Instead of this story taking place in Athens and Crete it will be, Vegeta-sei and Chikyuu. I will eventually have changed the name of all the characters. Oh yeah by the way, Bulma is the daughter of Frieza (King Minus), but only by "adopted".

Love vrs. the Minotaur
By: Spice Cat


The minotaur was known to be a bloodthirsty creature. It had the body of a man, but the head and the strength of a bull and fangs as sharp as a lion. The animal was feared by all people of Chickyuu and most of the habitants of all the planets under Frieza's rule. Even the planet Vegeta-sei, a planet full of strong warriors, could not get rid of the minotaur.

No wonder Vegeta's father, King Vegeta of Vegeta-sei, was upset when he learned that his only son was going to Chickyuu to try, no, Vegeta said "To kill the monster."

"I shall never see you again, brat." The king said, a mix of sadness with coldness. "Must you go? My time is nearly up, I am old. I need you to rule this planet." The king added, a bit angrily.

Vegeta thought it was pathetic to see his father, the king, like this. "If I don't kill the funking thing, we will have to send more soldiers to give them as food every year. Not weak fools, but soldiers!" Vegeta roared.

King Vegeta deeply. His son always thought of the strong, not of the people. Even though Vegeta was right. The soldiers of Vegeta-sei were paying a terrible price. Years ago, Lord Frieza's son had been killed in Vegeta-sei. In revenge, Friexa demanded that fourteen soldiers were to be sent to Chickyuu. Once there they would be fed to the terrible Minotau. If this was not done, Frieza would attack their planet and destroy it. However, if anyone from Vegeta-sei managed to kill the minotaur, then Frieza promised to stop demanding yearly sacrifices.

"Frieza is cruel and cunning," Thought K.Vegeta angrily. "He makes it impossible to kill the minotaur by giving it a power to block ki attacks. Nor punches or kicks do any good either. Plus the minotuar is in a labyrinth, for fucking chirst!"

From the window of his palace, K.Vegeta could see the spaceship that made the journey to Chikyuu every year. It was said to made by Frieza's adopted daughter. Although adopted was to little a word, forced was more like it. Sadly K.Vegeta knew that Vegeta was right.

"See how my people suffer!" sighed the king. "If their children have to face that creature, it is not right for my own brat to stay safely at home."

Vegeta sughed angrily. "Give me a break!" He muttered. "I'll leave later, you may choose to see me at the ship or stay here." The prince snapped.


The voyage on the ship was terrible for Vegeta. He didn't mind the other Sayajins wanting to have last fights on the boat, but one Sayajin was gettin on his nerves.

"Vegeta, want to talk?" It was Kakarott, the annoying one. "How dare you talk to me so fomerly!" Vegeta said angrily. Kakarott shrugged, but grinned.


When the ship finally got to Chikyuu no Sayajin spoke, although Vegeta kept his familiar smirk, hoping it would prove to Frieza how determined he was.

"Why is the monkey prince here?" Frieza demanded, recognising Vegeta at once. "Surely the king wouldn't send his own brat to be eaten by the minotaur?" Frieza said mockingly.

Vegeta glared at Frieza. "I am here only to kill the monster." He said. Suddenly a blue-haired woman caught his attention. She was beyond beuty. Her aqua hair cascaded down her back like a rushing waterfall. Her eyes were also blues, like deep pools. Was this the girl who was Frieza's "daughter"? By the way she was dressed, she did not look like a slave. Her red gown fitted perfectly around her curves. His eyes met hers, she gave him a faint smile.

"Brave words, young Vegeta. But the minotaur is not so easy to kill." Frieza said breaking his thoughts. Vegeta said nothing.

Bulma looked dazely at Vegeta. He was so handsome. His body had a woderful built. His hair shot up like a flame. His eyes were black like the night, but when he was looking at her, his eys lightened.

Frieza looked suspiciously from Bulma to Vegeta. "Dear prince, I don't belive you've met my daughter. Bulma, this is the prince of Vegeta-sei." Frieza said. Bulma gave a polite bow, but Vegeta did not return it. "I believe it to be polite to return the greeting." Bulma said. Vegeta smirked. "I do as I please, I am the prince of Vegeta-sei." He whispered creully in her ear. Bulma looked angrily at Vegeta, but she said nothing more. Frieza gave a chuckle. "We have a small feast prepared for you all in your quarters. You will be fed to the Minotaur within a week." He said, leaving.

