Chapter Three: Believe Me


Vegeta walked next to Bulma and Kakkarot silently on their way to the Briefs household. Soon they were going to have the deal made with Dr. Briefs himself, even if Bulma knew that he was going to be a little suspicious about it. Her otou-san wasn’t always the easiest man to get along with. Vegeta was sure that he could make Dr. Briefs agree with him, he was sure that for the safety of his daughter and his home planet he would do anything. Vegeta sighed, he had tried to forget the past about him and Bulma for a while now but it just wasn’t working. Every time he tried to think of another thing she was there making him remember the time that they shared together.

"Remind me why we want an alliance with you Saiya-jins?" Bulma asked braking the silence.

"Because we are the most powerful beings of the universe we get what we want no matter what." Vegeta answered. "Are we almost there onna?" Vegeta asked after some time.

"Hai we just need to cross here and the first house is mine." Bulma said pointing to the parting in the roads.

"I’m hungry." Kakkarot whispered to no one in particular.

Bulma rolled her eyes then she answered. "Kakkarot you just too much we had something to drink before we left the ship."

"Hai demo I’m hungry still." He winded sounding like a little boy.

"Maybe my Okaa-San will give you two something to eat when we get there." Bulma said walking faster trying to keep up with Vegeta.

They reached her house shortly much to Vegeta’s liking. He was growing tired and irritated with all of the walking that they were doing. Vegeta wasn’t pleased that he had to walk when he could have flown over there eight times faster, let alone was he happy about wasting training time going to see this Dr. Briefs. Kakkarot on the other hand was looking forward to getting to Bulma’s house, with the promise of food Kakkarot was willing to walk miles on end. He was a hunger driving Saiya-jin like most of them were and he was more than happy to walk with Bulma. She was easy to get along with Kakkarot thought and she wasn’t ugly. In fact he was beginning to think what was wrong with Vegeta for letting go of such a gorgeous young lady. She was all Vegeta had told and more. She was radiant, and definitely eye-catching. However she wasn’t just beauty, she had brains and a loud out spoken mouth, which made it a dangerous mixture. Kakkarot then saw the Saiya-jin side to her that was hidden up until then. It was hard to believe that this girl was actually part of the most destructive race in the universe.

When they stepped inside of her house Bulma was greeted with her angry otou-san and fiancée. They were both very angry for her leaving on such short notice like that and Yamcha grew even angrier when he saw whom she was with. The two men that accompanied her looked at Yamcha coldly, most of all Vegeta.

"Bulma-San where have you been?" her otou-san screamed at her he was condescending her and screaming at the same time now. "Yamcha-San has been here all evening waiting for you."

"Hai aijou we have been very worried." Her okaa-san said looking at her. Then her okaa-san noticed the different kimono that she had on and the glitter in her eyes. Mrs. Briefs smiled at her daughter secretly it seemed that her daughter had taken a liking to the young man next to her.

"Gomen otou-san!" Bulma said then pointed at Vegeta who was standing next to her with his arms crossed over his chest. "Demo I was with these gentlemen, they are from Vegetasei here on trade." Bulma stated while her otou-san marveled at her and Yamcha was growing more frustrated.

"Well Bulma-San I guess you forgot all about tonight then didn’t you?" Yamcha finally said in a harsh tone of voice that made Vegeta uneasy. He wasn’t about to let this poor fool talk to Bulma like that. However there was little that he could do to Yamcha for the moment.

"So you are from Vegetasei?" Dr. Briefs asked in awe.

"Hai I am Saiya-jin no ouji Vegeta." He said standing with an aura of arrogance that was never there when Bulma first met him as he stood next to Kakkarot. "And this is my right hand Kakkarot. General Kakkarot." He stated then looked at Bulma without the slightest hit of recognition.

Bulma gasped as the words left Vegeta’s mouth. He was an ouji the ouji of Vegetasei, and to think he had never told her. She was in awe and wonder as she watched Vegeta standing tall and proud next to her otou-san. She wondered then why Vegeta hadn’t told her that he was the ouji of Vegetasei. Why was it important that he could tell her otou-san and not her?

"Well then Saiya-jin no ouji Vegeta come this way you and me have lots of things to discus." Dr. Briefs said while Vegeta and Kakkarot followed him. The three men closed the door behind them and began to talk while Bulma and her okaa-san could hear nothing. Bulma then remembered Yamcha and that he was still with them.

