Chapter 4


Vegeta burst through the front door of the speakeasy. He noticed Goku sitting at a table with his head resting on his hands. "Quit being a lollygagger, Kakkarot! There must be something to do around here!" Vegeta insisted.

"I saw Bulma today," Goku mumbled, not moving. "She came here to see you earlier."

Vegeta smiled. "She did? Where is she now?" He looked around for her.

Goku sighed. His head still rested on his hands. "She left."

"Why did she leave?" Vegeta asked, bothered by Goku's tone of voice. "Didn't you tell her I'd be right back?"

"Yes, I did. Not that it matters much at this point," Goku muttered.

"What are you beating your gums about?" Vegeta snapped. He sat at the table next to Goku.

Goku lifted his head and yelled, "I'm talking about Bulma being here earlier! She was here when we were roughing up Mr. Yajirobe!"

Vegeta's stomach lurched. "She was here?" he asked quietly. He felt queasy. "Did she see what we did, or just hear us?" he asked.

"What does it matter?" Goku ran his fingers through his hair. "You should've seen her face, Vegeta. She was terrified. Terrified...and heartbroken." Goku pulled out a cigarette and lit it, before continuing, "I explained your situation to her. She seemed confused. I don't think she knew what to do. I let her take my car."

Vegeta grabbed Goku by the shirt. "You did what?" he hollered. "You're supposed to be my friend! Why did you let her go?"

"It's for the best," Goku replied. "She'll be back in a couple of weeks."

"A couple of weeks?" Vegeta shouted, shaking Goku violently.

"She said she still loves you," Goku pried Vegeta's grip from his shirt.

"She loves me?" Vegeta asked. His heart skipped when it felt as if a jolt of electricity shot through his body. "She really said that?" He was stunned.

"Yes, she said that," Goku answered. "I want to help you two, so listen closely to everything I'm going to tell you." Goku proceeded to tell Vegeta his entire conversation with Bulma, including the fact that he was an undercover FBI agent.

Vegeta jumped to his feet and grabbed Goku by the neck. "I can't believe that you're a Bull, Kakkarot! How could you betray me like this? I trusted you! You fucking asshole!" Vegeta bellowed. He squeezed Goku's neck. "I could kill you right now, Rat! We're both from the Old Country, how dare you betray me! I was the one that hired you! I respected you like a brother!" Vegeta was furious.

"Wait," Goku whispered, struggling to breathe through Vegeta's tight hold on his neck. "I can help you. Let go of me, and I'll tell you how."

"This better be good," Vegeta gave him a suspicious glare. He let go of Goku and sat back down.

Goku rubbed his sore neck. "It's possible to grant you immunity if you tell me who the Boss is, and agree to testify against him and the members of his organization. But if you don't, you'll be arrested along with the others. The government is really cracking down on organized crime and these speakeasies."

Vegeta lit a cigarette. He was still fuming. He thought for a few minutes. "What do I need to do? Do I need to sign something?" He puffed on his cigarette. "How do I know if I can trust you?" he sneered.

Goku shook his head sadly. "I'm sorry I betrayed you, Vegeta. I know your situation, but I was only doing my job. I never wanted to arrest you. That's why I've already worked out this deal with the Department And yes, I'll need you to sign some papers later."

"Is ChiChi a Bull too?" Vegeta asked angrily.

"No. And she has no idea that I am," Goku replied. "When she finds out, she's going to kill me! I hope she'll forgive me. I love her, and want to marry her."

"Please! You're making me sick over here!" Vegeta snapped..

At that moment, Zarbon, the Boss's rumored right hand man and lover, rushed into the speakeasy. He was out of breath. "Lord Frieza has been injured!" he cried out. "We just found his car engulfed in flames down the street! I think it was a car bomb! Call for an ambulance!" He started to sob violently, "Why?" he cried out through his tears, cradling his forehead in his hands.

Goku's heart skipped a beat. Lord Frieza? Lord Frieza was the name of the man that killed my father in the Old Country! Could it be the same man? Is Lord Frieza the Boss? If he is, then who just bumped him off? Goku shot Vegeta a leery glance before he stood up and walked to the bar area to use the phone. Vegeta gave him an innocent shrug in return.

