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Chapter 11: Twisted Mind, Twisted Agenda

Vegeta could hear his heart pounding in his ears. His head was swimming and for the first time in his life he felt almost light-headed. Cursing at himself he closed out the images of the living-breathing ghosts from his past. Dordoria, Zarbon and Jeice whose blood had washed over his hands in battle were there, surrounding him on every side. So many of them. Clones, there could be no other explanation. He had known that Freeza had some outfit or another working on the idea and by the looks of it they had finally succeeded. Pulling together the stray pieces of his mind and composure he finally decided to open his eyes and met the cold and disturbed gaze of yet another figure from the past he had thought he had left far behind.

Atop the dais, in an ornate golden throne lounged the tsirijin king Frigid. Both legs dangling over one of its arms he rested his cleft chin in the palm of one hand, while his other played with the unusual necklace about his throat. His skin was a pale blue in stark contrast with his red eyes, which were at the moment, trained on Vegeta in a hateful stare. For a moment there was no other sound in the chamber but for the beating of the changelingís tail against his seat and the strange clatter of the chain he was manipulating in his fingers.

"Snow" Frigid stated in a rather flat timber "you may come stand beside me like your sister."

Snow gracefully rose and climbed the steps to stand on the opposite side of the throne from her sister, Blizzard. Their deep purple eyes locked exchanging messages unknown to all others in the universe. Unlike the other doubles housed on this planet she and Blizzard were real and, not some product of a scientistís meddling but a gift of nature. The identical twins exchanged a conspiratory look and smile before Snow stood at attention adding her burning glare to the object of the other tsirijinís and her siblingís.

17 wasnít sure he liked the way the two females had exchanged the glance on the sly in front of their leader. Snow had displayed a very dissident attitude towards her master with her words in the hallway that made 17 wonder precisely how volatile the situation was. Despite their obvious disharmony the three seemed to share a common and intense hatred for Vegeta, but from what he could gather they were very different reasons.

From what she said Snow, and of course her sister naturally, were apparently siblings of Freeza so their reaction to Vegeta was understandable. Frigid however, was a mystery to him at this point in time. He evidently was not related to the "Cold Clan" in anyway, although he had absolutely no knowledge in tsirijin social structure, he imagined that each clan was apparently made of some unique subspecies of tsirijin just from appearance. Frigid had blue skin and the members of the "Cold Clan" seemed to be pink in hue the horns also were different. Frigidís curved, whereas the "Coldís" had straight horns. Interestingly enough his horns also curved in opposite directions a fact that made 17 wonder if his mind was likewise as twisted as Vegeta had asserted.

"So Prince Vegeta we meet again" the changeling at last stated.

"Dispense with the pleasantries" Vegeta demanded "we have business to conduct so letís get it over with quickly."

The changelingís expression softened into what almost appeared to be a pout.

"You havenít changed have you?" the tsirijin questioned almost sulky.

"No" Vegeta merely stated.

The tsirijin sighed. "I was hoping to hear a little more about your whereabouts for the last 10 years but I see you are set on business only." Next Frigid abruptly raised his tail and stabbed it in 17ís direction. "Whoís that?" he insisted.

"A business associate" the prince stated tersely "no one of consequence."

"Thatís only your opinion" 17 interjected angrily towards the saiyaijin.

"It speaks" the changeling said excitedly.

"Of course he does" Vegeta shouted impatiently. "Now can we get on with it you simpleton? Just tell what price you are exacting for the information I seek so I donít have to remain here in your disgusting presence any longer than is necessary."

The changeling reacted with an angry wail popping up out of his recumbent position as if released from the coils of an imprisoning spring. "How dare you speak to me that way! I am leader of the Frost Clan!" he whined grasping for the hand of Snowís sister. "How can I tolerate this disrespect Blizzard? No one ever takes me seriously," he bemoaned wretchedly.

"Youíve got to be kidding me?" 17 questioned in complete and utter disbelief at the childish display. "And I thought your tantrums were bad Vegeta."

