What can I say; it’s Book IV, the last book….


Book IV


It had been a full week, a week that felt like a month, and a month that felt like a year. How could something such as that be so ultimately amazing? She’d never forget his warm body; it had felt even warmer than the sun when he had pressed himself to her.

All week she had been wondering if Vegeta, a god she had barely begun to know, really understand her need. The way she saw it, the most important thing at this point was love, love from a man. Was what happened that night love? Bulma wasn’t sure, but his actions reminded her of something Cyane always warned and cautioned her about, seduction. Were deep eyes of his true to his word? Well, he never really mentioned anything about love, but does someone’s lover ever actually have to say the words if the love is really, truly there to begin with? She couldn’t seem to grasp any of this. Her mother had told her many a tales of Vegeta and his brutal and cold blooded behavior; if those things she said were veritable, why was it that even through her apprehension she had never felt more safe and unbound in her life? She could think of three answers; one that he seemed to know her better than maybe even herself, two that her mother wasn’t there to tell her to run, and three that his eyes were so mysterious and profound they seemed to really offer to her everything she sought after. But what did he want in return? That’s the point she usually got to when she started to doubt the god’s motives. Besides, the only other man besides Kakarott that she had truly conversed with was that mortal.

Uh, this week had been a trip. What really caused her head to flip was when that mortal came walking towards her as she stood in a field of wild flowers that bounded in every corner of a large valley. Her hearted had pounded heavily in her chest, not for her past experience with him, for his lips seemed much less inviting than Vegeta’s, but because of her confusion in the matter. Like she had known way before, she could never love this man, but he seemed to take in full strides to accomplish a task. He seemed to approach her cautiously as if he was worried someone was watching his approach. He took her by the hand and led her to sit her down in the tall grass so they could talk, as he said. What they talked about was Vegeta. Why was everyone warning her about this god now when she had just experienced the most amazing moment in her life with him? But what this mortal told rang her ears. He had said that Vegeta’s intentions were evil and that there was no way he wanted her love or had any agenda to give any to her. He said that such a god is incapable of such an emotion. He told her, as he walked away, he was sure he’d never see her again and that he wanted her to know that he loved her. His words hadn’t moved her in the slightest; to her they seemed blank with no real depth or truth.

What was she going to do? What if Vegeta really did want to take her as his own and bring her to his dark Kingdom? Would she refuse? Would she agree? It was at times like these when she didn’t want that need for independence or that requisite to experience love. It was all too painful and perplexing.

There was no need to continue this; she was at one of her favorite gatherings. A gathering where any goddesses go a pick flowers in field blessed most abundantly by Helios’s warm arms.

Bulma looked up to search for another exquisite flower to pick and she caught on out the corner of her eye. It was absolutely breathtaking; though it was distanced a little length from the group of women, she had to have it.


They came with their daughters, whom they left to roam unguarded through the meadows. There the girls started filling baskets with marigolds, and violets, and poppies, and hyacinths, and everlasting amaranths, and roses, and all kinds of bright flowers, some without a name. Persephone herself, they say, plucked crocuses and white lilies or violets, but while plucking and gathering, she strayed far so that none of her companions followed her. It was then, some say, that Hades saw her, seized her, and bore her into his own realm.


Vegeta sat on his bed, gently and slowly drinking his favorite wine while watching his resting capture. It had all been a success even after that mortal’s down right idiotic attempt to spoil his plans. He would get his punishment in due course.

Vegeta reached with his free hand to feel the silky tresses of hair. Never had he felt something so amazing. Kakarott had been right about two things when he agreed to let Vegeta have her as his bride. The flower had attracted her and rather quickly, making his capture fast and quick. The other thing the dull god had been right about was Demeter, she was more than angry and upset, she was furious. As she left her duties as a goddess to search for her daughter, she had left the world to enter a harsh and cold winter.

"Master, Kakarott wishes your audience." Cerebus had entered the chamber silently causing Vegeta to turn in surprise.

"What is it for, Cerebus?"

"I believe it is about the goddess Bulma, master."

"Dumb idiot has probably changed his mind. You keep her sight Cerebus, she was rather disobedient when I caught her, and she will most likely awaken with a need for escape. Be clever and offer her those pomegranate seeds beside the bed."

"Yes, master. May I ask a question?"

Vegeta then rose from the bed. "Yes, go on."

"Do you love this goddess?"

Vegeta’s scowling face twitched at his pet’s question. He knew the answer. How loved this goddess so much was beyond him, and oddly enough he respected that. He respected love’s power and chose never to question it. "Yes." With that said, Vegeta left his chamber to go and see his brother as Cerebus enter further to watch over his master’s true love.


