Chapter 3


"Kakkarot, why are we, as Saiyans from the old country, working for a fella like Mr. Briefs anyway?" Vegeta scowled. "Why do we call him Boss, when we could easily take over, and dispose of these goofs?"

"Vegeta, I've never wanted to be the Big Cheese. I'm not cut out for running an organization such as this. I'm happy just to offer protection to the people I care about, which includes the Briefs," Goku replied nonchalantly. "I don't care about money or power. You know that."

"I know, Kakkarot. That's why you are the biggest Sap of them all," Vegeta sneered.

Goku and Vegeta sat in silence waiting for the phone call.

Finally, Vegeta couldn't take it any longer. He jumped up. "Are we going to receive the phone call or what?" he snapped. He pulled his hair in aggravation. "I hate waiting!" he yelled.

"What's eating you?" Goku asked "Christ, if I didn't know any better, I would say you were actually worried about Bulma," Goku teased.

"Oh yeah! You slay me! Why would I worry about a Bug-eyed Betty like her?" Vegeta huffed.

Goku watched in silent amusement as Vegeta paced the floor, chain-smoking cigarettes. He'd never seen Vegeta act this way before.

"You wanna know what really gets me in a lather?" Vegeta broke the silence again.

"No," Goku smiled, "but I suppose you're going to tell me."

"The fact that we know where Bulma is, but YOU insist that we need to play along with this little game of Yamcha's. I say we go to him NOW." Vegeta took a long drag from his cigarette, and looked at Goku.

"No, we can't do that," Goku answered. "We need to respect the Boss's orders. He insists that we wait for the phone call. He wants to find out exactly what it is that Yamcha wants. Then, when we get the order, we will 'Take him for a ride', if you know what I mean."

"I think Mr. Briefs is all wet," Vegeta shook his head as he paced. "I know exactly where Bulma is."

"So," Goku replied. "I also can sense where she is too. That's why I'm not worried right now."

"Why do you keep implying that I'm worried?" Vegeta snapped. "I am NOT worried. I'm just anxious to kill someone, that's all. It has nothing to do with that chunk of lead, Bulma."

"Bulma is NOT unattractive," Goku smiled, still enjoying Vegeta's bizarre behavior. "Everyone thinks she's a real Doll."

"Like who?" He glared at Goku. "Who said she's a Doll?"

Goku smiled and put his finger on his chin, feigning deep thought. "Hmm, just about everyone that's ever seen her. I have to admit that even I think she's beautiful...a real skirt."

Vegeta glared at Goku. "Pipe down! I've had an earful!"

The phone rang, startling the men. They hurried to Mr. Briefs' office. They watched him answer the phone. "Yes, this is Briefs," he said, then quietly listened to the demands for his daughter's release. He jotted some things onto a piece of paper. Finally, he spoke, "I'll deliver these things, but don't even think about touching a hair on my daughter's head. Do you understand?" His voice trembled with anger.

Vegeta grabbed the phone from Mr. Briefs' hand. He growled into the phone, "You're all wet if you think you'll get away with this! You think you're the Big Cheese? Eh? A real Bimbo? You ain't so tough! You double-crossed the wrong guys!" Vegeta slammed the receiver onto the desk, shattering it into tiny pieces. Vegeta paced back and forth cracking his knuckles.

"Calm yourself Vegeta," Goku tried to grab Vegeta's arm.

"Fuck you Kakkarot!" Vegeta snarled. "I swear to God if that hood lays a hand on her, I'm going to..."

"Stop it!" Mr. Briefs yelled. "We need to calm down and figure out what to do."

"What have they demanded?" Vegeta asked.

Mr. Briefs shook his head. "They want us three to deliver these things." He looked at the list in his hand.

"We're all supposed to deliver them? They'll bump us off once we get there," Goku rolled his eyes. "Do they think we were born yesterday?"

"That's why we need a plan," Mr. Briefs answered. "Yes, it's obvious that we'll all be killed when we make the delivery. That's why we need to get Bulma safely away. Then we'll kill them. We can't take any chances, not with her."

"So," Vegeta chuckled. "That double-crosser wants us to deliver the stuff, then bump us off, and take over your bootlegging business. Is that what's going on?"

