Chapter 2: Discoveries

The three demi-saiyajin stared at the figure on the table. It was a man, a huge man that was built like a bodybuilder. Although he doubtlessly hadnít seen the sun in a long-time his skin was tanned. He had strong chiseled features and a knot of thick red hair on the crown of his head. The boys were all silent, but for different reasons. Goten was silent because he was scared of the monster movie come to life that he now seemed to be living. Trunks was silent because he was basking in the realization of just how smart and cool his mom was and whether he could help in her experiment and Gohan was silent because he was shocked to come face-to-face with someone from the past that he never thought heíd see again.

"Cool!" Trunks exclaimed breaking the silence. "My mom really did make her very own Frankenstein!"

"Is he dead?" Goten asked wide-eyed grabbing onto his older brotherís hand.

Trunks and Goten looked curiously at Gohan who was dumbfounded while his mind raced for answers as he stared at the giant laying silently on his back before him. "Itís got to be him but how?" he mused silently to himself.

"Gohan?" Goten asked after not getting a response. "Trunks whatís wrong with him?"

"Hey Gohan" asked Trunks giving the older boyís leg a jab. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah I guess" the teenager replied. "Iím just surprised is all. You see I know this guy. Well, at least, I did."

"Awesome!" said Trunks. "You mean you knew him before my mom started experimenting on him? Before he died?"

"Not exactly" Gohan said. "You see this guy is an android. His name is Android 16."

"Thatís even better than a monster!" Trunks said in awe.

"An android?" Goten asked "Like 18 and 17?"

"Yes," Gohan said. "They were made by the same man."

"You mean that Dr. Gero guy?" Trunks asked excitedly. "The guy who made Cell?"

"Yeah" Gohan said. "He helped me fight Cell but he was destroyed. There was hardly anything left of him and I have no idea how your mom could have rebuilt him."

"Well she is a genius" Trunks said matter-of-factly.

Gohan peered down at the lavender haired demi-saiyajin who was grinning from ear to ear glowing with only the pride a son could have for his mother.

"Spaceships landing and now androids" said Gohan "I feel like Iím in the middle of a bad science fiction movie."

The young man looked on with interest from within the confines of his ship, high up on the hill, while the first earthlings arrived to investigate the crater. He had no fear of being discovered. The Ki shield blocked out his life signature, the cloaking shield blocked out his ship from view and the electronic shields left no trace of mechanical activity for censors to detect. He could make his observations from afar to see if this planet merited a closer inspection.

What the youth found interesting was that the two earthlings had flown in which meant they had at least a rudimentary understanding of Ki and its usage. At least the male did because it was he that had flown in. He was carrying the female so he had no idea if she could fly herself. He could see them down below him in his mind puzzling over what was left of the meteor.

The woman appeared to be rooting around in a small hand held bag for something. She found it stepped back and threw it to the ground and, to his astonishment, a large industrial lamp appeared in a puff of smoke.

"These people may be more technologically advanced than I gave them credit for!" the boy gasped. He watched as she hit the switch illuminating the area.

Intrigued he magnified the optical sensors until he could view the female that had performed the amazing feat. She appeared to be rather good looking. At least her body was well endowed with all the curves in the right places and the red sleeveless garment she was wearing showed this fact off quite well. It was low-cut, tight, came to just above the knee and looked rather fancy. He focused on her face and found it very pleasing as well. She had big blue eyes, full lips and a small delicate nose framed by short aqua hair. She was talking, probably to the male, and looked rather annoyed as she squatted in a very lady-like way to observe the "crash site" better.

He noticed her suddenly look over her shoulder and when he moved the camera in that direction he saw a small, bald headed man, wearing what appeared to be some sort of dress suit landing on the ground. Next a beautiful, young, blonde woman landed next to him. She was very curvy, not quite as well endowed as the aqua-haired female though, and was clad in a similarly cut garment to the one the other female wore. Another male landed behind her that had brown hair, was well built, and had a scar across one of his cheeks. He appeared to be dressed in the same garment as the other male. Next a three-eyed man and a strange looking short one landed also dressed in the same type of suit landed.

"Now itís getting interesting," the blonde youth stated leaning on his elbows grasping his chin thoughtfully. "Perhaps this planet was inhabited by more than one sentient life form. Ship send out the reconnaissance micro-robot. I want to get some readings on all of these creatures."

As the robot was deployed he decided to take a look at the male that had arrived with the aqua-haired female. He found him crouching with his back to him. He seemed to be wearing the same black and white attire as the other males but what was really eye catching was the hair. It was black and stood straight up and came to a point and there was only one race that he knew of that had such gravity defying hair. He was wearing a long jacket, which made it difficult to see if he had a tail. He focused in closer on the manís head just in time for him to stand up and turn around giving him the shock of his three lives.