Vegeta gave a small nod and commanded his group to go to their rooms. He would need to find a way to kill the beast.


Bulma strolled down the corridor. It was late and she was not sleepy. Bulma couldn't believe that the prince had been so mean to her. Bulma shook her nead and continued her stroll.

Vegeta decided to go for a walk. He couldn't sleep and it was too late to ask one of his men to go for a sparr. He changed only into a pair of pants, not bothering of finding a t-shirt. There would be no one at this time, so nothing to worry about.

He walked for a while when- BANG!- Vegeta slammed into someone. Someone with blue hair. Bulma got jup and rubbed her head, feeling for bruises. "Watch where you're going!" She yelled at Vegeta. Vegeta got up to and jumped at Bulma, pinning her to the wall. "No one raises their voice to a royal member of Vegeta-sei, bitch!" He growled. Bulma's eyes darted down to Vegeta's bare chest. "See something you like?" Vegeta whispered seductivly in Bulma's ear. Bulma felt herself melting as his breathe touched her skin. Bulma only nodded. Vegeta's tail wrapped itself around Bulma's waist. She passed her hand and soflty touched it. She tickled it, giggling as she saw Vegeta's reaction. He trembled slightly. He cupped Bulma's chin in his hands and gave her a kiss. Bulma returned it. They stayed a way like that until Vegeta noticed Bulma needed air. Bulma smiled, she had never felt anything like it.

Vegeta smirked at Bulma. "You'll be dead if Frieza catches you with me." Vegeta whispered. "I can take care of myself." Bulma said, defiently. Vegeta rubbed her back. "After I defeat the minotaur will you come with me?" He asked. Bulma smiled. "Yes, I will." She said happily. "I'll find a way for you to beat it." She added, getting away from Vegeta's arms. "We'll see if I need help." He said coldly. Bulma sneered. "First you act all kind with me, then you treat me like scum." She said, her voice getting higher. Vegeta growled. "You better shut up, bitch." He warned. Bulma's eyes filled up with tears. "Vegeta, how can you be so cruel? I gave you my love!" She said, sadly. Vegeta pulled her towards him and made her sit on his lap. "Woman, I care for you more than anything. But I won't need help with the minotaur." He whispered. Bulma cuddled up next to him. "Vegeta, you also mean everything to me. I will help you whether you like it or not." Bulma stated. Vegeta smirked, this girl had spark. It was amazing how she never gave up a fight. "We'll see." He said. Bulma got up. "I have to go back to my room. Zarbon gives a check around the palace in about five minutes." She said. Vegeta nodded and each went their own way.

It had been almost a whole week. Vegeta and Bulma kept seeing each other.

"Vegeta, you have two days for the minotaur, have you thought how to get rid of it?" Kakarott asked. Vegeta shook his head. The rest of the Sayajins moaned. "Prince Vegeta, we need a plan!" One Sayajin said. "I know! Something will come up." Vegeta snapped. Kakarott looked suspiciously at his prince. He knew the prince met everynight with Frieza's brat. He knew Bulma was the only key to opening this door. But how would he made the proud prince listen to reason?


Bulma entered Vegeta's room. "Woman, who let you in?" Vegeta teased from his bed. Bulma smiled. "Forgive me your highness, but this is MY palace and YOU are MY guest." She teased back. Vegeta pulled her towards him and gave her a long, passionate kiss. After the kiss was broken, Bulma sighed. "Do you know how to get pass the minotaur?" She asked worried. Vegeta said nothing but wrapped his arms around her tighter. "You look upset princess." Vegeta said, looking into Bulma's eyes. Bulma sighed again. "Lord Frieza has decided I am to marry Zarbon, after you are killed by the minotaur." She whined. Vegeta growled. "Then it will not happen since I will kill the minotaur." He spat. Bulma smiled. "Vegeta then you must listen to me. I know how you can kill the minotaur without getting lost in the labyrinth. But you must listen to me." Bulma pleaded. Vegeta closed his eyes. "Woman, I have told you before I do not need your help. I will kill the minotaur do not worry." He said angrily. Bulma let go of Vegeta, and pulled a scowl on her face. "VEGETA YOU ARE TOO PROUD. YOU KNOW YOU NEED HELP, BUT YOU WON'T ASK FOR IT JUST BECAUSE OF YOU STUPID PRIDE." Bulma yelled. Vegeta's ears felt like they were going to fall off his head. "LISTEN BITCH, HOW I KILL THE MINOTAUR IS NONE OF YOUR BUISSNESS, SO JUST LET ME DO WHAT I CAME HERE FOR." He roared. Bulma shook her head in pity and left, slamming the door behind her.

