more of his touch as he hands weakly played in his hair.

It sent a volt-like feeling to every square inch of her being. Her hips were almost raised from the bed, the lovely feeling continuous.

Vegeta continued until the last shudder left her body, leaving her almost out of breath on her back. He licked his lips from her juices, the taste of her still in his mouth.

His shaft throbbed seeing her breasts heave up and down with every slow pant, while Bulma tried to catching her breath.

she smiled, her eyes falling shut as he kissed his way up her body. Every inch of her craving his touch. Any form of contact strangely felt so right, so meant to be.

Vegeta placed another fiery kiss on her lips, hugging her close. He pulled away softly for a moment, looking down at her. So beautiful, so serene. His features had almost come out from the usual.

Bulma's blue eyes looked up at him, shining with uncovered adoration now. She felt he had touched her soul. Suddenly Bulma felt she knew more about him than anyone else, as if they were mysteriously joined. Such a feeling overtook her completely. Bulma saw Vegeta. Only Vegeta.

Vegeta didn't hold back. He had to, he wanted to. His soul had filled her emptiness he had sensed and felt there. A bond in passionate silence. They both felt completed.

Vegeta touched her jawline softly, unknowing affection pouring from every action. He knew what he did, he had wanted to for sometime.

He kissed her slow and throbbing. And so gently slid himself inside her. Vegeta had bonded them mentally and spiritually. Physically was only part of his gift to her. Vegeta was giving himself to Bulma.

Bulma gasped loudly as his seemingly long and slow thrusts became harder and faster when her hands pushed him to. Her back arched, making way for one hand to slide underneath her to her to him tightly. Vegeta's other hand came up to entwine with hers against the pillow, burying his face in the side of Bulma's neck.

In the heat of pleasure, Bulma's ragged breathing grew louder as her legs wrapping tightly around his waist. She struggled, not knowing where to hold on to, her hands clasping together behind his back and clamping her eyes shut.

The sense of locking from Bulma threatened to push Vegeta over the edge too soon. He couldn't hold on to urgent gasps, his teeth grazing over her shoulder. Vegeta latched his teeth onto her. A hard wave of pleasure as her inner walls squeezed him tightly, and with a known fact swimming through his head, Vegeta made Bulma his. His teeth bit down on her shoulder.

Bulma was so enveloped and so wrapped around Vegeta's body, his bite felt like another rush of pleasure. She buried her estatic screams in the side of his neck, Vegeta's hot breath filling her shoulder where he bit her.

Vegeta knew he had made an offer to her. She had to return it to receive him in return.

Before erupting into screaming Vegeta's name loudly to the darkness, Bulma bit his shoulder in response to his.

Somehow, Vegeta felt enlightened. Bulma had accepted him fully. The bond was complete. Undying, unwavering. Always standing now. And he proceeded to make love to her with all senses of his soul.

Bulma was coming closer to her release and didn't plan on holding back. Vegeta thrusted almost wildly into her depths, holding onto her. To let go of Bulma was to fall into complete darkness and hell. She was his light. His path.

Vegeta held his new view of Bulma. A heartless Saiyajin warrior Prince, unwelcome to above. She was the closest to heaven for him. Bulma was Vegeta's heaven....and he had touched heaven.

* * * * *

The fog cleared miraculously. Vegeta's eyes widened, rolling out of the beam's way. With quick thinking and still on the ground, Vegeta brought his hands together firmly. Yelling fiercely, from his hand erupted an enormous ki ball. It was bright enough to blind a warrior completely.

A fierce yell of fading pain was heard from above. With the ki ball, vanished Vegeta's oppressor.

Vegeta smirked, lying on the ground and panting. Whoever that was almost reduced him to dust, but at the last minute he was defeated by a mere pause. What a fool.

Looking up, Vegeta got to his feet. That strange woman needed some sense knocked into her.

She was still there. Her back was turned towards him. Vegeta tried yelling at her to acknowledge her. He couldn't hear his own voice. Finding that out he yelled again. Silence. He walked up a bit closer behind her.

The white silk she wore swayed in the breeze. Vegeta was about the yell one final time when she started to turn around.

The fog had cleared. There was no more as light shone down. The lake brightened behind her.

Blue hair. Vegeta's eyes widened yet again. She turned around. Her blue eyes seemed to drown him completely. A small smile spread upon her angel-like facade as she reached out a hand towards him.

Blinding white light seemed to surround them as Vegeta reached out for her. He let himself. Her touch so real, so familiar. Vegeta felt such a bond between this woman and him.

Just as complete recognition struck him, they both faded. But the feeling

* * * * *

Bulma squinted her eyes in the morning light. The curtains were probably drawn. She heard the faint sound of rustling and shuffling. She attempted to sit up. A sudden ache hit her between the legs. Bulma opened her eyes. She wasn't in her own room.

Last night felt like dream fused with reality. And now she knew last night definitely was reality. Bulma looked around, trying to sit up further. It seemed early in the morning. Her white silk nightdress had been on the floor.

There she spotted Vegeta. His back was turned to her, putting on his pants. She didn't know why but a small smile had spread across her face as she watched him but the ache between her thighs a constant reminder of how well endowed they were." You're going so soon ?" she asked, holding the blanket to her chest after sitting up.

Vegeta turned around. He had just finished putting on his gloves but not his shirt. His expression was unreadable and he was silent. Vegeta remembered everything and he knew the glorious creature that sat clothed in sheets was his.

" It's a bit early." she said quietly as she looked down, not noticing the bit on her neck." Why don't you come back to bed ?"

Vegeta felt drawn to her, and so proceeded to sit on the side of the bed in front of her. He could drown completely in her eyes. Bulma's eyes held question. It was about the night before. Most likely if it meant something to him.

It did.....secretly. Vegeta was the one that made the bond. He was relieved that she accepted it fully. A half-smile played across his lips, tracing her jawline. He saw the bit on her shoulder and smirked. She was his and he couldn't stop repeating it to himself.

Vegeta leaned over and gave her a soft kiss. Bulma felt it again. The connection and somehow understood when he drew back to look at her. She smiled, wrapping herself around him once more.

Vegeta wanted to stay but as usual the gravity room beckoned strongly. Reluctantly without a word, he pulled back after kissing her again, her reached for his shirt and the doorknob. In a blink, Vegeta was out of the door.

Bulma crashed back down heavily against the pillows. A smile spreading across her face. Such a beautiful and complete feeling filled her because of him. Across the sheets she could still smell him.

Bulma was tired and so she let him play with the gravity room while she rested. He obviously had more energy than she did. With a yawn, she fell asleep with a smile.

Outside, Vegeta looked up to the window of his room. He knew she was still in there. The dream he had, Vegeta had an idea of what it meant. A lone woman with her back turned. An enemy, probably loneliness also tried to overtake him. Defeating it, he reached her. Vegeta protected her. The offering of her hand, the offering of herself. It had been Bulma.

He now received a mate and had a feeling the last demon that sat in his mind that played with his dreams was finally put to flight.


The End


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