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Chapter 6: Ö and Brawl

Yamcha glanced back over his shoulder to be sure that Vegeta was still following and was gratified to see that the super saiyajin was. He glanced down at the shiny belt buckle at his waist and smirked. Typically, Vegeta in his arrogance hadnít even reacted when he saw that he had donned the belt. "He probably thinks that my ki is so weak that Iím no match for him even when its doubled" the man thought in disgust. Yamcha finally landed and waited for his opponent to land.

Vegeta settled about 3 feet away from him immediately crossing his arms over his chest, narrowing his turquoise eyes.

Yamcha was no idiot and he knew that even the device he had would not make him a match for a super saiyajin. "I think we should set a few ground rules," Yamcha asserted, "to make sure that no one steps out-of-bounds."

"Meaning me?" Vegeta asked with a chuckle. "Set whatever rules you want human. No matter what you do there is no way that you have a chance against me. In fact, to show you what a good sport I am Iíll fight you at my normal power." So saying Vegeta dropped the transformation and gave a haughty tilt to his chin as his hair and eyes flickered back into raven darkness.

Trying hard not to show the relief he felt Yamcha set his brow. "No transformations are allowed in this battle" Yamcha said sternly "and no killing. Bulma wouldnít forgive either one of us if only one of us came back alive."

Vegeta raised his eyebrow slightly at this but he knew that the other fighter was right. His mate would never forgive him if he killed the other man but that wouldnít stop him from mortally wounding the man so badly he had little hope for survival. "Very well, I will not kill you human" the prince conceded.

"Lastly, whoever looses has to leave the area, leave Bulma alone and never return," Yamcha stated as a slight breeze kicked up.

"I will not agree to such a ludicrous stipulation," Vegeta snapped in anger. "You have no right to make a ruling concerning my mate or what I can or cannot do."

"Whatís wrong Vegeta?" Yamcha chided. "Are you afraid that youíll loose?"

"Of course not baka" Vegeta said coldly furrowing his brow. "Itís just that you have no right to tell me what to do with my life or my family. Thatís why we are here in the first place because you constantly have the audacity to needle your way into my affairs one way or another."

"If you win Iíll never butt into your personal life again" Yamcha said. "Youíll never see me or hear from me again Vegeta."

Vegeta looked at the man long and hard. At the very least he knew that this human believed in honor on the battlefield and would uphold his end of the decision if he was to loose. "I wouldnít have killed him or forced him to leave so Bulma cannot object to this," he thought to himself a sly smirk crossing his lips. "Iíll let him live alright, so he can feel the full force of his own self-banishment and the humiliation of having to give everything up because of loosing to me."

"I accept then, since there is no possible way you can win this battle," Vegeta answered confidently.

"It will be a pleasure to make you eat your words" Yamcha said fingering the belt. "I think youíll find it especially humiliating that it was your own mateís invention that helped to bring you to your knees."

Vegetaís eyes darted down to the belt buckle that the other fighter was fingering. It was large, silver and had a strange symbol on it that seemed somewhat familiar. He wasnít sure where he had seen it but he was positive that it had not been in his mateís laboratory. "I doubt that my woman would ever create a fashion accessory," the prince said snidely.

"Donít tell me donít recognize her ki enhancer" Yamcha quipped.

"Ki enhancer?" Vegeta questioned suspiciously. "I am certain that she has never made anything of that sort. What makes you think that she has?"

"I donít know what youíre trying to prove" Yamcha shouted opening the cover "but you know as well as I do that this thing can even the odds between us." Yamcha pushed the switch activating the module. "Here goes," he said powering up. At first he felt no difference until a crackle of electricity seemed to snake its way around his body and disappear into it igniting a powerful surge of his ki.

"What the hell!" Vegeta exclaimed as he saw and felt the ki of the other man skyrocket. "Where could he get something that could boost his power so much? He is at least five times stronger than normal!"

"I donít believe this" Yamcha shouted feeling the exhilaration of the increased powers "this feels way more intense than just twice my kiís strength." He smiled at the obviously surprised saiyajin. "I think its time to start the match," he announced charging an enormous sokidan. "Take this!" he shouted sending it towards Vegeta.