"Now you're on the trolley, Vegeta!" Goku chimed.

"Are you razzing me, Kakkarot? I don't like to be made fun of," Vegeta warned. "Sap!" he hissed.

"Killjoy," Goku muttered with a smile. "You need to smile sometimes, Vegeta."

"QUIT BEATING YOUR GUMS! We need a plan!" Mr. Briefs bellowed.

"Yes, Boss," they mumbled in unison.

"Show us the list. Which items is he demanding?" Vegeta asked abruptly. This is a fine mess! That idiot, Yamcha, has screwed my whole plan. I want to take over the Briefs' operation. Most of all though, I want that device Goku told me about. It will make all of my dreams come true. If the legend is true.

Mr. Briefs held up the list so they could see it. "He has demanded that we deliver all of my whiskey capsules, blueprints for the weapons that I have been perfecting, and an experimental 'device' that I've been working on for the last few years." Mr. Briefs sighed.

"He's after the 'device'?" Goku echoed. "Why? Nobody even knows if it will work. It is pure speculation based upon a legend. There's no scientific proof that the objects that the 'device' is supposed to detect even exist."

"I know," Mr. Briefs answered. "I have no choice but to give these things to him though. But, after we get Bulma out of his clutches, we'll kill him and take them back. So, really, there's no loss." Mr. Briefs paused to look at his pocket watch. "We only have an hour left to make the delivery."

"Let me be the one to personally hand over the items. They'll be safest in my possession," Vegeta demanded.

Mr. Briefs glanced toward Goku, who nodded. "Alright Vegeta. I'll drive the car, you hand over the items to Yamcha, but only after Goku gets Bulma out of the building. Then, you and Goku will dispose of everyone in there. No one is to be left alive, do you understand?"

Vegeta and Goku loaded all of the whiskey capsules into the back of the car. Mr. Briefs brought out a stack of weapons blueprints.

"Where is the 'device'?" Vegeta asked.

"It's right here," Mr. Briefs put it in Vegeta's hand.

Vegeta stared at the small object in his hand. It didn't look like much. So this is it; the thing that Kakkarot told me about. I wonder if the legend is true. Can this little piece of machinery make all of my dreams come true? "Have you tested this?" Vegeta asked, holding out his hand.

"Well," Mr. Briefs hesitated. He glanced toward Goku, who quickly looked away. So Goku had told Vegeta about it. Now I'll HAVE to destroy it. Too many people are aware of it's existence. "It does pick up the location of seven objects, but I haven't had the time to investigate whether or not those seven objects are those of which the legend refers. I'm thinking about destroying that thing, just in case. Can you imagine the consequences if the legend was true, and that were to fall into the wrong hands? I've always kept it locked up, but obviously word has gotten out."

Vegeta smiled. "Well, I guess that's enough proof for me." He smacked Mr. Briefs in the head, knocking him out. He pushed Goku aside and jumped into the car, and sped away. Everything was going to be copacetic after all. Maybe the whole Yamcha thing actually HELPED him. He hadn't been sure where Mr. Briefs kept the 'device', and because of Yamcha, it was handed right to him. He should be thanking Yamcha. He snickered as own plans fell into place. A noise from the back of the car brought Vegeta out of his thoughts. He turned his head and saw Goku on the back of the car. Goku crawled on top of the car, opened the back door, and carefully lowered himself into the back seat.

"Don't you know when to quit, Kakkarot?" Vegeta snapped. "You're interfering with my plans."

"Listen to me, Vegeta," Goku panted breathlessly. "Yamcha will kill Bulma if we don't deliver this stuff to him in time. Do you want that on your conscience? You could at least go with me to rescue Bulma before you run off with that device. Yamcha is obviously a nutcase. You never know what he'll do to her when we don't show up with the items on time. He won't hesitate to kill her. He's all hopped up on dope or something. He's crazy for sure."

"Tell it to someone who cares, Kakkarot!" Vegeta shouted.

"You don't care?" Goku asked, taken aback. "What about what he did to Mr. Satan's men? They were tortured and mutilated. That's what will happen to Bulma. Is that what you want?"

