Chapter Five: Beautiful Severity


"Ay, when the special thing is well obtain'd,
That is, her love; for that is all in all.

~Baptista, Katharina's father


Bulma was sitting upon the veranda of the Briefs estate. It had been warm and stuffy inside, typical of the change in weather with mid-spring, and she had opted to seek comfort out of doors. The old worn bench swing creaked threateningly under Bulma's weight as she swung in it gently. Bulma was not afraid though for she had much confidence in the weather-beaten heirloom. Unlike men... the voice in the back of her head quipped. She sighed and laid back on the swing, feeling the gentle give of the wood as it adjusted to her weight. She let her latest novel swing freely by her side as she closed her eyes. These past few days Bulma had spent the majority of her time caught up in heavy romance novels. They made her bitter and resent filled her heart with every passionate kiss shared between the books' lovers. But one small part of her heart she yearned to indulge in the romantic fantasies. But that's just what they were---fantasies.

Suddenly, Bulma felt a shadow fall upon her figure, blocking out the warming rays of the sun. She opened her eyes to be greeted, to her horror, with the person she had been most avoiding since the party at Signor Marettio's estate.

"Miss me?" he said, smirking. Bulma scowled. "You're blocking my sun." He grinned. "You really need a little sun, pale one." She leaned her head back and rolled her eyes. "What are you here for?" He sat at her feet upon the swing. "Can I not come see my fiancee?" Bulma studied him for a minute. All the rage and fury she had gathered on that night, they were still there hidden deep within her heart; but she could not bring herself to release her hatred upon the man sitting before her. She could not hate him though she had the greatest urge to.

"Well, I have missed you," he stated plainly. She snapped her head to look at him. He was just sitting there, as if nothing odd had happened between them. The sunlight filtered through his hair, giving it a reddish tone, and the shadows playing across his face made him look so roguish. Their silent stare was broken by a light rustling of the border bushes that curved around the edge of the house.

Bulma broke away to watch for the intrusion. Hortensio stumbled from the end of the line of bushes, a slightly wilted bouquet of flowers clutched in his hand. He looked up to see a bewildered Bulma and... "Vejita. I heard you had disappeared." Vejita let a low chuckle roll from his chest. Bulma suddenly had the urge to place her hand on him and feel the noise reverberate in his chest. Bulma mentally winced. Bad Bulma! Bad Bulma! She forced her attention back to the intruder. "As you can see, I'm still here," Vejita replied. "Yes... I thought it very cowardly that you would leave a woman hanging in the balance, Vejita. And if you had left, the consequences of our arrangement of course, would have been determined ultimately. You would have lost." Hortensio's gaze shot over to Bulma to gauge her reaction. He saw no vicious twist of hatred play on her face. "You see, Lady Bulma, Vejita's proposal to you was nothing but a bet played between foolish men..." Maybe if I spell it out for her, the stupid little witch will understand , he thought. "I know," she stated. Hortensio's eyes widened. "What--?" Vejita broke in. "She knows, Hortensio." "What do you mean?" Vejita shook his head in mock sympathy. "How simply can I put it? I laid the playing pieces on the table and explained to her my proposal. Being the intelligent little thing she is, she agreed." Hortensio's look---pure rage could not even encompass the feelings in his eyes. "That was not playing by the rules, Vejita." "I do not play by the rules. I have won fair and square." "I do not think so," Hortensio spat. "No?" Vejita asked, the mirth clearly present in his voice. "The stipulations were that you could tame the shrew. She does not look the least bit tamed to me...." At that comment, Bulma shot up from the bench swing, almost causing Vejita to loose his balance and fought. "I am NOT an animal to be tamed!" she threw at Hortensio before shooting a deadly gaze at Vejita and then fleeing into the house. Vejita looked up at the chuckling Hortensio. He had sense dropped the wilting flowers on to the lawn. "So, Vejita, it seems the neither of us won. Do we call it a draw?" Vejita growled in the back of his throat. "I have never lost at anything and I don't intend to start now.... Besides," Vejita continued. "I do believe your own intended victim slipped from your grasp into my companion's arms." Hortensio visibly reddened. "There are other wenches to be had," he spat. Vejita chuckled and nodded benignly. "Of course. If you will excuse me," he said while standing up from the bench. "I must seek out my fiancee." Vejita gave a curt nod to the other man before disappearing indoors.


