This story is roughly based on Pericles Prince of Tyre by William Shakespeare and submitted to Adimra for contest number 4. Of course it is a B/V it is also an AU so some characters had to be changed a little to fit the story line. I apologize up front for the major OOCíness of some of them. I do not indorse or understand child abuse but it is hinted about in the following chapter.

Part 9

Even the view of it from the outer atmosphere reminded him of her.

The blue planet.

With blue skies and blue oceans the color of her eyes. He knew coming here would not be easy, but he did not expect the gut wrenching pain he felt when they entered the planets blue sky. To some weird degree he was coming home, coming to her, because all of the feelings, all of the pain of loosing her came back ten fold. But he knew he had to be strong if only for the boyís sake.

"Land the ship in the Eastern Hemisphere we will fly to Kakarotís home from there."


Chichi was more than ecstatic when Yamcha informed her that the deed was done.

The only catch was what to tell Goku when he noticed that the boy was gone. Goku was not too bright but he would notice that Trunks was not there.

"What if I just told him that he ran away?" she thought with a smile, but then it quickly turned into a frown.

"No, no, no that wont work he would just search out for Trunksís ki and when he did not find one he would start asking me questions!"

"What if I told him he got abducted by aliens!" Chichi thought.

"Naw, even Goku is too bright to fall for that one."

"Ah-ha! Now Iíve got it! I will just tell him that he was killed in an accident with a dinosaur while looking for the Dragon balls! Oh Chichi your such a genius that will so work." She told herself.


Trunks sat alone in a cold dark cell aboard the Kold spaceship on the floor. He could only think how terrible his luck was. First Yamcha who thought was his friend tries to kill him and when he is almost in the clear going to safety, he bumps into this blue guy who he later found out was named Zarbon that he thought was going to help but also wants to kill him. All because he is the son of someone he did not even know. Someone who could not, who would not even try to give a damn about him, and was now ruining his very short life.

Trunks just sighed and lend his head against the cold metallic wall, and wonder how his destiny could suck so much.


Vegeta could not believe what he was hearing.

Kakarot told him thatÖthat his son was dead! That he was just too late and that Trunks was a really good boy and that he would have been proud of him.

Vegetaís first thought was to kill Kakarot right then and there. How dare he not take better care of his son! How dare he not take care of his Ouji! But as the pain of the realization that his son was dead hit him he found that only person that could be blamed was himself. He was responsible for his mateís death by get he with child and now by leaving his son with that third class idiot Kakarot he was responsible for his death too! Grief and anguish flooded Vegetaís mind and he could not help but scream out his pain as his hair turned gold and eyes a pale aqua.

Their deaths were all his fault!

"Letís go." he stated to Bradock eerily calm. "There is nothing left for me on this world or any other after this one."

Bradock hated seeing his Ousama this way truly broken. Not even Freeza or Cooler could breaking him like the lost of this child did, and he only shared his blood. Yet it was so hard to believe that a boy that shared the blood of all the Ousamas of the past could be killed by one of the beast that inhabit this world. Something about it all just did not sit well with Bradock about the whole thing. Something about the way that Kakarotís mate looked as he told the story of the boys death just did not look right. But at the command of his Ousama he was told to leave and head back to Vegetasei so he could not look into the matter further.


The saiyanjin ship was half way to Vegetasei when they received a transmission from none other than King Kold himself.

"Vegeta my boy," King Kold said with a wicked grin. "What are you doing on this side of the universe?"

Vegeta growled then said, "Iím not in the mood Kold so if you plan to survive I would stay the fuck away. You donít want to fight me this day!"

"Oh Vegeta is that anyway to talk to a friend! After all I have been kind enough to look after your son for you, even after you have killed both mine."

"WHAT!" Vegeta screamed out in disbelief. "That was just a lie that you will regret you have ever told! It will cost you your life just like Freeza and Cooler!"

King Kold just laughed then called for Zarbon who was clutching the arm of a little lavender headed boy.

