This story is roughly based on Pericles Prince of Tyre by William Shakespeare and submitted to Adimra for contest number 4. Of course it is a B/V it is also an AU so some characters had to be changed a little to fit the story line. I apologize up front for the major OOCíness of some of them. I do not indorse or understand child abuse but it is hinted about in the following chapter.

Part 7

8 years later

"Trunks come on your going to get us in trouble!" Goten screamed as he ran after his bestfriend.

"Oh Goten youíre such a baby, we wonít get in trouble! I just want to see if I can just find one more before we go home."

"But Trunks momma will be upset if we are late and I donít want to be grounded again!" Goten cried "Besides there is no way we are going to find another Dragon ball around here!"

Trunks just sighed in agreement. "Ok, ok Goten you win we can go home. I will just have to search for the two star Dragon ball another day."

With that said the two boys took off into the air heading for home.


"Ugh theyíre late again!" Chichi screamed out loud to her oblivious husband.

"Oh Chi itís just a couple of minutes. They are probably just out having some fun and lost track of time." Goku said with a doltish grin plastered across his face.

"Humph, itís all Trunksís fault! He is corrupting my sweet little boy into being a little juvenile delinquent just like him! I try Goku, I try my best to raise that little brat and all he does is blatantly disrespect me! He is just a horrible little demon a product of his horrible little father!"

"Oh Chi Vegeta is not all that bad. You just did not get to know him."

"Ha he probably just killed Bulma while she slept and ripped that little mongrel out of her womb. Then gives that little animal to me to raise instead of taking care of his own little mistake. Trust me Goku he never once cared about Bulma, he only cares about himself just like his son. As they say the apple dose not fall too far from the tree, and this one is clearly a rotten apple!"

"Chichi please that is nonsense. Trunks is a good boy everyone says so. They always complement you on how incredibly smart he is and well mannered. I think you are too hard on the boy. He canít help who his father is or that Bulma is no longer with us."

"Damn it Goku if it was not for his father and him for that matter she would still be with us, and not just another mark on Vegetaís little death score board. And Iím tired of hearing about it, itís always Trunks this and Trunks that. He deliberately tries to out do Goten, who is some much better than that little beast in every way. If Trunks was not trying to up stage him then Goten would try a little harder and he would be the one people complement me on not Trunks. If Trunks was not here thenÖ thenÖ then everything would be perfect." Chichi stated letting a sadistic smile cross her face.

"What was that Chichi, Iím sorry but I kinda zoned out.í Goku stated while continuing to do push-ups on the kitchen floor.

"Oh nothing Goku, nothing at all."


"See Trunks I told you we would be late now momma is going to mad and punish us." Goten whined.

"Donít worry you wonít get in trouble. I will take the blame for everything. Besides it is really my fault, Iím the one that wanted to go hunt down the Dragon balls."

"What are you going to wish for again Trunks?" Goten asked full of curiosity.

"Well I have really been thinking about it and I think Iím going to wish for my mother. Iíve never seen her, well besides for in pictures, and I think it would be pretty cool to meet he and everything. I was going to wish for my father but I donít think he wants to see me." Trunks said solemnly.

"Why do you say that Trunks? Iím sure if he got to know you he would like you. I mean the last time he saw you, you were just a baby and he just might not have liked babies."

"Well I donít think he likes me because if he did he would not have just left me here and never come to see me or call me or anything. Come on lets go inside and meet our fate. I donít want to talk about my father any more."

As soon as the two boys entered the home Chichi went on the war path screaming and yelling at Trunks for making her poor little son late for dinner. Telling him he was no good just like his father and making him go straight to bed with out dinner, while the rest of the family ate.

"Chichi I think you are being too hard on the boy." Goku stated with concern.

"Humph Goku if you would worry about Ďyour own sonísí future and not someone elseís little mishap then you would see Iím doing this for Goten. Trunks need to be taught that he is not royalty around here!"

The Sons then ate their dinner under a veil of silence and discipline.


