*This fic is set to the Greek myth Selene and Endymion. Bulma will play Selene and Vegeta will be Endymion.This fic is going to be part myth and part fanfic hope you like it and please give me feed back. My e-mail is really empty and lonely in need of mail so e-mail me please. Thank you so much peeps and enjoy. I hope that it is goodbecause I made up the poem at the end as a Poem/fic. So I hope it fits inwell with the rest of the short story. Love always QueenB a.k.a. B-Chan.*


One Million Kisses
By: QueenB


The princess of the moon kingdom walked down the empty halls of the large crystal palace of the Silver Millennium. Her heels clicked on the soft marble, echoing threw the emptiness in the palace and in her heart. The warrior Yamcha had left the young princess lonely and heart broken after he died and she had never been the same. Bulma had been looking over earth for days now just seeing the happy couples stroll threw parks and kiss. She liked to see them be happy even if she couldn't have it ever again. As she pulled the heavy glass doors open a small gust of wind brushed her delicate creamy white skin. Then she walked to her usual cloud that was over the earth and let her see all that she wanted to. She sat down and looked at the earth with her endless sparkling blue eyes. Today she didn't want to just look she wanted to be there and live with earth for one day. So she took hold of the gem that hung around her neck and concentrated on where shewanted to go.

In a nanosecond she was on earth, just over the border of earth and the moon. Bulma still wore her long white gown, and she stood there looking like a rare dove in a myth. She was what everyone said she was; elegant, divine, enchanting, and in her own sense very dominant. Her large blue eyes searched over the deserted area she was in.She was a woman with many contrasts one of them being her huge eyes and small figure. Then she heard footsteps coming closer and closer. The anxious princess turned around to see what was there and she saw nothing. When she turned around her eyes met with a pair of auburn eyes that seemed to go on for eternity. The man that stood infront of her looked down at her and saw that gem suspendedaround her neck. It was the Silver Crystal, only the heiress to the moon kingdom would have it. She noticed him eyeing her and she too looked at him.His jet-black hair matched his cold eyes and he had an aura of a prince.Without a shadow of a doubt he was prince Vegeta of earth.

"Princess Bulma what are you doing here on earth. Is there some problem?" he asked her barely above a whisper. They had seen each other once when Bulma was 3 and he was 8, to introduce their kingdoms but only then. Now she was 23 and he 28, which made it20 years of not seeing each other. But even if they hadn't seen each other everyone could tell that she was a royalty as well as one could with him. "PrinceVegeta how did you know it was me?" he smiled half way. "Young princess I could easily tell. You have grown beautifully from the last time I saw you. Even if that was 20 years ago." He bowed in her presence to show respect to her. (That doesn't sound like the Vegeta we all know dose it? ^.^) softly he placed a butterfly kiss on her hand, making Bulma blush. She was never treated so much like a lady in her life. He then looked up at her again. "Now why are youhere?" "I would like to watch earth, for my mother that is she wants to knowhow things are down here." He glanced at his watch on his wrist. "Come tomorrow and you can stay as long as you like princess but tonight I can't help you.Come around 7:30 and I'll meet you at my castle you do know where that is don't you?" "Yes I know. I'll be there. Thank you." "No thank you princess for gracing me with your visit." She blushed redder as his deep voice made its way to her ears. And then as fast as he came he was gone.


"Mother?"called Bulma through the large halls of the palace she lived in. then a soft voice could be heard in the distance. "Bulma are you really leaving?" asked her mother. Bulma glanced at the hourglass set on the table in the throne room. It was 7:30 and she was late. "Yes mother and I have to leave now. Bye." Bulma kissed her mother goodbye and then was gone without a trace leaving the moonQueen to herself.


Once on earth Bulma ran fast to the castle not too far from the boarder of the earth and moon. Her heels rushing on the green grass underneath her. Then without a moment to think Bulma was hit from behind leaving her knocked out on the floor.The two guards picked her up and took her to the castle to give her to PrinceVegeta; he would deal with intruders. They gave her a hard and cruel beating as ordered by the king himself. She groaned in pain as she was slobbered in redblood. It was hers and she didn't even know it, she was that weak. As far as they knew she was a woman intruding in earth and therefore a spy. Never did they think that she wasPrincess Bulma the heiress to the Moon kingdom throne.


