This story is roughly based on Pericles Prince of Tyre by William Shakespeare and submitted to Adimra for contest number 4. Of course it is a B/V it is also an AU so some characters had to be changed a little to fit the story line. I apologize up front for the OOCíness of some of them. The biggest change being in Freeza for the sake of this fan fic he is not the raise one finger planet destroying "thing" that we all know and hate. He is evil and all but just not that powerful.

Trials of Destiny
By: Mela989898

Part 1

It is told that one should never know too much of ones destiny, but yet thousands of years before the most supreme of Kais in the heavens decided to grace the universe with his birth, his destiny was already written out before him. Written in stone eons ago in the Valley of the Honored in the hills Alem of Vegetasei, his life was foretold before he drew his first breath. On the day the blood red moon rose to touch the heavens was he to be brought before his people. The chosen one, the destined one, the 14th Vegeta, their savior. And yet with one cosmic blow of fate and misfortune his destiny was all but taken away.

"Sire," a young soldier bellowed as he burst into the royal thrown room of Vegetasei. He was barely the tender age of fifteen and already among the ranks of the warrior class. Too young to have already witnessed the amount of bloodshed, violence, and death he has during his preadolescent life. Too young to be a soldier and yet fate would not have it any other way.

"My Lord I bring word of Frieza." He announced as he bowed to one knee bringing his fist to his heart in respect of the ruling monarchy.

The Saiiyan no Ou sat alone upon his throne. The years had taken their toll upon him and his once mighty empire. It could not be seen in his dark brown hair that still rose above in a mighty flame that defied all acts of gravity, which was standard for his royal line. Now you could see the years of bloodshed take their toll upon his ebony eyes. They once shone with the glory and power of his people and mighty empire, but now they only seemed glazed over with a thick layer of death and destruction. To his right stood an empty seat where his beautiful mate once sat. In an ironic twist of fate the old monarch was glad that his mate was not beside him this day to look upon the state of their once glorious empire. He was sure he would not be able to withstand the look of shame she would have towards their world and/or him. He was glad she was taken away from this life that first night.

The Tsiru-jin had come from the depths of hell or so, so many of his people believed. He wanted Vegetasei and all of the saiiyan empire to become his, simple as that. In return the saiiyans would get the honor to work for the great Lord Frieza himself. Of course when the mighty saiiyan no Ou simply refused to hand over his world and his people, the great Lord Frieza was none too pleased, to say the least. So right then and there, the all-powerful Lord Frieza proclaimed that he would just take the Saiiyan Empire by force and with those words a twenty-year war was begun. Well, in retrospect it did not begin officially until the first wave of saiiyan blood touched Vegetaseiís soil.

They had come from no where, invading ships from the skies, landing in the western states of Vegetasei. Up until then it was believe that no invading force could ever reach Vegetasei soil, it being in the heart of the Saiiyan Empire, but yet there they were. It had taken only an hour before the Ou-sama was informed and war was declared. He and his top ťlite rushed to the west, leaving the Ouhi and the young Ouji at the palace alone, only to be guarded by a couple of second and third class warriors with the rest of the palaces staff remaining.

The Saiiyan no Ou at that point had just committed his first mistake of war, Ď always know your enemyí.

The guards at the palace didnít even know what hit them. They were easily slaughtered and massacred by Friezaís men in a matter of minutes. The attack on the western states was only a distraction for Friezaís real goal. He wanted to strike at the heart of the saiiyan empire and what a better way to do that than by taking the future Ou-sama. The boy was already celebrated among his people at the tender age of eight for his raw power. He would be perfect little tool to get what Frieza wanted.

The Saiiyan no Ouhi was in her sonís room when the carnage at the palace began. Not fearing for her own life but that of her offspring, she tried to force the young Ouji to hide so that he would be safe. But the Saiiyan no Ouji was a stubborn little boy and refused to do what his mother requested, wasting valuable time arguing with her, believing that he could protect her from the invading army. The Ouhi-sama knew that her son had a great amount of power for his age but was just too young to understand that even he could not win. In an act of pure desperation she struck her son on the neck, rendering him unconscious and rushed him to the medical bay. She forced the doctors to run and flee for their lives, leaving her and her child alone. She then kissed him for the last time upon his forehead and hid him in a refrigeration unit knowing the metal used would mask his ki and life signs from any type of scanning. Realizing there was not enough time for her to hide or get away, not that she would run anyway, she did what any full-blooded saiiyan would do. Taking off her crown and leaving it with her son, she went to face her fate head on, marching to the royal throne room clad in her elite armor and then sat in her chair waiting to face the enemy. It was a matter of seconds before Friezaís men converged on her.

"Where is the boy?" A big fat pink blob of a man said.

"Away from harm but the same can not be said about you!" she stated raising her hand firing a ki blast burning the blob to a smoky crisp in a mater of seconds. Leaving a smoldering spot where he was once standing.

She then stated calmly raising one eyebrow, "Who is next?"

The Ouhi knew she was outnumbered and would soon go to the after life but as long as she knew her son was safe she did not care.

They jumped at her all at once, too many to blast at one time. She kicked and punched with all the fury and rage she held inside her but they just kept coming. Her arm was broken then a rib or two and yet she was still on her feet. But they soon managed to overpower her getting her to the ground, one of Friezaís soldiers placing his knees firmly into her back when another group of them ran into the room.