"Yamcha-San gomen. I really didn’t mean to keep you waiting." Bulma said bowing to him in her traditional manner.

"Well Bulma-San you really blew it this time." He warned with a tone of voice that made Bulma wonder if he really was that upset. His jaw tightened and furthermore he didn’t call her Bulma-San anymore he just called her Bulmi-Chan or Bulma. It was easy to tell that he wasn’t pleased with the actions that she had taken that evening. That was evident in his cold and mocking tone that matched the fire in his still and angry eyes.

"Gomen." She whispered once more then kissed him good night, he left her with her okaa-san alone in the kitchen of the fairly large house.

Bulma’s okaa-san smiled at her once more. "Be careful Bulma-Chan it isn’t right to play with love."

"Whatever do you mean?" Bulma asked leaning agents the counter.

"Just don’t do anything that could hurt you in the future." She answered.

"Hai okaa-san, Konban wa." Bulma said bowing infront of her okaa-san. "Say konban wa to otou-san for me okaa-san." Bulma called as she climbed the stairs to her room.

When she got to her room she felt something watching her movements. She had had that feeling for sometime now when she was alone and it even made her somewhat scared. She questioned what it was and what it could want in her mind. Bulma stood infront of the mirror and took of the kimono that Vegeta had lent her. It was warm with her body heat on it. The silky kimono lay on the ground while Bulma changed into her nightgown. Then she picked it up and placed it on the chair near by. It was definitely a wonderful day for her she thought as she smiled thinking of Vegeta and Kakkarot. Her thoughts were of Vegeta and Kakkarot even as she prayed to her ancestors.

Bulma lay wake in her bed for a while just thinking of the two young men that entered her life today. She felt as if she knew Vegeta already, as if he was an old friend. Her mind seemed to reach out to him at times as if she knew him or remembered him such a manner that she couldn’t forget it. She wondered if her otou-san was going to let them trade with them. Her last thoughts were of Chikyuu and the fate that she could only hope they had. She knew that the best thing that could happen to Chikyuu was an alliance with Vegetasei. The protection they had to offer was just what they needed and even in a way Bulma felt that the protection Vegeta had to offer her was all that she needed. Bulma closed her sapphire eyes with one genital movement, and then she drifted off to sleep for the night dreaming of Vegeta.


Seven days later Bulma was walking in the meadows near her home when she felt a pare of strong hands on her eyes. She was shocked when she felt the warm hands on her eyes.

"Who is it?" she questioned in total shock.

"Onna…it’s me." Vegeta said huskily in Bulma’s ear. She smiled in recognition of the deep voice behind her. Her heart stopped racing, as it once was then she turned to face Vegeta.

"Vegeta…" She gasped. "You scared me."

"I know." He said evenly. "I felt it in your pulse it went from 66 beats per minute to 122."

"Stop reading me like that!" Bulma screamed at him but he merely smiled at her. "I’m not a book!" She protested but soon all was forgotten. All that they could hear was the winds light sounds as they held each other. They looked at each other for sometime, then Bulma smiled warmly still in Vegeta’s embrace as it tightened around her shoulders and waist.

"So how did things with my otou-san go kyoo?" Bulma asked moving out of Vegeta’s arms so that she could sit under the cherry blossom tree to watch the sun set like she did almost every afternoon. The cool breeze of the late afternoon hit Bulma’s delicate checks as she sat there with Vegeta next to her.

"Okay I guess…it’s just that there are times when your otou-san is a very difficult man to talk to." Vegeta said calmly taking the view in front of him in with his eyes. "He claims that the Chikyuu-jins might not want an alliance with Vegetasei, he didn’t tell me why though." Vegeta said while Bulma held her thoughts in her mind, she knew very well why they didn’t want the alliance with Vegetasei but she still had hope that they would change their mind.

"I know, but just be patent. He’ll come along sooner or later." Bulma said leaning her head on Vegeta’s broad shoulder. Over the last week they had found their way to each other. Bulma had fallen deeply in love with Vegeta and was very open about it, he on the other hand didn’t want to admit it.

"I hope he does this is taking too long." Vegeta grumbled as his hand rubbed Bulma’s silky blue hair. Then in one subtle movement Bulma eyes started to glaze over with tears. Vegeta noticed the change in her immediately and took her fallen chin with his thumb so that they were evenly looking at one another.

"What’s the matter onna?" he asked but she answered with a question of her own.

