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Chapter 6


Vegeta rose from the bed 20 hours later, darkness fully settled on the earth. The woman stirred a bit and protested as he pulled away from her, but she settled back into her dreams comfortably after a time. He watched her for a moment, marveling at how just 24 hours before she had been fighting him, intent on winning, and then she'd . . . given up? It went so fast and was such a blur he was sure he would never understand what had really happened in those few moments before she accepted him. Not that he wanted to understand because he had gotten what he wanted even though she had practically sworn that he never would.

He smirked and walked to the living quarters. A bowl sat there with a cloth, obviously so he could wash himself. He growled and cursed: no running water. He was not going to wash himself with a bowl of water and cloth; it was beneath him. Then again, he didn't want to go back to the ship just so he could shower either. His little minx might have a change of heart and try to escape.

He growled and stormed away from the bowl; he could live awhile longer without washing. He walked out to the large balcony and leaned against the koa railing, his gaze directed towards the stars. His mind, though, was on her. Why had he acted the way he did last night? He should have killed her for her insolence last night as soon as the first words were uttered from her mouth. But he hadn't, and he had just let her do whatever she'd wanted. What had he been trying to prove last night?

And what had she meant when she said that baka god couldn't do anything until due time? Did she have something up her sleeve? Could she possibly be more powerful than he thought? Could she possibly have planned all of this from the get go? Questions raced through his head, and absolutely no answers that made much of any sense came to mind. She could have planned this from the beginning, knowing that if she couldn't free her people by force then she could try it by finesse. She could be planning to take him out from the inside, waiting until his defenses were at their lowest before striking. The more he thought the more nothing made sense and the more things seemed to become more sinister. Due time . . . well, in due time he was going to drive himself crazy if he didn't do something or find out what she had meant.

What she had meant?! Why should he even care?! Well, he didn't. Vegeta had worked himself into a frenzy now from the silent battle that was going on in his head. He needed to make it clear to her who was the master and who was the slave.

He stormed into the room, barely able to contain his anger. One look at her and his resolve almost dissolved, but then he caught himself in his weakness and walked purposefully over to the bed and shook her awake. "Woman!" he bellowed.

Her blue eyes opened groggily and she peered at him from behind long lashes. "Vegeta . . ."

He grabbed her arm and pulled her roughly from the bed. "Know this: I am the master and you are the slave. No matter what you're planning you will not succeed." he barked harshly at her.

She gazed at him confused and then her eyes widened. "So she had been planning something." he thought to himself as he watched her.

He didn't let her protest before he pushed her roughly down back on the bed. He forced himself on her then, listening to her cries of pain as they rang in the chamber. He fell beside her afterward and fell into a fitful sleep.


Bulma laid on the bed after their encounter, her mind racing and her body hurting more than she thought possible. What happened? One moment he was all soft touches and caresses and the next her was raping her. Gods she hurt.

She dragged herself from the bed and across the room to the living quarters. Her skin was bruised and bleeding and she ached all over. She grabbed the washcloth from the table and began to mechanically wash herself, her mind in a total state of shock. She felt numb, like she wasn't really here, wasn't really experiencing what she was, like she was watching someone else. She felt like she was outside.

Was this the purpose she was called to fulfill? Was this the reason she here? No, she couldn't believe her father would let this happen to her. This wasn't her destiny. She rubbed her skin roughly making it turn a bright shade of red. She didn't deserve to be treated this way. No one did. She wouldn't stand for this. She could feel the anger beginning to rise and she dried herself off with a towel. She could feel the blood pulsing hotly in her veins and she felt power course through her body. She felt and saw the sudden display of Kilauea against the black night sky through the balcony doors.

She smiled suddenly. "Kilauea."


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