"Prince Vegeta?" he questioned in shock. "It canít be him, can it?" Of course it had been many years, a previous life in fact, when he had last seen him in person. The prince was much younger then but he had seen plenty of holoimages of the saiyajin since then. Calling one up he compared the images.

"The reconnaissance robot is within range," the ship announced.

"Okay" he said cracking his knuckles "turn on the audio and scan the male that Iím observing now."

"Iím telling you guys that this is really fishy" he heard a female voice proclaim as the audio came on line while he was observing the data coming in on the screen. He pulled his view out to see that it was the blue-green haired woman who spoke. "It looks like it crashed and then was blasted. If it had fallen here it would have made a much bigger crater, a larger impact would have occurred and there would be evidence of burning away of the rock from the friction of the atmosphere at least much more than this shows."

"She appears to be some sort of scientist" the blond youth observed.

"Bulmaís right" the other woman said.

"Thanks 18" the woman now identified as Bulma replied. "Besides Vegeta will back me up on this. He noticed that it was acting strange when we saw it come in too."

"So it is you," he said smiling. The data on the screen showed that the man was indeed saiyajin and, although he unfortunately had no DNA blue print for the prince, the name and his visual identification made it official. "You didnít disappear," he thought with growing interest. "Youíve been living here on this rock the whole time.í

"My woman is correct" Vegeta stated simply.

"My, my" the blonde youth thought with a laugh. "So this Bulma is your mate dear prince. Iím surprised that you lowered yourself to mate with an alien but I canít say I blame you. You do have good taste."

"If thatís true then something has to be here that blasted it" the short bald one said.

"But thereís nothing here but this crater" the triclops stated.

"Yeah" the short strange looking one added "Nothing could have disappeared that fast."

The boy enjoyed watching such exchanges. It always gave him such a powerful feeling to be watching others undetected. To know you could do anything and they wouldnít be the wiser.

"There is something here," the saiyajin prince stated. "We are being watched."

"Iím glad to know that your instincts havenít weakened" the green-eyed youth thought.

"Oh come on Vegeta" the man with the short brown hair said "thereís no way you can be sure of that."

"My senses are superior to yours human" Vegeta replied to the man with distinct dislike "and I know there is something here."

"There appears to be a little bit of friction between these two," he observed.

"Come on you two" Bulma said stepping between the two with a nervous laugh "thereís no need to argue about this. No matter what way we look at it somethingís here on Earth and we donít know if itís friendly or not so we should be careful. We canít see much now in the dark as it is so we should come back in the morning."

"For once you are speaking sense woman," Vegeta said to his mateís displeasure.

"So what do we do now?" the short bald one asked.

"Its back to the party Krillan" Bulma stated. "My Dadís probably beside himself the way we all took off."

"Okay" Krillan said with a sigh.

Bulma squatted down. "You all go ahead" she said "weíll meet you in a minute. Iím going to grab a few of those rocks to analyze."

"Okay Bulma" said the three-eyed man. "Letís go Chaotzu," he said to the strange doll person "I donít want Lunch to wait for us any longer than she has to."

"Catch you in a few" 18 said. "Come on Krillan."

In a less than a couple of minutes everyone was gone but for the saiyajin prince and his scientist mate.

"I should have gotten those readings on the others when I had the chance" the boy said with a shake of his blonde head. "Scan her," he ordered.

The information came up confirming that she was indeed human. He watched as she tossed a small canister on the ground and a box appeared in another cloud of smoke.

"I think that Iíd like to tag her" he remarked. "Following her may give me a good idea what this planetís technology is like."

"Woman" Vegeta said impatiently "You have enough of those rocks now. Hurry up and encapsulate them I want to get out of here. I still feel like we are being watched."

"I didnít think youíd be so anxious to get back to the party Vegeta" Bulma said touching the side of the box. The whole thing folded in on itself until all that was left was one of those tiny canisters.

"Amazing technology" the youth said with a smile. "Vegeta called it encapsulation. At least there is one thing I can bring back for the Guild. This and information regarding the truth about the saiyajin princeís supposed Ďdisappearanceí will make this trip worth while. There are several parties who will be very interested to find out that he is alive and well. Of course this information wonít come without a price."

The human woman turned off the lamp and touched it and it too appeared to fold up into a canister but it was hard to tell for sure in the dark. She placed both in something and put it in her hand-held bag.

"Okay" she chirped walking to the saiyajin and throwing her arms around his neck "Iím ready."

"I almost forgot" the youth berated himself. "Have the microbot tag the woman. Set it on 24 hour surveillance."

"Ouch!" the woman exclaimed. "Something bit me!"

The boy smiled. The homing device was in place.

"You donít have to be so loud woman," the prince said irritably as he gathered the female up into his arms.