"W-where will you go when this is all over?" she asked with her voice uneven with the sobs that were ready to rock her body.

"Back to Vegetasei." Vegeta answered coolly. Bulma lifted her head from his hand to look away from his intense stare that frightened her for some reason.

"Demo…what about us?" she said too scared that she sounded desperate and needing of him.

"There will always be an ‘us’ Bulma-San." Vegeta said sincerely. "Demo what about Yamcha-San?"

"Forget him…I don’t care for him anymore Vegeta-San." Bulma said hugging Vegeta tightly. "Take me to Vegetasei!" she screamed in sudden panic as her heart raced once more. Vegeta felt this change in her also and placed his hand over hers to calm her and sure enough he did. Suddenly her heart rate was back to normal.

"Demo your otou-san and okaa-san, they think it’s best you stay here with Yamcha-San." Vegeta stated unexpectedly sorry that he had fallen for her again.

"Hai, demo it’s not important to me anymore. I don’t care what they think. They always thought Yamcha-San was the one for me. They tried to make me love someone I never will now that I met you. I see that you’re the one for me not him." Bulma said taking a deep breath of the cool October air.

"If you say so onna demo I warn you now…the Saiya-jins can’t fall in love. I don’t want to hurt you." Vegeta said taking Bulma’s hand again. She looked at him with love in her eyes as they held hands in the cool October afternoon.

"You could never hurt me, and I will change that." She whispered and got up slowly. "My otou-san and okaa-san probably are worried sick as to where I am."

"Hai I bet." Vegeta said rolling his eyes. "Bulma-San…" he called to her.

"Hai?" she asked looking back to Vegeta.

"Do you ever feel like you don’t belong here?" Vegeta asked with caution.

Bulma’s eyes filled with tears once again but she held them in stubbornly. "Hai." She answered calmly.

"Well you are like no onna of Chikyuu that I know." Vegeta said walking over to Bulma.

"If you say so…"

"For one thing you are stronger." Vegeta added. "Spar with me onna." He then later said.

Ever since Vegeta and Kakkarot had started staying with the Briefs, Bulma and Vegeta had been sparring a lot more, reviling Bulma’s hidden and forgotten power. It was even surprising to Vegeta that Bulma could still hold such power within her body. She was strong, stronger than he remembered her to be. But now when he sparred with her it wasn’t like what it had been over 7 years ago. There was a new feel to the way she fought him. It was a sort of ability she had picked up only that she didn’t know it. There was a new grace and style as she threw each punch and blocked each kick now when they sparred. Bulma smiled at Vegeta’s request to fight with her.

"Fine." She answered calmly, then removed her kimono leaving the training GI on.

She had been wearing it even since the night she came home with Vegeta. She even believed that it was doing her good, she thought that it was making her stronger and in fact it was. Vegeta too had to remove his heavy blue kimono so that he could fight Bulma better leaving only the GI that looked much like Bulma’s only in a different style, made better to fit his body. They each took the fighter’s stance that Vegeta had taught her a while ago and prepared for a spar with their eyes locking.

Bulma threw her punches at Vegeta without a display of any mercy, just how Vegeta liked it. ‘Just like a true Saiya-jin onna.’ Vegeta thought blocking her punches but letting one get away. It hit him in the upper lip making it bleed slightly and bringing a cold smile to Bulma’s face.

"Yatta!" Bulma said in front of Vegeta’s face smirking the cold hard smirk she had learned from him without knowing it.

"Zakkenayo!" Vegeta screamed at Bulma holding her by the shoulders.

"Iie need to be rude." Bulma taunted Vegeta.

"Onna…stop playing with fire." He warned then lunged at her full speed, knocking her off of her feet. Bulma fell back and hit the cold grass with a thump and hitting her head hard on the tree that came into her range of impact. Vegeta was laughing mockingly at her as she tried to stand. It hurt her when she tried to move but she didn’t care she just relaxed somewhat then was ready to move. Her old Saiya-jin habits never left her even if they were forgotten to her. It was as if she had regenerated like most of Vegeta’s kind did. This left him in shock, she hadn’t forgotten her old Saiya-jin ways. Vegeta walked up to her and placed his boot on her chest so that she didn’t move. She just looked at him with furry in her eyes that faded as soon as she caught sight of the mischief in Vegeta’s eyes. He was teasing her and she knew that. Bulma winced slightly when Vegeta removed his boot from her chest, then stood back up in her normal fighter’s stance as if nothing had happened to her that hurt her.