Vegeta, who was still gapping at the amazing amount of power Yamcha was suddenly displaying, was surprised by his abrupt attack. The saiyajin raised his Ki and faced the energy orb, crossing his arms before himself to block the blast, and prepared for its impact realizing that the current level of his ki was not enough to extinguish the attack. The force of the inertia forced the saiyajin to dig in his heels and lean into the energy as it pushed him along the ground backwards. At last Vegeta was able to knock the attack to the side and into the ground where it exploded.

Yamcha was elated for once to see the saiyajin prince had trouble blocking his attack. Seeing that Vegeta was now distracted from bracing himself from the explosion he thought it was an opportune time to attack.

Since Vegeta was shielding his eyes from the explosion his keen ears alerted him to the approach of the other warrior so he turned and met his adversary. He could feel Yamchaís increased strength as he blocked the punches and chops and realized in consternation that he would have to raise his power level up higher to fend off Yamchaís physical attacks as well. Quickly he sprung backwards and away from the human fighter and sent a few ki blasts at him to keep him at a distance.

After dodging the energy blasts Yamcha once again charged the saiyajin but was stopped short when he felt the spiking in Vegetaís Ki signaling an imminent power-up. Slowing just in time to avoid the energy auraís flare he hung back and watched as Vegeta increased his power. It had always awed him to witness an extra-ordinary fighterís power-up and the hair on the back of his neck stood up as he could feel the crackling of energy in the air as the ground began to tremble. For one moment, when the saiyajinís power signal almost overwhelmed his senses, Yamcha believed that Vegeta was breaking his promise not to go super saiyajin, however, when the power-up was complete the still black-haired prince stood glaring at him surrounded by his battle aura.

Vegeta sneered as he looked up at the human fighter. The little toy he was using certainly did make him more of a formidable opponent but it was nothing that he couldnít handle. It was time he went on the offensive showing the human just what he had gotten himself into. This in mind the saiyajin charged Yamcha fazing out as he advanced on him.

Yamcha perked up his senses in an effort to feel where Vegeta would come out of the blur of motion. He barely missed ducking a well-placed kick to his head and shocked to find himself connecting with a fist to his cheek instead. He crumpled forward when another blow struck his mid-section and barely kept his wits about him to block the next blow. He managed to land an uppercut to the saiyajinís jaw and decided to follow it up with one of his signature attacks.

"Rogafufuken," Yamcha called hitting Vegeta with the flurry of punches. Having caught the saiyajin off-guard with an attack he had not seen before he found it easy to knock him off his feet. Needless to say the human warrior found the sight of Vegeta flat on his back because of one of his assaults very amusing.

Vegeta was shocked to find himself on the ground looking up at the grinning human fighter. He could not believe that he, undoubtedly the strongest warrior on the planet, had been downed by a weakling buffoon. He sat up and wiped the trickle of blood from his lip and snarled in distain at the other warrior having decided to show no mercy. "Now human, you shall know the folly of challenging the Prince of Saiyajin!" he said standing up on his feet.

"Not so fast Vegeta" Krillan said appearing above the battle scene followed by Gohan, Ten and Choatzu.

"All of you go away" Yamcha shouted "this is none of your business its between me and Vegeta."

"Bulma sent us to stop this meaningless fight from continuing" Ten declared "and thatís just what we intend on doing."

"There is no way that you pathetic weaklings can prevent this battle from continuing" Vegeta told the group "besides I am under oath not to kill him."

"That doesnít matter" Gohan asserted "Bulma says that there has been some kind of misunderstanding so the fight isnít even necessary to begin with."

"Donít you see!" Yamcha said in frustration. "Sheís blinded by her emotions. For Dendeís sake this is a chance for us all to finally be rid of Vegeta!"

Ignoring the humanís comment the saiyajin prince turned his attention to the intruding foursome. "I am giving all of you bakas until the count of 10 to leave this area" Vegeta hissed "or I will personally see to it that are in no condition to stop this."

"Sorry Vegeta weíre not going. If it takes all of us to stop you then so be it" Krillan told him "but we will do it."

"You leave me no choice then" Vegeta said charging Ki in his hand. "One" he began.

