Chapter 8


Chichi made it back to the palace to witness the royal guards searching what use to be her and Bulmaís room.

"Fuck" she whispered "I wonder what happen to Bulma?" She ducked into the shadows as she saw two more guards approaching through the corridor.

"Yeah it turnís out she was not even a noble woman just a common thief." The three-eyed guard said to his short chubby friend.

"Wow really" Yajorobe asked, "What happened to her?"

"She nearly got sliced in half by the prince. She is in the infirmary now and if she lives which she most likely will not, she will be sent to the imperial prison. The prince ordered this himself."

"Whoa I feel for the woman, she was really pretty!" was the last thing Chichi heard as they made there way out of hearing range.

"Oh Bulma, No" Chichi sobbed to herself.

Chichi quickly made her way to the infirmary and made sure she was not seen by anyone. Avoiding the guards she climbed into the room through a window only to find her life long friend bruised and beaten and almost dead.

"Oh Bulma, look at what we have gotten ourselves into this time." She said as she shed tears over her friendís unconscious body.

"I have to get you out of here! Prince Vegeta has ordered you to be sent to prison and I canít let that happen!"

"You canít move her." A voice called out from behind her.

Chichi quickly turned around mentally preparing her self for a fight.

"Kakarrot" she called out.

"I would say Chichi, but Iím not sure if that is really your name or not" he spat out harshly.

"Kakarrot, please you have to understand she is all I have. I know you and the prince are mad butÖ"

"But, there are no buts! She lied she is not Lady Mariko! You lied! She is nothing more than a common thief, a peasant whoreÖ" was all that Kakarrot managed to say before Chichi slapped him across his face.

"You know nothing!" she screamed. "You know nothing of our life! She is not a whore! Not all of us are so lucky to be given to the prince Kakarrot!" Chichi then busted into tears.

"Chichi Iím sorry. Itís just I donít know what to believe anymore. You guys told us so many lies."

She hushed him with a kiss.

Kakarrot looked at her bewildered and confused as she broke the kiss.

"Believe that!" she told him. "Believe that Iím in love with you and I know that Bulma loves Vegeta too. Iím sure of it. I know we did not start off on the right foot but what I feel is no lie!"

"Aww Chi I love you too!" he said then pulled her into his arms and kisses her.

"Chichi" he said as he pulled away. "You have to leave the palace if Vegeta sees you he will have you but in prison or worse!"

"Kakarrot there is no worse than prison for a woman. Thatís why I can not leave Bulma. I can not let her go!"

"Donít worry about Bulma she will not leave the palace until she is healed enough to travel to the imperial prison which should be awhile. Until then I will look after her and make sure no harm comes to her."

"What about after then?" Chichi asked nervously.

"After then I donít know? Vegeta seemed very, very mad, I know that he still loves her so I will work on him. I will try to make him see the error in his decision, but thatís going to be hard Vegeta can be very stubborn."



It was three days before Bulma regain consciousness and was able to speak. She awoke to find herself in a white room in a bed with white sheets. If it were not for the throbbing pain in her side she would have sworn she was dead. Then he stepped out of the shadows and she wished she were dead.

He just looked at her, but not like before. Before when he looked at her his eyes were filled with warmth, love and a little bit of lust. Now they were just cold and lifeless.

"Who are you?" He spat out filled with fury.

"Vegeta IÖ"

He glared at her deadly and then yelled, "You will address me properly unless you wish to be killed. I am his Royal Lord Prince Vegeta of all Japan do I make myself clear woman!"

Bulma closed her eyes and unknown to her tears began to fall.

"Yes my royal lord perfectly clear." She said meekly.

Vegeta asked her again. "Who are YOU!"

Bulma gave an artificial smile and said, "I was once know as Bulma Briefs I am now simply known as the Blue Dragon. Is that what you wanted to know does that answer you question my prince."

Vegeta just stared at her in shock.

"You" he mumbled out "You are the Blue Dragon?"

She simply said, "Yes."

"But we have been searching for the legionary Blue Dragon for years and never found him!"

"Exactly you never found him because he was really a she, me."

"Why?" He asked.

"Why what?" she asked confused.

"Why come here?"

"Please my prince you already know the answer to that. Why have me say it."

"Because I want to hear you say it. I need to hear it straight from the thiefís mouth."

Now full streams of tears flowed down her face and she said nothing.

"Damit woman you will answer me!" he screamed.

"THE DRAGON! Ok Vegeta the fucking dragon!" she sobbed "I came here to rob you of the dragon at first."

He looked down at her with disgust and rage.

"Getting close to you to get the dragon was the plan at first, but the more I got to know you the dragon became less and less important. I started to realize I was not the greatest thief, because you were and you did not even know it. You stole my heart when I was not even trying to give it. And to tell you the truth Vegeta not that you will believe me, I was not going to take it the second time. It just was not worth it anymore."

"Then you would have been stupid woman. I would have never given it to you anyway. No matter how much you dress it up a peasant whore is still just a peasant whore!"

"Stop it Vegeta you donít mean that!"

He just laughed.

"You did not really think for a second I wanted you to be my queen! He said as he continued to laugh.

"Stop it!" she screamed.

"You were nothing more than a good lay I will give you that. I just wanted to keep you around so I would get a chance to fuck you another couple of times!"


