Inspired by the Roman myth of Pomona and Vertumnus

For those who don't know ...I'm using Roman names. And all the information I am using is correct! I know a lot about mythology, Greek and Roman exactly. So please no emails saying this or that is not true. At the end of the story is a list of all the names of the Greek to Roman gods and goddess, and their powers.

Refused Love
By: Quatre's Luv


In the woods near a town lived a Saiyan. Unlike the other Saiyans who wanted to spar with each other day in and day out, this one preferred to spar alone. A self-centered, arrogant, jackass, this Saiyan thought he was to good to spar with, as he put it, 'low class bakas.' Vegeta, was his name. Dark in every way. His skin a dark tan, eyes black, and hair too. Short in size but not in power. True he was stronger then the others, but a Saiyan was one to fight in the open, to show off his powers. However, Vegeta didn't want to be compared to anyone, when he knew he was the best.

So he went off on his own to train, and practice. He shut himself away from women, alone with his training, and let no female wooer come near him. He turned down all those who tired. The only reason one would try and woo him, was for his looks. No one understood his passion of being alone, not being compared, for he was the best. All those who wanted him thought the same thing, 'I will change him. He will leave this barren place and rejoin the world.' Vegeta knew they all believed that and he refused to have any part of it.

However, of all that sought him, Bulma was the most ardent, but could make no headway. Bulma was a blue hair and eye young female. Very smart. She too couldn't stand being compared to know one. Like him, she shared a deadly temper. She was the smartest person to exist, and she knew it too. She decided once she was old enough she would move a way from home so she could work alone. Bulma traveled far and long to get a way. No matter where she would go some one would come along and bother her. So she traveled for a month non-stop. This lead her to Vegeta.

She stayed in this one town because no one was comparing her. Also she was to far and did not know her way. True she wanted to be alone, but not lost. She closed herself to the inside her cottage to the woods near by. This is how she met the Saiyan.

Bulma heard some noises far off and went to see what it was, her curiosity getting the better of her. Once she was near the opening, Bulma was very much surprised. For there was a Saiyan. Bulma knew the Saiyans all to well. She knew they only live near big towns, where they could show off. She sat and watched this young warrior, and she did not know she fell in love. Eros shot his golden arrow straight into her heart. After the youth left, she too returned to her home. The next day she asked about the strange Saiyan.

'He is heartless.' an old lady responded.

'No wooer can win him.' a young girl snapped.

'His name is Vegeta.' a helpful boy said.

'He'll let any one come near once then kill them if they return. However, none can touch his heart.' an old man announced.

'Don't try and love him, for you will be left wounded.' another youth advised.

'He lives alone. Loves only himself. And never compare him.' a mother warned, 'It means death if you do. I was told he believes he is the best warrior ever, and the thought of comparing him to anyone would send Orcus himself down upon them.'

'Vegeta.' Bulma sighed. That's all she thought about. He didn't see her when she spied on him the first time. So she got up her courage and made a plan. Since he had not seen her she might be able to change his heart with her looks. That was not the best idea though. Only ones even allowed close were those who would walk by on accident. No one else. So another plan was made by Bulma. She would go disguised.

Often as a young boy who would come to watch. When Vegeta asked what the 'young boy' who was named, Rtun what he wanted, Bulma would reply as best she could in a male's voice, 'I came to watch and learn from the best.' This seemed to suit Vegeta very much. He even went so far as to teach Rtun/Bulma some basic moves. Too soon though Vegeta had planed on teaching Rtun/Bulma how to use the Saiyan way of fighting. Bulma could not succeed in learning that, for Vegeta would find the truth out and kill her. So Bulma returned as Rtun and told Vegeta that he had to move. His family wasn't doing to good in the town. Vegeta just nodded and went about his business. Surely forgetting Rtun in minutes.

Then Bulma decided to go as an old Saiyan warrior. Not returning as much as she did when she was Rtun. Vegeta again asked the old warrior, or Seidon, what he wanted, and Seidon/Bulma responded in a scratched voice, 'I came to watch the modern warriors, see if they grew to stupid to know how to really fight.' Vegeta was outraged. He wanted to kill the warrior. However, since Seidon/Bulma had no tail, Vegeta paused in his anger to ask about what happened to it.

