Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ, though I’ve used its characters for the story. I have also gotten some inspiration from the book: ‘Odysseus, een man van verhalen’ by Imme Dros. I want to say that I do not want to copy her story. It just inspired me to write it in this style.

A/N – Here is my mythological based story, based upon the Odyssey. It will have changed names, and a different ending. I hope everyone will like it. The list of names is below. Hope you like the story.

Vegeta -Odysseus

Bulma -Penelopeia

Trunks -Telemachos

Goku -Zeus (supreme god, god of thunder. Is known to sleep with Other girls than his wife all the time)

Chi Chi -Hera (wife of Zeus (also his sister, weird but true), goddess of Marriage)

Piccolo -Poseidon (god of the seas, brother of Zeus, creates all storm and earthquakes)

Juunanagou -Hermes (messenger of the gods, son of Zeus, famous because he has killed Argos, but that’s another story)

Juuhachigou -Athena (goddess of wisdom and war, daughter of Zeus (only Zeus, she was born from his head)

Lunch -Calypso (nymph)




All the men of the island hurried over to the palace. For the first time in twenty years there had been a national assembly announced. When they had arrived at the meeting they were surprised to see the Prince standing proudly, patiently waiting until everyone was seated before he opened the meeting. "Men of Ithaca. I have called upon this meeting to have you all witness this great crime that has befallen the Royal House of Ithaca. Men who call themselves suitors of Queen Bulma, have invaded the palace and are behaving ruthlessly. Until there is proof that my mother is a widow she is not allowed to remarry. But still, these men are living in our palace and eating all our food. Men of Ithaca, be my witness as I order these pigs to leave our house, to leave me and my mother alone." As he finished, one of his mother’s suitors, Yamcha, rose, and started talking. "What are you talking about, you brat!" he fumed. "Our entire youth is going by as we have been waiting for the Queens decision for the past four years. Don’t you think we’d rather go out, and have fun with girls? But instead, we stay in the palace, waiting for your mother. And about your father, just forget him. That man is long dead, and then, even if he did get home, what would he do against one hundred and eight men? Even the Legendary Vegeta will not be strong enough to stop us, that is, if he wouldn’t be rotting at the bottom of the ocean by now! Just shut up about it, brat!" Trunks growled, as he got up once again. "What do you mean, waiting for my mother? You are having your own pretty little fun with our slaves aren’t you? And I swear that my father is not dead. He is alive and he will kill you, Yamcha. All of you. I will go out on the sea myself, and I will bring back my father. Who will give me a ship?" No one spoke. It was deadly silent. Then Yamcha stood up with a smirk and announced that the meeting was over. Trunks ran away, off to the beach, tears staining his eyes, as he sat upon a rock and sobbed in fear, anger and humiliation. Juuhachigou flew down at him. "What’s that, Trunks? Tears? You shouldn’t cry! You did wonderful!! You showed everyone that you are no little boy, but a man, and a son of Vegeta at that. Come on, I will help you and get you a ship. Don’t be sad. We will go together to retrieve your father." Trunks looked up at her in surprise. "Holy Juuhachigou! Goddess of Wisdom!" Juuhachi smiled at him. "Yes, young Prince. I am Juuhachigou. And I will help you find your father." Trunks’ eyes widened. "So Toussan is still alive?" Juuhachigou slapped a hand against her mouth. "Oh no!! I wasn’t supposed to tell you!!" she then lowered her head. "Yes, he is still alive." Trunks almost popped in joy. "Mother will be so happy!!" Juuhachi shot up, and grabbed his arm to pull him back down. "No, Trunks, don’t! You cannot tell this to anyone. Please!" Trunks looked at her. The young goddess looked so utterly defeated that she had let this important information slip, that he calmed himself down and sat next to her again, staring over the sea. "I will not tell anyone, great Juuhachigou. I promise I will keep this a secret, no matter how hard that will be." She smiled at him gratefully. "Thank you. Now, I will ready a ship and we will leave tomorrow. Tell your mother you’ll be back soon, but do not, under no circumstances, mention me." Trunks nodded. "Thank you, Juuhachigou." He smiled at her. She brilliantly smiled back at him. He then jumped off and flew back to the palace, leaving the goddess alone with her thoughts at the beach.


