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Book III: From What They Say


Pleasure they say
Is as familiar as day and night
But what if there is none of the celebrated fray
That holds that precious thing called light?

Protection is the key to safety
Along those roads one does dwell with the dainty
Now let us stray from all they say
In a crying crow’s nightly bay
Into the fright that is a man’s heart
It is a dangerous place to start

With two hearts
And two souls
One need is shared by both
Separated by seas and stars
It is their destiny to never again be far
For their love is undying
As told by their binding
And they tell each other
My love, please stray
From what they say


"Brother, seriously! You may be the tamer of horses, but I, the almighty Kakarott has an Eagle as thy omen! The illustrious winged creature of the heavens that gives hope to all that live!"

"Yes, but what of the Eagle? It can only catch rodents and helpless birds with its sharp and foul talons. But the Horse, may I remind you, fights wars with us and knows the heart and soul of its rider better than any other being or creature!"

Chichi, the raven-haired goddess of marriage, rolled her sculpted eyes in incredulity of the already drunken Nappa and her husband. The evening’s banquet had not even begun and they were already filling themselves with the toxic drink. "Where is the wise words of Hestes when you need them the most?" Chichi had asked out loud in a whisper predicting her words at least be heard by one.

"You crave my attention sister?" Hestes had heard her sister’s distant words and made her presence known; for she had also been standing off not wanting to associate herself with her brothers.

"Yes, I do. I’m finding the pre-events of this banquet already to be thwarting."

"It will get worse, I assure you. For my attention for you will be divided, for our brother Vegeta will be coming this evening and there is no telling what fights he may pick amongst us all. Him and Ares will probably be fighting all night."

"You must be joking! I have heard no such thing! He sent no response to my invitation, nor has he ever, why I still bother to include him in our gatherings is beyond me. Kakarott is the only reason I continue to care at all for our brother Vegeta; he convinces me it is just and good to continue my invitations to him."

"Just and good it may be to invite Vegeta, but tonight I am sure he shall start a dispute bigger than that of land and sea. I have heard Eros speak of late, of change of hearts of cold to warm and the darkest of places to be lit with the brilliant rays of Helios."

"Are you suggesting our oh so dear brother Vegeta has a soft spot?" Chichi questioned with a sarcastic bite. Never had she heard such an awful rumor of such that Vegeta’s heart could be warmed.

"I wouldn’t call it a soft spot but merely a need. No man has survived as long as he without the true company of a woman; not just a simple nightly bed mate but a woman to live each breathing moment with."

"Don’t talk silly Hestes, he is a god, he can survive anything."

"His soul can not remain sane, Chichi! Being condemned to live in the underworld with no companion; do you not see the already throbbing anguish of his everlasting life? Do you not deem he loathes all of us for our unremitting elation in all of our ambiance? We sit each day here letting the song birds sing to us in praise, letting Helios and Selene bless us with godly light, allowing our bare feet to feel the moisture and cloud soft grass that abundantly grows amongst us, absorbing the comfort of knowing all is well and will never yield from this euphoria. He sits on his cold throne appreciating what we have more than we do and we are even not willing to acknowledge what we have as a blessing! He sits and damns his brothers for all they have gained out of the Cosmos’ unfair ruling. It is too many words to say his fury, too many words to say his woe, too many words to say his frustration, and more than too many words to say his need for love. Please do try to understand our one wise brother, for he knows much more than I even do of life and death."

"The day that Vegeta opens his wintry heart to a woman is the day that I hinder caring that Kakarott sleeps with every woman he thinks attractive! If you expect me to ponder for one moment that he has one iota of awareness in how to treat a bride or that he has any sense of forethought for her well being, think again! I believe you hold too much faith in our brother, Vegeta, the only rationale he doesn’t rule sky, land, or sea is because he was not worthy for such a task. You think tha.." Chichi was abruptly cut off. Hestes had started to bristle with irritation and utter disappointment at her sister’s words.

She lifted her right hand and pointed to the men who were downing large amounts of alcoholic beverages, the men that were supposedly more worthy than Vegeta for the task of over seeing superior kingdoms. "Those men over there, you think they are any more worthy for the task?" Hestes calmed her voice not wanting others to notice their somewhat disloyal conversation upon the topic of whom is more worthy to rule. "Please sister, our brother, Vegeta, is easily angered and I do not think berating him in any form this evening is an intelligent aim in any way. Try to open your mind and realize there is more than meets the eye."