"It takes a lot more than that to hurt me Vegeta-San." Bulma said smirking.

"I must admit onna I am surprised that could survive that." Vegeta answered looking at her seriously.

"To tell you the truth Vegeta not even I knew how I did that." Bulma said rubbing the dirt off of her chest then looking back at Vegeta. "I thought that I wasn’t going to make it this time." Bulma admitted.

Vegeta didn’t answer her right away instead he just looked at her. Her aqua blue hair had come undone during their spar. He knew that if they wanted to keep their secret safe then they would have to be more careful. His eyes traveled up and down her physique taking her in with his eyes, as if he was trying to remember her, visualize her. Bulma then noticed that he was looking at her in some type of daze. She blushed at then hit him on the shoulder gently.

"What are you looking at?" She questioned shaking her hips from side to side, as she walked not having any idea of her effect on the young ouji.

"Ano…You baka onna." Vegeta stuttered out of his mouth.

"Hai I knew you were looking at me but why?" She asked walking closer then wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Can’t I even look at my onna without getting reprimanded?" Vegeta asked taking Bulma into his arms. Bulma giggled happily. But she just rolled her eyes while she worked her hands to get out of Vegeta’s grasp.

"Kaerimashou." She said instead. Vegeta didn’t argue the thought of going home to some of Bulma’s okaa-san’s cooking wasn’t so bad, this time he didn’t say anything so he just followed her without another word. It was after all time to get home anyways so the ouji followed Bulma closely. His arm would occasionally make its way to Bulma’s waist and she would giggle slightly, however as soon as they got close to the house they both went their separate ways.

Bulma walked in humming lightly and fixing her hair. When she looked around Vegeta was sitting with her otou-san talking and then he got up. She then wondered how he got there so fast.

"Dr. Briefs with all due respect you need to trust us." Vegeta said trying to keep his cool. Kakkarot stood next to the two older men and just watched making sure that Vegeta wouldn’t do anything to the doctor. "There is no reason for you not to." Kakkarot said backing up the ouji.

"Look here boys this isn’t a matter of what I want to think, it’s for the good of Chikyuu. The people here fear you and even at times hate you. After all the Saiya-jins are well known for their destructive nature." The doctor said shaking his head. "I’m sorry boys." He said taking all of the papers in his hands. "There will be no trade. You might as well go back to Vegetasei." Bulma looked at her otou-san as he said this with here crystal blue eyes holding back tears of anger.

"Otou-San lie!" Bulma screamed daring to raise her voice her otou-san. He shot her an icy cold look that told her to hold her place but this time Bulma didn’t care. "You can’t mean this!" Bulma said walking up over to where the other men were.

"Stay out of this onna no hito. This is no place for an onna no hito like you." Her otou-san warned by striking her with his hand on the face. She just stood there looking at her otou-san with anger and sorrow in here eyes. It took every fiber of Vegeta’s body and control not to hit the older man for hitting Bulma, even if she wasn’t the least bit hurt. He balled up his fists and kept then tucked into his kimono’s pocket making sure they did no damage.

"Otou-San do you know how far they came just to get out help?" Bulma questioned, the color returning to her face after the sharp slap.

"Hai I do aijou demo you know how the people act to the sound of the name ‘Saiya-jin’."

"Gomen…I forgot." Bulma said bowing her head in regret. Her otou-san was right, the people of Chikyuu weren’t found of the name of the Saiya-jin they weren’t wanted. A long time ago Bulma heard that the Saiya-jin were planing on purging Chikyuu if they didn’t hand over their missing koujo but in the end nothing happened. They still managed to scare the poor people of Chikyuu. They were helpless agents the powerful Saiya-jins.

"We are different." Kakkarot insisted. "We have changed." He said looking at Bulma giving her a smile that was short but sweet.

"It’s not up to me whether or not you have changed…" Bulma’s otou-san said looking down at her. "I’m sorry boys." He concluded and walked out of the room.

Bulma held her tears in with pride and anger. She would not let Vegeta or Kakkarot see her cry. Vegeta looked at Bulma threw the corner of his eyes while she stood there holding in her tears.

"Gomen…Vegeta-San." Bulma said still looking at the ground not daring to look up at Vegeta. "I tried."

"It’s ok Bulma-San." He said turning on his heel out to the back door with Kakkarot following him.

"Vegeta-San where are you going?" she asked him with worry in her voice.