Bulma sat stock straight on the front porch. She saw Hortensio leave through the side gate from the corner of her eye. Suddenly, she felt a deep, heaty wind pass the back of her neck. "Vejita," she said coldly. "Come away from back there." "As you command," he replied grinning. He came and sat on a chair opposite her own. "You will tame me, will you?" she asked, never looking at his face. He sighed and leaned back in the chair. "I do not remember the exact implications of the bet but if Hortensio says it was that way..." "So, we lost?" "I do not call it losing if we are both still alive." This time she looked at him clearly puzzled. "If we did not meet the arrangements of the bet, then we do not collect the winnings." "Possibly," Vejita mused. "I do not like this." "So, we do not have a chateau... We have other things. If you have not forgotten, I have my own wealth." "I suppose..." she said. "It's not that, Vejita." She let a deep breath shudder her form. "I cannot believe.... am I some sort of game? Do men relish in breaking women like me?" Vejita stared at her as if seeing her for the first time; he was trying to gather everything about her that he could. Every glossy strand of hair seemed perfect in its place, her skin did not seem as pale as that night. She was like porcelain yet radiating the sun's brilliance. Her deep blue eyes were magnificent; capturing the heart of the ocean. So fierce yet a gentleness lay beneath it all. Vejita knew again, what he had known that night. "Did I forget to tell you how lovely you looked at the party?" Bulma recoiled slightly. Here she was trying to have a serious conversation with her.... ugh! and he was making some flirtatious little compliment. Bulma raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms. "Perhaps, you did. But that does not bother me. I need not your opinions to make me feel good about myself." Vejita smirked. She was blushing, he could tell. It was not often that men complimented her---and she did not throw them out. He surmised that it was perhaps because she did value his opinion that she did accepted his compliment.

"I am not lying," he said. "I have little reason to doubt you," she retorted. "You have gotten what you wanted so there is no need for false pretenses now between.... partners." "We can be more," he suggested. Bulma pursed her lips. "God forbid, I keep you from your adoring fans. No, I refuse to be that-that.... thing you go home to." He smirked and placed his lips on hers. She froze. It was like that night all over again. Please God, give me strength. Vejita took her arms and wrapped them around his neck. Then he let his own hands wander to rest on her waist. Rapidly, Bulma tried to process what was going on and what course of action should she take. He had done nothing to warrant another "attack"... but would she be able to refuse him again if she gave in to him this one time....? Days of not seeing the man she had gotten slightly fond of took its toll and Bulma wrapped her arms tighter around his neck, gently replied to his kiss.

Vejita slowly slanted his mouth over hers, begging of her to meet his demands. Slowly, she let her mouth open and he took her breath away. Bulma had never known the intimacy of love for she had never let a man close enough to try. She figured she would not have "attacked" Signor Petruchio that night had she known that giving into him would bring this kind of...pleasure. Vejita pulled Bulma closer to him, running his tongue over the roof of her mouth. Slowly, he eased himself away from her. He stared at her face; cheeks slightly flushed, eyes closed. Placed a chaste kiss on her lips, causing Bulma's eyes to open. "W-what was t-that?" she stuttered. He laughed good-naturedly. "A little something I picked up from time spent in France." She picked up on his insinuation that he had leaned it through tutoring . "I see," she replied. "Woman," he grinned. He leaned in a bit more and whispered into her ear. "If you are good, perhaps we will do that more often." She eyed him menacingly before standing up. "Oh, like a reward. Is that it? Well, you can keep your kisses."