"Quit your idle chattering," Vegeta snarled. "If you're trying to make me feel bad, it won't work"

Goku sighed, and plopped against the backseat. He pulled out his pocket watch. Seeing how much time had been wasted, he closed his eyes. His head hurt with worry. He considered taking the device from Vegeta by force, or attempting to free Bulma alone. It'd be risky to attempt to free Bulma on his own. Who knew how many men Yamcha might have there? Fighting them could give Yamcha the one second he needed to kill her. He hoped that Vegeta would make the right decision on his own. But time was running out. How long should he wait before trying to take the device from Vegeta? Nervously, he checked his pocket watch again. He decided to only wait another few minutes before he'd have to act.

Vegeta saw Goku look at his watch. He too, wondered how much time was left. I COULD rescue Bulma first, then try to use this thing. I don't want to seem like I care...because I don't. He continued driving, trying to think of anything else other than Bulma. Power, money, and control would all be his with this 'locating device'. According to Goku, this device could locate seven magical balls. If all seven were collected and put together, that person received any wish they desired. Fuck! This sounded more like a fairy tale every second he thought about it. And every minute that passed, made Vegeta feel more anxious. Shit! Why should I care what happens to Bulma? She doesn't need me. She can take care of herself. His pulse raced as he imagined Bulma being tortured and killed. He could almost hear her screams. The urge to pull out his watch was getting harder and harder to resist. If I decide to rescue her NOW, I look weak. Kakkarot can save her. He felt a twinge of jealousy. He shifted nervously in his seat. No. Be strong, Vegeta. That doll is not worth changing your plans. Damn Yamcha! He just HAD to take the girl. The road ahead blurred in front of him, as his thoughts weren't with driving anymore. Tick...tick...tick, his mind clicked off each second. Stop it! Thump...thump...thump, his heartbeat joined in. What the fuck is wrong with me?

"Vegeta," Goku said from the back seat. We only have ten minutes left."

"Fuck!" Vegeta roared. He whipped the car around, heading to where he knew Bulma was.

"Attaboy!" Goku leaned forward and patted Vegeta on the back. "I knew you cared."

"Fuck you," Vegeta growled and back-handed Goku in the mouth. "I'm only doing this to kill that Sap, Yamcha!"

"For crying out loud!" Goku whined as he rubbed his bloodied mouth. "Right in the kisser."

When the two men arrived at the dingy-looking warehouse where Bulma was being held, only one minute remained. They jumped out of the car. Surprisingly, nobody confronted them. Goku grabbed the blueprints and followed Vegeta to a side door. Once inside, they saw Yamcha sitting in a chair on the other side of the room and there were armed men everywhere.

"You're on time, but where is Mr. Briefs?" Yamcha demanded as he stood up.

"He has a headache," Vegeta snickered.

Yamcha motioned to a large man next to him, "Send some men to find Mr. Briefs. Bring him back ALIVE."

"Yes, Boss," the man answered. The man signaled some of the men to follow him out the door.

"I see that you brought the items I requested." Yamcha walked toward Vegeta and Goku. "Have you two already forgotten Rule number one in this business? Never underestimate the OTHER man's greed." Yamcha laughed.

Vegeta shifted into a offensive posture, causing Yamcha to halt. "Come closer," Vegeta taunted. "I should've settled this the night your hired thugs beat me up at the restaurant. I KNEW you were playing both sides of the fence. I hoped someone from Satan's Gang would kill you, or even someone who works for you. It would've been fitting for you to be killed at the hands of some hoodlum, there's no honor in that. But now I want the pleasure of killing you myself." Vegeta took a step toward Yamcha, when something hard poked him in the back. He stopped, and turned cautiously to see what or who was behind him.

"Sorry, Vegeta," Bulma pressed the barrel of the Tommy Gun harder into his back. "Nothing personal."

* * * * *

A/N: I know, I're thinking, "The Dragon Radar in the 1920s?" Maybe it could happen, Mr. Briefs is a genius after all. ^_~ I guess this story is my interpretation of how DBZ could've went if it took place in the 1920s. Also, wanted to say that I stole a line from 'Scarface' for this chapter. ^_^ (Love that movie). I got all of my slang info from a place called "The Internet Guide to Jazz Age Slang" If anyone is interested, the URL is:

Thanks for reading this far. ^_^

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