"Listen Vegeta why canít you be adult about this" Krillan said a panicked.


"Krillan I donít think heís in the mood to have a chat right now" Ten said nervously.


"I hope we havenít missed any of the fun" 17 said jovially suddenly appearing with 18 and 16.


"He can count" 17 quipped "how impressive!"

"GRRRÖFIVE!" Vegeta growled.

"Thanks a lot 17 you just got him even more pissed off than he already was!" Gohan scolded.

"Six!" the saiyajin continued in a deadly calm yet dangerous voice.

"Well are we all just going to hang here in the air like yaros or are we going to execute your plan?" 17 asked undaunted.


"You do have plan" 18 asked "donít you?"


"Not exactlyÖ" Krillan began before he was boxed on the ears by 18.

"You mean to tell me you muscle heads rushed off without a plan!" the blonde scolded.


"Hey you donít have to blow a gasket babe!" Krillan said to the angry blonde female.

"We got to do something fast!" Chaotzu cried.

"TEN!" shouted the saiyajin readying to fire.

"I wonít let you hurt them!" Yamcha declared sending a massive blast toward Vegeta.

Vegeta, unfazed, pivoted and batted the fighterís blast toward the group hovering in the air. As the group above scattered he retaliated with a powerful blast of his own, but before he could do anything more he was lifted up off of the ground and held in a vice-like bear-hug by Android 16.

Yamcha too found that his arms had been pinned to his side and he was moved just millimeters from the energyís path. "I donít care how you got so strong because Iím still 10 times stronger than you" 18 said putting more pressure on Yamchaís arm. "Power down now!" she said with a smile twisting the fighterís arm just a little. When he complied she let him go and he glared at her rubbing his arm.

"PUT ME DOWN YOU OVERGROWN TIN CAN!" Vegeta shouted in anger.

"I will put you down when you promise not to hurt anyone" 16 answered.

"Iím asking one more time nicely" Vegeta hissed "PUT ME DOWN BEFORE YOU END UP IN THE SCRAPHEAP!" Vegetaís aura suddenly exploded as his hair flash to yellow blowing 16 off of him onto the ground. His rage was visible as his ki crackled around him and he screamed causing the surrounding area went up in a massive blast. When the blast subsided the saiyajin surveyed the area panting. Those who had managed to get away fast enough were hiding behind the rocks far enough away not to present a problem. Those who had not gotten away were collapsed onto the ground, namely 18, 16 and Yamcha. Seeing his rival Vegeta rushed over and picked the frightened semi-conscious man up by the collar.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldnít forget about our little bargain and kill you right now?" he asked ripping off the belt.

"Vegeta put him down!" Krillan demanded seething with anger by the fallen 18.

"You just donít know when to quite do you baldly?" Vegeta snapped.

"Vegeta, I donít want to have to fight you but I will if I have to" Gohan said landing in front of the prince going super saiyajin. "You said you were under oath not to kill him and Iím asking you to honor your word. No one else needs to get hurt."

"Vegeta..." Yamcha whispered "Öyou winÖIíll leaveÖIíll never bother you again."

"Your promises mean nothing to me," Vegeta said to the man charging ki in the palm of his hand. He was caught off guard by an energy blast that struck him from behind and in his distraction he felt Yamcha ripped from his grasp. He immediately assessed the situation. It had been the stupid black-haired android that hit him from behind, which was why he hadnít felt the bakaís presence. He gazed about himself seeing Krillan spiriting Yamcha away and blocking his path from following was an angry golden boy.

"This endís now Vegeta" Gohan warned. "Leave Yamcha be. You know that Iím much stronger than you are."

"Sometimes itís brains that wins a fight and not brawn boy," Vegeta taunted. "Iím asking you one more time to stay out of my affairs."

"Iím not going to let you kill one of my friends" Gohan declared.

"Then so be it!" Vegeta declared. He flew at Gohan and the boy flipped up out of the way and the older saiyajin stopped just in time to block a blow from 17 over his shoulder. Ducking under 17 Vegeta swiveled around and caught Gohan in the midsection before grabbing a surprised 17, in mid-punch, by the wrist and smashing him into Gohan.