Vegeta did not think anything of the boy at first that was until he looked up and he saw the boyís eyes. They were the same eyes he looked into all those years ago. They were her eyes, and Vegetaís ki rose ten fold with that realization. His power flickering all around him.

And Kold began to laugh harder.

"Who is lying now monkey!"

"Kold if you touch even one hair on my sonís head I will make your death a long and painful one!"

"Tsk, tsk, Vegeta you know his mother must have been very beautiful to produce a child such as this. To bad she did not know what a real man was. I mean she did chose to lay with you so she couldnít have known. But I tell you what Vegeta even though you have killed both of my sons, and it would be so easy to get my revenge be killing yours I wonít if you do one little thing for me.

Vegeta growled out "and what would that be " between clinched teeth.

"Oh that would be to submit your self and your empire to me. I want you to bow to me Vegeta you and all of your little pathetic monkey kind. The choice is yours although I doubt you will take my offer. So if I must I will have to think of a creative way to kill the boy would you like me to send you a certain body as a memento." Kold said chuckling ending his transmission.

"HOW THE HELL DID KOLD GET MY SON!!!!" Vegeta screamed.

"I donít know sire" Bradock answered. "But the question at hand is how do we get him back. I managed to track Kolds transmission which only means he wants us to find him."

"Then let us do that."

"But sire it is an obvious trap."

"No matter what I do Kold will kill my son. I rather give the boy a fighting chance by beating Kold in battle than living him with no hope but a quick death."

"Ousama we are coming upon the planet Kold was transmitting from." A solider called out.

"No!" Vegeta gasped out.

He could not believe what he was seeing.

It was her grave.

It was the place that Vegeta deiced to make her final resting place. The gods were playing a twisted game with his mind. Was he destined to go mad due to the pain he himself caused. Why would the gods fore sake him so!

"Iím picking up human bio signs although Kold is trying to blockÖ them there are two bio signs of human origin on the planet. I canít tell which one of them is the boy.


Eight years ago Bulma opened her eyes expecting to meet the gods, only not to be greeted by Kia O Shin but by a little green boy instead. And from that moment her life has never been the same.

At first she refuse to accept her fate. She refused to believe that she would never see anyone that she ever loved again. She kept hoping that Vegeta would wake up one day and realize that she was alive and come and get her and they would live happily ever after him, her, and their baby.

Their babyÖ

Although she had alone look upon his blue eyes just once his face was burned into her memory and she would never ever forget him. Some days it was harder than others to remember him but she would never forget.

But time went by and the years passed and she soon gave up hope of ever seeing them again, and planet Namek slowly became her home.

This day had started like every other day before this one. The great elder gave his daily speech and Dende who became like a second son to her, joined her at the river to gather water.

While at the river she saw the strangest object soaring through the sky. At first she thought it was nothing but a shooting star, or a really big bird. But as it got closer and closer she saw that it was metal or metallic in origin.

It was a shipÖ

A space ship!


The minute the saiyanjin ship touch the planets surface Koldís army went on the attack.

Vegeta quickly took control of his men barking out orders.

"Kill them all but save Kold for me! He will pay for even thinking of causing harm to my son."


"Sire!" Zarbon called out to his leader. "Are you sure you wish to engage Vegeta in a full out battle it might be better just to kill the boy as planed."

"Plans change Zarbon you should know that. I want Vegeta to suffer as I have! I want him to feel the pain of loosing a son as I have and what a better way to do that than to kill his boy than right before his eyes. Hahaha!" Kold said maniacally.

"But sire!" Zarbon screamed in protest.

"No buts Zarbon! Let the monkey come. First his sonís life then his own!"

"I be damned if I let you get me killed you fool! You did not see what he did to that idiot son of your Freeza and warned him as I warnÖ

Zarbonís rant was cut short as Kold fired a ki blast at his head taking it cleanly of his shoulders.

Trunkís could only scream in fright.

"Donít worry child" Kold said coldly "You are next then your father!"


As Bulma drew closer and closer to where she saw the space ship heading she could both hear and see the signs of a great battle taking place.

