Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ, though I’ve used its characters for the story. I have also gotten some inspiration from the book: ‘Odysseus, een man van verhalen’ by Imme Dros. I want to say that I do not want to copy her story. It just inspired me to write it in this style.




Trunks was dozing off by the fire, listening to the chatter of two girls. He walked over to them, and sent one of them away to go fetch some wine for him. To fill the silence that followed, he asked the other girl what they’d just been talking about. "Oh, just about Alcaeüs. You know him?" she asked.

"Yes, he is a friend of mine. What about him?" "He is going to marry Phyrne, you know, his halfsister."

"Why’s that all of the sudden?" he aksed, getting a little annoyed. He hadn’t even heard about that.

"Well, you know her mother had already died two years ago, and now her father died too, and she was their only child."

"Oh, I see. He was the closest relative, huh?"

"Yeah, but it is not just money, he loves her too. But only as a sister. And now Laïda, that’s the girl who is getting the wine right now, told me that Solon, you know, that guy from Athens, has now made this new rule that people who have this kind of commitment, have to have sexual contact three times a month, to ensure that the woman would give birth to a boy, a new heir, as soon as possible. But we don’t have such a rule here, so Alcaeüs is probably not going to have sex with her, not even once, because he already has a lover. And she has too, but well, you know that’s forbidden for a married woman."

"Yeah, I know, that’s too bad. Maybe I can change that."

"Haha! To do that you’d have to be King Vegeta! Or Prince Trunks maybe. Speaking of him… do you know where he is? I was sent to the palace to deliver something, and I decided to stay to see him. My freinds tell me that he is really hot. Laïda especially." She then slapped a hand before her mouth. "Sorry! I know I shouldn’t say such things to a man! Oh, damn! I always talk too much! Please don’t tell anyone!" she begged. Trunks smiled at her. "Don’t worry, I won’t." she smiled back at him. "Thanks."

At that moment Laïda came back with the wine. "Here you go, Prince Trunks." She said, handing him the glass. "Oh, I see you two have already met. Pan was really dying to meet you, and I was going to introduce her to you. Oh well, here it goes then: Prince Trunks, this is Pan. Pan, this is…" she stopped as she turned around to her friend, who was now blushing furiously, and was gasping for breath. "…Prince Trunks." Laïda finished unsurely.

Trunks burst out in laughter at Pan’s expression. Laïda looked at him questioning. "I believe Pan thought I was someone else, didn’t you, Pan?" Trunks laughed. Pan quickly bowed for him. "My Prince! Forgive me for those words!" He didn’t stop laughing as he extended a hand and pulled her to her feet. "Laïda, could you please leave us?" he spoke kindly. Laïda quickly nodded, and left, a look of confusion on her face. "And, Panny," Trunks chuckled, "what do you think, were Laïda and those girls right about me? I want a honest answer." She bowed her head and whispered something inaudible. "What did you say? Come on, Princes order! Tell me!" "I said that if you were not the Prince he couldn’t have been any hotter than you are." She said a little louder. "Why thank you." He smirked. "I’m glad you like me so much!" She turned even redder. "And I must say that I like you too. Tell me, how would you like it to see my rooms? I want to show you the bed." Eros had clearly aimed and shot his arrow at those two. She suddenly lost her shyness and smiled at him. "I’d love to." She wasn’t even surprised as Trunks kissed her deeply and lifted her to carry her upstairs. Yet another victory for Aphrodite.


Vegeta, in the meanwhile, had come up with several ideas to prove his love for Bulma to Ero. He had offered to sleep in one bed with Ero for a night, and not touch her, but she had answered. "As much as I like your idea, it proves nothing, only that you desire her body more then mine. And physical love is not what I want you to prove."

Then, he had told her that he would give up all his treasures, money, slaves, even Ithaca for her. But Ero had not found it enough. "So you think her worth more than money? That only shows how much she is worth, not how much you love her."

Then he had asked Ero if everything he’d been throught, the entire Troyan war, his ten year yourney back, his efforts to beat the suitors of his mate, wasn’t enough proof, but she had answered in denial. "You could have done all those things in warrior’s and King’s honor. You had vowed to fight in the Troyan war, you have suffered for twenty years because you insulted one of the immortal gods, our father Piccolo, and you could have just killed the men for invading your house and threatening your possessions."

And now, now Vegeta was at the verge of giving up. If even all those things, everything he’d proved his love with was not enough, then nothing woul dbe. He sighed deeply as he decided to quit. "I give up." He finally spoke, looking Ero directly in the eyes. She smirked. "That will please daddy. Now, what are you waiting for? Leave." He was majorly surprised. "Leave? I thought you’d kill me?" she smirked. "Nope. Don’t feel like it." "You can’t do this to me!" he yelled "I want to die, I want to go to Hades! I want to see Bulma! Kill me! I can’t live without her! I want to die! Kill me!" tears streamed down the once so proud Kings face, at the horrible thought of not seeing his mate again for so long. What he did not know was that this had pulled the trigger.