She almost couldn’t believe it; she would surpass Aphrodite’s beauty this evening. Nothing could have prepared her for Cyane’s quick thinking, creative, and ultimately over the top mind that seemed to bring her to an almost blinding radiance as she stood peering at her reflection. She hadn’t known she could feel so naked in so much cloth. Though she was covered appropriately, she knew more men than usual would be casting their eyes upon her. Mainly upon her exposed back, right leg, and exceedingly noticeable amount of cleavage. Though many goddesses would be dressed as she was that evening, she had never ventured into a dress such as this one. Oh and another thing, there was no telling how her mother would react to such a fashion upon her daughter. Maybe she’ll accept maybe she won’t; it didn’t matter, there was no way she’d be taking it off. The indigo blue of the silk deeply accented her eyes, and the silver just made her shine more than Selene. Her wrists and arms were adorned with gold bracelets bands, strands of rubies and gems hung, like the branches on willow trees, in her hair, and the dust of the stars clung to her skin. Artemis had always supplied this atypical powder to her and her mother; maybe the reason Artemis and her mother were so close was because of the common odium they had for the dominant male. Neither seemed to enjoy a man’s company unless the man openly agreed that a female was equal to a male. Bulma couldn’t imagine of one man that had agreed to that theory, Kakarott didn’t even take time to muse over such an idea. But if male and female truly were unequal, why could goddesses carry greater powers than gods? She knew what Nappa would say, ‘Men are simply more intelligent, quicker, and stronger.’ But then again that was also a false accusation; Athene and Artemis were two women no being would want to mess with.

Now her head was starting to hurt and she hadn’t even left her mother’s Temple yet. Did all goddesses at her age think so much? Did it all really matter if one was more equal than the other?

Bulma sighed heavily as she noticed the confused and stressed look upon her face as she looked in the mirror.

"You know, you always make that face when you’re thinking; sometimes I wonder if you’re in pain."

Damn, her mother just had to show up at this moment. As much as she loved and adored her very over-protective mother she…well…it was just that. She was too protective. Her mother had a tight chain binding her hands, feet, head, and heart; a chain disguised in a beautiful and complex weaving of motherly love, affection, and commitment that only seemed to tighten every day of her immortal life. Would they tighten to the point when one day they would steal her eternal life? She hoped not; and she prayed every day that Kakarott would soon help to lift the heavy chains that weighted down upon her weak and longing heart.

"A new dress, I see. And of an exotic material, Cyane has learned the method of matching beauty with beauty very well, I must say." Demeter walked closer to her daughter that had not yet given her a response. "Tell me, Bulma, why is it that I feel you are slipping from me?"

Bulma’s eyes widened in alarm at her mother’s rather blunt question. She felt she was slipping away? There was no way! Bulma felt as if the hold was only getting tighter. Though the question contradicted her opinion on the matter, she knew from the depth of her aching heart what to say. "Maybe it is because I’m finding an instinctual need for what you have denied me my whole life?"

It had begun, her daughter’s eyes were opening to new horizons; horizons that grew along the lands of independence, of free will, of…no she couldn’t even think it. All Bulma needed was her! Her and no one else! Bulma was too innocent, beautiful, and intelligent to be taken by a man!

"Bulma, what I have denied you is fear and pain. Nothing more nothing less."

"That may have been true when I was a young Olympian amongst the fields of comfort and familiarity. But now that I’ve gotten a glimpse of what other vast plains I could venture into and experience, it only hurts and frightens me to know I may never see these unfamiliar grounds that so many say are magical!" Bulma had never raised her voice above a soft flowing production of the vocal chords that often sounded like a cardinal’s song. Now her voice sounded of a trapped animal yearning to be free of its cage.

"That mortal man has changed you, I fear. I should have been so lenient on him as you wished me to. You speak as if you want to be captured by a man and taken from innocence and happiness. I, as your mother, shall not let that happen no matter your wishes." Bulma had no response; she only looked sadly in the brown depths of her mother’s eyes. "If you have nothing to say, I suggest we leave at once."


He couldn’t believe he was actually going through with course of action. Since when was love a motivation at all? Eros must have hit him with one of those blasted arrows. He had never even considered attending the stupid Olympian parties in the past and now he was leaping at the opportunity just to lay eyes upon Bulma, a supposed treasure among the immortals.