"Back to Vegetasei Bulma-San." He stated nonchalantly. Bulma’s eyes filled once more with new tears.

"You wish to leave me?" she questioned holding on to his hand. Bulma okaa-san just smiled sadly and walked out of the room at the time. She knew that this was one fight that her daughter couldn’t win.

"Lie…demo I can’t stay you know that." Vegeta replied taking his hand out of Bulma’s.

He walked out of the back door without looking back at Bulma or the home that she lived in. It was a part of his life that he was trying to forget. Deep down Vegeta knew that coming to Chikyuu was wrong, he knew that this was bound to happen. The feelings were all too familiar and he didn’t want to feel them again. The hurt, the pain, it was driving him insane. Vegeta could feel Bulma’s heart braking, he could feel her thoughts that were filled of sorrow. Now the tears were flowing freely out of Bulma’s eyes, she didn’t care anymore; she didn’t give a damn.

"Vegeta…please." She whispered. "Watashi koigokoro temae." She said looking in his eyes for something that welcomed her. Would telling him she loved him help her find the love she longed for within him? She wondered but never got an answer instead she found anger and something that she couldn’t interpret. He was different now, he had changed. He wasn’t the boy that he was 10 minutes ago the one that said she was his onna. For a moment Bulma didn’t know Vegeta, he was a total stranger to her.

"IIE!" he screamed at her. "DON’T YOU DARE." He roared at her.

"NANI? I don’t get it." Bulma said walking closer to Vegeta and blocking his path of the door.

"Onna don’t you see…Saiya-jins don’t fall in love." He said stiffly pushing the young girl out of his way. "And that includes me." he said choking on his words some then he walked out with Kakkarot near him leaving Bulma behind without the slightest trace of emotion. Bulma ran up to her room as soon as the two boys were gone. She plopped down on it and cried until she couldn’t cry anymore. Hours felt like minutes to her as the cold night air began to hit her in the face. Her heart was braking, her soul was aching and there was nothing she could do except wish for the things that would never come.


The two Saiya-jins walked in silence most of the way back to the ship near the outskirts of town. Soon they grew tired of walking so they took off into the air, flying the rest of the way back to the ship. Kakkarot would look at Vegeta from time to time making Vegeta irritated and somewhat annoyed. When Vegeta’s eyes finally gazed back at Kakkarot and decided to speak to him his voice was brusque and annoyed.

"Nani?" Vegeta asked meeting the younger Saiya-jin’s eyes.

"You know it was wrong to leave Bulma like that." Kakkarot stated getting right to the point.

"So what Kakkarot I do whatever the hell I please." Vegeta answered setting down on the cold grass beneath him. The cold air was hitting him directly in the face as he opened the ship to get warm within its safe walls. He vowed to train until he could train no more, maybe this way he would get Bulma out of his mind.

"Demo Vegeta Bulma is different. I think that you fell in love with her." Kakkarot said taking a seat on the floor.

"LIE!" Vegeta screamed for the second time that night. "I would never fall in love with anyone."

"Oh really?" Kakkarot asked grinning. "Well I guess your right." He said looking downward.

"Your right about for once Kakkarot." Vegeta mumbled.

"You don’t love her…" Kakkarot paused then glanced over in Vegeta’s direction. "You’re bonded to her."

Vegeta’s heat skipped at beat as he glared at Kakkarot with narrowing eyes. "You’re out of you mind Kakkarot." He said threw his clenched teeth.

"I don’t think so Vegeta-San why else would you want to avoid the subject if you weren’t?" Kakkarot asked hitting a nerve in Vegeta’s heart. He never really thought of it that much but now that he did Vegeta noticed that he had been avoiding talking about Bulma for a while. Vegeta tried not to look at Kakkarot while he thought of how to answer the remark that was earlier made.

"Kono yarou." Vegeta spat at Kakkarot then turned out of the room where he and Kakkarot were then into his own private chambers where he could be alone with his thoughts. Kakkarot just sighed and wondered how long it would take Vegeta to realize that Bulma was the only one that he could ever love. The younger Saiya-jin smiled then and he too left the room, he had some training to do.