"We have checked every where Lord Zarbon. The boy is no where to be found"

She heard the clicking sound that his boots made as they clashed upon the marble floor of the thrown room as he drew closer to her. He reached down and grabbed a hand full of her spiky ebony mane so that she would look up at him. Her first thoughts were simply "green, his flesh is green". Then he began to speak to her.

"We can end your life swiftly now love, if you just tell us where the boy is."

She could feel her blood filling her lungs making it hard to speak or even breathe. Yet at that moment she managed to tell the green man who had come to not only take her life, but the life of her son too, exactly what she thought.

"Fuck you and Frieza too!" she stated royally with all the grace and pride that the ruling Ouhi should have and spat in his face.

He took his gloved hand and simply wiped the spit from his face and just smiled down at her.

"Letís go men. The boy is clearly not here. Iím sure the monkey Ouhi will make a good enough statement." he stated and then all the soldiers got up to leave, leaving her there a bloody mess on the throne room floor. Just as they reached the door and she began to pull herself up into a sitting position the green man turned around and fired a slow ki blast straight towards her chest. The Ouhi-sama was too weak to block or stop it. It killed her painfully slow, burning threw the flesh of her chest until it reached her heart and her life was no more.

The Saiiyan no Ou returned to his palace that night to find it covered in a wave of his peoplesí blood. Death and destruction was everywhere and only one ki remained in the whole palace. He and his elite rushed to the source of the ki hoping to find the cause of the mass devastation. He blasted into the throne room, ready for a fight only to see his son, his face battered with tears, his tiny arm wrapped around the frame that once housed his mateís mighty soul. It was at that point the Saiiyan no Ou vowed never to bow down to the evil tyrant that caused him so much pain that night. He would fight with all the power pride and honor his people had. But the last twenty years of war weighed heavily upon the once regal monarch. There were only a few billion true saiiyans left in the universe when at one time they once dominated this part of the galaxy. The good fight that they lived for now seemed impossible, and the people were tired. True, their tremendous power and brute strength were unbeatable by most, but Frieza had technology that they could not match. No matter how much they tried to shield them selves and their worlds the Tsiru-jin would manage to get through their defenses. The Tsiru-jinís technology and technical skill were giving him an advantage in the war, an advantage that was costing many saiiyan lives. The Ou-sama knew that if he was to have his race survive he would need an ally with the technology to match his enemy. He needed a way to keep his people in the fight. So he did the only thing any good leader would do. He sent his most powerful and skilled warrior into the depths of hell with the faith that he would get past the enemy and find hope for his people. And yet with each raising of the dual suns over Vegetasei the Ou-sama prayed to the gods that he did not sentence his son to his death.

He was the crown prince of the mightiest race of warriors in the entire universe and yet he was forced to run and hide like a cowardly dog fleeing his abusive master.

Was he not a true saiiyan?

Did his heart not beat for the battle?

Did he not have the blood of his ancestors: the great Saiiyan no Ous of the past?

When his father had come to him and told him of this plan, he flat out refused and took affiance to the outright cowardice of such an act. He would never leave his people in their greatest time of need. He was the Saiiyan no Ouji for Kameís sake! He was the fourteenth Vegeta born to Vegetasei, the one of destiny. His pride and honor demanded that he stay with his people and fight to the death, but his father would not hear of it. They argued to great lengths before the young Ouji agreed to leave for the sake of his people. He knew the decision his father had made was a hard one to say the least. To accept aid from and outside race was a great dishonor and an act of weakness. And yet, to actively search for help in fighting your enemy was a total disgrace the Ouji felt.

The Ou-sama simply replied to his son, "Weakness is letting your people die when you have the active choice to save them. Disgrace my son, is having to bow down before another that is not worthy of your loyalty or honor. The burden of the crown is great, your pride and honor is tied to those who believe and trust in you. If it is a weakness to insure their survival then so be it!"

It was decided that he would go alone to one of the planets on the far north side of the galaxy. That part of the universe was free of Friezaís control and was rumored to have vast civilization with a great amount of technology. While traveling alone in the small space pod gave him a better chance of not being discovered by Frieza or any of his ally forces. It was also rumored that a rouge saiiyan was sent to one of these planets as a child and had never made any contact with Vegetasei after his landing. Vegeta believed the warrior was most likely dead but would seek him out anyway. Another saiiyan, even a weak third class, would add help with the battle against Frieza.

The beginning of his journey was a tedious one. In order to make sure that no word of his mission leaked out, only a select few were aware of it. Only his fatherís favorite elite guard Nappa, a third class warrior and special forces scientist Bardock, and his son a second class warrior Radditz were aware of the mission a head of him. Bardock specially designed the pod he would use to hide his bio signs from any type of probing. He also added a cloaking device to make sure the pod would not be detected on any of Friezaís radar. As luck would have it, the night the Ouji left, a full moon graced Vegetasei skies. Bardock stated that the rising of the full moon was a sign of good fortune, "that the gods would watch over the Ouji and guide him to what we seek." With nothing but a quick nod of approval from his father, not that Vegeta expected anything else, he launched into space to meet his fate.

* * * * *

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