"Damn it! You made it! You did exactly what the rules said!" Ero cursed violently. "All right then. You win. I’ll give you the power to call her sould back to her body. Here." She toutched his fingertips, and Vegeta could feel a strange warm sensation flow into him, which was almost too much for his body. It was like his lifeforce had suddenly doubled, and he realized that that was exactly what had happened, he now carried the lifeforce of his beloved too. "Touch her heart with this, and she’ll live again. I hate you, Vegeta. Daddy is not going to like this. But Goku is stronger. Now go!" And overjoyed, Vegeta left the temple. As he stood outside, he remembered again what a long walk it would be, because he had already noticed that his flight powers didn’t work outside the temple when he was on his way to it. But again, the supreme god came to his rescue. Hold on, Vegeta. I’ll help you with this. Close your eyes. Vegeta immediately obeyed, and when he opened them again, he found himself in front of the palace. He whispered silent thanks to Goku and ran in as fast as he could.


Vegeta was standing in front of the bed Bulma was laying on. She looked so cold, so dead. And finally he had the power to revive her, and to hold her, kiss her, make love to her after twenty long years. He softly layed his hand on her heart, as in a soft caress, and felt the double enery leaving his body, and flooding into his mate. Her eyes suddenly fluttered open. "Vegeta…" she whispered, still slightly dazed by the sensations she’d been through. "Bulma, my love…" He bowed down over her, and held her and kissed her as he softly told her everything taht had happened, everything he’d done and been through those past years. And Bulma told him about her life in those years, about how Trunks had grown from the baby he was when Vegeta left, into the young man he was now. They kissed again as Vegeta lifted her, and carried her to the bed he had made himself, on top of a giant tree trunk placed in the middle of their bedroom. Bulma snuggled up against Vegeta’s chest, his protective arms holding her. Together, they had conquered it all, they were now forever bonded, bound together with the eternal power of true, deep love.

From the tip of the mighty Olympos, the immortal gods looked down at them. "You have done well, Juuhachi-chan." Goku slowly spoke. "Thank you, father." Juuhachigou answered, "I’m really glad this all turned out so well. Thanks to the help of Juunanagou, of course." She smiled. "Where is my brother now?" Goku grinned. "I bleive Lunch has switched her spells over to him." Juuhachigou chuckeled. " And here I was, thinking that you and uncle Piccolo were the players!" Chi Chi shot a warning glance to Goku, and answered for him. "Not any more he isn’t…" Goku gulped and quickly nodded in confirmation. Piccolo, in the meanwhile, sat in a corner, scowling, arms crossed. Juuhachigou walked over to him. "Come on, uncle Piccolo. Don’tyou think he has payed enough for that one insult? I say, you’ve been mad at him for the past ten years! Why don’t you just go home to aunt Amphitrete and forget it." Piccolo looked at her and with a growl he stood up and stalked out of the room. "Or not…" Juuhachi mumbled, and sighed at the stubborn behavior of her uncle, then shrugged it off. "Oh well, as long as those two are back together." Chi Chi shot one more glance through the clouds, down to the earth, then smiled. "That they are."




Well, this is the end of my fanfic for Adimra’s contest. I hope you have all enjoyed reading it. To make some of the names and actions in all the past chapters clearer, I have some explanations here. First the names. All the names that are in here which are not DBZ names, are from persons who have lived (or are from myths) around the Homeric period, in which this story finds place too. The names I have used for the part in which Trunks and Pan get together, I have all gotten from the book "The love life of the ancient Greeks" by Sofia A. Souli, translated into Dutch by Hanneke Heijstek. All the persons have actually lived in that period, though not in the life I placed them in. Both Phyrne and Laïda were two of the best payed courtisanes in Greece around those years. Phyrne has stood model for several statues of Aphrodite, godess of love and beauty, and both of them were incredibly rich. Alcaeüs was a poet, and lived in the same time as Solon, which was around the Homeric period. His poems have become so famous because of the power and erotism in them. And then there is Solon himself, who was a famous politician in Athens, and one of the seven most famous phylosophers of the ancient Greece.

He made the law that Laïda told Pan of. If a girl had inherited all her parents possessions after their death, because there was no male heir, she had to marry a man from the closest kin, to keep the possessions in the family. All the men of the family who were interested would tell this, and the girl was to marry the closest kin. So it was not unusual for family to marry and have sex with eachother. The only family marriage forbidden was between to children from the same mother. But if they had the same father and a different mother, it was perfectly legal. It was even considered wise to do so. Hesodius wrote down that a girl would be best to marry if she was from the same family or close friends, so that she would know the rules of the house she would come to live in. Well, further more… Amphitrete was Poseidons wife (god of the oceans, here represented by Piccolo). Poseidon and Zeus were by far the two gods who cheated and seduced girls the most of all the gods on the Olympos, which caused a huge group of halfgods with supernatural powers to be born, and mingle with the normal mortals. Well, this was all to be said (at least, I sorta count on it that you guys know that Hades is the underworld, where dead people go, and that the Olympos was the mountain where the gods lived on, under the reign of Zeus, so if you didn’t know that, you do now). I hope everyone liked my story. Thank you for taking the time to read it. - Marlyne

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