"Dende" she called out to the boy. "Maybe you should go back to the settlement and warn the great elder and the others of what is taking place."

"But what about you Bulma-san! I will not leave you out here alone with them! What if they attack you, who will be here to heal your wounds if I am gone! I donít wish to go." Dende said while shaking his head.

"Oh, alright but you have to listen to what I say! No funny stuff!" Bulma stated to the boy in agreement of letting him stay. She had learned a while back that Dende could be very stubborn when he had his mind set to something. There was just nothing you could say to change his mind.

They then crept closer to the battle until they were able to make out the figures fighting. Once there Bulma saw what looked to be human men fighting all different colored aliens. At least Bulma thought the men were humans. They were all big and bulky and most had long black hair that was kinda spiky andÖ

As Bulma looked closer and a bright yellow skined alien grabbed at one of the humans, he grabbed his tailÖTAIL!

"Humans donít have tails" Bulma thought out loud "But saiyans do!"


Bulma could not believe the sight before her eyes.


Trunks could not believe his father was really here. A part never really believed the things Chichi would say about his father and yet he still could not believe he was actually here fighting for him.


Vegeta could see Kold standing 50 persects or so away with his hand wrapped around his sonís neck.

And then everything just stopped and moved in slow motion.

He looked up and saw Kold gather a powerful ki ball in his free hand much to his horror.

Fear suddenly gripped him. Fear of not making it to Trunks in time. Fear of loosing what little he had of her left. Fear of loosing himself in the pain that his emotions brought.

He watched as a sadistic smile came across Koldís face.And as his sons eyes widen with fear as he fought to get away only to be held in place.

And then everything stopped


By the gods he was here!

And even after eight years apart he still took her breath away.

She could see hurt and pain in his cold black eyes. But most of all she saw fear!

In all the time she had ever known Vegeta he was never one to fear anything or anyone. Hell he was the strongest man she had ever known, who could he possibly fear so.

She wanted to call out to him. She wanted to push away his fear and take away all of his pain. But most of all she just wanted to be in his arms once again.

Not thinking she ran towards the battle not fear for one second of her own life as Dende called to her to come back. She saw that he could not see her he was to busy looking a some strange man a couple of feet in front of her.

"Who was this strange man?" she thought. "And we dose Vegeta fear him so?"

Yet as she drew closer she realized it was not the strange looking man that Vegeta had fear of but for someone else.

Someone with blue eyes just like hers.


Trunks just stood there watching death come for him when all of a sudden a strange woman came out of now where and grabbed him cradling him to the ground as he watched his father savagely attacked the man that once held him captive.


It happened within a blink of an eye.

And then Vegetaís world came crumbling down.

Vegeta did not think he just reacted. He powered up a massive ki blast which hit the one that Kold had made. The power and force of it alone was enough to destroy a small world. And when it was all said and done and the smoke had cleared, Kold was no more.

He wondered briefly if he had also died within the blast, but he knew the gods would have never been that kind to let him go.

Dropping to his knees. He felt all of his power and the will to live drain right out of him when he looked at the sight before him.

They were right there standing right before himÖ right within his reach yet he knew it could not be true!

And he wondered why the gods would torture him so, by showing him an image of the love ones that were now lost to him. The only people missing were his mother and father. Did the gods truly hate him so much that they would take his sanity away from him too.

Crying out in anguish as the image of his mate reached out her hand to him.

"No!í he screamed. "Your not real just a cruel joke played by those in charge of the hands of fate."

Bulma saw his fear and it nearly broke her heart.

"Vegeta itís me and Iím real! Destiny would not let this be a cruel joke." Then she crushed her lips to his in a passionate embrace only braking it to reach out for their son to join them in this moment.

And the gods were pleased.


Ok. If you do not know this is the second version {Thank You Adimra} of the chapter the first I really did not like. I would like to thank LS, Jadedbest and Kawiilildreamer for putting up with and my nonstop whining. Let me know what you think of this little story of mine and check out Shakespear's version too here is a link so you can tell if my DBZ version was true to his tale.

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