Contrary to many beliefs, Vegeta and Ares were actually very close friends, as much as both hated to admit it to even each other, they were inseparable and managed to converse on occasions. Vegeta had gotten a great deal of information on Bulma, the goddess of spring and flower. His face muscles twitched in a mental spark of frustration and impatience. This goddess was very different, especially from him. He being the ruthless warrior and god of the dreaded underworld he himself found it to be an ironic situation if he was to choose her as his mate. But that was definitely the main attraction. She was practically the exact opposite as he. An innocent, young, and sheltered goddess most likely unaware of the world’s most sinful pleasures that he himself took part in constantly. As much as the screams of his victims gave him a throbbing headache, those screams also send him into a state of chaotic bliss. The same effect that a drug herb or a strong alcoholic drink will have on a man.

"Brother!!! Come and have a drink!! You have not even had one yet!!"

There was the other unbelievable thing a drive for love can make you do; sit next to the two people you resent the most.

"Kakarott, the last thing I need is start acting, looking, and smelling you."

"Ah, loosen up Vegeta, don’t you wanna enjoy the festivities"

"Surprisingly enough, I would be taking you up on your offer if it weren’t for the agenda I have here tonight."

"Oooh!! Hey Nappa…Nappa…"

This was the point where one wishes he were not immortal so he could kill himself. "You blind idiot!!! He left with those whores who were all over him an hour ago!!"

"Hey those goddesses were not whores…*hiccup*…there just very attr…*hiccup* …active girls who get a..a…*hiccup*…around." And with that last word the great ruler of all gods fell backwards in his chair causing his wine to splatter all over his brother sitting next to him.

Vegeta quickly rocketed from his seat as he felt the cold beverage touch his warm skin. He looked around in frustration for something he could use to immediately get the sticky liquid off of him. He then heard snicker from behind him; he immediately knew who had the gull to do such an insulting thing and he smirked and turned around to look the amused goddess in the eye.

"Hestes, you always find my troubles amusing don’t you?"

Hestes walked up to Vegeta and handed him a white clothe. "It’s not your troubles, as you call them, that I found amusing, it’s simply you."

"Right, if I amuse you so much, how come you never visit me in my dark kingdom."

"You know I never leave the palace Vegeta, but that does bring up something I wish to discuss with you."

Vegeta was hastily rubbing the clothe along his body and over some spots on his tunic as he spoke. "Discuss? Well, I guess you may continue considering I have not spotted the main point of my reason for attending this mess of a festive evening."

"Well that’s what I would like to discuss; why exactly are you here this evening?"

"Can a god not attend events he is invited to?"

"You know what I’m asking Vegeta, don’t play games with me, it’s not going to work."

Vegeta scowled even deeper as he threw the now dirty clothe on the table.

"I will tell you if you promise as a goddess with the pretty little mouth of yours not to tell a soul."

"I promise, just tell your big sister already."

"I am here with a motivation that love deals with its powerful hands." Hestes’s smile immediately faded; She knew it.

"Do not look at me as if I am not capable of such an emotion. I know more of this than any other…I no the power it holds. I see all the mortals that die for it and those that die for the lack of it. I know how it can make a woman’s head lite and man’s knees weak. I know just how rare it is for the love to be true and pure. That is what I am searching for tonight."

"Why brother, you speak as if you have chosen a goddess with whom you want to share this power with."

"I can not choose, but simply hope. I look for the goddess with locks of blue silk, with oceans for eyes, with the skin of a thick cream, the lips of a ripe peach, the arms and legs of strong and slender stems, the voice of a bird, the heart of an innocent, and the soul for passion."

"No Vegeta, it can never be, Demeter would never let her daughter be a bride. Even if you captured all the stars in Selene’s skies and all the clouds in Helios’s domain, she would not accept your hand to her daughter."

With in a second, the table beside them was flipped and shattered into pieces, strangely signifying Vegeta’s departing hope. "She will be mine if I choose!! It is not Demeter’s decision; it is not even her daughter’s!! I will ask Kakarott for his blessing and I will take her!"

"Vegeta! You mustn’t!"

"Enough!! I will do as I wish! Not even your words Hestes, as wise as they may be, will stop me from making a decision I see fit!" Vegeta then stormed off in fit of rage and determination that would have surely surpassed that of the thunder god, Kakarott.

Hestes watched as her brother roared into the more crowded dining area where most of the immortals conversed on pointless complaints and discussions. *If you truly knew of love as you say you do Vegeta, you would not do as you wish.*


Her mother’s words hung in her head as listlessly tuned into random conversations that echoed endlessly on waves of stale air in the great dining hall. Her words were haunting her; she had never been so dazed at such a joyful gathering. She was usually the one with the most fervor and gossip. But she found herself almost wanting to cry amongst all these divine beings; they seemed so close yet so far. She wished she could be alone but she wished she could comforted, it was almost as if her heart was half empty.