Bulma thought her cover was blown, but thought of a very interesting story, one she was sure to keep Vegeta from killing her and was the truth. 'I fought against Jupiter, himself,' Seidon/Bulma boasted.

Wide eyed Vegeta shouted, 'No way in Hades could you have done that!'

'I did. Why do you think my tail is gone? I merely cut it off myself?'

Vegeta was left silent. Smiling inwardly Seidon/Bulma said, 'I'm very old, and I need my rest. But if you want to know this story, then I will meet you by the waterfall, when Aurora enters the sky.' With that Seidon/Bulma left.

Bulma rose early the next day and disguised herself into Seidon. She arrived at the waterfall to find, to her delight, Vegeta there.

'So what is the legend you believe you lived?' Vegeta rudely asked.

Not missing the sly trick Vegeta was trying to pull, Seidon/Bulma exclaimed, 'A legend I lived yes! If you do not want to listen, boy, then live! Don't waste my time. I have lived many more years then you can even dream of.'

'I would rather die on the battle field then grow old!' Vegeta snapped. He turned to leave, when Seidon/Bulma was laughing.

Bulma knew the true history of the Saiyans, so she knew what she should say about their fighting ways, and what she should not. So when he mentioned of not growing old made her laugh.

'What's so funny?' Vegeta demanded.

'This is how the Saiyan warrior thinks? Dying on a battle field then growing old?' Seidon/Bulma laughed more.

'It is an honor to die in glory!' Vegeta raged.

'Yes to die in glory, but there are no more glory filled battles!' Seidon/Bulma snapped. 'Look at your fellow warriors. None are heroes. None have done great acts. None have become the Legendary!'

Stopping in his rage Vegeta asked in a deadly voice, 'What do you mean none are heroes, or have not done great acts?!'

'Shut up and set down then I will explain.' Seidon/Bulma remarked. Listening Vegeta sat down.

'During the period after the Golden Age, there were many dangers. Juno getting jealous at all the women Jupiter fell in love with. Many women started to die. Mostly Saiyan women. To protect them our King went to talk to Neptune, since at the time Saiyans were mostly living near the sea. Neptune thought that if the Saiyans were to mark their mates then Jupiter could not take them, and then Juno could not be jealous and kill them. Even if Jupiter were to agree he would never follow through. So Neptune went to get Mercury to ask him for his help. Mercury wasn't to sure on it. He thought it was a great plan. But the one they needed to talk to was the goddess of Wisdom, Minerva. Minerva too thought it was a great plan. So she tired her hardest to figure out how to help the Saiyans ...for as you know, Saiyans were known throughout the Heavens, and almost every god and goddess would do almost anything for the Saiyans, for each tribe was very loyal to each of the gods and goddess.

'Minerva finally thought that if Jupiter was faced with Death, then he would have to listen. She went to Pluto to tell him of this plan, and since Saiyans brought a lot of souls to him, he agreed to talk to Orcus. Orcus couldn't do anything unless the Fates agreed. With much convincing the Fates agreed. On one condition ...a Saiyan warrior fought against Jupiter. The King brought it to us, and I agreed. So when Neptune, Mercury, Minerva, Orcus and the Fates told him of the plan he was mad. But he agreed.

'I had one hell of a time fighting him. I was lucky ...I was able to become something different. You see the King had not had a child yet, so he could not fight. And at the time I was stronger then him ...stronger then any Saiyan. So when in the middle of the fight Jupiter mentioned of raping my mate ..I was blinded by rage. My hair turn gold, my eyes teal. I turned into what you call, a Super Saiyan.'

Vegeta went from not believing a low class warrior could be stronger then a Saiyan King, to awe. He was sitting in front of the first Super Saiyan.

'I was stronger and faster and all. I was almost equal to Jupiter. Almost. Our fight lasted for a while. I can't remember. But once Jupiter took hold of my tail and tore my it off ...the fight was over. I was in to much pain. It was the first time anyone knew our tails could be used against us. The pain was so strong, I tired to continue ..but could not.

