After Krillin and Bulma landed, they wandered around looking for a suitable place to sleep for the night. Bulma sat down and removed her shoes because they were too hard to walk in. "Stupid high-heeled shoes! Dammit! These are my favorite shoes, oh well," she threw them into the bushes.

Krillin sat beside her. "God Bulma, you couldn't have possibly picked a worse outfit to run away in. I mean, high heels, tight fancy dress. What kind of material is this?" Krillin asked as he felt the fabric of her dress. "Ah, velvet! That is soft, but it wouldn't be my first choice for hiking and lying in the dirt."

"Shut up Krillin! Now tell me what is going on at my house. What did you say was going to happen in an hour?"

Krillin explained Master Roshi's and Oolong's plan. "Apparently, the potion was mistaken for wine. Every guest who drank it would be affected, but the potion wears off in about three hours." Krillin let out a nervous giggle. "No telling who is going to be surprised when it's over."

"So, how does this potion work? I mean, how do you control who will fall in love with whom?" Bulma asked, fidgeting with her dress.

"Well, that's the best part because, whoever you are looking at when it starts to take effect is the person you will instantly fall in love with. Pretty risky, eh?" Krillin replied. "Now, I need to fly back to the city to get us some water and food for tomorrow. I'll be right back"

"No, Krillin stay here with me. It's starting to get cold now. Let's sit close to each other to keep warm. I am not thirsty or hungry right now. I can wait until tomorrow." Bulma scooted as close as she possibly could to Krillin.

"Alright Bulma, I'll get food and water tomorrow. You need to find a better place to hide than this though. I am NOT going to stay out here with you forever. I have a life too, as pathetic as it might seem to you. I can take you to a city that's far from here if that's what you want. For now though, let's get some sleep," he replied as he put his arms around her to keep her warm.


At the Brief's house, everyone was so busy talking and drinking that nobody had noticed Krillin and Bulma leaving. Finally, Goku spoke up, "Has anyone seen Bulma? She was over there a minute ago. I don't even sense her ki anywhere around here. "

"I saw her go outside a while ago!" the Ox King bellowed.

Vegeta felt his stomach flutter. She was serious? I thought of her as too spoiled to ever run away. Damn her! I already had this all planned out! I was going to send that bastard Yamcha to the next dimension! Now she's gone and complicated everything even more!

"You know what? I can't sense her ki ANYWHERE!" Goku added looking very worried. The guests all gasped in disbelief.

Vegeta felt sick inside. She's got to be somewhere close. She couldn't have gotten too far. She's in a dress and high heels. He chuckled to himself at the way Bulma was capable of causing so much drama.

"Wait! Krillin isn't here either! I can sense his ki though. He is somewhere north of the city, near the woods!" Goku exclaimed.

"Why would Krillin be in the woods? That doesn't make any sense!" Yamcha interjected.

"I think he took Bulma with him. What other explanation could there be for him being somewhere like that. Especially at a time like this. Maybe he and Bulma are really close together and that's why I can only sense his ki. His ki would definitely overpower hers." Goku explained as he scratched his head in thought.

"She's got her body right next to Krillin?" Yamcha yelled as he got up from the table. " That's it! I'm going to go and bring her back here right now. How could she run off with another man! Especially Krillin! What the hell is she doing? Has she lost her mind? When I get my hands on Krillin, I'm going to rip his fucking head off!"

Vegeta could also sense Krillin's ki. He became enraged at the thought of his beauty out in the woods with that little weakling Krillin. What does Bulma want? She tells me that she loves me, then runs off with Krillin? Is she playing me for a fool? I'm going to follow Yamcha to Bulma and kill him. Then, I'm going to take Bulma and leave this pathetic planet.

"ChiChi and I are going to go with you Yamcha. We think that it might be better if we talk to her before you do, ok? Now, let's go!" Goku said, hoping not to have offended Yamcha.

Goku picked ChiChi up and they took off with Yamcha right behind them. Vegeta departed right after they did.