Then there it was, a head of black hair, like a flame of a cold fire. If only there weren’t so many people maybe she could see this being’s features. She had never seen this hair before, it somewhat resemble Kakarott’s, but it was too tall to be his. Oh, who was that mother said would be hear tonight, she said he was someone I must avoid…oh! Who was it? If his hair is like Kakarott’s, he must be related; I know all of his kin, a brother, not Nappa, Vege…damn! He’s walking towards me!!! Think! Think!!

Bulma immediately turned around and looked for a place to hide. The only thing she remembered her mother telling her about this god was he was cruel, well that was the summation of all the awful things she said about him. If he were looking to talk with her, well, she wouldn’t let him. She finally made her way through the archway that led to a balcony over seeing Mt. Olympus. She could go around the corner and be out of sight. Just a few more steps and she could relax. She made it the ledge and smiled at her stealthy move avoiding what would have been an inevitably frightening encounter. She then turned to look at the moon, but found a head of flame like hair and shadowed features blocking her view, a couple of feet away.

"Avoiding me and yet we’ve never met." He stepped forward so some light shown upon him, revealing his scowling lips.

Bulma couldn’t move, couldn’t think, all she could do was feel a warmth rising through her body. This man, he…he was amazing!!! He had only spoken to her once and her body had melted into fear and, well, lust? Passion? She wasn’t sure, but she was more than uncomfortable at this point.

Bulma’s frozen body brought his lips to a smirk. Oh, she was a catch indeed. He wanted to just take her with him now. Just by looking into those eyes, he could sense something almost tangible. His hands almost flew up at that moment just to touch that skin, oh that skin, how the moon shone upon the curves and waves of her body. There was no other so beautiful as her…ugh, he’d have to stop this before he let his thoughts totally sacome to chaos.

"Why little one, are you afraid of me? What makes you think I would hurt such a precious creature as you?"

"Creature? I am no creature, mind you, but a goddess; how dare you label me as creature you…you..animal! Honestly, yes I do fear you, I have heard of your cold heart, and cruel and torturous punishments; I’ve always been told to avoid you!"

Ooh, she was feisty too. This sweet and innocent goddess had a bite to her. "I can not call you a creature but yet you can call me an animal? I beg to see the rationale." Vegeta took another step forward and Bulma took another back. "I bet it was your mother her told you all those awful things about me and I bet I is her that also keeps you from what you wish to know and experience."

Bulma was shocked; how could he know she wished for freedom from her mother’s chains. "How did you k.."

"Little one, you’d be surprised how much I know. I see soul after soul move through my kingdom, and whether us immortals decide to accept it or not, we share many the same needs as the mortals. I have also known of your mother’s denial to let you wed, such a shame."

"You too believe the human heart is something to cherish?"

"Cherish? None sense, just a good source for research."

"I see, well, my mother may think she can keep me locked up forever, but I wish to know all there is to experience and I plan on one day fore filling that wish." Why she was telling this devious god her inner most secrets, she did not know, what could she say, it felt safe to do so.

Vegeta loved to hear those words come from her mouth; it would be much easier to take her if she wished to experience the sinful pleasures of life. But it was always good to make sure.

Before Bulma could blink, her lower back was pressed up against the railing on the balcony, with..oh gods…his body right against hers. It hurt! It was like a fire between them and melting her, making her weak. Any closer and she was sure she would faint. And then his lips, his breathe, they were on her ear…he was…oh gods…she couldn’t think if it meant her life.

"Your breathing has grown very heavy little one, are you enjoying this close contact?"

Bulma could only blink.

Vegeta then started to rub his cheek against her neck, and then his lips made contact with skin, and as they touched Vegeta could feel her rapid heart beat. Her hot, fast breath in his ear was like the most beautiful music he had ever heard. "Tell me, are you?"

She didn’t know if she could pull this off, maybe if she used her last bit of energy…yes, she would tell him. "Yes." And then it happened, her knees gave out, she couldn’t stand.

She landed on the stone with heavy breathing and it felt as if her head was trying to release itself from her body.

Vegeta then kneeled down on one knee in front of his new mate. "You see little one, I am offering to show and have you experience all that you wish." He reached with his right hand to tough her lips, they were very swollen and he hadn’t even kissed her. "Just trust me. I will return for you."

* * * * *

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