Trunks was sound asleep when Goten arrived up stairs in their room. And yet even in his sleep Goten could her the rumbling in Trunksís stomach.

"Trunks" Goten said while lightly shaking him. "Trunks wake up."

Trunks quickly tucked into a ball and screamed "Iím sorry I did not mean to be bad."

"Shh" Goten said to him while covering his mouth. "Itís just me not momma. I managed to sneak you some food from dinner in my napkin."

"Oh thanks Goten, I was really hungry!"

"I know I could hear your stomach all the way down stairs" Goten laughed.


The next day started like any other day before this one for the two boys. They got up for breakfast, Trunks did his daily chores, and then they continued their search for the Dragon balls so Trunks could wish his mother back. Goku went to Master Roshi to train with Krillin and Chichi made a surprise visit to an old friend.

"Chichi what are you doing here." Yamcha asked surprise and confused by her presence. "Is something wrong with Goku?"

"Oh no Yamcha a nothing like that, Goku is fine healthy as a horse." She stated timidly.

"Oh, ok then why are you here Chichi?" Yamcha asked confused.

"Well canít a friend just come and visit another friend." She said in such a tone of voice that Yamcha new something was up.

"I guess, you have to excuse me Chichi because I though you never really considered me your friend. Gokuís friend yes, and Bulmaís Boyfriend but not really your friend."

"But I was Bulmaís friend and you were Bulmaís boyfriend well that was until that monster showed up. So that makes us friend by association. Well I was Bulmaís friend that was until Vegeta came and kilÖ I mean took her away and she died."

"Vegeta" Yamcha growled out in anger. Vegeta was the cause of everything. He was the reason Bulma would not give their relationship another try. He was the reason he lost out early in the Tenka-Ichi Budokai. He was the reason Bulma was no longer among the living now. If she was truly dead! Apart of Yamcha just would not believe that she was gone. That beast could just be holding he captive against her will on some far off planet not letting her return home to see her family. Not letting her come home to be with him. Vegeta was the cause of all his pain! Everything was all Vegetaís fault and Yamcha wished him a thousand deaths for that fact.

"Yes that beast Vegeta, and his little demon spawn son Trunks." Chichi said coldly.

"Trunks? What does he have to do with anything?" Yamcha asked confused by her train of thought.

"Well if Trunks would not have came along then Bulma would have never agreed to leave with that monster. She would still be here with you and me."

"Itís not Trunksís fault sheís gone." Yamcha said full of sorrow.

"But it is Yamcha! She died giving birth to Trunks, Vegetaís son not your son, but Vegetaís little demon." Chichi said full of spite and hate. "And then Vegeta just leaves that little brat here to rub it in your face that Bulma was Ďforcedí to have his child and not yours. Trust me Yamcha" she said while patting him softly on the back. "Nobody feels your pain about Vegeta and that boy more than I do I see him growing up to be more and more the killer his father is despite all I try to do for him. And now," she stated trying to choke down tears "He is corupting my little Goten and Goku wonít do anything about due to his fear and sick twisted loyalty to Vegeta."

"No!" Yamcha bairly gritted out through his clench teeth.

"Yes" Chichi said now letting tears run down her face. "But you know something Yamcha, if anything where to happen to Vegetaís little demon, Iím sure it would just rip Vegeta apart, and he might even try to destroy the earth because of it, and we just could not have that who would stop him he has already beaten Goku once."

"Yeahí Yamcha said with a heavy sigh.

"But if it was a accident then Vegeta could only blame himself for leaving the boy here, and Iím sure it would just eat him up inside to loose his little hire."

Yamcha just stood there thinking about ways to make Vegeta suffer.

"Well Yamcha, Iím glad we had the chance to talk. I better get home and make sure the chibi oujiís food is ready or he gets angry and threatens to tell his father. I will see you around Yamcha."

As Chichi closed the door to Yamchaís apartment she let a devilish smile creep across her face knowing that Trunksís days were now few.

* * * * *

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