"I told you he was a lunatic" Vegeta growled trying to ignore the androidís comment.

"You see!" Frigid piped to the female resting his cheek on their interlaced hands. "They speak about me as if Iím not here."

"Perhaps" Blizzard said in soothing tones "you should draw on your power."

"Oh yes, yes!" Frigid said brightly releasing her hand. He grasped onto his necklace pulling it before his face and closing his eyes in concentration before he began to chant quietly under his breath.

17 looked on in quiet disbelief at the scene before him. Trying to better understand the situation he looked up at the two females that again exchanged a look but this time it bespoke boredom and annoyance. Looking next at Vegeta he noted how the saiyaijinís expression was once more unreadable but it wasnít tense or uncomfortable as it was before. "I guess this is all run of the mill for these guys" he thought turning his attention to the tsirijin king. Curiosity suddenly over-taking him he tried to get a better look at the necklace the changeling was wearing taking particuliar note of the three long white shafts hanging down vertically from the rest of the chain and he was taken aback by the reality of what they were: bones. The entire necklace was made of bones strung together and he was using it as some kind of fetish in the manner of some ancient tribal cultures of the earth. Frigid abruptly ceased his chanting while still frozen in the same position while a slow, pleased smile graced his lips. Bringing the three long bones to his lips he kissed them each in turn before opening his eyes. He allowed the necklace to fall from his grasp and sat up straight and tall staring down at them with a new air about him.

"So saiyaijin" he said his voice harder than before "you want to know my terms for giving you the information you need." He allowed a sweeping gesture to draw their attention to the other occupants of the room, the duplicate warriors and the kyouryuujin. "As you can see I have quite an impressive army" the tsirijin continued "most of these lovely creatures Iím certain you are familiar with Vegeta. They were all cloned for me by the very people you are searching for and I have even more than what you see in this room."

"So the Guild is into more than just machinery and weapons these days" Vegeta observed.

"Well you could call them weapons more or less," he said with a chuckle "they are all soldiers only programmed to fight and obey me."

"And so this is the reason youíve been able to take-over so much and throw tsirisei into turmoil?" the prince inquired.

"Yes, I have all of Freezaís best former warriors at my disposalÖexcept for one" said with a significant smile.

"Me?" Vegeta questioned.

"However did you guess?" Frigid asked.


Bulma stretched on tiptoe towards the grate above her with the wooden chair that the good doctor had provided for her use at the vanity that she was currently standing on. Touching the wood to the grate she listened for a electronic hum and was relieved not to hear anything nor see a spark. It appeared her captors didnít see fit to electrify the only other opening from the room she had been given to the rest of the compound. Emboldened by her discovery she placed the chair on the tabletop and hiked up the tight skirt to her dress while she climbed on top of it. Staring up at the grate she held her breath.

"I guess itís now or never" she thought to herself. "Well, Iíd rather be electrocuted to death than be a zombie so here goes" she decided taking a deep breath. Reaching out she touched the grate and closed her eyes until she could feel her palms in contact with the smooth metal. "Hee hee!" she exclaimed out loud extremely pleased with the results of her head to toe sweep of the room.

As far as she could tell the magnanimous, megalomaniac dictator of the machine planet had not installed any surveillance equipment, audio or visual, nor locked her in her room to prevent escape. It was amazing to her that they could trust her this much just because she had given her word not to escape. It was either that or they were so arrogant they truly believed the planet was escape proof and security measures were unnecessary. Bulma smiled contentedly to herself.

"The day they underestimated Bulma Vegeta-Briefs is the day they will regret" she thought smugly.

The door chime going off interrupted her from her reverie.

"Damn" she muttered climbing down off the chair as gracefully as she could while the ringing came again. "Iíll be right there!" she screamed nearly falling off of the vanity. Catching herself on the bed before she fell flat onto her face she quickly regained her footing, moved the chair to its proper place and ran to the door. Taking a moment to smooth her hair and skirt she allowed herself to calm down before she opened it.

