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Chapter 5


Bulma fell through the air and landed deftly on the ground, tumbling to minimize injury. She tumbled into a standing position and looked up at the balcony, seeing Vegeta grab the edge and look the long way down. She didn't know if he saw her, but she wasn't about to stick around to find out. She ran, her feet sure as she sprinted across the earth. She'd lived here her whole life and knew these woods like the back of her hand. She could anticipate everything under her feet before she even came to it. She ran, her feet skipping over raise roots and the earth soft from the recent rainfall. The air felt cool along her body, and she knew it would have been a good night to watch the stars. Ah, there will always be another night, that is if she got through this night.

She didn't think he was capable of rape, but she guessed she was wrong. She had been surprised at the violence in his actions. She thought it would have been above him to take her forcefully. Yeah, well she wasn't going to make that mistake again. Now he was on her turf.

She could hear the ocean long before she saw it. She almost cried out in relief. "Almost there." she whispered fiercely to herself.

The trees were significantly thinner now as she neared the ocean. She could feel the mixture of sand and dirt now under her feet and smell the salty ocean air. She breathed it in the sweet air and adrenaline pumped newly through her veins. She broke out of the tree cover totally, her feet now encountering sand and large rocks, and then finally the hard dead reef. She ran along the edge of the reef, knowing one wrong step would send her plummeting over the edge onto the live reef below. She knew the waves had enough power to throw her against the dead reef, hopefully killing her instantly, but knowing it wouldn't. The fact that she was part goddess didn't phase her because she could still die just like any other man, or woman.

Bulma could see her relief now, a dark cavern that loomed ahead of her. It was an entrance to her domain, the hot lava flows beneath. No one knew about it except her and Chichi, and Chichi only knew because she was in control of the ocean.

She was almost there when he shot out of the sky and stood in the way. He glowed a hot white light, his face grinning. She stopped mid-stride, trying hard to hide her surprise. Flight: she'd forgotten they could fly. But he could read her expression.

"Aren't we forgetful?" he mocked her. He crossed his arms over his finely muscled chest.

"You're on my turf now." she said to him in a strong voice.

"Show me what you can do, Goddess." he said, planting his body firmly in the spot he was standing.

Bulma closed her eyes for a moment. "Chichi, please lend me your powers." she whispered.

She could feel the strength of the ocean surge into her, filling her completely. The power threatened to overpower her, but she harnessed it as she harnessed the power of Kilauea. She opened her eyes and they started to glow an ethereal blue. Vegeta's eyes were steadily gazing at her. "Watch this, Monkey Prince." she screamed.

Her hands lifted up and spun once, the water following, forming a churning tunnel. Vegeta stood straight and watched the spectacle. Bulma began to yell, her voice gaining power as the water spun faster and faster, her hair flying wildly. She brought her hands down and out, directing them toward Vegeta's form. The water hit him, swallowing him. He said not a word, just let it hit him head on. She knew it wouldn't kill him, but it might do some damage, and she hoped it would pull him out a bit with the tide.

She began to run again, her feet sure on top of the water. The water was beginning to rush out back to the ocean and she found that Vegeta was not standing where she'd last seen him. In fact, she couldn't see him at all now. She silently thanked the ocean and hoped that he wouldn't show up before she made it into the cavern.

She yelped suddenly as a hand shot out of the water, grabbing her ankle. She fell, hitting the water hard and then sinking underneath as the hand pulled her under. She was yanked toward his body and he grabbed her roughly, pinning her hands against his chest. They were face to face and he grinned at her. He started to yell, and she felt his ki flair out, moving the water so that it now surrounded them. He floated up with her still pressed firmly against his chest. Soon they were above the water and he turned his gaze to it and watched the rest of it flow out. He placed her on the ground and released her. She fell back onto the pointed reef sharply, biting back her cry of pain.

"That was quite a trick, but it won't work on me like it worked on my men. And even then, your sister was still caught." he said to her, shaking off the water.