"But mother!" Trunks desperately tried to calm down his sobbing mother. "No Trunks, please! You’re all I have left. Don’t make me loose you too!" "But mother!! You have not lost father!! I’m sure he is still somewhere out there!!" Bulma sadly shook her head. "Sometimes I’m not so sure anymore…" she whispered. Trunks grabbed her shoulders and shook her. "Mom!! Don’t!! Never loose hope!! Please…" He looked deep into her sad, blue eyes, that had known so much love in her life, and so much pain in the past twenty years. "Never loose hope…" A tiny sparkle of hope settled in those sad eyes. Then she firmly stood up. "You’re right. He must still be alive. I know he is." She then proudly walked across the dining room over to her quarters, ignoring all the lustfilled glares and grinning remarks she got. Trunks smiled. Soon, these bastards would all be dead, not even knowing what hit them.


"Juunanagou? What brings you here?" Lunch asked in surprise as the god landed in front of her. "I think you know very well what I have come for, Lunch." He spoke sternly. "Awww, come on!! Do I have to? He’s so… yummy." Her whine turned into a passionate remark as she looked out the window to the warrior that once again sat on his rock, staring over the sea. But Juunana stood his ground. "Yes, Lunch. You have to let him go. The gods have decided that it is time for him to return to his kingdom." Lunch knew very well that she could not go against the will of the gods. So she walked outside, and put her arms around Vegeta’s waist as she softly kissed him. "Vegeta… the gods have decided that I should let you go. You can take my ship and go home." Vegeta jumped and turned around. Behind Lunch, he saw Juunanagou standing, who nodded in confirmation. He then raised his arms to the sky and looked up at the clouds. "All the immortal gods of the Olympus, I thank you for finally hearing my prayers and letting me go." He then turned back to Lunch as she tried to seduce him into one last kiss, but he snarled and pushed her away. "Let go of me bit.." he shut up, not wanting to get the gods anger onto him again. He ran over to the shore where a small ship lay, just small enough to be sailed by one man. "Finally," he gasped, not quite able to grasp that he was free. And then, with one last backward look at the god and the nymph, he boarded it and quickly sailed off.

"Well," Lunch purred, as she turned around to Juunanagou, "care for a glass of wine?" Juunanagou got the hint. "Gladly." He replied as he also turned around and followed her back to the small house.


Vegeta sighed as he ate his last bit of bread. He had been floating on the oceans for the last few weeks, and he could already see the vague outline of Skylla and Charybdis. Let me tell you about these two. Skylla lives in a cave in a mountain, she has the voice of a puppy, but she looks horrible: she has twelve legs, all with long, black nails, and six long necks. On every neck is a gruesome head, with amazingly sharp teeth, three rows of them, and with every head, she eats one of the men of any bypassing ship. The mountain across of hers is the home of Charybdis. Three times a day she sucks in all the water in her surroundings, till the black bottom of the ocean is visible. Then, in a horrible vortex, she spits it all out again. Anyone who is near her when she starts drinking, is undoubtedly doomed.

Vegeta had passed by these two monsters seven years ago, before he landed on Lunches island, and now, to get back, he would have to pass them again. And, indeed, to his horrible fear Charybdis had already started sucking up all the water around her, and Vegeta’s ship was inevitable being sucked towards her. Just in time, without any hope of survival, he grabbed the branch of a tree that grew upon her cave, and held on for dear life. Luckily for him, Skylla didn’t even notice him. He softly breathed in relief. Maybe, for once in his life the gods were with him. He hung like that for nearly five hours, still not having the power to fly, until Charybdis started spitting out the water. As soon as Vegeta saw some remains of his ship floating around in the water, he jumped for it, and gratefully drifted off with the water. He climbed ontop of the raft that was left of his ship and paddled till he passed out from exhaustion.