"Just a minute while I get my shoes on" she said with a grin at Wrench.

"What was taking you so long?" the man-child asked suspiciously.

"I was in the bathroom" Bulma answered curtly shoving her foot into the last high heel. "By the way, where in the world did you guys get my measurements and earth fashions for me?"

"Dr. Kougou had them made per the information I sent him during my mission" Wrench replied. "Youíll find he is very generous to those who work for him of their own free will."

Bulma eyed the boy suspiciously for a moment trying to decide how he got her measurements and decided not to think about it. "I hope this is appropriate for dinner" she commented twirling around for his viewing.

"Iíd say heíll be very pleased with how you look in that gown" he said with a hentaish smile.

"Thanks, I think" she said nervously at the boy having been once again reminded of his true age.

"Come with me and Iíll take you there" he said leading the way.

"Listen Wrench" Bulma began nonchalantly. "Do you think I could get a map of the complexes? Iím absolutely sure Iím going to get lost and it would help me to study the layout of things at my leisure."

"Iíll see what I can do" the boy replied "but I donít think weíve ever made a map."

"Well blueprints would do just as well" she added with a frivolous air "I know you have to those around." When the child frowned at her she gave her best air headed laugh.

"Like I said," Wrench repeated "weíll see."

Deciding it best to keep quiet for the rest of the trek Bulma once again applied her mind to memorizing their current path and areas by which it passed. She needed to take in all possibilities.

At last they entered into a large room with a long table around which sat about 20 or so aliens whose heads all snapped in her direction. This was apparently Kougouís inner circle, the most privileged of his workers.

"Ah Mrs. Briefs welcome" the doctor taking in her form clad in skin-tight silver appreciatively. "Come" he beckoned "I saved a place by me for you."

Bulma smiled charmingly, she knew that she looked good and how to use that to her advantage. She slowly and regally strutted in making sure her hips swayed hypnotically. Fluidly she settled in her seat and graced the excited being on the other side of her with a smile. If all her years working for her father it was how to work a crowd.

"Everyone" the Dr. stated raising a glass "I propose a welcome toast to the newest member of our elite team of minds. Welcome Bulma Vegeta-Briefs."

"You have an interesting sounding name my dear" the pink being next to her stated. "What planet are you from?"

"Earth" she stated and was shocked by the gasps and mummers it elicited from the group around the table.

"Earth?" the man questioned nervously.

"Yes" Bulma said thoroughly bemused "Is their something wrong with that?"

Dr. Kougou burst into laughter suddenly. "Donít worry she is as harmless as you Ceres" Kougou stated. "I assure you that Ďthe curse of Earthí is highly over-rated. Wouldnít you say Wrench old friend."

"Indubitably" the blond boy replied.

"Iím sure you wouldnít bring anyone here that would endanger us" Ceres replied rapidly. "Itís just that so many have gone missing there."

"The Curse of Earth"? Missing?" Bulma asked "What do you mean?"

"He is referring to the disappearances that have earned your planet a great deal of superstition" Kougou said taking a sip of wine. "When Radditz, Nappa, Vegeta, Freeza and King Cold never returned from your world it caused quite stir in the universal community. No one knows exactly what happened to them, unlike you and I. Why donít you tell them, I think theyíd find it extremely intriguing. Especially of course where Prince Vegeta is concerned."

Bulma stared in shock at the doctorís orders to her. The entire room was silent, eyes boring into her soul expectantly. She couldnít tell them everything. Did they want her to reveal that time travel resulted in the deaths of Freeza and Cold? If too many people knew about that it could serious problems with the timeline. She herself had resisted the temptation to indulge in the concept because she knew how serious changes to the timeline could be. Mirai Trunks and Mirai Bulma created a separate time stream from her own and she shuttered to think what chaos a hundred such timelines could cause.