Bulma looked away from him. Now what was she suppose to do? He was stronger than the water. She felt for Kilauea, but she still couldn't use her. Damn, she was stuck. She got up from the ground and dusted herself off.

"What do you want?" she asked him.

He answered her with silence again.

"Dammit, Vegeta, if I don't know what you want there's nothing I can do!" she screamed at him.

"Woman, you know what I want." he said, crossing his arms.

"And you know I won't give you the satisfaction." she snapped at him.

"Yeah, we'll have to see about that." he said, his gaze seeming to bore holes into her.

"You don't get it! I don't want you! I want to see you dead!" she raved.

He smirked at her. "I'm not going to die anytime soon."

"Ain't that a damn shame." she muttered to herself, looking at the floor. She turned back to the palace and started to walk.

"Where the hell are you going?" he said her.


"Oh, so we've finished this game of cat and mouse, have we?" he called to her.

She ignored him and walked faster. Gods, what she going to do now? "Father, what do you want me to do?" she prayed silently to him.

As if an answer to her prayer, Kane appeared out of no where. Bulma stopped before she collided with him. "Dammit, Kane, I wasn't talking to you." she snarled at him.

"Hey, babe, I happen to be a distant father to you, you know." he said, his arms outstretched.

Bulma pushed passed him. "And yet you still want to sleep with me." she growled at him.

"Woman, who the hell are you talking to?" Vegeta demanded as appeared before her seemingly out of thin air.

Bulma turned and smiled weakly at Kane, her thin arms crossed and body shivering from the cold sea breeze. "Oh, thank you, Kane, for making me look like an idiot." she said to him. She turned back in the direction she was going and rammed right into Vegeta. She grunted and felt her anger flare. "Will nothing go right for me?" she screamed at no one in particular.

Vegeta grabbed her roughly on the arms and forced her gaze on him. He looked directly into her eyes and she could have sworn she saw a hint of concern in their cold depths. She pushed the thought away before she ended banking on it and getting herself almost raped again. She tried to shake out of his grasp.

"Let me go." she said to him.

His gripped never lessened and his eyes never faltered from hers. "Woman, I don't take kindly to being in the dark about anything, especially when it come to my property."

"Vegeta, you don't take kindly to anything." she said to him, rolling her eyes.

He glared at her.

"Hey, maybe if you act like you're crazy he'll let you go . . . or kill you." Kane said, grinning at Bulma.

"And then I'll be stuck with you for eternity." she called over he shoulder. She looked at Vegeta again. "Kane is standing over there." she said indicating the spot with her head.

"You're god." he stated, his eyes guarded.

Bulma smirked. "He's not my god."

"What does he want?" Vegeta asked her curious.

"He wants me to act like I'm insane so you will either kill me or let me go. Of course, Kane has been known to have a few brain cells missing." she said, directing the verbal jab more at Kane than giving Vegeta information.

Vegeta's face was impassive for a few moments, and then he grinned. "Insane, huh? You sound like you don't like him." Vegeta said, his voice low and directed for only her ears.

"He wants to get in my pants." she said to him.

Vegeta smirked. "Seems like everyone wants to." he noted. "I have an idea. Follow my lead."

Before she knew what was happening Vegeta was kissing her, passionately. His arms were wrapped around her waist possessively and their bodies were pressed together. She felt a nudge in her mind and a voice say, "Follow my lead." Bulma quickly complied, and a little too eagerly for her taste. She knew what he was trying to do. And she knew it would work.

Kane grabbed her arm and yanked her away from Vegeta. He shoved her behind him and glared at Vegeta. "Don't you ever touch her again!" he yelled.

Vegeta opened his eyes. Bulma didn't even see the motion, but before she knew it Kane was dangling off the ground, Vegeta's grip tight on his throat. "You're the weakling that's suppose to protect this planet." he stated.

