Bulma clung to Vegeta as he flew them back to the house. Why did we have to RIP the clothes off! Damn it! he thought. Vegeta flew them into Bulma's second story window, hoping no one had seen them.

"Ok Vegeta, let me get dressed, then I'll go get you some clothes from your room," Bulma quickly got dressed and ran down the hall to Vegeta's room. She threw open his closet door and grabbed him some clothes. Well, I guess he never has a problem deciding what to wear. All of his shirts and pants are identical. She laughed to herself as she returned to her room with his clothes.

After dressing, they were ready to face her parents. As they walked down the stairs, they saw people lying on the floor and draped over the furniture. Trying to find Bulma's parents, Bulma and Vegeta walked around the living room, stepping over sleeping bodies, but they were no where to be found. Bulma peeked into the kitchen. ChiChi was cooking breakfast for a very happy Goku. Not wanting to disturb them, she continued down the hallway, with Vegeta close behind her.

"Hey Bulma! I need to talk to you for a second!" Krillin's voice called out from behind them

"Hi Krillin. What's wrong?" Bulma asked. Vegeta stood protectively next to her.

"It's Yamcha. After what Oolong told me, I doubt that we will be seeing him for quite some time. I just thought that I better let you know. I know you don't care, but your parents might need to know that the marriage is off," Krillin explained.

"You're right Krillin, I don't care. I'm glad he's gone, maybe you can tell me what happened later. I am trying to find my parents right now. I'll let them know that the engagement is off. Thanks Krillin," Bulma replied, continuing down the hall.

At the end of the hallway, she noticed that her parents' door was open. "Mom! Dad! I need to talk to you!" she yelled to them as she approached. As she peeked into the doorway, she gasped at what she saw. Inside, were not only her parents, but Master Roshi, and Piccolo. Mr. Briefs was sitting down in the corner of the room, smoking a cigarette. He was completely naked, but his glasses were bent and sitting crooked on his face. Piccolo was lying on the bed wearing Mrs. Brief's lingerie, with a naked Master Roshi sleeping next to him. Mrs. Briefs was naked, lying on top of the Ox King. Yajirobe and Korin were curled up together on the floor. They were all asleep, except for Mr. Briefs who had been startled awake by Bulma's voice.

"We can explain, Honey!" her father yelled, seeing Bulma's shocked expression.

"No! Do NOT tell me what happened! I don't want to know!" Bulma cried.

"This isn't what it looks like!" Mr. Briefs scrambled for a blanket to cover himself. "Ok, maybe it is, please forgive us. I don't know what came over us."

"Gross!" Bulma screamed.

"Hey! Everyone cover yourself up for God's Sake!" Mr. Briefs yelled waking up Piccolo and Mrs. Briefs.

Piccolo shrugged, "I don't even have sex organs, so why should I care!" He nervously fidgeted with the bra that he was wearing.

Mrs. Briefs hurried to cover herself, Yajirobe, and the Ox King up with blankets. "Ok, was there something that you wanted to tell us?" Mrs. Briefs asked after making sure that everyone was decent.

"I just wanted to inform you that Yamcha has disappeared. So, obviously, we will not be getting married." Bulma pulled Vegeta into the room with her. Vegeta's face turned to horror as he looked around. "Here is the man that I love!"

"Bulma, we are so sorry. After you left last night, and he left with the others to find you, we put two and two together and realized that Vegeta is the one you love. We only wanted you to be happy. Let's just forget that this whole mess ever happened, and move on. We will never speak of last night again." Mr. Briefs glanced over at his wife, Piccolo, and the Ox King.

Bulma smiled broadly. She hugged and kissed Vegeta, "Everything is going to be alright!" He picked her up, and carried her out of the room. "Now, let's go find out who can't keep up," he whispered into her ear.


* END*

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