"Bring our beloved Bulma back to us!" Mrs. Briefs yelled through her sobs. "Tell her we love her!" The other guests all shouted their encouragement as they watched Yamcha and the others disappear into the night.

"Oolong," Master Roshi leaned over and whispered. "Change yourself into a rocket and follow them. Keep a close watch on them because who knows if this potion would affect a Saiyan."

"Ok, but there's nothing that I could do to help if a problem does arise. I am no match for any of them," Oolong replied. "I better get going now. I'll see you when I get back. Don't have too much fun," he said, flashing a wicked smile.


Vegeta flew as fast as he could. He wanted to be the first one to reach Bulma. He wanted to see what Krillin and Bulma were doing. When he had almost reached Krillin's ki, he landed and began tiptoeing. As he came up to them, he was surprised to see that they were both sleeping. At that moment, he would've given anything to be Krillin.

"Woman! Woman! Get up! Do you hear me? Woman! Get up now!" he hissed at the sleeping couple.

Krillin and Bulma jumped awake. "Vegeta? What are you doing here? Why did you follow me?" Bulma asked. "What is going on?"

"I might ask you the same!" Vegeta growled as he grabbed Bulma's arm and yanked her to her feet. "You tell me that you love me, then I find you in the woods in the arms of another man. What the hell are you doing?"

Bulma struggled to free her arm from Vegeta's iron grasp. "Get away from me! I pour my heart out to you and you threw me to the ground. Now you're acting like a jealous husband?"

"Hey Vegeta, don't yell at her. She's having a really hard time right now and I was just....." Krillin interjected.

"Shut up Krillin!" Vegeta cut him off, "I am talking to Bulma right now! This is none of your concern!"

Krillin nodded and walked a few feet away from them. He listened as Bulma explained that Krillin was just helping her out as a friend. Suddenly, he felt a familiar ki approaching. "Uh, Vegeta, Bulma......I think that we have company."

Goku, ChiChi, and Yamcha landed right in front of Vegeta. "Come on Bulma, we need to talk," Goku said as he reached out for Bulma's hand.

"I don't think so Kakarrot!" Vegeta warned as he swatted Goku's hand away from Bulma's.

"Hey! What is going on here? Bulma is my fiancÚ. This is nobody's business but mine. Everyone back off and let me talk to her!" Yamcha yelled.

"Hey worm! Are you telling me what to do? I am a Saiyan Prince! Nobody gives me orders, especially a worthless human!" Vegeta shouted angrily at Yamcha.

"Let me talk to Bulma! She needs to talk to a woman right now!" ChiChi shouted. At that point, everyone began shouting, and a big scuffle broke out amongst them.

All of a sudden though, it became very calm. The fighting had stopped and everyone was just staring. Bulma looked over to Krillin. His face wore a worried expression. He nodded at her, silently confirming that the potion was indeed starting to take affect. She didn't want to think about who was looking at her right at that very moment.

It seemed like minutes had passed, but it had only been seconds. Bulma looked around to assess the damage. Krillin, of course was fine, but then she noticed ChiChi staring at Krillin in a more than friendly way. Bulma looked over to Goku, who was looking at ChiChi with an expression of shock. Then she realized that Yamcha and Vegeta were both staring at her.

"Krillin, I never noticed how handsome you are. Why don't you come with me and I will cook you a delicious meal," ChiChi cooed as she walked over to him. She began softly rubbing his back. "I would love to spend the night cooking you the biggest and best meal you've ever had. After that, I will give you a relaxing, hot bath."

"ChiChi! What are you doing?" Goku whined. What kind of joke is this? I am your husband! Krillin is my best friend. How could you cook for someone else? Who will cook for me now? I am hungry right now as a matter of fact! You can cook for me!"

"Oh Krillin, I have wanted you for so long. I don't know how I ever lived without taking care of you. Now you are mine. I will cook you a meal right now. Let's ditch these idiots!," ChiChi said as she grabbed Krillin's arm. She began trying to pull him away from the others.

