Chapter 5

Bulma sped down the desolate highway, wiping the occasional tear from her eye. She sniffed and thought about the story Goku had told her. Should I even believe him right now? Who can I trust? No matter now anyway, I'm moving on. I'll spend a couple of weeks in Maine, return Goku's car, then maybe travel South to somewhere warm. I have to forget Vegeta. She shivered when she remembered the feel of his hands on her body. She shook her head and started crying again.

She focused on the raindrops pelting the windshield as she drove down the highway. She cracked her window open and inhaled deeply the earthy scent of the rain. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of a car coming up along the right side. She strained to see the driver, but couldn't see the person clearly. The car sped ahead then screeched on it's brakes, and turned sideways in the middle of the road. Bulma slammed on the brakes, narrowly missing the car by inches.

She jumped from the car and stormed up to the other car, yelling, "Just who do you think you are? Are you trying to kill me or something?" The pouring rain made it difficult to see.

The car door flew open and Vegeta jumped out. He ran to her. "Bulma!" He hugged her tightly to him. He put his lips to her ear and murmured, "I thought I lost you. I didn't think I'd ever see you again. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry about what you saw today. Goku told me everything." He gently cupped her chin and looked into her face. "When Goku told me that you left, I panicked. I've been searching for you for hours."

"Aren't you in trouble with the Law?" Bulma asked, confused. "Aren't you going to have to go to prison?"

"No. Frieza, the Boss, died in a horrible car accident today, and I've agreed to testify against the rest of the crew. I'll be able to clear my name," Vegeta explained.

Bulma smiled.

"Don't you have anything to say?" Vegeta asked. Little streams of rain ran down his face.

"What kind of horrible car accident was it?" Bulma asked suspiciously.

"The car blew up for no apparent reason," Vegeta smirked. "Is that all you want to say to me?"

"I...," Bulma stammered. "I can't believe you were trying to find me." The corners of her mouth turned up slightly to reveal a coy smile.

Vegeta stared at her for a moment. He leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

A horn honked, and they realized that their cars blocked the road. Quickly, Vegeta moved the cars over to the side of the road. Bulma noticed that he wasn't wearing his tailcoat, and his wet shirt stuck to his arms.

Vegeta and Bulma leaned against the side of one of his car and admired the sun sinking in the horizon, the distant grey clouds tainted with shades of orange and red.

Bulma turned to Vegeta. "What now?"

Wordlessly, Vegeta opened the rear door of his car before he moved in front of Bulma. He pushed the wet strands of hair off her face and tenderly kissed her lips before he pushed her back gently into the back seat. Bulma scooted backward and Vegeta climbed in after her, shutting the door. With the rain lightly tapping out a soothing rhythm on the roof, Vegeta pressed against Bulma and touched his lips to hers.

Bulma slipped her arms around his neck and stroked his shoulders as she returned his kiss. She parted her lips against Vegeta's kiss, allowing his tongue to brush against hers as she trailed her fingers up the soft, warm skin of his neck.

Vegeta pulled her closer, sliding one arm across her shoulders and the other arm dropped to her waist. His kiss became more demanding as his hands pulled her slender body firmly to his own. He panted as his tongue explored her mouth. He broke away, and gently lifted Bulma onto his lap so that she faced him. Her look of desire caused his pulse to pound through his body. He softly guided her face to his own to kiss her again.

The scent of their rain-soaked clothes and hair permeated the inside of car. The air inside felt muggy and hot as their body heat fogged the windows. The only sounds were that of muffled sighs as their mouths intertwined with pent up passion.

As the sun threatened to disappear in the horizon, Bulma pulled back from Vegeta. She sat up and looked down at him. His cheeks were slightly flushed and his skin glistened with sweat from the muggy air. His dark eyes stared back at her fervently. He caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers, eliciting a soft sigh from her as she leaned into his touch.