In the castle of earth Prince Vegeta let them enter. They held Bulma in their arms, just as she was they were too stained with the blood of a royalty. Her white dress was spotted with blood all over with parts of it torn. The prince shot up in his seat as he saw whom they held in their arms, it was Bulma and was all-beat. His eyes blazed silent fire. "Hand her to me." He yelled at the top of his lungs. "Yes sire." They said in unison. Vegeta took Bulma into his arms. "Fools do you know who she is. No! She is Princess Bulma, of the moon kingdom. Fools!" without thinking it twice he shot them both in the chest killing them as soon as the ki hit them. Then they were gone, reduced to a pile of ash. Vegeta stroked Bulma's hair away and took her to recovery as fast as he could. Once there he left her there and he left acting as if he didn't care whether or not she was well. There Bulma was taken good care of and through the whole night Vegeta didn't come once. He tried to sleep alone in his room.

He didn't come till 1:00 that morning to cheek on her. His soul wouldn't let him sleep without knowing how Bulma was doing. He opened the recovery room door softly, and he saw there a vision millions would die to see. A moon goddess sleeping soundly with a silk cover up to her neck, it stuck to her body from all the sweat that she gave off because of the fever she had. He looked at her and smiled without knowing it. Vegeta sat in a chair to look at Bulma while she slept in her bed. He found his mind racing with thoughts that he shouldn't be having and he couldn't stop it. A blush snuck up on his cheeks as the thoughts grew to an end. Slowly he forced himself away from the young princess and reached for the door to leave. "Vegeta?" came a weak voice from the back of the room. It was Bulma and she sat up in bed slowly. She had no clothes on; she had been stripped of them so they could clean her wounds. Bulma was so weak that she couldn't feel the silk sheet drop to her waist. It revealed her creamy white skin and her chest was bare. Vegeta turned to look at her and then blushed when he saw she was naked. He looked at her and could see all of her bare chest through the moonlight that shone in through the window. Then slowly Bulma felt the silk sheet was gone and she pulled it up to her neck and blushed.

"Yes." "Why are you here?" "T-to see if you are ok." "I'm fine. Though I need your help.""What?" he asked coming closer to her. He tried to act cold as he usually wasbut her presence made him a different man. "I want you to help train me. You seem to have knowledge in fight and I need to know how to defend myself."Vegeta eyed her and then frown. "No." Bulma's face fell she looked like a little child who had just been told she could not have a new toy. "Why!?" she screamed loudly hurting Vegeta's ears.

"Because you are powerful mixing more power could kill you." "Well if I'm so damn powerful help me use it." AgainVegeta was silent he had to admit for a princess she had a lot of spunk. "Sure I'll help you. But only after you get better." Her face lit up. "K." Vegeta stood up andgot ready to walk away. "Sleep you have a hard recovery to make, if you want to train with me." Then Vegeta walked out of the room leaving the princess to dream of him.


As the days passed on and on Bulma was making wonderful progress in recovering,all thanks to the nightly visits that her and Vegeta had around 1:00 in the morning. They talked nightly and they became fast friends after talking about countless items. On the last night Bulma was to spend in recovery she and Vegeta talked about the one thing Vegeta never thought she would bring up. "So Vegeta, lets merge kingdoms." Vegeta was traumatized with her suggestion."Why?" "Vegeta we both could use one anothers kingdoms and that's why we should." "You do know that the only way we can merge is by . . . By marriage."Bulma smiled. "How bad could that be?" "Very." Then Vegeta stormed out of the room, and Bulma and Vegeta never spoke of the subject again. Inside Bulma was falling in love with the only man that she couldn't have. Even Vegeta wished that he wouldn't have answered her no, because now he saw that he was falling in love with princess Bulma.

Overtime Bulma was all better and then her and Vegeta began their training. They would train in the late night or in the early morning. She was making wonderful progress and Vegeta was surprised to see how powerful she really was. After a few days of finding her real power and just concentrating on things like flyingand making ki's Bulma and Vegeta took a few days to do dodge and hit lessons. He was slowly and effectively falling in love with Bulma and she was falling forhim. They had many things in common and the main one was the love they had for their kingdoms. Vegeta was taken back by all the passion Bulma had for her kingdom. While they trained late one night Bulma finally pinned Vegeta to the near by tree leaving him soundless. He never thought that she would do that to him and he was proud to see that she was making improvement. Then he realized that she had a stronger grip than he did and was not letting him go so he wasforced to move her. He pinned her the floor; she was smiling up at him as he lay on top of her. Bulma then wanted him off; he was slowly hurting her. Then she got an idea.

Bulma leaned up and kissed Vegeta on the lips causing him to weaken his hold. Without knowing it they both liked it and Vegeta found himself kissing back. They stopped and looked at each other for a while to catch their breaths. Vegeta was speechless. Then Bulma realized what she had done. "I'm sorry." She said to him softly. Vegeta got an evil smirk. "I'm not." Heanswered boldly. And he began to devour her neck slowly and then faster.