"You should have gone level two when you had the chance" Vegeta declared appearing just above the pair. "This will insure you canít follow me!" he said charging a large ball of ki.

"Pa Pa, NO!" a small voice called out.

Vegetaís heart sunk when heard Trunkís voice and he turned to look at his son. The small purple-haired demi-saiyajin hung in the air above him with Kakorotís youngest. The small boyís large blue eyes stared at him with fear in their depths giving rise to an unimaginable pain in his chest. The feeling of shame that struck the prince was unlike anything he had yet experienced. His son had never looked at him in fear before but with worshipful adoration and it disquieted his mind to see this change. His pride hurt, the prince allowed the ki in his hand to dissipate his eyes never left those of his son as he tried to regain his composure.

"What are you doing here boy?" Vegeta questioned angrily. "If I had wanted you here I would have brought you."

"I wanted to make sure you were okay," the boy said almost ashamed "for Ma Ma." The boy adverted his eyes.

"What?" Vegeta gasped with the realization that everyone who had been at Capsule Corporation had shown up there except for three people: his woman, Kakorotís woman, and the mysterious child. Angry with himself for leaving her defenseless Vegeta immediately stretched out his feelings searching for his mateís ki. "BulmaÖ" he muttered frantically stretching out farther looking for her mind but finding nothing but an empty space. "I was so caught up in the battle that I didnít even noticed that her ki disappeared," he thought to himself guiltily. The prince knew that there could only be one of two reasons preventing him from telepathically contacting her and was suddenly over come by a wave of panic and flew off towards Capsule Corporation.


Wrench smiled gazing out his view port at the verdant planet below. He had come away with so much more he had anticipated. The mircobots had tapped into the Capsule Corporationís computer system and copied every one of Bulma Briefís files on the technology she had either improved or created. He had a lot of sellable information about the prince that his enemies and supporters would kill to obtain. He had Princeís Vegetaís DNA code and that of the others with saiyajin blood for the biological weapons division. Lastly, but not least, he had a new, fresh mind for the Machine Planet Guild to add to its brain trust.

The boy walked over to the glass stasis chamber and gazed at the woman within. Her peaceful countenance was shaped into a frown as she slept in blissful ignorance that she was on her way to her new home. Her beautiful short aqua hair spread out about her head, her arms crossed over her chest, she almost looked as if she had been laid out to her final rest. She was indeed beautiful, perhaps one of the loveliest females he had run across during his three life times. He truly hoped the doctor wouldnít have to resort to making her a puppet to use her talents. He liked her spirit.

"I know that your mate will be missing you," he told her. "By now heís probably discovered that you are gone and confused that he cannot find your mind. Try as he might thereís no way he can contact you while you are unconscious. Poor, poor prince left all alone to care for his son."

Wrench turned away from his prize and headed towards the communications console chair and flopped into it.

"Iím almost sorry I had to go about this in such a sneaky way" the boy continued to her closing his emerald eyes. "The Guildís rules are clear, however, and if Iíd made a scene or let Vegeta know where I was from then Iíd be breaking them, but no one said anything about not taking any credit for the deed and the cleverness of it."

Wrench sighed. He really had to be going. He had to make a stop before he could deliver his cargo to the doctor.

"Computer set a course to the space station and wake me when we arrive" Wrench said closing his eyes and scooting down until he was recumbent. Comfortable he shut his mind off and went into self-stasis.


Trunks followed his father in confusion. He knew that they were heading home but he couldnít understand why had his father had taken off so suddenly. He trailed him as quickly as he could but his father, who was much faster than he was, was now just a bright light up ahead in the distance.

"Trunks!" he heard Gohan call. Suddenly Gohan met the boy keeping pace with the demi-saiyajin, Goten in his arms. "Do you know where is your Dad going?"

"Home I think" Trunks answered. "Where are the others?"

"Recovering," Gohan said. "Krillanís taking Yamcha for medical attention though."

"Trunks" Goten ventured. "Why doesnít your dad like Yamcha?"

"I donít know" Trunks confessed "not really anyway." That said the boy sped up to avoid any more conversation and thankfully Gohan understood.

