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"Among my most prized possessions are the memories I have yet to remember." ~ LadyBulma24.

The small space pod made its way threw space with its occupant looking hungrily at the first sight of a planet in months. It was a cold march morning and the young Saiya-jin no koujo inside huddled herself closer to her tail wanting warmth. The cold of the early March morning was bitter and cruel curler than her race…the Saiya-jin. She had been crammed in there for over 3 months and she was growing tired of it. Her tail wrapped around her waist once more as she typed in the commands that she needed to see her status for the time being. When the call was placed and received at her home planet she sat back calmly to answer the visual call.

"Napa-San?" she called in an even tone that most of her race possessed.

"Hai Saiya-jin no koujo Bulma?" he answered her giving her the Saiya-jin solute.

"There is no sight of a planet yet and I want to know what is going on with the fuel and so forth on the ship." She said with an aura of total control that most 8-year-old girls of her race didn’t possess. She possessed a wonderful mind stronger than that or any genius living. She had learned to talk when she was 11 months old by her otou-san and okaa-san who had died three months ago, just about the time that she had decided to leave Vegetasei. Her parents had been well known with the royal family of Vegetasei, and they had all agreed that with the rule that Lord Cold was having the Saiya-jin race would be endangered. They had come to an agreement, Bulma would marry Vegeta so that the immediate family of Vegetasei would continue. So it was done but before they could even reach 15 to marry each other the rumors of Lord Cold started to fly around. For protection King Vegeta took Bulma in making her a princess at once. She was treated with all of the respect in the world making sure that she never wanted or needed a thing. But now that the rumors of Lord Cold were getting stronger millions of Saiya-jin children were shipped out to weaker planet so that they could survive in case Cold did attack Vegetasei.

"Hai…." Answered Napa taking a while to answer her again. "Ano…."

"Well Doush’tano?" she asked impatiently her tail whipping back and forth behind her in anger.


"Hanash’Te hayaku!" The Saiya-jin no koujo screamed at Napa. There had to be something wrong going on here and she wanted to know too! She demanded to know!

"Kuso." She heard him mummer under his breath.

"Doush’tano?" she repeated again. Now she was convinced that there was something wrong.

Before he could answer her the lights in the ship went dead and the power started to fall, then there was a loud thunk on the other side of her small pod.

"NANDA KA!" she yelled loudly and the connection was lost. "Napa-San?" she called to him. "Kusottare maska!" she thought out loud, to herself.

The ship started to work again after she pushed a few bottoms and pulled a few wires. Then it came into her sight. Chikyuu…the planet that she had waited 3 months to see. It looked like a dazzling orb in the sky touched by light that not only made it shine but also gave it an almost warm feeling to it. Nothing like Vegetasei her home planet, which was cold filled with no emotions only hatred and anger. Suddenly rocks started to hit the ship again this time only harder shaking the Saiya-jin no koujo more and more.

"Nande Kuso?" she sighed out loud looking out of the window to see what was happening. The mediators were coming on strong this time too. The young headstrong Saiya-jin no koujo slammed on the power force field to full blast causing the ship to shake and drop to the closet planet faster then anticipated.

"Shimatta." She said silently to no one trying her best to stop the ship from crashing.

The space pod streaked threw the lightless sky and onto the surface of the planet known to her as Chikyuu. The sudden impact of it all dulled her senses causing her to hit her head hard on the wheel. Blood poured threw her open wound and mixed with her aqua blue hair. The world around her was growing dark and she could no longer hear the sound of her ship being hit by the rocks. She knew that she couldn’t last that long. Saiya-jin or not she was hut bad that injury could cost her life. It was a deep fatal wound that was growing worse by the minute. Her last thoughts revolved around her home, her planet, her kingdom and her love.

"Vegeta…I promise I will not die!" She whispered before her world went black. She had to be strong she had to live for him. She was planing to keep her promise but for the moment nothing else in the world seemed more inviting like the darkness that overtook her.

* * * * *

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