Part 5

"By the gods what have you done to me!" he asked himself as he looked down at the aqua hair that was attached to the onna currently lying on top of him.

For the past six months they have shared the same bed and for the life of him he could not, would not, give her up. She was a drug that got into his system and now would not let him go. He was addicted, addicted to her. To her smell, to her taste, to the way she screamed out his name as she reached the pinnacle of bliss. He knew now that he could never let her go.

Yet as he closed his eyes in silent wonder as to why the gods would damn him so, to find an oujo in a far of land, that will only be looked upon as weak and unworthy by his people, by his fatherÖ. It has almost been a year since he had crash upon this blue planet. He wondered if his people, hell his father were still alive. Here he was in heaven with a beautiful new mate and an heir on the way, all the while his people were in hell fighting the fight he should be. The facts be told the ship his onna built was ready, but was he? He was in no rush to give this up, to give her up. He had found a home hereÖbut it was not meant to be; the gods would not have it that way he had to leave. But would that mean leaving his onna behind. She might want to stay with her friends and family. Who was he to ask her to give up everything to enter war zone with their child? But yet his stubbornness could not just let her go.

He could keep her safe, and she would grow to love Vegetasei just as she loved Earth. That and his people needed her too! She was of such a technical mind that she could design things to help the fight against Freeza and continue to build him things to further his training to help him get closer to his eluding destiny.

Vegeta closed his eyes and sighed to himself. Who was he kidding she was almost 5 months with his child how could even form the words to ask her to come with him. She should stay on earth even if it meant he went mad due to the loss of her; at least she would be safe.

With his mind mentally spent he chose to stop dwelling on what might be tomorrow but instead dwelled on what is now. Wrapping his arms tighter around his mates tiny frame he held her and his unborn child close and made it a point to put this moment into his mind as a most precious memory.


Nightfall ended and the sun began to rise way to quickly for some.

Bulma woke to the rhythmus thumping of her husbandís heartbeat. Her husband, if anyone was to tell her two years ago that she was destine to fall in love with an egotistic, arrogant, power craved alien with a tail that literally fell from the sky she would have thought that person was completely crazy. For two years ago she was happily in love or so she thought with Yamcha, and could not even imagine herself with someone else let alone someone like Vegeta. Hell she did not think there was in anyone in the Kiaís great universe like Vegeta he was simple...well him! But in the arms of her ouji while caring his child, she could not even fathom her life any other way. It all seemed to happen so fast but it felt so right.

The night of the last day of the Tenka-Ichi Budokai and of course it was Vegeta Vs Goku in the last round. Although it really did not surprise her that he made it to the final round, even beating her one time love Yamcha easily, she still did not believe he stood a chance in HFIL of beating Goku. But as she now lay in his all to gentle embrace she though how could she have ever doubted him and how glad she is that she was actually wrong for once. It was a great battle between the two and despite herself she could not help but cheer for Vegeta much to Chichiís horror as the two warriors fought. And to this day Chichi still has not gotten over Vegetaís win and canít stand the sight of him.

Bulma lightly chuckled to herself at the pissed off looks she received from her friend that night.

But after the battle was said and done and Vegeta was crowned the victor he did what she thought at the time the strangest thing ever.

He sought her out finding her standing before the lake that sat behind the Capsule Corps main building. With a slight flick of his wrist he tossed her all the prize money and awards that came with his victory. All she could do was stand before him in awe her mouth slightly gapping open in shock at the sentiment of the act not knowing what to say butÖ.


He just smirked that annoying yet incredibly sexy smirk of his and stated arrogantly

"I have no need nor use for human toys or any other of this stuff but you do. I am no fool onna, I am saiyan royalty and although just having my mere presence around should be enough I feelÖI feel I am in your debt onna."

Bulma just stood there with her mouth wide open in shock. Once she got past his ego and macho bullshit she realized Vegeta was thanking her in his own freakishly twisted way and she could not help but smile at that fact.

"So here is your payment onna, it is made in more than full."

"Vegeta you donít have to give me your money trust me I have more than enough of it!"

"Humph, and have to hear you scream on about how the money to fix my training bots and gravity room does not grow on trees. Which is a false statement in itself onna seeing that it is paper which comes from trees. I think not onna you will accept this and I will hear no more of it!"