When Trunks touched down on the front lawn he perked up his ears and his ki sense in order to find his father.

Gohan landed gingerly beside him, setting down his load, and turned to address the younger boy. "Trunks I think we shouldÖ." He began before another voice interrupted him.

"BULMA!" the voice of the saiyajin prince wailed from deep inside the compound. The note of despair contained in his voice sent a chill down the young demi-saiyajinís heart and he rushed inside.

Upon entering he saw a sight he never believed was possible. His father was hunched over his head in his hands leaning on the table so absorbed in his private turmoil he didnít notice his presence. Chi Chi was slumped over unconscious on one side of the table a teacup before her. Another cup rested on the ground on itís side next to an over turned chair. The chair that, Trunkís realized, his mother had been sitting in when he left her. A teakettle lay on the tabletop itís contents slowly pouring out onto the floor.

"What happened here?" Gohan gasped taking in the scene.

"MOMMY!" Goten cried running over to her tears springing into his eyes. "Mommy donít be dead!"

"Sheís not" Vegeta snapped speaking up "sheís only asleep brat so stop your whining!"

"Pa Pa" Trunks asked in a distressed tone "Whereís Ma Ma?"

"Sheís not here," he said training his obsidian gaze upon his son.

"Is sheÖ" Trunks began with a whimper.

"She is alive," Vegeta quickly stated ripping his eyes away from the childís emotional display lest it affect him "I just donít know where she is."

"I canít sense her ki at all Vegeta and that can mean only two thingsÖ" Gohan said worriedly.

"She is not on this planet," Vegeta quickly snapped glaring angrily at the boy "the other alternative is impossible. Iíd feel it if she were."

"Vegetaís right" Piccolo interjected entering the room.

"How the would you know?" Vegeta questioned darkly.

"Dende got concerned about your scuffle and sent me to hopefully stop it but when I was on my way there he noticed something going on here. He told me someone was kidnapping Bulma but it seems I wasnít fast enough."

"You mean to tell me you were here when we got here?" Vegeta growled.

"I was taking a look around to see if can find anything of use and I did Ö in Bulmaís lab."

Not waiting for a further explanation Vegeta sprinted to the lab rushing to the only spot in the room that was illuminated, his mateís workstation. There was a document on the screen of the computer that caught his eye. He read the words supposedly written by his mate about a ki enhancing module and his supposed abuse of her with growing anger realizing that this must have been what caused Yamcha to confront Bulma. A strange icon, located in the corner of the screen, caught his attention. It was the same symbol that the child calling himself Wrench had on his belt buckle and that Yamchaís device had had on it. All at once Vegeta remembered where he had seen the symbol before and he swore in anger.

"Whatís wrong Father?" Trunks plead at his fatherís elbow. "What happened?"

"I think Iím about to find out" Vegeta commented taking the mouse pointer and clicking on the icon. Just as the others came in a video came on the monitor. The face of the child Wrench appeared as it began.

"Greetings Prince Vegeta" he said in a mocking tone. "I trust that it didnít take long for you to find this and that you have figured out my little diversion by this time. I also know you must have figured out Iím responsible for your mateís disappearance. The question thatís now burning in your mind by this time is why?" The boy steepled his fingers and leaned forward. "The only thing Iím going to say is that itís my job, and has been my job for more the last century, to locate useful technologies and put them to better use. Your mate has much knowledge in this field so I have taken her as well as other information and devices for my cause. Thereís no way you can find her so I suggest you save your energy in preparing for the visitors you will have shortly. There are many peoples who will find the knowledge of your whereabouts most gratifying and I and my associates will do our best in furthering their causes for vengeance." The boy laughed and brushed a lock of blonde hair from his forehead. "Unfortunately I am bound by oath not to tell you of my employers, my home or myself but I can tell you that we have met before. Iím sure if you think about it youíll figure it out. You were always so clever. I pride myself on out manipulating a master manipulator like you Prince Vegeta. Farewell."

When the video was finished Vegeta slowly rose from the terminal a determined scowl on his face.

"Do you know this guy?í Gohan questioned.