Vejita could have kicked himself. They were starting to communicate and he had to be arrogant again. He stood up himself. "You cannot see that I jest? For one as fickle as you, you have an underdeveloped sense of humor." "You are playing with me." He shook his head. "But you liked it, didn't you?" "It was not unpleasant though I've never seen anything akin to it here." "The French are an interesting people." "I would imagine." "I will take you there." She looked back at him. "Would you?" He nodded and took a step towards her. "If it would please you," he commented, while setting his hands on her waist. "And what would you want in return?" "The pleasure of your company would be sufficient enough." "I really doubt that, Vejita. You see, before you even sought me out, I had heard of your coming to Padua. Your reputation precedes you." "I guess I should be flattered." "I wouldn't be---with what they say." He shrugged. "I could care less what they think of me. But the question is--" he turned her around to face him. "Do you believe them?" She averted her eyes from his gaze. "I do not know. You are not all of what they say... but it is so hard when you do nothing to dispel the rumors." "I'm getting married, aren't I?" Bulma frowned. "As part of a bet." "Well, my former character will die once I say 'I do.' "Honestly, men do not change with wedding vows, as they often promise." "Perhaps I was just trying to quell your fears." "I am NOT afraid. Your lies do more harm than good." "I am not lying. You provide sufficient entertainment," he smirked. "Oh, you beast!" she spat as she turned to leave, but finding herself restrained in his arms. "Enough of your foolishness, woman," he said as he kissed her neck. "We can still win." "How?" she asked. Bulma was finding it difficult to breathe was the gentle butterfly kisses he was placing on her neck. "I have a plan." "My husband-to-be is awfully clever," she remarked sarcastically. Vejita chuckled. "You have no idea..."


Later that night, Bulma found her parents getting ready to attend the engagement party of the daughter of a family friend. Bulma announced her desire to go along with them, bringing her own fiancee. Her mother looked up cheerily. "Why, Bulma darling, that is simply a wonderful idea! I thought you had said you did not wish to go?" "Yes, well, I changed my mind." Signor Briefs nodded curtly. "I would be good of you to get out of the house." Her mother agreed. "Oh yes, I was afraid things were going poorly with that charming young fiancee of yours." "Actually, he expressed his wish to go. I have seen no other reason why not to," Bulma stated matter-of-factly. She did not wish to incure her parents curiousity as to her change of heart. "Of course, Bulma. You really must introduce him to Signor and Signora Teruano. They will be simply delighted for you, after knowing our family all these years. And with their own young---" "Excuse me, Mother, I really must be getting ready if we are to join you."

Bulma stepped out onto the front patio half an hour later. Her parents were busy chatting with another couple who had stopped by the Briefs estate on the way to the engagement party.

"Would like to accompany us in our carriage?" the man asked. Signor Briefs shook his head. "We would but our daughter and her fiancee have decided to join us and we couldn't possibly all--" He was cut off by a tap on the shoulder. The older man turned around to come face to face with his son-in-law to-be. "You may go with your friends," Vejita said, in a commanding voice. Signor Briefs jovially smiled, not hearing the order in the younger man's voice. "Ah, Signor Petruchio." He turned to the other couple and smiled at them. "This is my daughter's fiance, Vejita Petruchio, from Verona." The other man and woman nodded amiably at him, registering him as a soon-to-be member of their society. Bulma's mother snaked her arm aroud his. "We were waiting for you, young man," she teased. "You need not wait any longer. I have my own carriage so you may go on without us." Lady Briefs looked up at her husband who considered the proposal. He nodded. "Very well then." He turned back to his friends. "It seems we will be joining you." They climbed into the awaiting carriage and rode off; leaving Vejita to fetch his fiancee who was currently sitting on the porch.

She stood when he reached the bottom of the porch steps. The lushous red dress hung perfectly off her body and shone vibrantly in the light of the escaping sun. He held his arm out as she descended the stairs. Her arm curled around his and she was led to the carriage that had just pulled up. The front of the Teruano estate was a huge grassy lawn with large roses bushes sporatically planted by the late Mistress Teruano, from whom the current Signor Teruano had inherited the estate. Vejita led Bulma through the large rod iron gates to the courtyard that was similarly planned like the Marettio estate's however, the walls of the inner courtyard were lined with carved pillars of sandstone and small rod iron-gated windows that allowed vantage points of the outer property. Bulma sat down heavily on an iron love seat resting against a wall. Vejita sat down beside her. "Well?" he asked. "What do you think?" she replied Vejita shrugged and simply pulling Bulma over so she was half-seated on his lap, her back resting against his chest. One of his arms circled her waist protectively. After a few minutes, Bulma spotted a man enter through the front gate. She nudged Vejita out of his thoughts gently and nodded towards the man. "So, he finally shows up. Who is that with him?" Bulma looked from the man to his date. "I have never seen her before." Vejita shrugged. "Let the games begin?" he inquired. He stood up, pushing Bulma lightly off his lap, and walked towards the man.