"Ok, ok, ok Vegeta I will accept you money as payment in full for my hospitality. So we are even."

He just nodded his head slightly in agreement and began to walk away only to suddenly turn around with a devilish grin plastered across his face and a eerie glint in his eyes.

"I accepted your challenge onna and won, I expect to receive my prize of you as well onna!" and with that said he took off to the sky leaving her there totally confused.

To think that was the start to the rest of her life.

"Onna" he called out to her breaking her out of her memories of days past.

"Geta I did not realize you were awake. Donít tell me, you want me to fix you breakfast." She said with a light laugh.

He just snorted his amusement then stated solemnly "Iím leaving today."

"What!?!" Bulma screamed raising her head up off his chest so she could look him in his eyes. There she saw his inner turmoil briefly before he shut himself off with a cold unfeeling mask. She saw his fear and totally and amazingly understood.

"Damn it Vegeta" she yelled " I wish you would have told me sooner so I would have had a better chance to pack!"

"Onna I donítÖhuh?" he stated confused by her outburst.

"Well tell me what is Vegetasei like this time of year so I know to pack my summer or winter clothing."

He did not answer her back but instead embraced her in one of the most passionate kisses he could ever give.

"Onna" he said as he broke away "Iím glad to know you wish to be by my side but Iím not going to sugarcoat this, there is much of my people you do not know. They will not take it lightly that you will grace our thrown, nor give birth to a half-breed heir. They will fight against this; they will fight against us. Not to mention Freeza and the whole war thing that is going on!"

"Vegeta" Bulma spoke softly interrupting his little rant. "It dose not matter to me if I am queen of your world or this world or the entire universe as long as I am with you and we are together, you me and the baby. We will just deal with whatever ever comes along together."

He kissed her gently then pulled her into his arms.

"Iím glad you will be by my side onna but for now get your lazy ass up and make my breakfast."

She let out an unlady like snort, and slapped him across his chest as he just laughed at her frustration.


Although saying goodbye was easy enough for Vegeta, he knew it was especially hard on his mate. It took almost all she had to let go of her mother and join him on their ship and even then she was in tears.

"Onna" he called to her as she strapped herself down preparing for take off tears still running down her face.

She looked over to him and said while sniffling "Geta I know I have made the right choice, Iím just going to miss my home and my friend and my family."

"Onna, stop your weeping itís not as if you will never see them again. I promise once Freeza is dealt with and my people are safe we will take our brat to see his human grandparents."

"Oh Geta you promise!" She squealed with delight.

"Of course onna now dry your face before we drown in all your water works. Lets bid this backwater planet of yours goodbye."

The ship began to whirl and shake with power as the on bored computer began the countdown to lift off. Bulma watched as her loved ones waved to her goodbye as the shipped raised higher and higher into the sky, and the mighty Capsule Corps itself became nothing but a distant spot in the horizon. Then she saw the mightiest of all sights her home world from the depths of space.


Was all Bulma could say the she looked over to the man she was giving it all up for.

"Geta" she called out.

"What is it onna?" he stated back not bothering to turn and look at her.

"What does Vegetasei look like?"

The sorrow in her voice caused him to turn around only to see her blue eyes shinning with unshed tears.

"Well itís some what similar to earth, except there arenít as many oceans itís most land, and desert. Thatís what gives it, its red shine from space, that and the two suns.

"Oh" was all she could say.

"Donít worry onna you will love it, I will make sure of that. For you will be Queen of the entire world.


A week had gone by and life aboard the space ship had turned almost too normal. Bulma spent her days working in her lab that she had put in the ship, design weaponry and other technology to help the saiyans in there fight against Freeza. While she spending her nights in the arms of the man she loved. He would tell her more and more stories of Vegetasei itís people, history, and some of the most bizarre holidays she could ever dream of. Vegeta spent most of his time training in the ship's gravity chamber that Bulma had designed for him in the core of the ship. Bulma was currently working on a planetary shield to shield Vegetasei from off world attacks when she felt a sharp pain to her side. First she passed it off as Trunks, {thatís what she and Vegeta decides to name the baby after much debate and Vegeta believing it to be a stupid name} kicking her. There were times when Trunks would kick her so hard she could swear he was going to kick right through her. But this pain it was different it was more intense and was spreading. The next thing Bulma knew she looked down and realized her water had just broke!

* * * * *

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