"Iím not sure who he is but I know where he is from" the Prince said. "I want you to take Trunks to your house. I have much to do to prepare for my journey." Vegeta turned to exit.

"If youíre going to rescue Bulma" Gohan stated. "Iím going with you."

"Didnít you hear what he said boy?" Vegeta snapped turning around. "He is going to inform everyone who has a grudge against me of the fact Iíve been living on this miserable planet and they will be coming to look for me so I suggest you not leave your home and family undefended." The Prince paused and gazed pointedly at the demi-saiyajin before he continued with greater gravity. "Besides," he began "if this baka tell anyone of Trunks existence he will become a target. I am leaving my sonís safety in your hands."

Gohan said nothing and nodded in understanding placing a hand on Trunks shoulder.

Trunks stood transfixed for a moment as his fatherís troubled eyes came to rest, locking with his own. A wave of panic swept over him. He didnít want to be separated from his father and he wanted to help in his search.

"Father" Trunks said in his bravest voice. "I want to come to. I want to help rescue mother."

Vegeta looked down into his sonís eyes. They were both fearful and determined a combination that at four years of age spoke of a surprising strength of character. With satisfaction he knew that his son understood the concepts of family loyalty and honor. "You arenít yet ready to go on a dangerous mission like this" Vegeta told the boy. "Go with Kakortís brats. Iíll be back as soon as I can."

"When?" Trunks pleaded.

"I donít know" Vegeta confessed, "It will take time to locate her. If my suspicions are correct I will be attempting something that has never been done successfully. I will have to take my time."

"If its dangerous you shouldnít go by yourself," the boy pleaded.

"I think youíre boy is right so Iím volunteering" 17 spoke up from the doorway.

"I donít need anyoneís help," Vegeta declared. "Especially not yours."

"This isnít about you," 17 coolly replied. "Iím doing this for Bulma. My sister and I owe her for reuniting us with 16."

"I agree" 16 said, "I will go also."

"This is not a field trip" Vegeta said sternly "I cannot be saddled with babysitting a couple of overgrown wind-up toys."

"I think you will find our assistance useful" 16 replied circumventing a snide retort from 17. "I have been programmed with the ability to tap into and interpret any computer system. Besides, it something should happen to you we could offer our assistance or continue the search on our own."

"Who knows Vegeta" 17 added, "there may be a moment when you could use some extra muscle."

"Please Father" Trunks ventured. "If you wonít let me help you, let them. I want both you and mother back safe."

"Very well, you can come" Vegeta remarked over his shoulder to the androids, "but the moment you get in my way I wonít hesitate to destroy you."

Trunks flinched at this statement because for the first time in his young life he knew that his fatherís threats could be very real for, moments before, he had witnessed the aftermath of Vegetaís fight with the others. Trunks eyes locked with his fatherís for a moment as they shared a meaningful gaze. The boy could see the worry and concern in their ebony depths, as well as a reminder of his duty to obey before Vegeta exited leaving the others alone in the laboratory.

"Come on 16" 17 said to the giant "letís hurry up with our preparations. I have a feeling Vegeta wouldnít hesitate to leave without us if we arenít ready when he wants to leave."

16 nodded in response and gave Trunks a small smile before following him out the door.

"Well" Gohan said with a smile "it looks like Iím babysitting again."

"Come on Trunks!" Goten said excitedly placing his hand on the other boyís shoulder. "Iíll help you pack!"

Seeing Trunks less than enthusiastic response to his brother Gohan put his hand on the boyís lavender head arresting his attention. "I think I know you pretty well by now Trunks and that at this moment youíre trying to think up some way to convince your father to let you go with him but I think that you should listen to him. Space travel and adventures only sound fun. Donít try to grow-up too fast."

"Iíd like to stay here until my Father leaves" Trunks told the teenager.

"Your dad made it pretty clear that he wants you to go with us now" Gohan replied. "Donít worry, Iím sure he wonít leave without saying goodbye."

Trunks smiled half-heartedly at the teenager and allowed himself to be both steered and pulled out of the lab. "Donít worry mom," the young demi-saiyajin said silently staring up into the sky "Iíll do whatever I have to make sure both you and Father get back safe."

* * * * *

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