Still more disturbing to her was what concerned her own family. Did he want her to say that Vegeta was very much alive and she was his wife? She knew that she shouldnít because of one conversation she had with Vegeta. Her adventure in Namek had fired her imagination to the prospect of space travel and she and her father planned to create a whole fleet of ships to usher in a new era for the planet. It had been a difficult task, especially with all the distractions caused by the androids and Cell, so it took several years for them to create their own plausible ship not based entirely on the saiyaijin or namkenian designs, and they finally had come up with something shortly after the Cell Games. Their plans were cut short, however, when Vegeta had found out and became incensed. She could still see the anger and the fear in his eyes, such fear that it chilled her to the very core of her soul, and remembered his words "You have no idea what would happen if anyone were to find out the I was alive or what could happen to you or Trunks when they found out about you. You would become targets of every bounty hunter and mad man across the galaxy. They will rip you to shreds to get to me." Of course unfortunately Kougou and Wrench did know and from what Wrench had said planned to sell the information. She could easily deny it but she doubted they would allow her to keep it secret. It was only a matter of time before they told them for her and then she would look like she was ashamed of being Vegetaís wife. She only hoped and prayed that they would leave Trunks out of this.

"Well" Bulma said painfully. "A Saiyaijin was sent to my planet to purge it but was hit on the head and ended up protecting the Earth instead. We have a lot of strong fighters as well so our forces have thwarted all attempts at invasion. All of them are dead, except for Vegeta. Heís still alive and living on my planet. Heís my mate." She looked over at Dr. Kougou who seemed reasonably satisfied with her answer.

"Vegeta is alive?" the man next to her stuttered nervously staring at her with new eyes. "You know he and his cronies destroyed my world."

Bulma adverted her eyes all at once feeling very uncomfortable as gasps and harsh whispers fell upon her ears. She had walked in prepared to win friends, or at least gain information, that would aid her in her escape but now it was painfully clear she would have no such luck. She had forgotten the shadow that Vegetaís dark past might cast over her by association. These people feared him, as she once had, and this thought twisted her stomach.

"Are you sure its wise to be keeping the mate of the Saiyaijin Prince?" a woman nervously declared receiving affirmation from the others. "If he comes for her we have no hope of surviving his anger."

"What about the other saiyaijin" someone else added, "If heís the one who killed Freeza and he comes against us we havenít got a prayer."

"The Legendary Super Saiyaijin, as he has been dubbed due to some ridiculous legend, is dead." Dr. Kougou said loudly among the din of voices.

Bulma looked up at the doctor in question and then at Wrench who gave her a conspiratory grin. "Why the little baka didnít tell him the Vegeta was a super saiyaijin," she thought to herself in surprise. "He probably neglected to say anything about Gohan either."

"As for Vegeta, heíll never find us," continued the Doctor arrogantly. "Besides we have the best and the most advanced of radical ki weaponry available right here. We neednít fear anyone."

After a brief pause Bulma heard the buzz of conversation erupt once more. She then caught a few of the words directed at herself in the closed off conversations. Terms such as "saiyaijin whore" and "murdererís slut" were being freely used as labels stoking the fires of her familiar temper. How dare anyone judge her!

"Sheís probably prostituted herself to the saiyaijin to spare her neck" she heard the woman directly next to Ceres whisper to another.

"Yes, its her kind that enjoys wallowing in traitorous comfort while her own people is enslaved" was the reply.

"In case any of you are wondering my planet is just fine and perfectly healthy and prosperous," Bulma said loudly standing up. "It has not been taken over, enslaved or ruined by anyone. As for Vegeta, he has never hurt anyone that didnít deserve it since he started living on Earth; in fact heís helped protect it. So all of you with weak little narrow minds can keep your mouths shut!"

"Bravo" Dr. Kougou chortled.

"And you!" Bulma turned to him. "You can forget about your radical weapons and your secret location protecting you. Vegeta and my friends will find me and when they do you donít have a prayer of making it out alive. Once Vegeta sees that youíre cloning saiyaijin heíll blow this whole operation sky-high!"

