Part 6


Pain ripped through her body like a tidal wave, and all she could do was hold on and scream.

"This can’t be happening, this just can't be happening" she kept repeating to herself in short pants.

She knew it was too soon, she was just five and a half months into her pregnancy. There was just no way she could be going into labor now. She looked down at her now soaked shoes, and all her fears came rushing down on her.

She was bleeding.

Something was wrong with the baby.

It hit her again, a pain so excruciating that all she could do was let herself fall to her knees and pray to the gods that it would stop. She needed help. She needed Vegeta, but he was training in the gravity chamber, which was sound proof, and five levels away. There was no chance of her making it there. Hell, as it was she could not even gather the strength to get up off the cold metal floor, there was no way he would hear her cry. She had to get up, she had to do something ,not for herself but for her baby's sake. But the pain was too great, it hurt too much. She screamed out to the gods, to Vegeta, to anyone and anything that could possibly hear her in a blind hope that someone would answer her call for help. But fate would not have it that way.

She was destined to do this alone.


Something about this day made the hairs on Vegeta’s tail stand up on their ends. He had been training all day nonstop and yet something about this day told him to push on, that this was the day that destiny made for him,that he would become this day what the legend foretold oh so many centuries ago. If he just worked hard enough this day, if he just pushed himself farther this day, and let nothing distract him from his goal, he would claim what he worked so hard for. So when he got that weird feeling in his gut that his mate wanted him…needed him, he naturally pushed it away, because his destiny was calling and when your destiny calls you have to answer it….

Right ?


Her cries could be heard bouncing off the walls all over the ship as she screamed out in pain. Then all of a sudden there was silence… and the sounds of newly born life could be heard. Bulma looked down between her legs at the little pink screaming bundle of life. His little legs and arms kicking, tail swing away. She wanted to lean over and pick him up but just did not have the strength to do so. In fact she did not have the strength to do anything but mumble a few choice words of love…

"Don’t worry my little baby boy, your daddy will take care of you. Just know that I love you so much."

… and she let the darkness overcome her.


It was amazing, the rush of power that all of a sudden overcame him. It was almost too much to bear. He screamed out in both pain and pleasure. He had done it, he had achieved his goal. The path that the gods had laid out before him was finally his. He was the legendary, he was ‘Ichi wa Takuetsu’ the supreme one, a super saiyanjin. He laughed out loud and screamed to the heavens his joy; he just had to share his glory with the one person that mattered most, for she was partly responsible for his transformation. She did create the tool that helped him finally reach his goal.

Vegeta rushed out of the gravity chamber in search of her. He called out for her but did not hear a reply, or smart-ass comment about him referring to her as "onna" and not her name. He searched the ship’s bridge, galley, and their bedroom, no Bulma. He tried to search out her ki but it was no use, the brat’s ki usually masked hers. That’s it, search for the brat and you will find the onna! Of course she would be in her lab. Pressing his hand to the cold metal keypad, the metal doors opened with a swoosh. His first scan of the room picked up nothing. He did not see his onna and yet the brat's ki was strong in the room, as was the smell of fresh blood. He heard a very faint cry then gurgle and looked upon the floor to find his mate and their newly born son laying still with no signs of life, upon the cold metal floor, surrounded by her blood and other fluids.

"Bulma!" he gasped out as he rushed to her side, picking her up in one arm and cradling his son in the other one.

Her lips were blue and her face was pale and void of any color or signs of life. But most damning of all was her ki he could not feel, and try as he might he just could not find it.

"No, no, no, you can’t do this to me!" he screamed, his ki raising to the point his hair turned gold and eyes a beautiful shade of aqua blue.

"You can’t give me what I’ve wanted most and then take away what I need most! Damn it I won’t let you! You can’t take her away from me!" he sobbed, crushing her body to him as he began to scream out his pain, as the baby began to cry.

He stayed that way for what seemed like hours, on the cold metal floor, in the place that she had given birth to their son, in the place that she had given her life. Then, like a blow to his soul, he realized he had to let her go, that this was all his fault! If he had not crashed on earth and taken her as his mate, and impregnated her with his child, he would not have to let her go, he would not have to feel this pain. With his infant son in his arms he went to the ship’s bridge and set course for the first planet he saw. It was green with trees and lush vegetation. He fired a ki blast at what was once a beautiful mountain, now a pile of rocks and ash, and made a makeshift altar to the onna he loved. Laying her body upon the altar, he kissed her lips for the last time and stated the same saiyanjin prayer he said for his mother all those years ago. And then he prayed that the gods would bring him to them both very soon.



He could not help the anger and pain he felt each time he looked into his son’s newly born blue eyes.

Her eyes

A part of him knew the boy was not to be blamed for her death, but he just could not help it. The child survived and she did not. He knew that Trunks was a part of her and for that fact alone he deserved the right to live. But it hurt so much, and the wound was just too fresh. He could not deal with raising him without her, at least not right now.

So Vegeta thought it best to return the boy to earth, to let the onna…Bulma’s parents or Kakarrot and his mate raise the boy until he was ready to claim the throne, and send Vegeta to meet his mate.


It was like any other day for Dende. The great elder gave his daily speech, he did all of his chores and now he was extremely bored. There was just nothing to do, and nothing ever happened. He decided today was as good a day as any to go explore the boundaries of the Namek settlement. With a quick warning from Nails, not to go too far and not to go past the boundary lines, he was off. Dende had been warned on several occasions not to go past the boundaries, it was told that a great beast roamed freely across the line, so every Namek made it a point to never cross. Dende was busy looking at an Einnae plant when all of a sudden the ground began to shake and the Aith mountain that stood tall and proud, way above 10 persects, was now nothing but a cloud of smoke. Dende, being a young Namek, could not help his curiosity, and when he saw the strangest spherical beast shoot up into the sky, he could not help himself but to go over and see what happened.

* * * * *

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