"Hortensio? I did not recognize you with that thing on your arm," Vejita smirked. The girl looked slightly miffed as though she knew he had insulted her, but did not know how. "Being the sore loser, are we?" "Hardly," Vejita scoffed. "In fact," he continued, while a little smile played on his lips, "here she comes now." Bulma walked up to Vejita, her head hanging low as she kept her eyes on the ground. He reached out and grabbed her around the waist and pulled violently towards him. Bulma let out a slight whimper and Vejita tightened his hand around her tiny waist. "Last night was indeed an enlightening experience for the both of us," he said evilly. Bulma just continued to look downward. "She wasn't as much fun as I thought she'd be. The little shrew is more bark than bite..." he chuckled. INside Bulma was seething. More bark than bite, hmm? I'll show him... Hortensio looked between the two of them. Vejita was arrogantly boasting his conquest of the girl who did nothing to make him think otherwise. She just looked submissively off to the distance. Hortensio grabbed her chin. Bulma fought the urge to glare at him---and remained with clouded, unregistering eyes. "I do not believe you," Hortensio spat. "You make her act this way." "Really?" Vejita asked frigidly. "Would any scold do this?" He pulled Bulma's chin from Hortensio and crushed her mouth with his. She knew what to do. She tried to pull away from him, but slowly gave in to the arduous kiss. As Vejita pulled his lips from hers, he sideglanced at Hortensio. Hortensio pursed his lips. "It seems you will do whatever is necessary to win this bet." "The bet is nothing anymore," Vejita commented. "I have won. She has given in to me... " Hortensio shrugged lightly. "Fine, take your little prize. At least, I will not be the fool stuck with such an unwanted woman." Hortensio turned his gaze to Bulma. "You know he does not care for you. You have just proven he can have any woman he wants and soon he will be through with you." Bulma tried to pay the man's words no heed. Why do their cruel words affect me so? I am as weak as Vejita says... Vejita took her hand in his and led her away.

As soon as they were outside the courtyard walls, Vejita let out a resounding laugh. "Did you see that? We bested that fool! What I would give to see his rage--- poor little chit, though, she will bear his brutality." Bulma watched as Vejita laughed and stood in the evning air, hands placed cockily on his hips, head held up proud. What a man I am to marry... Bulma gave a small smile to cover any other feelings she might have. Vejita noticed her quiet demeanor though. "What is it, woman?" "Do you think you will tire of me?" Vejita looked at her as though he were lost. "We've won the bet in all its finality. If you want to call off the engagement, I will understand." Vejita scowled before walking up to her. "I made promise when I proposed woman, that we would see this through to the end. In words, no, but my honor would not allow me to back out now." "I don't want a relationship where my husband would be gone half the time to god knows where--- I thought it did not matter once upon a time, Vejita. But I find myself growing weak at heart..." "That is because you are a woman," he stated. "And because you read so many of those damn romance novels," he said with a grin, attempting to lighten the mood. Bulma gave a small laugh. "Perhaps." "Come on." He tugged at her elbow. "Let us get you home."

On the front porch, Vejita sat down in a chair with Bulma adjacent to him. They sat in complete silence, simply enjoying the mid-evening. "I suppose my parents are wondering where we have disappeared to.." she said lightly. "Hmm..." Vejita looked at her from the corner of his eye. When he had first met her, he had thoght she was nothing to look at. Nothing comparable to the other women whom he had graced with his presence. But there was cool dignity present in her that radiated like an aura. A flame that burned passionately in her heart though her mind and body tried to smolder it. He could sense that passion begging to be released. "If I were to walk you to your room, your parents would not know then?" he asked. Bulma looked over at him quizzically. "I suppose not..." she replied. What is he getting at? He stood up abruptly and held his hand out for her own. When she placed, she hauled her up to her feet. The two of them wandered the meandering halls to find the farthest corridor, where Bulma's room lay. Neither spoke a word the entire time. At her door, Vejita waited patiently as she pushed it open. Turning around, she said, "It was nice of you to walk--" She was cut off by a heated kiss as Vejita pulled her to him. Bulma threw her arms around his neck, pushing herself closer to him with apparent need. He pushed into her, causing her to back up into her room. Vejita kicked the door closed behind him.