The silence that had over came the whole room since she begun her outburst hung thick in the air. Having regained her composure the blue-green haired scientist settled back down into her seat gracefully nose in air and head-held high.

"By the way Dr. Kougou" Bulma continued calmly staring unafraid at the snarling face of the mad scientist "you donít mind telling me just what those clones are for do you?"

"After that marvelous entertaining outburst" Wrench stated, "I think you earned an explanation. Donít you think Doctor?"

Kougou glared at his Ďold friendí. "Only you would find this harpy amusing!" he stated.

"Actually" Wrench said sharply "I think Vegeta finds her amusing as well." Before he could be cut-off he quickly continued. "She is a temperamental genius sir, but one none-the-less. If you are to benefit from her genius then you will have to put up with her little outbursts."

Looking over at Bulma, who was currently trying hard not to retaliate for the doctorís last insult, he conceded with a grunt. "Since you seem so interested Iíll answer your question," the platinum haired scientist told her. "They are being made into biological weapons for a large client of ours. A tsirijin called Frigid."

"Didnít you say you used to work for a guy named Frigid?" Bulma directed a question to Wrench.

"Yes" Wrench answered. "Heís moved up in the world since the Cold Clan nearly collapsed with Cold and Freezaís disappearances. Of course the Cold Clan has recently come out of the corner swinging."

"And whose side are you on?" Bulma asked.

"Whoever is paying the most money?" said Wrench with a grin.

"It figures" Bulma said tersely to which he laughed.

"Ah here is the first course!" the Doctor suddenly called warmly.

Bulma sighed having lost her appetite. Things were not going well at all and she just hoped she could get through the dinner.


"My price for the information is a DNA sample from you" Frigid said with an eerie grin.

"So you want me to give you a sample of my DNA so you can have clones of me as well?" Vegeta asked incredulously.

"Exactly" Frigid said excitedly loosing a bit of the edge to his voice. "I could easily over-take the rest of the universe with clones of you. You saiyaijin are by far the best and most efficient of warriors and you being the strongest of them would ensure my dream will come true."

"Well" Vegeta stated, "You can continue to dream because Iím not giving you anything."

"Reconsider" Frigid insisted. "Remember I also have something you need."

"I donít need your information" Vegeta said with a superior air crossing his arms over his chest. "You would have just saved me the trouble of hunting it down myself. Now unless you have another offer that doesnít involve creating a force of slaves to do what you yourself are incapable of doing then Iíll be on my way."

"I invite you into my throne room, I treat you with respect, and I even offer to give you what you want in exchange and you refuse me!" Frigid screamed pounding his fists onto the arms of the throne. "Do I have to remind you a blood debt to me and my clan?"

"I owe you nothing!" Vegeta shouted back venomously.

"Nothing!" the tsirijin cried indignantly. "You call the life of my sister nothing?"

17 looked at both participants in the argument in amazement. For the second time this day he could see Vegeta coming undone. This subject obvious struck a nerve with the saiyaijin.

"Exactly" Vegeta hissed tempering the hurt he felt beginning to surface into a cool rage. "She deserved her fate. It was just payment for the blood debt she owed me. She was a traitor to you as well as me, or have you forgotten the fact she murdered your own brother before your eyes because it was the wish of your worst enemy?"

"ENOUGH!" Frigid cried holding his head in his hands like a vice.

"I agree" Vegeta sated turning on his heel. "Come on scrap heap letís go."

"Sure" 17 said with a shrug following the sayaijin who was clearly in a hurry to leave the kingís presence.

"You canít just leave like this!" the irate ruler bellowed at their backs as they disappeared into the hall. "Stop immediately! I command you to!"

Snow turned towards her sister quite smug that the whole encounter had turned out precisely as she had predicted.