"But she has been stolen, if only he will bring her back; for your daughter does not deserve to have a robber for a husband." Demeter, Kakarott, and Vegeta had all gathered to discuss what should be the outcome of this action.

"If only we are willing to give right names to things, no harm has been done, but only love... But if you so greatly desire to separate them, Persephone shall return to you, but on one condition only: if in the lower-world no food has as yet touched her lips."

"I can assure you she has already eaten, Kakarott. I figured she’d be hungry when she awoke and gave orders to Cerebus to offer food when she awoke."

"No! I cannot let this monster of a god have my daughter! Can we not come to compromise?"

Vegeta rolled his eyes as his brother backed away with fright. "Well, maybe we could come to an agr.."

"Kakarott! I demand this issue be dropped at once. It is already made clear that she shall be mine, there are no compromises!"


It had all been rather frightening when his dark chariot had emerged from the ground beneath her. It had all been to quick, too uncertain for her just to let him take her. He probably hated her now for the fight she put up when he carried her back to his palace.

How could ever desired this man or believed for one moment that he loved her? To assume something so great on one lustful encounter? And that’s al it was, lust. How could he ever satisfy her needs in such a dark and haunting place?

"Goddess Bulma, my master returns."

"Tell him I wish nothing of his presence and I resent the day I met him." Bulma sat curled up with her knees to her chest upon the bed that he had found herself lying in when she awoke.

"Such harsh words little one, besides, I do believe this my chamber and I’m allowed to make my presence whenever I wish."

"Yes, I guess you would believe that since you felt you could take me from everything I know."

Vegeta sat down on the bed, on the opposite side with his back facing her. "And I bet you know so much. I still say I can offer you everything you ever dreamed of knowing."

"That may be so, but you can never give me what I truly want more than anything."

"And how would you know that, you quickly assume from what you’ve heard from other’s that I am as heartless as they say. I know more about what you want the most than any other god or goddess imaginable."

"You cou.."

"Silence!" Bulma jerked back at his sudden outburst, almost falling off the bed. "I thought you were more open Bulma. I know of love and because my heart is cold, as I admit, when love strikes me, it’s stronger than any other emotion or power I could ever experience."

Vegeta rose from the bed and walked to the other side to talk to her face to face; though her constant backing away was somewhat troublesome. So he kneeled on the bed in front of her and took hold of her shoulders to bring her face to his.

"I shall be no unfitting husband for you among the deathless gods. And while you are here, you shall rule all that lives and moves and shall have the greatest rights among the deathless gods: those who defraud you and do not appease your power with offerings, reverently performing rites and paying fit gifts, shall be punished for evermore."

"I don’t care about the power you can give me, I only care of the love that you say you can give me…do you love me?" Bulma could see it in his eyes, his deep obsidian eyes, that he did love her; he loved her to a point of no return.

Vegeta placed his forehead against hers. "I can only love you if you do so in return."

Bulma blinked back the tears. Is this what love was? The most painful experience in your life? Couldn’t he just say it? Couldn’t he tell already that she would do anything to always be with him? "Just say it…please?"

"I do…I do love you…you are the most precious thing I have encountered in my life."

"And I in return." Vegeta couldn’t blink as Bulma moved in to do something that was pure instinct; she kissed him, on his lips, his marvelous lips.

What happened after that was of no control. As the two stripped each other in an urgency of love, both could not remember a more amazing feeling as there skin met. Skin free of all clothing, eyes free of all confusion and hearts free of all chains. Never had love such as this sparked between two different people. But as they memorized the curves and feel of each other’s bodies, they realized they were like two points on a circle, the two points on a circle that are the farthest apart but are also the closest.

Their lips ventured and their minds swayed from all possible reason and Vegeta dwelled in the feel of her breasts rising and falling against her chest and Bulma settled her hands on his strong and sturdy back. Through all the urgency, Vegeta finally entered her and covered her crying mouth with his, for she was the only being he did not wish to hear the cries of pain from. Bulma’s pain was deep and sharp, but as Vegeta began to move harder and faster with in her, he head was spun into sinful ball of pleasure. She assumed this was a way to put your love in something even more tangible; a fire in your abdomen. When they both screamed out in a climaxing euphoria, both had already lost the sense of their surroundings. To them, the only thing that kept their independent souls together was their love for each other.

Vegeta would always be the Ruler of Hades, of the underworld, and Bulma would always enjoy the flowers and remain innocent woman she was; but they now both shared the same future and the same destiny.


The End

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