This story gains the basis for its plot and characters from Shakespeare’s tragedy, Venus and Adonis. Obviously, the names have been changed, respectively, to Bulma and Vegeta to fit the requirements of this fanfiction contest, and it’s definitely an A/U! However, I think these two would have been better suited for Shakespeare’s story in the first place! Also, please be forewarned that as far as B/V go, I can’t stand sad endings, so I had to add another chapter to Shakespeare’s story so I won’t fall into a depressive slump. 8-)


Meliza Mac

Disclaimer: I do not own Shakespeare or any of his works, including Venus and Adonis. Akira Toriyama has not yet adopted me, so I also hold no claim to any of his Dragonball Z characters or stories.

Author’s Notes: Text for character’s thoughts.


Bulma and Vegeta
By: Meliza Mac




The sun was just breaking over the horizon as Vegeta urged his black stallion faster. The hunt was on, and this was the life the prince loved. He was the embodiment of perfection – he had a compact, muscular body, intense ebony eyes, and matching hair that defied all physics in its’ haphazard skyward style. He was a prince – he knew it and flaunted it in his mannerisms and words with no regard for the recipient. Women swooned whenever he came near.

However, Vegeta wanted nothing to do with them, or the concept of love overall. Just in his prime, his mind and heart lived for the thrill of the hounds baying, his horse running like the wind, and the scent of blood erupting from the kill.

Love would have to wait.

The goddess watched from behind a stand of trees. She was perched upon a horse of purest white, so it was difficult to tell where her shimmering gown stopped and the mare’s perfect hide started. Silky azure hair tumbled down to her waist, and wide eyes that matched the color of her hair sparkled from the depths of perfect skin the color of cream. She sighed as the object of her desire and his steed sped past her unaware. If she did not love the hunt so much herself, she would have simply cast a spell over him and forced him to love her, as she was known to have done in the past. However, this was not another short-lived infatuation. The moment she first saw the man, she knew she was destined to love him forever. She simply had to make him love her in return.

That should be easy enough.

* * * * *

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