This story is roughly based on Pericles Prince of Tyre by William Shakespeare and submitted to Adimra for contest number 4. Of course it is a B/V it is also an AU so some characters had to be changed a little to fit the story line. I apologize up front for the major OOCíness of some of them. I do not indorse or understand child abuse but it is hinted about in the following chapter.

Part 8

Planet Frost

"Augh!" King Kold screamed out in anger.

"How many more has he taken?" he spat out venomously.

"Three more my lord, each one close and closer to planet Frost." A cowardly solider proclaimed while fearing for his life knowing that his ousama could and would blow him away at any time.

"Ahh, Vegeta keeps making these moves against me! He has already taken the life of both sons from me, and now the monkey ousama makes moves against what little is left of my empire!"

"Sire" Zarbon interrupted as he entered the Kold thrown room.

"Bring me good news Zarbon, tell me news of the monkeyís painful death!" King Kold screamed in hate.

"No not as of yet my lord, but I bring good new none the less. Our source on the monkey home world tells a very intrusting story concern their new ousama."

"Oh Zarbon donít keep me waiting in suspense."

"Well apparently nine years ago right before your son Freeza killed his father, the monkey left his home world in search of new allies to help them against your son. Well while he was away on some uncharted planet called Earth our favorite monkey found someone actually willing to mate with him."

"WHAT! Vegeta has a mate that no one knows about!" Kold screamed in surprise.

"Well not exactly my lord you see when it came time for Vegeta to return to Vegetasei she deiced to go with him but did not survive the journey there."

"Damn it Zarbon what use is she to me if she is already dead!" Kold screamed.

"Because she died while giving birth sire! Birth to Vegetaís heir, birth to his Ďsoní!"

King Kold began a roar of laughter.

"And where is our little half-breed monkey ouji now?" He asked between chuckles.

"On Earth sire. Do you wish me to fetch him for you?" Zarbon asked already knowing the answer to his question.

"But of course Zarbon, an eye for an eye, a son for, a son."



"Sire we are in control of planet Enshu, Chaseless, and the Alina home world." Bradock stated with a smirk.

"Good" was all that Vegeta said in reply.

"Sire why donít you just go and retrieve the boy." Bradock stated knowing why his ousama was in such a bad mood, even worse than his normal one. He always gets this way when this day graces the year, and only those close to him{ a very select few} knew why.

"Vegetasei is strong now, no one dares make a move against you or your empire. It is time to let our people see their young ouji that will grace the thrown. Vegeta they are ready and willing to accept what ever maybe because they believe in you, even if the child is only half saiyanjin."

"But am I willing! Will he be so forgiving! It has been eight years since I have lost her and seen the boy. What right do I have to interfere in his life. Iím sure your son has taken care of him as if he was his own."

"But he is not Kakarotís own Vegeta! He has the royal blood of Vegetasei flowing through his veins. And no disrespect Ousama but I donít see the likely hood of you taking another mate and/or producing another heir even if it was for the sake of the empire."

"Bradock you dare presume to tell me what I will do?"

"No of course not sire, just advising as I did your father."

"Perhaps you are right Bradock. I knew there was a reason my father kept a third class solider such as you around. Tell them to prepare my ship we leave for Earth a dawn.



Trunks could not believe his luck when Yamcha had called and said he had found the two star Dragon ball the last Dragon ball he was missing! Yamcha told him to meet him on a small island nine miles southwest of South City. {for Harry ^-^} It was to bad that Chichi got mad at Goten and made him stay home and study. Trunks did not dwell on that fact for long. Chichi was a very fickle and strange woman to Trunks. Touching down on the islandís sandy shore Trunks tried to scan for Yamchaís ki but he could not find it.

"Oh well" Trunks thought "Maybe he is just not here yet."

Then all of sudden a flash of light caught his attention. He turned around just in time to see the ki blast as it hit him squarely in his back.

"Ahh" he screamed as blast began to burn away his gi knocking him at least 20 feet away.

Quickly raising back to his feet and trying to rub his spine he looked around to see who in the world had attacked him. Thatís when he saw Yamcha walking through the islandís forest straight for him.

"Yamcha did you see that!" Trunks called out to the older man he knew as a family friend. "Someone just shot a ki blast right at me for no reason! Did you see anyone? Did you see who it was?"

Yamcha just stood there with a cold face then said "Iím sorry Trunks I really am, but you have to pay for the crimes of your father." He then powered up and launched a series of ki blast at the unsuspecting boy.

Trunks blocked away as many as he could while trying to figure out why Yamcha was attacking him. Trunks had never really been taught to fight. Chichi would not let him train with Goku without being punished and what little he knew was pure instinct or taught to him through Goten.

So he formed a ki blast just like Goten taught him and fire it back at Yamcha.

But Yamcha just knocked it out of the way and kept on coming closer and closer to Trunks.

One thing and one thing only ran through Trunksís mind.

"Oh my god he is going to kill me!"



The Kold spaceship entered the Earthís atmosphere and Zarbon was the first to remark on the planets natural beauty.

"To bad we donít have time to capture some of the native, and claim this planet for the Kold Empire." Zarbon stated to one of his fellow soldiers.

"Sir there are three saiyanjin bio signs on this planet. On full blood and two half-breeds."

"Look for the one whose bio sign resembles Vegetaís the most." Zarbon replied back.

"I found it sir! The boy is on a island in the southeastern hemisphere."

"Good head for the southeastern hemisphere! Itís time we paid the Saiyan no Ouji a visit."


Trunks tried his best to run but Yamcha kept catching up to him. So he deiced a new tactic he lowered his ki, tried to keep calm and then hide. So fare it was working Yamcha would walk right past him. But Trunks new this tactic would not work too much longer. Sooner are later he would slip up and Yamcha would find and kill him.

"Give up Trunks!" Yamcha yelled "Iím doing this for your own good, for the good of this planet. You will just grow up to be a killer just like your father if I donít stop you now!"

With Yamchaís back now turned Trunks took the opportunity to escape running for the beach hoping to get a good enough head start where he could just out fly him. Running swift but silently Trunks was almost to the sandy shore when a strange looking blue man with green hair stopped him in his tracks.

"Well if it isnít the Saiyan no Ouji. You must forgive me sire if I do not bow to you."

Trunks didnít know what in the world the blue man was talking about but he did know that he need help fast. He could already hear Yamcha coming towards them.

"Look sir I donít mean to be rude but you got to help me! This guy is after me and he wants to kill me!" Trunks cried out in panic.

Zarbon just raised an eyebrow then said.

"Well then by all mean come with me!"

Then grabbed Trunks by his arm and flew off to his awaiting ship.

Yamcha saw the whole thing and thought against going after the too when he saw a spaceship flying off into space. He could not believe he had missed a chance of getting his revenge on that bastard Vegeta! Even worse Chichi will be ferrous that he did not kill the boyÖbut wait how in the hell was she going to know that he was not dead. Hell he was not even on the planet any more that is just as good as dead. He would just tell that he had to get rid of the body. How was she to know any different?


"Sire five more hours until we reach planet Earth." A third class solider called out to his Ousama.

"Good" was all that Vegeta stated in return.

* * * * *

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