"Screw this! I'm outta here! I can't get between Goku and his meals! That is a death wish!" Krillin yelled as he ran off deeper into the woods.

"Wait up Krillin! I'm coming with you! Don't leave me! I want to take care of you!" ChiChi yelled as she ran after him.

"ChiChi! Get back here! Don't leave me! Where are you going? Leave Krillin alone! I'm the one that is hungry!" Goku shouted as he took off after both of them.

Bulma took a step back from Yamcha and Vegeta, who were both still staring at her. Yamcha walked up to her and put his arms around her. "I love you so much Bulma. Come with me, let's get out of here."

Vegeta flew into a rage. "You are not stealing my woman!" He grabbed Yamcha and threw him into a tree. The tree broke in half. He then turned to Bulma. "Let's get out of here. I'm taking you with me."

SLAM! Vegeta was hit in the back by an energy blast. He stumbled forward a few steps in a daze. He spun around in time to see Yamcha ready to attack him again. "You coward Yamcha. Are you so weak that you must attack me when I have my back turned?"

"Are you so pathetic that you have to steal my woman?" Yamcha taunted. "You will have to kill me before I allow it!"

"Oh, is that all? Well, this shouldn't take long! Let's do it!" Vegeta smirked. He fired energy blasts. Yamcha dodged them and flew up into the sky. Vegeta followed. They began to battle in the night sky.


Oolong had been watching from a distance, but now he would have to intervene. This was, after all, his fault to some degree. He shouldn't have hid the potion in the house. Still, who knew it would all get this out of hand. Now, here were two men that were trying to kill each other over a woman. This definitely had gone too far. He had to think of a way to separate these two men for the three hours that the potion lasted, otherwise Yamcha would be killed for sure.

He tiptoed over to where Bulma was standing. She looked terrified as she watched the men fight above her. "Bulma, I need your help to distract these guys. Come with me, ok? I have an idea. I just hope that it works."

"Oh, Oolong. I am so scared. I don't love Yamcha, but I don't want him to die either! What is your idea?" Bulma asked.

"Come with me, I'll explain it after we hide. Here is a good spot," Oolong and Bulma hid in some dense bushes. "Ok, first of all, did Krillin tell you about the potion?"

"Yes, and luckily I didn't drink any," Bulma replied.

"Ok, good. Now listen, anytime now Vegeta is going hurt Yamcha enough to send him falling to the ground. When Yamcha hits the ground, I am going to take your form, and go to him. He will think that I am you, and I will try to convince him not to fight anymore, then I will get him to follow me to another part of the woods. Now listen up, the next part is your job," Oolong quietly explained. " When you see Yamcha falling, start screaming to attract Vegeta's attention to you. When he comes down to see what is wrong, try to convince him to forget about Yamcha and leave with you. Hopefully, my keeping Yamcha from attacking again will make Vegeta think that he has given up or is too badly hurt to continue. Then hopefully, Vegeta will leave with you. It probably won't work, but it is worth a try. Do you understand?"

Bulma nodded. "I will do my best."

Oolong quickly changed himself to look like Bulma. Immediately after Oolong changed, Yamcha was knocked to ground. Oolong-Bulma ran over to him. "Yamcha, that is enough! No more fighting! You are coming with me! We are getting out of here right now!" Oolong-Bulma commanded in his best Bulma voice. Oolong-Bulma drug Yamcha out of plain sight and into some bushes.

"Is that you Bulma?" Yamcha asked. "You've come back to me. I knew you would."

"Yes, I've decided that I only want to be with you," Oolong-Bulma cooed. "Let's get out of here while we still have a chance."


Bulma, seeing Vegeta waiting up in the sky for Yamcha, let out the most terrifying scream that she could manage. Vegeta turned and quickly flew down to her.

He actually reacted to my scream? Bulma thought, heart racing. He's fighting for me?

This could only mean one thing. Vegeta was affected by the love potion. I have three hours and he's all mine! Bulma felt a mischievous smile coming on.

* * * * *

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