Bulma soon found herself, lying on the hard ground with Vejita hovering over her, their mouths battling with passionate kisses. He reached one hand up to brush away the collar from her neck and his lips descended to bit and suck there. Bulma could only moan as she felt Vejita licking and biting the crook of her neck. Just as quickly, however, Vejita pulled her up from the ground. "What are you doing?" she asked, her voice shaky and out of breath. He just grunted and pushed her up against the nearest wall, continuing his ministrations there. Bulma's eyes looked up at the ceiling and she could feel nothing but pure bliss. She had never known a man's intimate touch, everything was so new to her. But she trusted that Vejita knew what he was doing. Vejita stooped down and gathered the bottom of her dress; as he stood up, he took the dress with him. Bulma swallowed a knot in her throat. She realized what he was going to do. "Vejita, I don't think--" He placed one finger to her lips. "You will enjoy this, turtledove," he said as more of a command than a reassurance. Vejita loosed the front of his pants and pushed his pelvis into Bulma's. She felt something hard nestling between her thighs. Her eyes grew bigger as she began to realize what it was. "Please, Vejita--" "Trust me, woman." He saw the fear in her eyes. He rubbed his face into the soft curve of her neck before whispering. "I cannot stop myself from wanting you..." Bulma turned her head and looked down at him. His eyes were so dark...and hungry. She nodded weakly and he kissed her lightly on the lips. She was comfortable with the kissing. Kissing she had seen her parents do on occassion, she had read the passionate kisses shared between the hero and the heroine in her novels--- but this--- she had never heard anything of the steps after the kiss... her mother had been too giggly too explain it and her father had been too embarassed. She had heard some of the servants' whispered remarks sometimes when they started their work early in the morning. They would come in a bubbly and full of energy and discuss their nights' "activities." And from what Bulma had gathered through her curiosity, was that it felt good... really good.

Bulma watched as he ran his hands up her thighs and parted them slightly. She readjusted her weight. Suddenly, he cupped her below her behind and lifted her up. "Wrap your legs around me," he grunted. She did, relieving some of the weight from his hands. Her red gown was now bunched up around her hips, pressing between her and Vejita. Vejita paid no mind to the large gathering of cloth. With one hand, he untied her bodice and slowly kissed the tops of her breasts. Bulma drew a sharp intake of breath. Vejita looked up and grinned at her. "Turtledove," he breathed in her chest. "You have wonderful assests ..." She swallowed and drew a deep breath, causing her chest to swell. Vejita chuckled. He dipped his tongue between her cleavage, tasting the sweat that was beginning to gather there.

"I say we end this," Vejita said in a low voice. Bulma sighed, almost relieved. She had been so sure that he was going to follow through and--- Bulma let a small cry escape her chest as she felt Vejita push her thighs apart and enter her in one swift motion.

He had not broken her barrier yet, she could feel how dangerously close her was. Vejita looked up at her. A small bead of sweat was traveling down her right temple. Her hair was mussed and pressed flat against the wall. He stared straight into her eyes. He readjusted her weight a bit on his hips before pushing fully into her. Before Bulma could cry out, he slammed his lips over hers, swallowing the scream into his own mouth. After a minute of silence, Vejita pulled his mouth away to look at her. Small tears were visible in the corners of her eyes and her lips were swollen from his kiss. Vejita leaned in so that his mouth was at her ear. "Are you all right, little one?" She shook her head weakly. "It's too big, Vejita," she gasped. "I--" she swallowed back tears. "I feel like I'm ripping apart." He gave a kiss on the neck. "It will pass." She shook her head once more. "I don't think I can--" She stopped with a gasp as Vejita pulled out of her and then pushed back in. He started with a slow rhythm, easing himself back into her, as she slid up and down the wall. The pain Bulma experienced was immediately replaced by pleasure and she wrapped her legs tighter arond Vejita's waist. "Oh God, Vejita," she whispered as she felt her walls contract around his member. Vejita growled and pushed into her harder. "Ahhh!" Bulma screamed and threw her head back. He began to speed up, rapidly thrusting into her wet walls, pushing her harder and harder in an effort to get closer to... Bulma grasped Vejita's back tighter, pulling him to her. Vejita dug deeper until all of him was wedged within her. He had his hands pressed hard against the wall on either side of her face. Their noses were inches apart. Bulma leaned forward slightly and captured his lips in a kiss.