Hours later the sun was starting to come out and Vegeta was still with Bulma in theforest 'training'. Bulma woke up first when she felt the rays of the sun on her skin. It was wet from sweat and felt sticky. The young princess then realized that she was Vegeta's mate now. 'Shit.' She thought as she saw Vegeta sleeping on the ground near her feet. Then she heard a whisper in her mind, it was faint but she could still hear it. 'Bounded.' It said over and over again. 'Come onVegeta wake up.' Her mind screamed to him without expecting a reply. Then he sat up and looked at her unfocusedly. "What's wrong?" he asked his voice groggily."Well. . . . We. . . . Us. . . together will never be right? Will it?" "Bulma I am the prince I make the rules I chose my mate. Relax we will be fine." He hugged her and they both took off in to the rising sun.

They landed on different sides of the castle so they don't cause suspicion through the guards. Bulma went through the west and Vegeta the east. When Bulma walked through the halls she got unwanted looks from the guards. They were careful with her and made sure that she was treated as one of the royal family of earth. A female guard named Hiroko help Bulma with the shower and to pick out somethingto ware. Hiroko was shocked when Bulma showed her where she kept all outfits.They were all in the gem that Bulma had around her neck. A beam of light shot out from it to show all of her dresses. And in the end Bulma came out wearing a light pink dress that brushed the floor as she walked. She opened the door to the throne room to see Vegeta; he sat there looking every inch like a prince.Never would one suspect that 30 minutes ago he was asleep in the forest with a moon goddess. When Vegeta took notice that she was there he stood up and held a document in his hand to show her. "Princess Bulma read this for me." "Sure." she read the document fast and stopped at the line that said. 'This document here by pronounces Princess Bulma of the moon kingdom the Queen of the earth and Prince Vegeta the King of the moon kingdom. Therefore merging these two kingdoms as one. This shall be called the Silver Nations uniting earth's prince and the moon's princess as husband and wife.' Bulma smiled as she read that line over again. "Vegeta, do you mean it?" he smiled at her. "Yes I do Queen Bulma." They kissed letting all see without a care in the world.


Years later Vegeta and Bulma were training whenVegeta started to bleed from his nose. And soon he passed out leaving Bulma in shock. Bulma was quick to stop and take care of him. She didn't have a clue on what to do so she took him to the recovery room. There all her greatest fears were brought to life.

"Queen Bulma there is nothing we can do but let the Roils take its toll on King Vegeta, I'm sorry."

"Please leave me to the King alone." She asked the Doctor and soon she was left alone. "Vegeta?" she cooed his name as she walked to his bedside. He gradually opened his dark brown eyes; he looked up at Bulma and smiled faintly."Don't die. If you live I will give you a million kisses." She pleaded with him as she eyes filled with tears for him. "I can't promise you anything, all I can promise is that dead or alive I will love you over the ages of time. Even if a million kisses sounds great." "I'll love you too." She hugged him and they made love for the last time.

When she awakened Bulma kissed Vegeta good bye knowing that any given moment could be his last. She ran to her room and lookedfor the Silver crystal her mother gave her before she died 2 months ago. Then Bulma found it. "No. Vegeta I won't let you die." Bulma then ran to the recovery room to make the wish to save Vegeta's life.

At the time she got there Vegeta was sound asleep.'Good' she thought to herself. She placed the gem over Vegeta's body and chanted some words in silence. The gem entered his body and a glow was around him. "Now you will live forever in an endless sleep and I'll give you a million kisses." She carried Vegeta's sleeping body to an empty room in the castle where she visited him nightly. The only thing that the young queen didn't know was that even if she gave him a million kisses he would never return them. Bulma gave him a kiss every night, but inside Bulma knew that something was missing and that it would never return. When she kissed him she felt as if she was kissing a stone statue. In reality Vegeta would never return the kisses, he was mearly in a sleeping state of life and if removed of it he would die.

One night as she walked back to her room from the room Vegeta was in she felt a wave of nausea hit her. She could barely walk, and Bulma was forced to hold on to the walls. Bulma made an attempt to the recovery room to see the Doctor in her last movements. Bulma had been feeling weak for some time now and it was worst. She often felt this when she was alone or training with her living-dead husband. She scarcely opened the door to the recovery room and then she passed out on the marble floor. The doctors in there saw that she had passed out and helped her to a bed. Once there she was examined to see if she would be ok and what had really happened.

The queen awoke 5 hours later, with pains all over her body that increased even as she breathed. "What happened." She asked using too much strength for her own good. Hiroko was quickly at her side to care forher. "You passed out in the halls your majesty." "Do you know why?" "Well it seems to me all it was, was a wave of nausea. You should be fine as should your baby." "What?" "You baby. Didn't you know that you are expecting a child of King Vegeta?" "Until now. What is it a boy or girl?" "It's a healthy baby boy."