Trunks stood staring over the sea. He hadn’t seen land in a month, and, to be honest, didn’t have the faintest idea where he was going. But everytime he asked Juuhachigou she would just tell him to keep this course, and have patience. So he was steering his ship as he saw a small raft floating, being tossed about by the waves. "Tien!! Have whoever is on that raft brought aboard!" he yelled to his first man. "Yes, sir!" Tien shouted back, and grabbed some men to lift the shipwrecked person out of the water. Juuhachigou smiled secretly, as she turned around and left for the Olympus. Her work was done for now.

Tien came running up to Trunks, out of breath by the speed he had been running with. "Prince Trunks!! This you have to see!!" Trunks raised an eyebrow. What could be so special about this person? Then his face lightened. Maybe the man knew something about his father! He ran over to the cabin where the man would be, and gasped. That hair… those features… that undoubtedly proud stature. "Tou-tou-toussan?" he whispered. The man that calmly sat at his table lifted his head. "Trunks." Tears filled Trunks’ eyes as he ran up to his father, who pulled him into a tight hug. Twenty long years, damn… his whole life he had waited for this man, and finally, finally he was there. Trunks almost choked on his tears. Words like love, pride, joy were all terrible understatements to describe the situation, to describe Trunks’ feelings. His father held him, standing motionless, letting the boy sob, as only one single tear of joy left his own eyes. This was it. The sole purpose in Trunks’ life. His one dream. His father. After what seemed like hours, Vegeta softly let go of his son. "Let me look at you." The boy had grown to be quite tall, with his mother’s eyes, his grandfather’s hair, and unmistakably his features. Vegeta could also sense his high powerlevel, and he felt his heart swell in pride for his son. "You are strong. That is good." Trunks smiled at him. "Thanks." Vegeta then let go of him, and sat down, motioning Trunks to do so too. "Now tell me. How is your mother doing? Is she well?" He bowed slightly forward, anxious to hear how his mate was doing. Trunks took a deep breath. "It started when I was about eleven years old. She heard that the war in Troy had ended, and after a year you still hadn’t returned. She started crying herself to sleep every night, sobbing, begging the gods for your return. Then, about four years ago some men of the island proclaimed you dead, and took their living in the palace, proclaiming to be her suitors. I…" he bowed his head in shame. "I have not been able to chase them away." His head shot up and he began slowly backing away as a blue and red aura began to swirl around him. "Toussan?" This snapped his father out of it. With a low growl that seemed to erupt from the back of his throat he sat down again. "We will deal with them when we get home. Now, tell me about how you found me." "Well…" Trunks began to laugh nervously till he heard Juuhachi’s voice in his head. "It’s okay. Go ahead and tell him." "Kay. This is gonna be a long story, Toussan…"


Bulma sat in her room, head rested in her hands as she was once again worrying herself sick. "Vegeta’s gone, Trunks’ gone… Now I’m all alone with those damned pigs downstairs. Well, I’ll show them that they will have to be hundred times the men they are now to be even worthy to look at me." She knew that this was an idiotic plan, but suddenly she felt like throwing all her charms out in front of them, and show them that she was way better than any of them. Oh, Vegeta would’ve liked that, to see all those men fawning over her, while she was, and would forever be his. And he hers. And Bulma called for some of her servants to dress her up and went downstairs. She smirked evilly as the entire hall suddenly silenced when she entered. All the men stopped eating and whatever they were doing to look at her. She looked gorgeous and everywhere men started whispering. (This is Imme Dros’s)

"There she is… Oh Bulma, beautiful Bulma…"

"Oh, if only I could chase her around the fields!"

"She is a goddess. Fire underneath ice."

"Once I have her, she will shriek."

"I will marry Bulma."

"Creamy like Diana herself, oh so creamy."

"I’m the man for the Queen."

"I will show her who’s on top!"

"Marron is tasty too, I will have her as well as the Queen."

"There is no woman like Bulma."

"What a body…"

"If she would take me to her bed right now…"

"Graceful ankles, slender hands."

"I will squash her."

"I have to marry her."

"Even her voice turns me on…"

"She is so beautiful…"

"She has breasts like melons."

"I love that woman."

Bulma snickered. Those idiots. Like she would ever. She was Vegeta’s and Vegeta’s only. And after walking in the gardens for a while she ascended the stairs again and went back to her rooms, a smug smirk written all over her beautiful features.


