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* * *


By: Meiko




The sunlight crept into the window of the Vice President of Capsule Corporation, the light gently spilling into the room as the sun peeked over the horizon. Bulma cursed and burried her face in her pillow: another night without sleep.

Forcing her tired and aching body out of the bed, she trudged into the bathroom to get ready for another day of Hell at work. She slid into a gray dress suit and pulled her long blue hair back. She fingered some loose strands and sighed, she hadn't gotten it cut since her return from Nameksei two months prior. She dabbed some make-up under her eyes to conceal the wrinkles that had formed over the two month period of no sleep.

At first, she had convinced herself that her insomnia was merely a jet lag of sorts. She had just returned from a planet that had no night. She was merely having trouble readjusting to her normal daily routine. That was no longer a plausable excuse. Bulma's mother constantly nagged her, begging her to see a doctor. Bulma always found an excuse to put off making an appointment.

Bulma wearily continued down the hall were she met her Saiyajin guest. She nodded polietly allowing him to go on ahead of her; he merely grunted in return. That was the extent of their conversation. Bulma could not recall one time he had spoken to her since she invited him to stay. She followed him silently down the stairs, quietly yawning. He cursed under his breath, words that were foreign to her ears. His voice faded as he too yawned, then he continued his mutterings.

It seemed the Saiya-jin no Ouji was not sleeping either. On several ocassions, Bulma would walk by his room in the early morning hours and see him sitting on his balcony railing staring into the void of the night. She was often tempted to speak to him, but fear overcame her. Though he had helped her friends on Nameksei, he was also a blood thirsty killer.

Vejiita's nose twitched as the smell of bacon invaded her senses. The two walked into the kitchen were Mrs. Briefs was busy preparing breakfast. She smiled up at them from the stove, "Good morning you two." she sang in her sickening voice. Bulma forced a smile and Vejiita merely grunted like always. "Sit down, I've made plenty of breakfast for both of you."

Vejiita sat and began to inhale inhumane amounts of food as Bulma's stomach turned at the sight. "Thanks anyway Mom." she said, reaching for an apple out of the bowl, "I need to go, busy day at the office."

Bulma hurried out of the kitchen and to the office, hoping the day would get better.

* * *

Vejiita landed in the middle of a vast desert, perhaps this location would offer better training than any of his previous choices. He began his day's work out, kicking and punching at the invisible enemies. He cursed his inability to become Super Saiya-jin, he cursed his lack of strength and speed.

As the sun reached the middle of the sky, Vejiita halted his training. His hard work was not paying off, his lack of sleep was slowing him down. He had yet been able to understand this problem, before Chikyuu, sleep was of little concern. He slept when needed and that was sufficient. Now, rest was impossible and this had many consequences.

He wasn't alone, he knew the woman could not sleep as well. He could always hear her moving about in the late hours. Perhaps she suffered from something similar.

The Prince snorted: Why should he be concerned about the sufferings of an insignificant Chikyuujin? She offered him nothing but a roof over his head and a meal in his body. She was nothing more then an annoying female.

Vejiita glanced up at the sun, his training could not continue until he had rested. Blasting off into the sky, he returned to Capsule Corporation to force himself to rest.

* * *

Bulma slammed the phone in frustration: another client was displeased with her lack of performance. Bulma scooted away from the desk and next to the window where she gazed outside. Her work had been slowly digressing since her return, there was much she had to catch up on and her body just seemed to become slower and slower. After a moment of thinking, Bulma raced to the door and poked her head around the door and called to her secretary, "Karei," she called, "Cancel all of my appointments for today, I'm going home early."

The secretary looked up quizically, "But, Miss. Briefs, you have..."

"I don't care," Bulma inturupted, vexed, "Cancel them!" Bulma grabbed her briefcase and quickly stormed out of the building before reason could catch up with her.

* * *

The warm shower felt good against his skin, it released all of his tension. He stood under the shower head until there was no warm water left. He dried himself off and frowned as he picked up his battered armor. He glanced up at the counter and noticed a set of Chikyuujin garments had been left. He studied the gray sweatshirt and kahki pants. He sighed and changed into them, finding them surprisingly comfortable.

He walked to his bedroom and about blew when he saw Mrs. Briefs busy at work, cleaning. She turned and smiled widely, "Well, hello!" she shouted over the vacuum, "I didn't expect you home so soon." Her eyes examined, "I'm glad to see you found the clothes I left you. You look so handsome in them."

Vejiita grunted and turned to find another place to rest.

* * *

Bulma slid out of the confines of her suit and into her favorite black leggings and red sweatshirt. She pulled on a pair of socks and let her hair fall lose. Sighing, she curled up on her bed and pulled the covers around her. Still, sleep did not come.

Frustrated, she stormed downstairs to watch her favorite soap. She grabbed a cup of tea and curled up on the coach. She flipped through the channels until she found what she was looking for. The young couple with a rocky relationship. The woman finds herself attracted to the dark new man in town. Bulma scoffed, who really had love lives like this?

Her eyes became heavy and she snuggled against one of the cushions, welcoming sleep. A large crash fromt the kitchen jarred her back. "Damnit!" she screamed, "Why can't I get any sleep?" She sat up, and was about to go investigate when the saiya-jin prince entered. He glared at her darkly, holding broken remains of one of her servo-bots. He let the pieces drop to the floor and he stalked towards her, "You need to watch where your little gadgets cross, unless you want a landfill in your backyard."

Bulma rose to her feet, towering a few centimeters above him, "You had no right to do that." she growled, "Do you want to eat again?" Vejiita smirked, "I can always fend for myself, woman."

Bulma clenched her teeth together, "My name is Bulma, not woman."

Vejiita appeared thoughtful, as if considering what she had said. After a moment, he replied, "I like woman better."

Screaming, Bulma plopped back down on the couch, "Don't you have some training to do, I'm trying to sleep!"

Vejiita's smirk widened, he was really enjoying teasing her, "There are no adequate places to train on this planet, so I've come to get some rest." Deciding to have some fun, he grabbed her and threw her onto the persain rug next to the couch. He then laid down and chuckled as he closed his eyes.

Rising to her feet, Bulma muttered obsenities under her breath. She raced to the kitchen and filled a glass with water. Returning she quietly tip-toed towards the Prince, in hopes he would not hear her. She carefully stood over him and prepared to pour the water. Instead, his hand reached out and quickly tipped the pitcher towards her, dowsing her shirt.

Angry and wet, she jumped on Vejiita and began to pound on his chest. Vejiita could not contain his laughter as he wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. She began to struggle and curse. "Let me go!" she demanded. Vejiita laughed some more, "Free yourself." he chuckled, "Just don't wake me."

Bulma watched as he settled into he cushions and appeared to drift off. She stilled as she felt his breathing deepen and his heart slow. She tried to pry herself loose, but even while sleeping his grip was hard. She glanced up at his face and swallowed a giggle, he wore his perpetual scowl and a tiny bit of drool dribbled out of the side of his mouth. Bulma relaxed and laid her face against his chest. His heart beat a gentle lullaby as she drifted off into a peaceful slumber.


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