9 months later Bulma was in bed when she felt a kick in her stomach. Then a nerve in the back of her head said that she was in labor, and she needed help fast. She grabbed the microphone on the side of her bed and called for a doctor. Soon she was not alone, but in a room with a hard working staff of doctors and nurses that were dedicated to her life. Bulma was in too much pain to see what was really going on but she could hear it, every word. During her painful and 7-hour long delivery she heard men say 'the queen is weak. She may not make it.' And others saying. 'This could be it. She could die.' But now Bulma could care less she had nothing to live for. Her loverVegeta was sleeping but never awakening and he was all that she lived for at times. And just when Bulma was ready to give up her life and stop trying, a shrill cry was heard in the dead silent room. The baby was born and he was the perfect blend of moon goddess and earth prince. He had wisps of lavender hair and endless blue eyes. When she looked at him she realized that he was what she was now living for and Vegeta's soul had to be set free.


Months after the new prince Trunks and only heir to the thrown was born Bulma went to set Vegeta free. The baby boy was only1-year-old and could talk, walk, and cry. He held on to Bulma at all times and was never else where but her side. Trunks loved his mother and since he knew no father Bulma was all he had in life. "Where are we going Mommy?" he asked her with a problem saying the 'r' in 'where'. Bulma smiled warmly at her only son."To set you father free." The baby boy simply walked on with his mother holding her hand and wondering what his father looked like.

They reached the end of the long hall and Bulma unlocked the door with the key she held in her hands. No one else had seen the insides of that room before because the queen had everyone killed who saw it.Some thought it was the room of her secret lover while others thought she was too good of a queen and it was only a place for her to think. There lay Vegeta in a glass coffin, with a silk sheet up to his waist dressed in his finest royal armor. In a sense it was a room for her secret lover, it was Vegeta, he lay there and millions thought he was dead. Bulma placed her hands over his heart and chanted silent words. In the process a gem was lifting out ofVegeta's body leaving the young Trunks in awe. When she was done the gem rested in her hands, it was still warm from Vegeta's life force. Then the sprit ofVegeta was rising up to the heavens. Before he left he came close to her and touched her cheek.

His sprit was cold and felt like dew on her cheek. Vegeta spoke to Bulma in a softer voice than he ever used. "Thank you. Bulma, I will love you remember that." "I'll try." She said her eyes pooling over with tears."You set my soul free at last, I understand the pain you have. How will youremember me?" she tried to smile at the man that forever held her heart. "Him.He is your son, and all the memory of you I'll ever need." Bulma began to cry in silence watching Vegeta come closer to her. He came to her ear and whispered to her. "I will always love you and our son. One day we will all be together." Tears kept coming and Vegeta wiped some away. He kissed her softly and said."999,999 to go. And I'll be waiting." Bulma tried to smile for him and for Trunks who too was crying. Then Vegeta's soul was gone leaving Bulma and Trunks alone. Bulma looked up at him and he blew her a kiss and she felt her heart tare into two.

Then she stood up and was ready to leave. She walked out the door and was ready to lock the door but looked inside one last time. Memories of the first day she saw him in 20 years flooded her confused mind. With all heart she wished for him to be back for all to have been a dream but it would never come true. Bulma picked upTrunks in her arms and they closed the door together with her crystal key. "One day Vegeta, we'll all be together and I will give you a million kisses and you will return them. One day. Until then my love wait for me, save me a seat in heaven." After Bulma fully locked the door Bulma took the keys out of the hole and looked at it with sadness. Then not thinking twice she set it on the key on the floor and steeped on it, shattering it into billions of pieces. Waking down the empty hall Bulma vowed that she would never look back again, no matter what. The queen walked silently and never did she think of turning back.


When tomorrow starts without me,
And I'm not there to see,
If the sun will rise to find your eyes,
Filled with tears for me.

I wish so much you wouldn't cry,
The way you did that day,
While we stood there thinking of,
All the things we didn'tsay.

I love you so with all my heart,
How much you'll never know,
But one thing is sure,
I loved you more than I ever could.

I will love you,
All the way,
Throughout the day,
Forever and always.

I will love you,
Everyday every hour,
Every way ever how,
For as long as time allows.

Because I love you
And it can only be
You and me,
For all eternity.

In my dreams you're here
There's nothing to fear

In my dreams you see me you're with me
That's what keeps me waiting here
But in my heart we will always live on
Even if I'm gone.


The End (sniff, sniff)

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