"Now, Trunks, we have to act very carefully. We have to get them all together in a room or so, then close that room and kill them. I have just the plan. You organize a match in shooting. Say that any man that can bend the bow and shoot an arrow underneath twelve axes can marry Bulma. I will enter the contest myself in disguise. As soon as they realize who I am, we will already have them locked in and I can finally get my revenge." Trunks nodded. "I will go to the palace now to announce that match, and coordinate it. If you will then come to the palace at about four in the afternoon, then it will all be organized, and I will have some of the slaves that are still loyal remove the weapons from the wall and lock all the doors, as well as activate the ki-shield to protect the walls from our blasts. "Good. Then I will see you again this afternoon, Trunks." Trunks left the ship and quickly flew off to the palace.

"I want all of you to listen very carefully. My mother has finally decided to choose herself a husband. Anyone who can bend Vegeta’s bow and shoot an arrow in a straight flight through twelve axes, will be the one to marry my mother." All the men roared happily. "Finally. Finally I will be able to prove my worth and win myself a Queenie." Yamcha, the cockiest one of the suitors said, as he was the first one to grab for the bow, trying to bend it and make it ready to shoot. But he failed miserably. He simply didn’t have the strength. The other suitors in the room laughed, but that laughter soon ceased, as one by one, the men failed to even bend the bow, let alone shoot with it. Finally, all had tried, and all had failed. "Can I have a try?" a voice the men knew all too well suddenly sneered, as the main door blast open, and in came Vegeta, standing tall in all his glory. Before the men had time to run through this door, it was locked from the outside. "K-king Vegeta!! You are back, my King." Vegeta chuckled at this pathetic attempt from Jeice to get back into his favor. "Yes I am, Jeice, aren’t you just too happy to see me?" he mocked in a sweet voice, shooting Marron who sat on his lap through her chest, killing Jeice with the same blast. "Toussan?" Trunks asked. Vegeta just nodded at him, and both began their massacre under the suitors. Finally, finally they would pay. King Vegeta was back and they were gonna feel it. Shortly that is. Vegeta laughed maniacally as he shot all the men, one by one, making them suffer before they perished. They never even had a chance.

Finally, silence settled. In the middle of the pool of blood and smoking remains of bodies stood a panting Trunks and a smirking Vegeta. The King had reclaimed his throne. Now to reclaim his mate. He ordered the slaves outside to open the doors and go clean up the mess. He then softly climbed the stairs, walking over to where their bedroom was. Slowly he entered it. "Bulma?" the woman sitting by the woman slowly turned. "No. This cannot be. Ve-vegeta?" She whispered, staring at him. "My sweet, sweet Bulma." He whispered. She shrieked as she ran towards him. "It is you!! Oh Vegeta!! Finally!!" and sobbing she ran up to him. Only inches parted them and then suddenly, Bulma doubled over in pain, "Vegeta!! Help me!!" and she fell to the ground. "BULMA!!" He ran up to her and gathered her in his arms. "BULMA!!" She forced herself to open her eyes, and slowly lifted a hand to stroke his cheek. "Ve-vegeta. You’re finally back… I’m so… happy… I… love you… don’t forget…" and she became sickening limp, as her head slowly dropped to the side. The Kings grieving howl shook the entire palace. "NOOOOO!!!" No. no. no. This could not be. Not Bulma. Not his fiery little onna. No. He held her lifeless body tightly in his arms, holding on to her for dear life, as if she would return if he only held her tightly enough. "Onna." But she did not. "Bulma!" His mate was dead. "ONNA!" Before he could even kiss her, or hold her, she had died. "Bulma." Now his life had no meaning anymore.

"Toussan!!" Trunks yelled as he ran into the room. He then stopped abruptly as he saw what his father was holding. "Mother." He suddenly snapped his head aside at the increase in power, and saw his father preparing a kiblast to fire at his own heart. "No, Toussan!! Please don’t!!" His father turned towards him, eyes filled with grief, mind numb, and spoke with a horribly calm voice. "My life has no meaning without her, Trunks. I’m sorry." NO!! a voice suddenly sounded in his head. "Who said that!!"

* * * * *

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