Bulma lay in her bed; he sobs were now abridged to sniffs and the occasional gasp, however her mind was still thinking of the words that Vegeta had said to her. She had never known that much pain, she never knew that love hurt so much. Even thought she had been hurt Bulma was still sure that Yamcha was the one that was meant for her. He was her lover, he was the one for her, and after all he was human. ‘Maybe it was just never meant to be.’ Bulma thought to herself in the dark of the late night. She never did come down for dinner, she never said goodnight to her parents, but she knew that her okaa-san knew what was going on. Had she known the whole time? Had she been the one that knew that Vegeta and her would never work out? The smile that her okaa-san gave her and the words that she told her gave Bulma the feel that she did know.

Bulma closed her eyes and tried her best not to think of the things that Vegeta told her that made her heart ache with hurt and pain. This time sleep welcomed her, and Bulma accepted it not knowing what else to do. In no time at all Bulma was sleeping and she didn’t even feel the person enter her room quietly as she slept. The dark shadow watched her sleep as he stood there not knowing what do say or what to do. He ached to hold her all of a sudden, as his mind remembered all of the memories that he had pushed away not knowing what else to do. He didn’t know who to react or what he should be feeling. After al the time that went by, the memories were still there; untouched by time. He wondered why he couldn’t forget her, was Kakkarot right? Was he really bonded to this onna? For years he had tried to be emotionless, and cold towards her but in the end he just couldn’t do it. ‘I was a fool to think that this onna would ever change.’ He thought watching the moon play around with her delicate features. The wind blew strands of her silky blue hair across her face, as the ouji watched her. ‘I was a baka, a weak baka,’ his mind kept telling him. Then rage hit him, he wasn’t going to let anyone make a fool out of him. He shut his eyes tightly, then flew out of the open window that he came in. the young ouji was confused and for the first time in his life he was lost and unsure.


"Bulma-San." Her okaa-san called to her from the outside of her room. "Time to eat."

There was a silence at Bulma’s end of the door then her voice was heard.

"Coming." She answered groggily Bulma’s okaa-san took that as an answer, she smiled at the unopened door then she headed down stairs to get the food ready for the family.

The light shined threw the window while Bulma stretched her long legs lazily on the bed. Her long graceful legs slid off of the bed slowly as the thoughts of the pervious night filled her mind. ‘He never loved me.’ She thought as the words Vegeta had said filled her mind. The harsh memories came rushing back to her as if they were a title wave of emotions. The visions took over her eyes, and blinded her from reality for a moment. She didn’t understand how or why one person could make her feel this way. Bulma’s eyes were starting to fill with tears, but this time she held them in with pride, she didn’t want to give Vegeta the satisfaction of making her cry, that’s what he wanted.

Bulma tried to forget the sorrow within her mind, he was a different world to her now. Bulma sighed and got up to get dressed. Regardless of whether or not Vegeta loved her she still had a life to live. The morning breeze blew in threw her window brining with it a letter that Bulma didn’t notice until she stepped on it. Bulma picked it up with care and opened it with the same amount of care. It was written in black droid letters that were small but readable. Bulma’s eyes scanned it with close attention as she opened the envelope.

‘Don’t waist you love and loyalty on him girl, when they attack which they will it won’t matter where you were really born. The Saiya-jins are going to attack!’

Bulma’s eyes were ready to pop out of their sockets, they Saiya-jins were going to attack Chikyuu. She then remembered Vegeta’s words ‘we get what we want no matter what.’ So if they couldn’t have trade with Chikyuu they were going to blow it up? Bulma felt betrayed and in a way she knew that there was nothing that could stop this from happening. Vegeta’s mind was made up and he wasn’t they type that gave up without a challenge. She was hurt, she felt used, however instead of her eyes filling with tears they filled with hate and anger. He had used her so that he could find out Chikyuu’s weakness. Bulma tried to calm down as she finished suiting up, she didn’t bother to put on her kimono. The young girl ran out of the house and out to the meadows were she had been a day ago when her life seemed so clear to her. Bulma’s feet flew fast on the soft cold grass beneath her, she didn’t really know where she was going she just knew that she couldn’t stop running.

Finally after half an hour of running Bulma came to a stop to take a breath under the cherry blossom tree where she a Vegeta had watched the sun set. She leaned against the cherry blossom tree as she took deep and even breaths of well needed air. She didn’t know how she should be feeling at the moment, the Saiya-jins were going to attack and with them was her lover. In her hand Bulma still held the letter she found in her room earlier that morning. Bulma didn’t know what to think of it; was it real or was it a joke. She didn’t even know who wrote the letter so she couldn’t even tell if it was intended to be cruel or not. What did this person mean by ‘it won’t matter where you really were born.’? Was this person trying to tell her that there was more to her life then what she was told?