"Hurry up and call!" Zarbon growled through his tears at Goku. He looked over at Vegeta who sat smugly at the table. "You wouldn't have had anything to do with this, would you?" he sneered.

Vegeta chuckled. "I've been here with Kakkarot."

Goku hung up the phone and walked back toward Vegeta and Zarbon. "They'll be here in a few minutes," he assured Zarbon. "Does anyone have any idea who is responsible for this?" Goku asked.

"Not yet," Zarbon answered. "We WILL get to the bottom of this. I think it was an inside job. Someone had to have known that he was going to be picking up his new car today. Only a handful of our men had access to that information," Zarbon glared at Vegeta.

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don't think that an ambulance will really be able to help him at this point," Goku scratched his head. "He probably died instantly."

Zarbon glared at Goku, "You never know, he might pull through. I'm positive I saw him waving his arms!"

Goku stared blankly at Zarbon. What an idiot! If he was waving his arms, it was because HE WAS ON FIRE! How stupid can someone be? He paced the floor near the table where Vegeta sat.

All of a sudden, the front door burst open and a bunch of men rushed in. "FBI! Get down on the floor! Now!" They all had their guns drawn and pointed at Vegeta and Zarbon. Even Goku had drawn his gun and pointed at Zarbon, who's jaw had dropped in shock.

Vegeta and Zarbon laid on the floor as the FBI men searched them, Vegeta was clean, but Zarbon had several guns, lipstick, and face powder on his person. One of the agents pulled a worn photograph from one of Zarbon's pockets, and looked at it. "Is this a nude photo of your Boss?" the man put his handkerchief to his mouth as he violently gagged.

"Hey, give me that back," Zarbon whined.

The FBI men dragged a shrieking Zarbon out of the establishment. "What can you tell us about the crispy guys in the burnt car down the street?" the men asked Zarbon.

After the other agents took Zarbon out, Goku helped Vegeta up. "Now, level with me, Vegeta. Is Lord Frieza the Capo Di Tutti Capi? He's from the Old Country too, isn't he?"

"Yes!" Vegeta yelled angrily. "Are you satisfied?

Goku shook his head in disbelief. "Lord Frieza is the name of the man that killed my father in the Old Country," Goku answered, shocked. "My father was an assassin. Frieza hired him to bump people off. After doing many jobs for Frieza, my father decided he wanted to get out of that lifestyle. Unfortunately, Frieza wouldn't let him go. When my father informed him that he was quitting, Frieza killed him right then and there. I never in a million years would've expected Frieza to end up in this country."

"It seems we do have something in common," Vegeta replied.

Goku sighed. "Alright, Vegeta. You don't know anything about this car bombing do you?" he asked with a suspicious tone.

Vegeta shook his head. "I didn't do anything wrong, Kakkarot. Not this time."

"Alright then, Vegeta. The deal I struck with you earlier is still valid. Will you sign this paper that promises that you will testify against Frieza's crew?"

Vegeta nodded and grabbed the pen from Goku's hand. He placed the paper on the table and signed it. "Did Bulma by any chance tell you where she was headed?"

Goku took the paper and pen from Vegeta. "She mentioned Maine."

"Am I free to go?" Vegeta asked Goku. He was starting to panic. He knew that every minute he wasted here, Bulma was one minute further away from him.

"Yes, but I'll need to see you in a couple of weeks to discuss the impending trial. Don't fuck this up, Vegeta," Goku warned. He patted Vegeta on the back. "Are you going after Bulma?"

"Damn right I am!" Vegeta answered. He ran out onto the street and jumped into his car. Maine, huh. That should make it a little easier. There's only one northbound highway. She'd have to be on that road somewhere. He sped off in that direction.

As he raced along the highway, he realized that it was finally over. He smiled, remembering how he'd walked into the car dealership earlier that day and convinced them that he was Frieza's personal assistant. He'd told them that he'd been sent by Frieza to make sure that the car was safe and secure before Frieza picked it up. The rest was easy. Climb under and attach the bomb. It would automatically detonate from any sudden jerk such as slamming on the brakes or even hitting a bump in the road. He chuckled.

Vegeta stomped on the gas to hopefully catch up with Bulma.

* * * * *

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