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Fan Art for Contest #1 - Winner was Mikami's 'Fondness'

Fan Art for Contest #2 - Winner was Died's 'Bernini's Abduction of Persephone'

Fan Art for Contest #3 - Winner was Gollumproduction's 'The Flowerfire's Night'

Fan Art for Contest #4 - Winner was Gwendy's 'The Reconciliation of Oberon and Titania'

Fan Art for Contest #5 - Winner was Inei Tenshi's 'Shoyuubutsu (Possession)'

Fan Art By Me (adimra - duh):

Currently down.

Fan Art By Others:

Chapter 3 of 'If I Dreamed' By: Brenda

Absolutely adorable chibi pic from 'My Pleasure My Pain.' By: Autumn Flame
From 'My Pleasure My Pain,' "I want to keep you." ::Big smile:: By: Autumn Flame
Stataris from Michika's 'If I Dreamed.' By: Autumn Flame
Hurray, my requested pic of the end of Part 3 to 'Til Death Do You Part.' By: Autumn Flame

A beautiful watercolour inspired from 'Chains and Shackles.' By: Saki
The title picture for 'No Time.' By: Saki

Inspired by the fic 'Blue Saiyajin.' By: Elisa the Space Oddity

Artwork for the hilarious '9 Months Saga.' By: Pamela

From one of the more popular scenes in 'My Pleasure My Pain,' Part 1. By: Brandy
A touching scene from Chapter 7 of 'Beyond this Day.' By: Brandy
A title picture for Brandy's fic 'Enigma.' By: Brandy
Bulma and her "Hate Dragon" from 'A Glad Day.' By: Brandy

Bulma in her garden from Chapter 1 of 'A Glad Day.' By: Meia

Reminiscent of 1930/1940 movie posters, a pic from 'Blood Ties.' By: Sabrebabe
Same as above, only in 'Technicolor'. By: Sabrebabe

A character drawing of Bryce from 'Echoes of the Past.' By: Demara

Bulma from 'One Sweet Day'. By: Juniper

The heartbreaking, final scene of Chapter III in 'A Glad Day.' By: Annie

The title picture for 'Unexpected.' By: Sango
The regal title picture for 'Beyond This Day.' By: Sango
A haunting picture of 'A Glad Day' (slight nudity warning). By: Sango
A pic from Sango's "Vejiita Nibunnoichi". By: Sango

Inspired by Shin Dragon's 'Both.' By: Died

Inspired by all the Greek/Roman Myth stories from the second contest. By: Elaina
A haunting pic of Trunks being attacked by Arrak-jin from Chapter VII of 'Sins of the Fathers.' By: Elaina

Entitled "Come Home" it was inspired by the fanfic Shattered Tranquility. By: SSJ Songfox

A picture of Bulma inspired by Contest 3. By: SJG64

Inspired by NansJns' Contest #2 Entry - Saved by Love. By: Holly

Inei Tenshi computer coloured her Contest #3 Entry - Untitled Black and White Piece. By: Inei Tenshi

An uplifting picture to the finale of 'A Glad Day'. By: Lilibel

Bulma and Yaumcha from the Red Dragon interlude 'Old Heros'. By: Michelle Y. Richardson

An adorable picture of Bulma and Karot-chan from 'A Glad Day'. By: Bulmafox

*new* A picture of Bulma, inspired by Contest 3. By: Hiroko

*new* Bulma and Vegeta in 'Blue Saiyajin.' By: Krystal Kitty
*new* The Royal Couple from 'Blue Saiyajin.' By: Krystal Kitty
*new* Bulma running from 'Blue Saiyajin.' By: Krystal Kitty
*new* Vegeta in chains from 'Chains and Shackles.' By: Krystal Kitty
*new* Bak Na scene from 'Til Death Do You Part.' By: Krystal Kitty

Gift Art:

::Squeals:: Michika gave me a marvelous gift for my 60,000 hits!!! By: Michika Tenshi
For 100,000 hits, Sabrebabe gave me a beautiful present ^.^! By: Sabrebabe
These anniversary gifts keep on rolling in! By: Sabrebabe
A gift for my one year anniversary! Thanks so much Meia By: Meia
A gift for the site's 200,000 hits! By: Meia
Another one year anniversary gift ^.^ By: Demara
A belated anniversary gift, it's sizzling. By: Nora
A present for 200,000 hits! By: Luci
A wonderful Christmas Present! By: Gollum
A beautiful 300,000 hit present. By: Luci
A beautiful gift for my birthday (March 21, 2002). By: Inei Tenshi
A sexy Vegeta gift picture from Teryn. By: Teryn
A beautiful B/V gift from Gwendy. By: Gwendy
*new* Delicious anniversary gift - a lifelike Vegeta. By: Blue Siren

Site Awards:

Hehe, my site got an award. Thanks Super Girl! By: Super G
A very cool site award from Rev Kurame By: Rev Kurame
*new* A sweet webmistress award from Krystal Kitty. By: Krystal Kitty
*new* Another website award! Thanks Krystal Kitty. By: Krystal Kitty

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