'I was lucky once again. As Jupiter was about to kill me, Iris came on a beautiful rainbow. She brought two messages for him. One was from Orcus, and the other was from the Fates. The Fate, Lachesis, said it was my destiny to live, for I have more to do. And it was Atropos, the one who could not be turned, who said she would not cut my thread of life. For you see, Orcus said he will not kill me, since I was willing to stand up and save my people. That was more noble then anything he has seen. He knew who ever was to face Jupiter they would die. So Orcus would not kill me. Since Orcus, as you know, was Death itself, Atropos could not cut my life. Thus, I would not die then.

'Jupiter was in rage when he found I could not die. But for my punishment I would not grow my tail back. And my family would die. I would have no descendants. So thus, became of the Legendary: the Super Saiyan. And the bite mark, to claim a mate.

'After my fight with Jupiter, other Saiyans became more bold, more wise, more of everything. For even though Jupiter was mad at me, he was impressed. Other gods, and goddess swayed. Like Hecate, she taught the first Saiyans how to use ki and helped once even. She gave us the power to transform during the full moon. Then she would turn around, and take the moon out of the sky. Ate, on the other hand, didn't hate Saiyans, she just loved messing with us. Ate would cause all kinds of mischief between tribes of Saiyans, and cause Saiyans to act rash sometimes. But she was doing it in fun, never cause real trouble. Eris, was another story. She cause a lot of discord between tribes, which ended in war sometimes. That pleased Mars and his sister, Enyo, to no end. Hygea was in favor of us. She gave us the best of health. What effected everything else, would not effect us.

'You know of the rest. Like Victoria, Moira, Parthenope, Peitho, Somnus and his sons, Voluptas, Plutus, Tyche, Juventus, and the others.' Seidon/Bulma stopped and looked into the sky.

Following his/her line of sight Vegeta looked up. 'I should go.'

'Wait!' Vegeta said, 'I want to know more.'

'Why?' Seidon/Bulma asked.

'A warrior not only needs strength but knowledge as well.'

'I will see.'

After a week passed Bulma desired to return. She felt she knew more about the Saiyan past. Bulma knew the story she told Vegeta was true, however, she didn't know if the first Super Saiyan was named Seidon or not one knew. After all that was a while back.

Seidon/Bulma arrived at the waterfall to see if Vegeta really wanted to know more, and sure enough, out of the sky came Vegeta.

'I thought you won't return.' Vegeta muttered. Smiling Seidon/Bulma sat down and began telling Vegeta of all the stories she knew. They sent weeks meeting together.

Bulma told Vegeta of how Victoria brought victory to the Saiyans, how Moira and the Fates were different, how Parthenope, a great female Saiyan warrior, became one of the Sirens. How Peitho would keep the Saiyans from being persuaded to easily. How Somnus wouldn't have Saiyans sleep as much, and his sons won't send many dreams to Saiyans. Seidon/Bulma told of how Voluptas would love using the Saiyans tail for the greatest pleasure. How Plutus would bring Saiyans great wealth, how Tyche gave all Saiyans good fortune in battle, and how Juventus gave youth to Saiyans. Juventus was horned more then any other god for Saiyans could live longer, and fight more, since after all Hygea was keeping them in good health.

To soon though Bulma was running out of the old legends. So once again she had to go. Lying Seidon/Bulma told Vegeta that he must move on, and maybe he would return one day. Maybe.

Bulma never gave up though, she came disguise as many different people she needed to be. Sometimes she would just spy on the Saiyans. However, she was finally made a better plan. Praying to all the gods she knew, Bulma disguised herself into an old farmer. So it didn't seem strange to Vegeta that after admiring his fighting skills she said, 'But you are much better,' and kissed him. Still, he kept on kissing her as no old man would have done, and Vegeta was startled. Perceiving this she let him go and sat down opposite an elm tree over which grew a vine loaded with purple grapes. She said softly, 'How lovely they are together, and how different they would be apart, the tree useless and the vine flat on the ground unable to bare fruit. Are not you like such a vine?' Vegeta was about to kill the man for doing what he did, but for some reason he stopped to hear what the old man had to say.

'You turn from all who desire you. You will try to stand alone. And yet there is one- listen to an old man who loves you more that you know- you would do well not to reject, Bulma. You are her first true love and will be her last. And she too cares to be only. Not to be compared. She would work by your side to help you.' Then, speaking with great seriousness, she pointed out to him how Venus had shown many a time that she hated hard-hearted warriors; and she told him the sad story of Anaxarete, who had disdained her suitor Iphis, until in despair he hanged himself from her gatepost, whereupon Venus turned the heartless girl into a stone image.

