Inspired by the story of Perseus and Andromeda

All right, this story has been inspired, based loosely on the myth of Perseusand Andromeda. And this time, Vegeta gets to be the one in distress.


No Need For A Prince
By: Kathleen


King Vegeta had a very beautiful wife, her name was Endaibu, they lived on Earth in a castle by the forest. Endaibu was very beautiful, her hair was of a rich reddish gold and her eyes were deep jade green. Her face was heart shaped and she had a peaches and cream complexion, she was also very slender and always wore the best finery. All the gods and all the people of her land loved her, except for three jealous goddesses. Videl, Chichi, and 18.

Chichi gazed down at Endaibu through her crystal ball, "Oh, so she is the one that is inflicting all this pain on us."

Videl snapped, "Look at her, she disgusts me. I hate it when she has to show her pretty little carcass when she comes through our forest."

18 had a plan, "Why don't we release, The Moya."

Chichi clasped her hands together, "Yes, it seems that The Moya has been out of comission for a while."

Videl seemed a little concerned, "But remember what The Moya did the last time. She tried to destroy us."

The three women had decided to release The Moya, a 70 foot tall, 600 pound monster that had the head of a raptor with two black horns, the body of a t-rex, and a tail with poisoned spikes. The Moya can terrorize the smallest village and likes to feast on the delicate meat of royals, especially princes.

Chichi stood before Moya's cave, "Come Moya! We want you to come out now and destroy Queen Endaibu."

A loud growl came out of the cave and Moya stood in front of them.

18 pointed in the direction of the far away castle, "Go Moya! That's your target, get her!"

Meanwhile, Queen Endaibu was preparing the hall, her son the prince, is to be married to his betrothed, Maron (Krillien's old girlfriend). Just then one of her squires arrived, "Your highness, a monster is approaching from the east, it's heading this way!"

The Queen went to the higest spire of her palace and saw the monster crushing her beloved forest. Endaibu feared for her life and she was willing to sacrifice anything, anything to save her beloved forest.

"No, you will not woman! How dare you, he's our only son!" King Vegeta snapped at his wife.

Endaibu pleaded, "But my lord, my forest will be destroyed, sacrificing Vegeta will probably be the best way to stop the monster."

King Vegeta nodded, "As you wish, it seems that you love that forest more than your own son. There is nothing I can do. Oh yeah, and call off the wedding."

Endaibu sighed, "Sure."

Vegeta didn't take the sacrifice thing too well, it made him angry and he swore at his mother for not caring, "Okassan, why?"

As Vegeta was fighting with his mother, King Vegeta dressed as a spectator with a large turtle shell on his back, holding a staff of wood. He went to the gladiator fights, there he found a beautiful young woman fighting in the final tournament. When the fight was over, the king approached the blue haired maiden and said, "My, you sure fight well. I've never seen a girl as young as you beat an opponent like that."

"Thank you." Said the blue eyed warrior.

"Well, miss, it seems that our king needs help. You see, his son is going to be sacrificed to a horrible beast called The Moya." The disguised king waited for her reply.

"Well, let me see. What's the king's price old man?" She had her hands on her hips.

The man took off his turtle shell and opened a hidden compartment, "The king will offer his son's hand in marriage for the one who slays The Moya."

The girl crossed her arms, "How do I slay this monster to win the hand of the prince?"

The old man handed her a shield, a sword, and a burlap sack, "You must kill the one known as Myu. Myu was once a very pretty woman, but sadly she was turned into a hideous beast by the wife of Briefs. Any known being who is to look upon Myu's ugly mug, gets turned into stone. So, don't look at her face when you cut off her head. Then, when you are done, bring Myu's head to the forest and show it to The Moya."

The woman nodded, "Sure, I'll save your prince, I'll take your challenge. So, where is this Myu's Cave? By the way, the name is Bulma."

The man pointed in the direction of the west, "Not far from the forest, she lives in a mountain cave. I could take you there, but it seems that I must get home to my wife, our son's coming home for dinner. Oh, and Bulma please hurry, Moya will be at the sacred tree where the prince will be sacrificed in three days."

Within a flash the disguised king was gone and Bulma went on her way in search of Myu.

He looked quite handsome in his blue gi, white gloves and boots, but he was very pale. Prince Vegeta hadn't eaten in days, because he was still mad at his mother, but the bright side is that he won't be married to Maron.

His attendant Kakarott entered the room with the rest of his men, "I'm sorry my prince, but we have to take you to the sacred tree now."

Vegeta felt like blasting something, but his power had been taken away by a ki dampening collar. He bowed his head, "Whatever happens, I will forgive you guys."

Kakarott, Tien, Yamcha, Nappa, and Krillen lead Vegeta out the door. When they got to the sacred tree, Kakarott and the others chained Vegeta to the huge tree and left. Vegeta stood strong, awaiting his destiny, in the arms of death or a beautiful woman who will come save him.

Bulma had finally found Myu's Cave, she went in holding her shield, but lucky for her, Myu was asleep. She placed the sack over Myu's head and chopped it off. Soon, out of Myu's spilled blood sprang a blue-silver pegasus with blue eyes and a red star on his forehead, "Hi, I'm Bebi."

Bulma came over to the pegasus, "Well Bebi, let's go, we have a monster to slay and a prince to save." She hopped on his back and flew off.

Endaibu had visited her son, Vegeta snapped, "Why, can't you sacrifice yourself if you love this forest so much."

Endaibu wrapped her scarf tighter, "Because, I am not a virgin, and I am admired through out this land. It would be a shame for me to be Moya Chow. Goodbye Vegeta."

Vegeta screamed as he watched his mother leave, "I'll never forgive you woman!"

He heard a roar, The Moya was getting closer, he shut his eyes and prayed to the gods for a miracle.

Bulma had approached the place where The Moya was, "Yo ugly!" Bulma grabbed Myu's head out of the burlap sack and showed it to Moya as she looked away. Moya had turned to stone, Bulma threw the head into a nearby pond where it vanished without a trace. Bebi flew Bulma down to where the prince was chained, she dismounted and approached him,

"Who are you?" He was enchanted by her beauty and instantly fell in love with her.

"I'm Bulma of the West, I've come to rescue you." She had unsheathed the sword and cut the chains that held him bound and unlatched the collar around his neck. With that gone Vegeta faced Moya and blasted the stone figure to bits.

Soon things were patched up between Vegeta and his mother, and the king had stuck with his promise, "Thank you, young woman for saving my son. He's yours now."

Vegeta led Bulma up to his bedroom where they made love for the first time.


The day after, during the wedding banquet, Vegeta's former betrothed came barging in, "Vegeta! Why did you marry her, you were going to be mine."

"Well, Maron, I gave myself to someone better. A brave woman who saved me from The Moya." Vegeta told her.

"Oh Vegeta, better, what do you mean better. You know that I am the prettiest, prettier than her or any goddess." She said with arrogance.

Vegeta looked up at the other blue haired woman, "Maron, that's a nice way to anger the gods."

The wife of Briefs heard this and was mad, "I'll take care of this one." She cast a spell which turned Maron into a blue unicorn.

Bebi caught sight of the unicorn and trotted near her, "Ahem, hello there."

The unicorn fled into the deep woods with Bebi hot on her hooves.

The wedding party guests laughed, and everyone lived happily ever after.

The End

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