Notes: I wrote this based on the Medusa legend, but it’s not quite the Greek universe. It has some differences. I think the characters are easy to recognize, but, anyway…

Vegeteu – Vegeta + Perseu

Merkurot – Mercury + Kakarot

The prefect – no one in the legend, but which DB character it is I won’t say. This is what makes the prologue funny, so I won’t say (it’s too obvious anyway)

Freeduza – Freeza + Medusa

Well, there are just these ones in the prologue. Hopefully at chapter one more charas will appear.

Disclaimer: Me no own DB/Z/GT. Me poor, HD 3GB only, modem 33,6 only.


Vegeteu and the Freeduza
By: Elanor Pam




It hadn’t been a happy day, so it seemed that everyone decided to try to have a happy night. The Prefect’s banquet was crowded, even though that wasn’t exactly a party, but an extremely important call.

Prefect Cell looked at all the people he had called. Everyone there had the same enemy, and was in danger, but it looked more like a cocktail party. He was upset. Not only the Serifo Land, but all the world, could be destroyed. All lords and Prefects from all kingdoms had come to the banquet, and they were upset too. Some of the people were already drunk; and there was a strange spiked-haired guy sitting on the floor, laughing and talking with a bunch of impressed guys sitting around him on the floor about some Cartago god shrine he had invaded, destroyed and got a little statue of a little girl that he decided to give to his neighbor’s little daughter on her birthday. He was not exactly drunk, but he had had at least one or two full goblets of wine. And the Prefect couldn’t remember of seeing the guy anywhere at Serifo, and hadn’t invited him.

Suddenly, Prefect Cell stood up. A fried insect could be heard near one of the torches, because silence fell suddenly.

– Today, I called all of you to talk about an important topic. Not only our beloved land of Serifo is in danger, but all the world. I ask, no, I beg for attention.

Everybody was quiet.

– We’ll talk about the Damned Monster. – some faces paled, but the freak of the neighbor’s daughter’s birthday showed no fear, but a bit of confusion. He looked around and smirked when he saw everybody in fear. Obviously, he lived very far away. – His strength is too great for us to fight him, but we, the lords of the divided empire, have no intentions of running away and leaving our treasures and achievements behind.

– Who’s this guy? – the freak asked.

– He is a monster. A…

– Yeah, I know, you already said that. But what exactly?

– He is a monster who lives somewhere in the east, but we can’t know exactly where. From all the people we sent to defeat him, two or three could survive, only. This monster can petrify you, so terrible is his appearance. He’ll kill all of us, and we have to do something quickly.

– So, that’s all? Kill the monster? I can do it all by myself – the freak said, matter-of-factly, standing up and crossing his arms.

Instantaneously all the people near him vanished to appear the farthest possible, and comments could be heard in low voices:

– He… he is crazy!

– No, maybe he is a demon, who wants to destroy everything and everyone.

– No, he’s a messenger from the Gods! I think they finally decided to help us!

– If this boy doesn’t rest in peace, he’ll never have peace until he dies. All girls are looking at him.

The spiked-haired freak didn’t care for the comments, standing tall and proud in front of Prefect Cell, who was staring at him, open-mouthed.

– You’re… brave. Just it. Brave. A single word that is so… so… I don’t know. But if you survive this mission and kill the monster, your name will be known in all corners of the world, and your adventures will be passed down from father to son, in legends and ballads, until the end of time, because it is not only our terror, but the terror of the whole world. You give me your price, and I’ll pay if you promise me to defeat our terror.

He suddenly laughed.

– No promises! I don’t need any payment right now. You only give me a new sword and a good shield, and I’ll bring back the monster’s head. But, if I do come back, I’ll want 50 golden bars.

Everybody was speechless. At that time, a single golden bar was more than sufficient for an entire wealthy life. With everything he had, the Prefect probably hadn’t even three and a half. And he had everything he could want.

But, on the other hand, killing the monster would be the greatest of the feats; if he did that, he would deserve any bars he wanted. The Prefect thought for a while, and then said:

– I can’t promise 50 golden bars, but I promise you at least 25 of them, if you do kill the monster. And I’ll give you your sword and your shield, and our last hopes. The world’s entire destiny is now on your hands. Now, tell me your name, brave lad, and you’ll have your sword, and your shield.