Vejita began to move again. He shifted Bulma's legs so they were sitting higher on his hips. At this angle, he could get in much farther. Bulma moaned deeply as she felt him move in and out of her. Every nerve in her body, reacting with pleasure. She could felt the juices of her excitement dripping out of her to run down the backs of her thighs to splash on the floor. "It's so big..." she groaned. Vejita continued to thrust into her furiously, the sweat running off his brow. "It feels so good...."" Vejita looked up at her, never stopping his thrusts. She stared at him with glazed eyes. He pushed himself closer to her. She could feel his manhood brushing the back of her womb. He lazily kissed her neck, licking the salt and sucking under chin. Finally, he settled his lips on hers. She parted her lips and allowed him to rape her mouth. He clutched one of her breasts tightly, stroking the nipple through the fabric. He dug into her with his hips while his tongue was tangled with hers. Bulma's eyes flew open. She could feel it. Something was growing as an itching pain between her legs. She tried to bring her thighs together, but Vejita was tightly wedged between them. She only succeeding in clenching her innerwalls and causing his manhood to swell. Out of breath, Bulma broke the kiss, gasping for air. Vejita dipped his head down, pulling one side of her bodice down to reveal a swollen breast. He licked and teased and bit at it while Bulma lay her head back against the wall trying, unsuccessfully, to catch her breath. The pain at the juncture of her legs was greater now. And his ferocious attack on her breast was not helping any. Bulma moaned deeply and this caught Vejita's attention. He noticed her walls were tightening quicker and longer around his sheath. He pushed in farther, causing her to slid up the wall. Bulma led out a small groan and Vejita knew. "Do you feel that, woman?" he asked softly. Bulma was almost incoherent with pleasure but she nodded weakly. "I will make you scream," he chuckled deeply. He began to thrust faster and harder. Her thighs tightened around his waist, she pushed her hips away from the wall, rising to meet his thrusts. His hands cupped her breasts, pressing hard on the sensitive peaks. "Ah.. ah...ah..." Bulma gasped as she felt the itch grow stronger and more painful. "Vejita, harder!" He complied while lowering one hand from her breast to find its way to the juncture of her thighs. He felt what he was looking for. The tiny nub of flesh peeking out just over where his manhood lay buried in her. He squeezed it lightly, experimentally and was rewarded with a cry of pleasure. He continued to pound her into the wall while pressing and kneading the soft peak.

"Oh God, Vejita... it feel so good. ah..."

Vejita grunted. "Will you do this to me every night?" she gasped.

He grunted again. "If you wish it." "It's.. mmm..." " are so tight..." he growled.

She breathed in sharply as pushed her hips to a higher angle to the he was plunging into her from below, giving himself more leverage. Soon he all he heard was Bulma's ecstatic cry and he felt her warm juices wash over him and cascade down his legs. Soon after, Vejita grunted loudly, pushing himself in so far that he felt the back of her womb nudge his tip. He released himself into her body. His seed mixed with her juices to run down their thighs. Bulma was gasping for air. Her chest heaved rapidly and she did not care that one of her breasts was uncovered. Vejita leaned in and kissed her on the lips and she responded. Breaking away, she stared into his endless black eyes. "That was--" She couldn't finish. She did not know the words to describe what a passionate union she had experienced. Vejita slowly eased out of her and set her gently on her feet. Bulma almost stumbled and feel but he caught. "I am sorry," she whispered, blushing. "My legs still feel weak." He smirked and pushed the rest of the gown down so that it covered all of her. He lifted the bodice of her dress so that it cupped her breast again. "I look a mess," she said running her hand through her hair. "I do not see a difference," Vejita said, mocking. She scowled lightly at him then proceeded to walk to the door to her inner chambers. "Where are you going?" he asked harshly. "To take a bath, Vejita. I feel--" He chuckled. "I know." He walked up to her. "Mind if I join you?" he purred into her ear. "Not at all, Signor Petruchio," she replied with mock deference.