Why did Vegeta have to be so stubborn? Bulma paced her room angrily. She was going to help him, but she had to find a way into tricking him to let her help. A soft knock came on the door. Bulma opened it, every part of her body hoped it was Vegeta.

"Kakarott?" Bulma said, surprised. "Hello, you highness. I have come because I need your help." Goku pleaded. Bulma motioned for him to come inside. Once there, "What's wrong? Is Vegeta alright?" Bulma asked. "The prince is fine. I want to talk to you about the help you have offered my prince." Kakarott said seriously. Bulma nodded. "I know, but he won't except it." She answered. "I have a plan. A way to trick him into letting you help him, but it takes a lot of risks." Kakarott explained. They talked late into the night, perfecting the plan, adding details, thinking carefully. Bulma knew if they went with the plan, she could easily die.


Kakarott dashed down the hall. Sweat falling from his bare chest. A look of worry on his face. When he reached Vegeta, he was panting, tired. "What the hell happened to you?" Vegeta asked, eyeing the taller Sayajin. Kakarott calmed down, hardly. "B-Bulma, they took her. In the labyrinth. To be fed to the minotaur." He muttered, a look of fear had crossed his face. Vegeta's light tan face turned to a palish green. "TAKE ME THERE, NOW!" Vegeta demanded. Kakarott nodded and they took off to the gardens.

Vegeta and Goku looked at the tall building- the labyrinth. "Here." Kakarott said, handing Vegeta a ball of yarn. "What's this for?" Vegeta snapped. "I'll hold one end of the string and you'll go on with the ball to look for Bulma. That way you can come out without getting lost." Goku explained. Vegeta nodded. "And take this." Kakarott added, taking a sword out of his bag. Vegeta didn't ask any questions this time. He nodded at Goku and went in the labyrinth. "Good luck, Vegeta." Kakarott whispered.

Vegeta looked around. He could go left or he could go straight ahead. "BULMA!" He yelled, hoping for an answer. Nothing. Vegeta sighed and headed left. He made sure to unwrap the ball as he went. Left. Right. Right. Left. Straight. Right. Dead end. Right. Left. Left. It pretty much went like that when Vegeta heard someone crying. "Bulma?" Vegeta yelled. The crying stopped. "Vegeta?" Bulma's voice was faint. Right. Left. Straight. Bulma! Vegeta hurried and carried her. "Oh Vegeta! It was a trick! The minotaur.... " Bulma wept. Vegeta was not getting anything. "Trick?--" Vegeta's question was interrupted by a loud ROAR.

RWARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. It was the minotaur. "Here take this." Vegeta said, handing the ball of yarn to Bulma. "Be careful." He added. The minotaur appeared from behind a column. Vegeta held his sword firmly. "Come here you funking beast." Vegeta spat. The minotaur roared and attacked. Vegeta dodged the beast's punches. Was this what had killed all his men? Vegeta took careful aim and swung his sword. Missed. "COME ON VEGETA!" Bulma cried, tears streaming down her face. The minotaur struck again. This time it got a good swing at Vegeta's arm. Blood started flowing out of the cut. Vegeta hovered inches above the groud. He gave one good kick at the monster and left it on the floor. Then, with perfect aim, he struck the sword in the Minotaur's heart. "You did it Vegeta! You won!" Bulma cried, wrapping her arms around him."It's probably best that he be dead, then stay in this prison." Vegeta said, in pity. They made their way out where they greeted all the other Sayajins. Quickly they mounted on Vegeta-sei's ship and went back to Vegeta-sei. Vegeta oulled Bulma closed to him. Pulling her into a night of fun.



Author's note: Ok this is the first fic I enter for a contest so have PITY! if they are any questions or suggestions please email me. Thanx!

~Spice Cat

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