Bulma looked at her home from across the field, she knew that she wasn’t born there but it was the only place that would ever call home. Could it be that the life that she was living was a lie? Bulma refused to think that that was even a possibility, then Bulma realized how she had been treating her okaa-san and otou-san for the last few days. She had been down right rude with them by storming out whenever she felt like it. She knew that the ways that she had stormed out on them were wrong but with all of the emotions that she was feeling she couldn’t even think right. Ever since she had met Vegeta her whole world have flipped upside down. He was a total mystery to her still, even if there were times when she swore she knew him more than she knew herself. Now she felt as if she didn’t know anything, as if she was lost in a world where she wasn’t in. She was looking at a world that she thought that she knew, she was looking at the life that she had been living for years only to find that it was all a lie. Silent years fell from her eyes as she tried to think of where she stood in life at that moment. Her whole world was falling apart, it was almost as if someone had cut the bottom from under her with her even knowing. There was nothing for her to hold onto as she fell deeper and deeper into what was really reality.

The young girl stood there for a minute more, just taking in the scene before her. This was the only place that she had ever called home, was there really more to it? She whipped the tears from her eyes as she took a step forward. Her heart was braking her mind was spinning and as she walked to her house there was a new found coldness to her walk. There was a new coldness to her looks and a tint in her eyes that was never there. She started back for home now, she needed to find out the truth and she wasn’t leaving until she found what she was looking for.


Punch after punch, kick after kick Vegeta tried his best to block out all of the mental pain that he was feeling inside of him. He hadn’t slept a wink of sleep that night, everytime he closed his eyes he would see Bulma looking back at him with her haunting presence. For the first time in his life the ouji felt sorry for what he had done. The sweat trickled down the young ouji’s forehead. He had been training for nine hours without stopping, trying to take his mind off of Bulma. ‘What if Kakkarot really was right?’ the question came back to Vegeta but he refused to think of it for more than a second. He walked over to the towel rack near the back of the room so that he could dry all of the sweat from his tired body. He was ready to call it quits for a day finally. Kakkarot was standing by the door when Vegeta opened it. Kakkarot was leaning against the wall of the door with his arms crossed infront of his chest while his eyes were closed waiting for the ouji to come out of the gravity room he was in.

"Vegeta." Kakkarot said handing him a letter. "This just came in." He finished while Vegeta opened the letter.

"When?" Vegeta asked unfolding the letter so that he could read it.

"Kyoo." Kakkarot answered nonchalantly.

"Hai I know kyoo demo when kyoo?" Vegeta asked before reading the letter that he held tightly in his hands. Then his heart raced…what if it was from her?

"Roughly about 20 minutes ago." Kakkarot said standing aside so that Vegeta could pass to the chain infront of both boys.

Vegeta only grunted in response while he read the letter closely. His ebony eyes scanned the short letter twice more before he handed it over to Kakkarot. His eyes were now filled with a new anger that he just sprung out in the last two minutes. He shoved it roughly into Kakkarot’s hands without caring if he hurt the other boy, which he knew he hadn’t.

"So Chikyuu wants war?" Vegeta thought out loud. "We’ll give them war!" He said bluntly and walked away from Kakkarot.

"Demo ouji think of Bulma-San." Kakkarot said walking right after Vegeta. The ouji stopped in mid walk to look at Kakkarot.

"What is there to think about? If they want war it won’t matter who is on this sorry piece of Kusottare that they call home this includes Bulma-San!" Vegeta yelled at the top of his lungs. The younger boy looked down at the floor, he could of argued with the ouji but that would only make matters worse.

"Hai Vegeta." Kakkarot answered lowly walking with the ouji to the main room.

"Get some of our best men Kakkarot, we have a war to train for." Vegeta called behind him as he strolled out of the ship with an aura of confidence around him. Kakkarot could only watch as he hoped for the best.


"Okaa-San!" Bulma called at the front of her stairway. There was no response, worrying Bulma. Bulma walked around looking for either one of her parents.

"Otou-San!" She called this time. Still there was no answer. She didn’t know where they were and it scared her even more. What if they were hurt, Bulma’s heart suddenly started to beat faster. She was now running instead of walking around her house looking for her parents. Her hands were sweaty, her heart was beating faster, while her mind was playing tricks on her. Bulma had looked all over the house by the time that she stopped to take a breath of air. The only place that she hadn’t been was her otou-san’s lab. There was still one hope left for her and she was gonna take it. Bulma held her chest as she took deep and even breaths trying to relax her body and mind. She gulped as she made her way down the hallway slowly hoping to find her parents there.