Giving her sibling a knowing smile she let her hand come to rest upon Frigidís shoulder cutting short his continuing tirade. "Donít worry sire" she said gently "well take care of everything for you. In a moment or two the Saiyaijin Prince wonít be so cocky. I have surprise waiting for him."

"Of course do what you must," Frigid uttered in an angry whimper. His tone changed as he caught sight of the chain around his neck and a wicked smile graced his navy lips. "Just remember," he said stroking the ornament about his throat with a loverís caress sinking deeper into his private world "I need a piece of him intact to collect a DNA sample and I wish to add his power to mine."

"Sister dear" Snow stated softly being certain that Frigid was still lost in his delusions to notice "I have a matter to discuss with you urgently."

Blizzard grinned immediately picking up on her twins devious air. Snow had an idea not fit for royal ears no doubt. She next turned her attention to the mass of troops amassed in the throne room.

"All of you" she shouted with authority to the lackeyís present. "I want you to follow the two who just exited the throne room silently. You are to hang back and attack them from behind after the main force has already engaged them head-on. Now go!"

"Keeping the saiyaijin for the surprise attack was a brilliant move Blizzard" Snow said playfully. "Its almost worthy of me or our dearly departed brother."

"Youíd be lost without me Snow dear and you know it" Blizzard replied sarcastically. "I donít need to use tricks because of my skill in combat while you on the other hand, well we both know you prefer to catch them with their pants downÖ"

"At least I enjoy myselfÖ" Snow began temperamentally.

"At least I know how to keep my head cool" Blizzard retorted.

"Now, now" Frigid said patting their hands "sisters shouldnít fight so. Especially when they have duties to perform."

Both females turned their fire filled violet orbs onto the idiotically grinning monarch.

"Of course youíre right" Snow uttered peevishly.

"Well go right away exalted one" Blizzard said sweetly.

The two Shadow Sisters left wordlessly transversing the length of the throne room in silent cat-like treads and allowed the great doors to close behind them.

"Stupid fool" Snow spat out once she was certain she could not be over heard.

"At least thatís one thing we can agree on" Blizzard added. "Now I thought you had some kind of revolutionary plan."

"I do" Snow replied with a feral smirk. "I hope you memorized exactly how our guests looked."

"Of course I did" Blizzard replied with a smirk.

"Then follow me and Iíll tell you on the way" Snow said fading into the background.

"Bossy" Blizzard snapped following suit.

Unbeknown to the two sisters their whole exchange was being secretly observed through a crack in the door of an adjoining supply locker. The observer, after allowing enough time for their departure, turned and addressed the others lurking in the darkness of room.

"Something big is definitely going to happen" the tall, statuesque kyouryuujin whispered to his companions shutting the door securely.

A soft light, from an emergency kit lamp, cast its soft glow about the room revealing the other four occupants.

"Commander Zenac" one of the men whispered in alarm. "What are we going to do?"

"We help Prince Vegeta," the warrior said pointedly.

"What!" the odd-eyed woman declared. "We canít help that murderer! I say we let them destroy each other and pick-up the pieces."

"He is our only hope to rid ourselves of Frigid" Zenac stated simply.

"Isnít it trading one oppressor for another?" another soldier declared.

"I donít think heís interested in ruling our planet or anyone elseís" Zenac replied. "Heís been lying low for quite sometime and if he had any designs to take over the universe then we would of heard from him before this. I think we could strike a deal with him. He seems to hate Frigid as much as we do."

"I still say itís not Frigid at all" the odd-eyed kyouryuujin female insisted. "Its those Cold Sisters running the show if you ask me."

"Thatís enough Lealia" Zenac snapped loosing patience. "Iíve made my decision. If you want to back out and go to the base then go. Iíll understand this once. After all it was Vegeta that killed both of your parents."

"No" she said quietly. "Iím not backing out now."

"Good," Zenac stated catching the rifle tossed at him still observing her with concern before turning to one of his fellows. "Purn, go and enlist the help of the other Freedom Fighters. Leelia and Bel, letís move out."

* * * * *

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