"Then I would have given you to my father or more guards so that they could have had a good time before I sent you back to where you belong the streets. You woman are nothing to me!"

"You donít mean that Vegeta!" she cried.

"Oh I mean it you are nothing but a third class peasant bitch that is good for two things stealing and fucking. Iím sure you will get enough of the second one while you rot in the imperial prison! Iím sure some of the prisoners can use a good lay!"

He left after that leaving her alone to cry until she could cry no more.



It had been ten more days before Bulma was well enough to be transported to the imperial prison. She had not seen Vegeta since the day she first opened her eyes. But she had seen Kakarrot everyday and knew that Chichi was safe to Bulma that was the only thing that mattered anymore. Kakarrot always said to her that everything would be ok. That he would talk to Vegeta and that the prince would see the error in his ways and that everything would be fine. Of course Bulma being the realist that she was she did not believe a word of what Kakarrot had said. She had seen how Vegeta looked at her that day and no one could tell her otherwise. He hated her and would never trust her again.



"I canít believe you are doing this" Kakarrot screamed at his friend.

"Whatís not to believe?" was Vegetaís only reply.

"My PrinceÖVegeta you love her!"

"Humph, I have no feelings for that woman, nor have I ever had feeling for that woman! She is nothing more than a thief! She has no honor! She belongs among people just like her in prison."

"Thatís a lie Vegeta, you donít believe that!"

"How dare you tell me what to believe! I am the Royal Prince of Japan! What I say goes, and if I say I want nothing to do with that woman, if I say she is nothing but a third class peasant whore who deserves to rot in prison then it is so! And if you Kakarrot do not wish to have the same fate as that bitch I suggest you leave her fate alone and never speak of her to me again!"

"NO VEGETA!" Kakarrot screamed. "You may be the prince but you are not Kami! You may put me in prison, but I will tell you what I have to say! You love her and if you think for one second that you will be able to live the rest of your life knowing that she is in pain, knowing that she is being beaten and raped by another. Then go ahead and put me in jail because you are not the man, the prince, or the friend that I believe you are!"

Kakarrot then left leaving Vegeta to ponder his words.



It was almost time for her to go several of the elite guards had began to gather around her door. Bulma briefly wondered if she would get a chance to see Vegeta again before they hauled her away. Although she hated the look in his eyes when he looked at her, she really wanted to see her fairytale prince one more time. The door began to open slowly and she hoped it was him but it was only Kakarrot.

Kakarrot looked into her eyes and she could see his sorrow.

"Bulma, Iím so sorryÖ I know heÖ he is just so angry and is not thinking straight. When he realizes what he has doneÖI willÖ"

"Itís ok Kakarrot I understand. Is it time for me to go?"

Kakarrot just looked down and nodded his head.

"Ok then letís get this show on the road!" Bulma said trying to sound cheerful.

Her hands and her feet were chained and she was lead out dishonorably for all to see. Then placed in a cage type wagon that was pulled by two horses although she had six guards in all.

"Kakarrot" she called out for her friend. "Take care of Chichi for me, and make sure she dose not do anything stupid. I know her and know the friends she keeps and it would just kill me to know that their blood was spilled all because of me."

Kakarrot just gave her a knowing look and nodded his head as they took her away out off the palace gates then he rushed off to find Chichi.

Chichi knew it was a four hour walk or a two hour ride to the imperial prison from the palace, and that along the way there was more than enough places to ambush a couple of guards. She knew she was not as great of a fighter as Bulma truth be told she was not even close, but Kakarrot was going to join her and they were going to set Bulma free then leave the imperial city never to return. She was thankful that Kami had given her Kakarrot. She knew she was asking an awful lot of him. He was giving up his life at the palace just for her and even worse than that he was giving up his friendship with Vegeta which she knew meant a great deal to him.Chichi sat down and let out a breath that she had been holding in.

"All I have to do is wait!"



Kakarrot ran down the palace halls to his room to grab a bag of his things that he packed the day before. He really did not want to leave the palace it had been the only home he had really ever known. Vegeta was more than just his friend he had always been like a big brother to him. Kakarrot hated leaving but it was something that just had to be done. He ran out to the stables to get his favorite horse to meet up with Chichi. Upon entering the stables he came face to face with a very angry prince.

"Where are you going Kakarrot?" Vegeta asked coldly.

"Out for a ride my prince, I need to clear my head." Kakarrot answered back.

"Why do you need a bag if you are just going for a ride." Vegeta asked with his voice filled with animosity.

"Because it might be a very long ride" was Kakarrotís only answer as he grabbed his horse and started to turn away from the prince.

"Donít do this Kakarrot! You will never be able to come back. I donít want to have to kill you!" Vegeta screamed and Kakarrot stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Vegeta with hurt and anger in his eyes.

"Would you do it Vegeta, would you kill me your best friend, your only friend?"

Vegeta remained silent not showing any emotion.

"You would" Kakarrot said with horror. "I should not be surprise you already sentence your only love to a fate much worse than death and I am only your friend. Vegeta you do what ever you have to do because so will I!"With that said Kakarrot rode off to meet Chichi.

Vegeta stood there for a minute or two then went for his horse to chase after the man he once thought of as his best friend, but before he left the palace he made one quick stop.

* * * * *

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