Chapter 9


Chichi could spot the imperial guards coming into view.

"Where the hell is Kakarrot?" she thought. "Oh well looks like I am on my own."

The imperial guards were on their way to the prison when one was knocked unconscious when a rather large rock slammed into his head out of nowhere. Then all of a sudden a raven-haired woman started to attack them with all sorts of weapons. Bulma was in the back in her cage not paying attention to her surroundings, but dwelling on the mistakes of her past when the guards came to a sudden stop which caused her to slam into the side of the cage.

"Aww" she cried. Then she heard the guards yelling and the sound of a battle-taking place. She wanted to see what was going on but all she could see was a well placed view of the horseís ass in front of her. All it took was one battle cry by the aggressor and Bulma knew who it was.

"Chichi" Bulma howled.

"Iím a little busy right now Bulma, but I will have you out in a minute." Chichi yelled back.

Chichi was having problems of her own. Out of six elite imperial guards that guarded Bulma she was only able to take down two. She was having trouble with the other four that is until Kakarrot showed up.

"Kakarrot" a huge bald guard with a really funky mustache called out. "What are you doing here? It dose not matter because you are just in time we were about to have some fun here with this little troublemaker. She took out two of my best men!"

"Oh really Nappa" was Kakarrotís response right before he cold cocked the big giant over the head causing him to fall over like a big tree to the ground below. The other three guards just looked on with horror.

"Kakarrot what are you doing" they asked right before they began to attack their former comrade.

"Iím doing whatís right!" was what Kakarrot stated as he drew his sword.

Chichi quickly went around the back to release Bulma. She could not believe what she saw. There was her best friend still bruised and battered from her fight with Vegeta. She was wearing a simple kimono not a lavish one like she normally wore. She had circles under her beautiful blue eyes that seemed not to shine as brightly as they use to.

"Oh Bulma I should have never left you alone." Chichi said as she began to weep and crush her friend in a very tight embrace.

"Itís ok Chichi, itís ok everything will be ok." Bulma said trying to calm her friend down. When Kakarrot rounded the cage he found the two women sobbing on each otherís shoulder.

"Um guys we really donít have time for all the water works. The prince and more of his guards could show up any minute!í Kakarrot stated.

"Too late I am already here."

Kakarrot immediately stepped in front of the two women showing his sword to his former friend.

Vegeta just stepped down off his black stead and stared at the little group that was before him.

"Stop it Kakarrot." Bulma said as she pushed the man to the side. "This is not your fight it is mine."

"But Bulma!" Chichi cried in protest.

"No buts this is between Vegeta and me!" Bulma stated then turned towards the prince.

"I will make you a deal Prince Vegeta, if I bet you in one final battle you let Chichi, Kakarrot and me go on our way and we will never dare to dart the imperial city ever again. But you canít come after us either."

"And if I win woman" Vegeta ask truly intrigued by the womanís offer.

"If you win I will submit freely and will be yours to do with as you please no questions asked and no protest from my friends, but you still must let them go!"

"NO!" Chichi screamed! "I wonít let you! You canít beat him and even if you do there is no way he will just let us go!"

Bulma looked at Vegeta ignoring her friendís words. "Do we have a deal?"

"Yes you have my word no harm will come to Kakarrot or that harpy of yours." Vegeta said while staring into Bulmaís eyes. "She knows there is no chance of her winning.í He thought, "I have already beat her twice."

Chichi was in an uproar at this point.


Bulma just went to her friend and hugged her then hit her on the back of the head rendering her unconscious.

She then handed her to Kakarrot.

"Take care of her please." She whispered to him.

He only nodded then handed her his katana.

"It would be an honor," he said ĎIf you use my blade."

She smiled at him warmly then took his sword and prepared herself to face her fate.

He stood there waiting for her. He was wearing a cold unfeeling mask hiding all his emotions. Would he kill her she wondered, he almost did once, but she realized that thinking these thought now was not the right thing to do. She wanted to get this over with quickly so she took the offence for a change. Attacking him bravely, but he dodged and maneuvered every one of her attacks. She briefly had the upper hand and managed to place a very deep slice onto his upper right arm. Which he made her pay for dearly by slamming her into a near by tree causing her to drop hold of her katana. She tired to leap to it but Vegeta quickly kicked it out of her reach and trapped her against a tree with his katana pressed to her neck. He moved in close as he did the last time they fought pressing his body against hers, and whispered into her ear

"I win."

Bulma closed her eyes and prepared for her death but it never came. In fact when she opened her eyes again the prince was no where in sight. He had moved back up to his horse and was taking something out of his saddlebag.

"Most likely chains and shackles so he can take me to prison." Bulma thought as she slowly climbed back up to the main road. Once she got there she knelt down before him awaiting her fate. When he unwrapped what he had been holding she just looked at it and then back at him.

"I donít understand?" she asked confused.

"Then you are truly stupid woman. You of all people know that the prince always gives the Shin Dragon to his bride to be." Vegeta said with a smirk gracing his lips.

"Huh, but, IÖ" Bulma did not believe what was happening. He extended his hand to her and pulled her up to his chest.

"I am asking you Bulma if that is your real name to be my queen." He asked looking into those big beautiful blue eyes that he loved so much.

"Yes it is and yes I will!" was her only reply as she threw her arms around him and embraced him in a heated kiss.




Bulma had played many roles in her life from thief, to whore, to noble woman, and soon to be queen, and never not once in her past did she ever think it would be possible that she would find her fairytale prince and that he would steal her heart. And that she would finally have her ride of onto the sunset.




I would like to thank everyone who has read and sent me an e-mail telling how you felt about this story it was so loved.

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