"Well excuse me for living" Bulma snapped. "Its not my fault that you have such good hearing."

"No" came Vegetaís reply "just as it is not my fault that you have such a big mouth."

The youth chuckled. "Watching these two could prove to be rather entertaining," he said leaning his chin on his gloved hand.

"Just shut up and take me back to my party" Bulma replied.

He watched them take off in the opposite direction that the others had taken with the microbot in pursuit.

"The party is in the other direction," Bulma snapped.

"Who said we are going back there?" Vegeta asked.

"Vegeta we have to go back" Bulma stated.

"No we donít" Vegeta said. "You will be President of the company whether or not you go back so it is unnecessary. I intend to collect on your promise from earlier. The moment you get back to the house you will be studying those rocks and so Iím going to take advantage of the fact I have all to myself for the moment."

"Vegeta take me back now," the woman demanded. "We agreed dinner and the ceremony and then we could sneak off for some fun."

"Weíve already broken that agreement by sneaking off to look at this rock" the saiyajin answered. "You are at my mercy for the rest of the evening woman so just sit back and enjoy it."

"Break off audio/visual link and stop recording I doubt Iíll learn anything else of use tonight. Start recording again in the morning when she awakens." He wasnít a voyeur after all.

The boy clasped his hands together thoughtfully as the feed was cut off. "Tomorrow Iíll do a little surveying of the area as well" he told himself with a smile "for now Iím going to take a little nap." He smiled as he leaned back in his chair. This assignment was turning out much better than he had expected.

Gohan ran out the length of the lab toward the ringing phone. He slipped on the floor sending him crashing into the wall before he could grab the receiver. "Moshi, moshi" he said out of breath.

"Gohan is that you?" the voice of Mrs. Briefs asked. "You sound like youíve been exercising. Is my grandson giving you trouble?"

"No, I had to run for the phone is all" the youth answered. "What do you want?"

"Oh" said Mrs. Briefs, "I just wanted to know if Bulma and Vegeta had come home?"

"No" he answered after quickly surveying the area for their Kis. "Arenít they with you?"

"Well they all went out to investigate that spaceship and everyone came back but Bulma and Vegeta," she said.

"Sorry maíam" he answered politely "but they didnít come here."

"Oh well" she said with a giggle "I guess that means the party is going on without Bulma. Iím sure they wonít be coming back here tonight."

"But I thought the party was for her?" Gohan asked.

"It is but I think they found something a little more fun to do and knowing Vegeta theyíll be enjoying themselves for quite sometime" she said with a giggle.

Gohan blushed when he realized what she meant. "Uh, Mrs. Briefs" Gohan began trying hard not to think about the missing couple. "Do you know what they found?"

"Just a rock" she said.

"A rock from space?" Gohan asked.

"I assume so" Mrs. Briefs said "but they seem to think that thereís more to it than that. Theyíre going back in the morning to investigate some more."

"Good" said Gohan. "Then maybe I can join them this time."

"Well I have to get back to the party," Mrs. Briefs said. "Sorry to bother you sweetheart. Good bye."

"Bye" he said his sensitive hearing just catching the sound of a mysterious click before the other line hung up. Gohan, suspecting a certain lavender-haired mischief-maker, went in search of the boys and found them in another corner of the lab innocently tinkering with a computer.

"Who was it?" Trunks asked.

The boy was so composed that he almost doubted himself for a second until he saw his younger brother obviously trying to keep himself from laughing.

"I think you know already," Gohan answered. "What are you two up to?"

"Nothing" Trunks replied to which Goten let out the giggle he was trying to suppress.

"You better not be planning to sneak off to the landing site because you wonít get very far," Gohan said. "Iím watching you two closely for the rest of the evening. Come on letís get out of this lab."

"Okay" Trunks said. "Iíll turn off the computer and the light."

Gohan eyed them suspiciously and exited the room.

"What did they say?" Goten whispered to his friend as he slid down from the chair.

"They didnít do much because it was too dark" Trunks replied to his friend with a grin "and they arenít going back until morning which means there is still plenty of stuff to see."

"But we canít leave" Goten said, "My brother will make sure of that."

"Well Iím not planning on going now" Trunks replied. "If we meet early this morning and go before anyone else gets there we can probably come away with some interesting souvenirs."

"What time do we meet?" Goten asked excitedly.

"4:30 by the compound gates" Trunks said with a conspiratory smirk that his friend returned. "Now lets go before your brother gets suspicious."

Trunks and Goten ran after Gohan determined to be good for the rest of the evening while looking forward to their secret adventure early the next morning.

* * * * *

What are the boys getting themselves into? Well, youíll have to read the next chapter to find out!

Chapter 3: Hey Mom, Meet Wrench

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