'Be warned,' Bulma begged, 'and yield to your true lover.' With this, Bulma dropped his disguise and stood before Vegeta as radiant as she could be. Eros was with Bulma and shot the most purest golden arrow he had, and with Apollo's help, lead it straight into Vegeta's heart. He yielded to Bulma's beauty and fall in love.

Smiling Venus asked Selene to bring the night quick. Selene happily responded and Nix fell onto the two lovers.

Staring into Bulma's eyes Vegeta walked up to her and kissed her with all his heart. Great joy over came Bulma and she return the kiss with equal or more passion. Together they spent the night. Making sweet blissful lover to each other. Venus held back Aurora for the two lovers. From then on Vegeta's woods was shared by two. Both understanding each other, and both equal to each other. After all, it was a match made in haven.

The End


Here is the list a said I would give you, hope this helps you out ...if not email me

*Jupiter a.k.a. Zeus was King of the gods: he did run around falling in lover with many females

*Aurora (same) was the goddess of the Dawn: She brought the dawn

*Eros a.k.a. Cupid was the god of Love: made people hate or love each other

*Venus a.k.a. Aphrodite was the goddess of Love: ruled love

*Golden Age, is when Saturn (Cronus in Greek/Zeus' father) reigned in Italy, no war could be declared; slaves and masters ate at the same table; executions were postponed, ect.

*Juno a.k.a. Hera was the Queen of the gods: she was very jealous of all the lovers Zeus took and it made no difference to her how reluctant any of them were or how innocent; the goddess treated them all alike. Her implacable anger followed them and their children too.

*Neptune a.k.a. Poseidon was the King of the Sea: he protected all other those that were sea-fairing people

*Mercury a.k.a. Hermes was the god of Commerce and the Market, Protector of Traders, plus many more: he was Zeus/Jupiter's messenger and was very fast

*Minerva a.k.a. Athena was the goddess of Wisdom and the City: she was very wise and Zeus/Jupiter's favorite child

*Pluto a.k.a. Hades was the King of the Dead: he was not death himself

*Orcus a.k.a. Thanatos was Death: he was death, not Pluto

*Fates (same) gave to men at birth evil and good to have. They were stronger then any god or goddess 3 in number;

Clotho, Lachesis- the Disposer of Lots, who assigned to each man his destiny; Atropos- she who could not be turned, who carried "the abhorred shears" and cut the thread at death

*Iris (same) was the goddess of the Rainbow and a messenger of the gods

*Hecate (same) was the goddess of the Dark of the Moon (meaning when there was no moon), associated with deeds of darkness, the goddess of the Crossways, which were held to be ghostly places of evil magic

*Ate (same) was the goddess of Mischief, Author of all Rash Actions and the results: cause a lot of mischief

*Eris (same) was the goddess of Discord: cause discord where every she went attended Mars/Ares on the battlefield

*Mars a.k.a. Ares was the god of War: loves to cause wars

*Enyo (same) was the goddess of War: Mars/Ares sister

*Hygea (same) was the goddess of Health: took and gave health to anyone

*Victoria a.k.a. Nike was the goddess of Victory: brought victory to people

*Moira (Fate) not a god, but a mysterious, tremendous power. stronger even than the gods. To scorn Fate was to bring Nemesis, the certain consequence of defying Fate

*Parthenope (same) one of the Sirens

*Peitho (same) was the goddess of Persuasion: persuaded people to do things

*Somnus a.k.a. Hypnus was the god of Sleep: who gave sleep and took sleep, his three sons are

Morpheus- assuming the form of any and every human being, Icelus- gives dreams of birds and beasts, Phantasus- gives dreams of inanimate objects

*Voluptas (Roman only) was the goddess of Pleasure: gave and took pleasure

*Plutus (Roman only) was Wealth: a Roman allegorical figure wrongly confused with Pluto

*Tyche a.k.a. Fortuna was the goddess of Fortune: took and gave fortune

*Juventus a.k.a. (female) Hebe was the god of Youth: gave youth to people

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