– My name is Vegeteu, and I came from the forgotten west to find my destiny, as they told my mother in Delphos. – he said, proudly and seriously.

– Delphos? The Oracle of Delphos?!? If you were said to come here to find your destiny, so the gods have something prepared for you. May it be your bless, and not your doom.

– My destiny is not here, Prefect Cell, but it begins here, as my mother was told. And so I came to found you, even though I was not invited to your banquet. My destiny lies far in the east, and, may I find bless or doom, I’ll face it and win, or die like the warrior I am.

– You are the bravest lad I ever saw. You won’t have a new sword, you’ll have a special sword, and no good shield for you, but the best of all. – four beautiful slaves, dressed as odalisques, came, each pair carrying a golden tray, one of them with a silver giant sword, adorned with sapphires, and the other tray carrying a silver shield, with golden images around the borders of it.

– I have no intentions of disappointing you, so expect me to come back. – Vegeteu said. – And, I almost forgot, what’s the name of the beast?

Prefect Cell’s face darkened, and he seemed older, like he had carried the greatest of the worries on his shoulders for ages and ages.

– It’s called… Freeduza.

** ** **

Vegeteu looked at the sea, sun drowning in the deep blue water. He was serious, lost in thoughts.

"Serifo ends here."

Now he had to go and face his destiny. He was sure his destiny was to defeat the Freeduza guy and win 25 golden bars, but something was wrong. He felt it. Something was missing.

He pulled out the giant silver sword, looking at it.

"I know… this sword is not enough. This shield is not enough. My strength is not enough. Something is missing… something… but what?"

– Insecure, brave man? Hahahaha! – a joyful voice was heard behind him, and Vegeteu turned back jumping, in defense position. But he saw something few people had ever seen.

The "guy" was sitting on pure air, arms behind his black hair, pointing everywhere, legs crossed. He wore strange boots with little wings, and a little helmet with wings too.

What the heck are you?!?!?!? – Vegeteu couldn’t hold his surprised question in his mouth.

The guy just laughed, dumbly. Some time after, he grinned.

– I’m Merkurot, messenger of the gods, and I was send to help you on the beginning of your journey! And I know what you’re thinking, I hover because of my boots. You’ll need these boots to get to Freeduza, but I can’t lend you mine. If I do so I’ll lose my job… but I know where to find another, and other things you’ll need. So we’ll have to be friends, ok?

Vegeteu looked at him, confused, and frowned.

– Could you tell me why the gods want to help me and why they can’t destroy the monster themselves?

Merkurot suddenly got serious.

– Freeduza is a terrible monster born by a bloody crime. The gods do want to destroy it, but it’s forbidden for us to interfere personally on the mortal world. Freeduza belongs to the mortal world, so a mortal has to kill it. But we do want to help. You’ll have a great destiny, so we decided to help you find your destiny. When you’re near it, I’ll go away. You won’t need me too much, but you’ll need me on the beginning, just to help you on world you don’t know too much. Got it? *thumb up*

Vegeteu "humphed" and frowned even more, but said:

– Ok, if you don’t eat my patience and help me find those winged boots.


Vegeteu: – ¬,¬’… "what a moron… oh gods, do I really have to endure this?…"

– Yeah, yeah, I’m happy, Teu, can I call you Teu?

– No.

– Oh, ok, but let’s go, you’ll have to endure much more than you think, and not just about me. You’re in danger, brotha… but lucky you are, I admit… smile and be happy, you’ll never imagine what a surprise the destiny has for you. You’ll find the greatest treasure of the world, a treasure that even the gods could never have, and will never have, because it’s only for you…

Merkurot grinned and snapped his fingers, a boat appearing on the water. He flew to the little boat, while Vegeteu suddenly felt something warm inside, so warm and soft, yet so powerful, that he got dizzy and had to hold on his giant sword, his breath and head suddenly light, like he was floating to the heaven.

Merkurot motioned for him to hop in the boat, and Vegeteu entered the sea, turning his back to Serifo, never to see it again.


Yeah, I know this is quite short, but it’s only the prologue. Forgive any mistakes, I’m Brazilian and I’m still studying English, so there are things I don’t know if they’re right or not… Sayonara! Tchau! ("tchau" is "bye" in Portuguese)

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