Kane's eyes narrowed and then Bulma felt his power start to swell, and then hit a wall. Bulma laughed aloud. "Kane, you know you can't hurt either of us until due time." she said, her voice drunk with power.

Vegeta glanced at her oddly, but then turned his gaze back to the god dangling in his grasp. "Do gods die?" he asked darkly.

Kane paled.

"I'll take that as a yes." Vegeta threw him to the ground and prepared a ki blast. He glanced at Bulma and saw her frown, but she didn't move to stop him. He shook himself. Why should he care what she thought? But he couldn't shake the thoughts whirring through his mind. He put his hand down and grunted. "Get out of here. Don't you dare ever come near her again."

Kane disappeared.

Bulma continued to frown.

"What the hell is wrong now, woman?" he said, wanting to blow something up again.

"That'll only deter him for a while, at least until you're gone." she said.

Vegeta smirked. "Do you think I'll leave you here?"

Her head shot up and her eyes flashed a hot white at him. He could feel his arousal growing again. Damn this woman; no woman moved him as she did. He stepped toward her and enveloped her in his arms. "I will not leave you here, Little One." he told her tenderly, surprising them both.

She looked at him, her eyes wide in shock. Little One? Had he just talked to her without demanding? Had he just talked to like he was her lover? She was overcome with shock. She freed one hand and touched his face, her fingers trailing over the smooth skin. She looked deep into his eyes and was touched with what she saw there. He was sad, hurt, and lonely . . . so lonely. She could see his desire for reprieve from his loneliness, and she could see that he blamed no one but himself for the way he was. He looked like he wanted to be needed, to be . . . loved, and possibly love someone else too.

A tear slipped down her cheek and her gently brushed it from her skin. "Why do you cry?" he asked her, honestly curious.

"I'm sorry." she sobbed suddenly, throwing her arms around his neck and burying her head into his shoulder. She trembled against him, her body gasping for air.

He started to rock and sing softly in her ear in a foreign tongue. The sound and his voice comforted her, the deep notes touching chords of peace in her soul. She relaxed and her tears eventually stopped. She opened her eyes and stared out to the sea, the beginnings of the sun beginning to lighten the sky.

He pulled away from her gently and pulled her chin so that they stood face to face, one arm still casually along her waist. He leaned forward and touched his lips to hers, electricity sparking between them. Bulma pushed herself against him, letting her desire for release to come out. She desperately needed release, and she desperately wanted him. She moaned as his hands started to explore the contours of her back. She could feel him mind nudge hers again and then images flooded her mind: his father, his mother, his shame. She could feel the tears starting to form again and they trailed down her face as they kissed.

She felt their feet leave the ground, and he scooped up her legs from beneath her. She clung to his neck as they flew to the palace, never once taking her lips from his. They were at the palace shortly and he placed her gently on the bed and broke their kiss. He stood off to the side, the starlight and pale sunlight hitting his back. She could see his eyes clearly and they now pleaded for her acceptance.

She paused for a moment, overcome. What the hell was she doing? He had just conquered her world, enslaved the whole planet. He almost raped her earlier. He was an egotistical bastard who had killed millions of people just because it was fun.

But she understood. She understood the problem behind his psychosis. And she . . . accepted it. She knelt on the bed and slowly removed her clothes. His eyes scoured her body and she beckoned to him, her arms wide open to him. He came to her and she slowly undressed him, caressing and kissing him lightly.

Once they were fully undressed and skin to skin, he took over. He rubbed her body down with his hands, eliciting moans from her and touching tender spots in her that she never knew existed. Ah, if this was how he was as a lover, she wouldn't mind at all what he did. She couldn't believe that anyone was this good.

Vegeta's mind was moving fast, trying his best to please this goddess that had accepted him fully, though she knew just how horrible he was. He had fought her, but she had conquered him. He could feel his desire growing in leaps and bounds as her hands moved over his back and played with his tail. They were in for a long day.


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