Bulma lay in the luke warm water with her head resting on her fiancee's chest. She had guessed that he was a well-built man from the way his clothes fit him, but she had never thought that he might be this well-built. At the slightest motion, his muscles tightened and rippled beneath his skin. Bulma kissed chest softly. She felt a stirring in the soapy water but could not see anything for the life of her. Bulma often her eyes wide as she felt him maneuver his fingertips between the folds of her womanhood. "Vejita, you wouldn't," she accused. He pulled her over to straddle his lap. "Oh, wouldn't I?" he growled evilly. He slid two of his fingers into her opening. Bulma raised her hips in slight protest but it only made him dive deeper. He pulled his fingers in and out of her, skimming the inner walls. She moaned. "Is this something you also learned in France?" she asked before groaning as he added in another finger to his manipulation. "As I said, the French are an interesting people..." "Vejita, I'm not like you. I cannot--" He silenced her with a kiss. "You have time... in fact we have a lifetime to teach each other," he said smoothly. She sighed contentedly. Forever... She let him continue his ministrations, slowly bucking her hips against his hand. "mmm...oh..." she gasped. Her noises of pleasure were getting to Vejita. He pulled his hand away and quickly turned her in his lap. "Now, woman," he commanded. She grinned impishly before pulling herself slightly out of the water then settling back in, on top of Vejita's manhood. She began to rock her hips, which caused her breasts to bounce enticingly. Vejita devoured them one by one as Bulma rode his rock hard sheath. Vejita could feel her climax coming faster. He pushed his hips up to meet hers. She bit her lip to stop the cry that she knew was going to erupt. Bulma let out a high pitch moan as she fell down hard upon Vejita's shaft. She felt his liquid flow into her womb.

She fell against his chest breathing hard. "I have never taken a woman twice," he admitted. "Then I must be good," Bulma whispered into his ear. "You are my fiancee. It is my right to take you as much I want." "You think so?" she asked as her eyes narrowed. "You belong to me," he stated. She growled as pushed away from him, easing his manhood out of her. He chuckled at her obvious ire. "Who would have thought there would be a tempestuous turtledove in the guise of a shrew?" She crossed her arms over her chest. He laughed heartily and pulled her to him. She was still sulking when she laid her head down gingerly on his chest, feeling the powerful rise and fall of his lungs. She closed her eyes as he wrapped his arms around her body. "I think it is I who have tamed you, Signor Petruchio," mumbled. He shifted his head to look down at the pale woman with beautiful blue hair resting in his arms. "Perhaps I did lose, after all," he whispered. Cerulean eyes gazed up at him. He smirked as she growled. "Now see here--" He cut her off with a kiss. When he pulled away she whispered to his lips, "You do that so often..." "I find the only way to silence you, woman, is with my tongue." She narrowed her eyes to glare at him but then placed a small kiss on his lips. "Silence is golden, you know." "Oh, yes it is," he agreed.

Bulma Briefs and Vejita Petruchio entangled themselves in each other's love, eating at each other's souls, never wanting to break apart for fear that the fairytale would end. What started off as an innocent bet involving an arrogant young man and a cold, bitter shrew ended in two lovers finding what they sought most in each other.


"Why, that is nothing: for I tell you, father,
I am as peremptory as she proud-minded;
And where two raging fires meet together
They do consume the thing that feeds their fury:
Though little fire grows great with little wind,
Yet extreme gusts will blow out fire and all:
So I to her and so she yields to me..."



~The End~


wow.... i had a blast writing this fic and i hoped you thoroughly enjoyed reading. much blood, sweat and tears went into this thng... okay, so not much blood. i've never totally finished a fic before so congrats to me on my first one!!! lol. hope u like my writing. u really should read "The Taming of the Shrew" even if you can only amble through the Cliff Notes because the characters are so funny, even in Shakespearean language. I loved the part where Hortensio (not my character) tried to teach Katharina the lute and she bangs him with it. And Petruchio upon hearing this says: "Now, by the world, it is a lusty wench; I love her ten times more than e'er I did: O, how I long to have some chat with her!" I was cracking up on my ass! anywho, lemon was good?? sucky?? i don't know. follow link to read the original "Taming of the Shrew" enjoy!

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