Vegeta's gaze drifted down to his lap, where her legs straddled him. Bulma's dress was bunched up to her upper thighs, revealing her porcelain-colored skin. He reached and stroked the her exposed thighs, relishing the feel of her silky skin before trailing his fingertips up her sides, pausing near her breasts.

Bulma reached down and grasped his hands. She guided them to her breasts. Startled, he looked up at her. She reassured him with a shy smile.

Vegeta's hands slowly explored the fullness of her chest. His pulse raced as he gently traced his fingers against the hardening peaks. Desire began to mount as he watched Bulma's reaction to his touch. His breath quickened each time a soft moan escaped her lips. He ached to release his own desires that had been building since their first kiss many weeks ago.

Bulma's trembling fingers fumbled with the buttons on Vegeta's shirt. He let his arms fall to his side to allow her better access. She slid his shirt back to reveal his muscular chest. She lightly stroked the firm muscles that were under his soft skin. She gasped when her exploration revealed 3 large scars. "How did you get these?" she whispered, concerned.

Vegeta saw the concern in her eyes. "Sh," he reassured her, "It doesn't matter. It happened a long time ago." He reached up and gently pulled her face to his and claimed her mouth with his own. His breaths became heavy as his hands searched for the buttons to her dress. Once he found them, his fingers clumsily worked to undo them all.

Vegeta grasped the bottom of her bunched up dress and started to lift it, but Bulma's hand stopped him. "You first," she smirked against his mouth. Without breaking their kiss, her hands found the button on his pants and she easily undid it. She tugged at his pants until Vegeta lifted his body up off the seat so she could pull his pants and underwear down. He helped her using his feet to push them completely off.

Bulma sat up, grabbed the bottom of her dress, and swiftly lifted it up over her head. She dropped it on the seat next to them. Vegeta's shaky hands helped Bulma remove her undergarments and stockings.

The starry sky had replaced the sun, and now Bulma sat up on Vegeta's lap, waiting for his next move. She shivered when his fingertips grazed across her shoulders, down her arms to her breasts. He cupped her breasts and stroked her nipples into hardened peaks with his thumbs. With his tongue, he flicked first one then the other before gently nipping them. Bulma arched her back and took in a shaky breath as his hot mouth set her on fire.

She leaned forward and slowly placed light kisses up his neck, before nibbling on his earlobe. Her hands tousled his hair. "Vegeta, make love to me. Please," her shaky voice whispered next to his ear.

Vegeta's body ached with lust. Those words inflamed his desire. He fiercely kissed Bulma again, his hot breath ragged in her mouth as his hands moved down to cup her rear end. He lifted her up and as he did so, Bulma spread her thighs wide in anticipation. He grasped his arousal and guided himself into her entrance. He let out a long quavering breath as he pushed completely into her. "Oh...God," he whispered hoarsely.

Bulma drew close to him and closed her eyes as Vegeta moved her hips up and down on his at a steady pace. The car rocked as their passionate union intensified. They knew nothing else except each other.

Bulma felt her climax building as Vegeta's rhythm created a wonderful friction. Her whimpers grew louder as the heat built up inside her. Her body shook as Vegeta increased his pace, pulling her against him harder and faster.

Bulma cried out. She leaned forward to wrap her arms around Vegeta's neck, breathlessly sobbing his name over and over as her climax washed over her like a warm tidal wave. Vegeta let out a low groan as he slid into her a few more times before spilling his seed inside of her.

They remained still, wrapped in each others' embrace, trying to catch their breath. Vegeta lightly stroked Bulma's sweat-dampened hair, pushing it back from her face. Bulma snuggled closer to him.

"So," Vegeta asked quietly. "What do you want to do now?"

"Go to Maine for a couple of weeks," she replied lazily as she listened to his heartbeat. "Then we'll work things out with my father. Now that the Boss is dead and the other members have been arrested, there's not much my father can say about us being together. The Mafia has fallen. With or without his blessing, I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Vegeta smiled and gently kissed her damp forehead.



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