She reached the lab in no time and tried to open the door. Bulma was surprised to find that it was locked tightly, and that the more that she pushed on it the harder it was to open.

"Kuso." She muttered under breath as she tried harder to open the door. She pushed with all of her strength on the door. On the outside of it she could hear that there were voices talking, most of them sounded like male voices there was only one that sounded like a female’s and it sounded like okaa-san’s. The harder she pushed on the door the weaker so got until in anger she broke the door clean off of the wall. She had no idea were that burst of power came from but she didn’t question it she mearly stepped into the lab that had no light what so ever. It was dark, darker than nighttime. When she reached for the light switch there was a spark but still no light emerged from the light bulb in the ceiling. Bulma sighed and reached for the one of the many candles on her otou-san’s desk, however she was stopped by a warm familiar feeling hand. Bulma’s heart began to race when she felt the skin on hers, her eyes traveled upward to who held her hand, and they widened with her cerulean eyes met a pair of ebony eyes. They shot right threw her own eyes as she felt her knees weaken under her.

"How nice of you to join us." The husky voice responded. Bulma felt her face pale, he was back, why in the name of Kami’s green Chikyuu was he back?

"V-Vegeta." she asked hardly above a whisper.

"Hai Saiya-jin no koujo Bulma." He answered mockingly.

"Koujo?" She questioned. She was no princess or so she thought.

"Hai." Vegeta said. "Why don’t you ask you parents." Vegeta suggested stepping aside.

Bulma drew her breath and held it as she saw her parents tied up to the walls of the small lab they looked at her pleadingly. Around their neck they had whips and Bulma could only hope that they weren’t for what she thought they were for. Kakkarot stood next to her okaa-san holding her to the wall by the hand while there was another Saiya-jin holding her otou-san by the hand. He was a much taller and older man with no hair and dark black eyes. Bulma shut her eyes tightly, hoping that the vision infront of her would disappear like all of the other visions she had had in the past. However when she opened her eyes the sight was still there and all she could do was fall to her knees helplessly much to the Saiya-jins liking. She held in her tears with all of the force she had, not wanting to cry infront of the Saiya-jins. She didn’t understand how one race of people could be so cruel and heartless. Bulma looked up at her otou-san her eyes ready to pool over with tears she held in. Her otou-san’s blue eyes that were always full of life were dim and old. She had never seen him like that he was always so full of life and energetic. Her heart broke as he watched him and her okaa-san tied up like slaves.

"Bulma-San." Her otou-san called to her quietly extending his hand to her only to have the whip on his neck pulled across it with such speed that it cut his skin. He screamed out in pain as the whip was drawn once more.

The next thing that was heard in the lab was Bulma’s screams of mental torment. Vegeta was stunned to see that such a girl could hold such power within her lungs. Kakkarot and the other Saiya-jin looked at Bulma who was still on the floor pounding her fist into the floor in anger. The small lab was filled with the sound of her screams that soon were too much for the ouji to take. He took hold of the whip that was on the floor next to Dr. Briefs and raised it high to hit Bulma. As it was making it’s was towards Bulma some unknown force stopped it. A gold aura flared around her as he stood up to face Vegeta who was as awestruck as the rest of them there. Her eyes were glittering with anger and hatred as she walked over to Vegeta with her new found aura of confidence.

"Why Vegeta? Why all of the pain?" Bulma asked searching for the boy that she once knew.

"All is fair in love and war." He answered coldly walking away from Bulma whos golden flames were clam and she was now back to normal. Vegeta took one look at Bulma then at her otou-san. "Tell her James." Vegeta said.

"Never." The older man replied, resulting in another whip across the neck. His gruff screams filled the room once more brining Bulma to the brink of insanity.

"For the love of Kami tell me Otou-San." Bulma pleaded.

There was a sigh from the older man who was chained up against the walls; he looked as if he had aged twice he real age in only a matter of minutes.

"Bulma…you just wouldn’t understand if I told you." He said closing his eyes then opening them again.

"Hai I would!" Bulma screamed. "Whatever it is tell me!" she continued until her otou-san opened his mouth to speak again.

"Bulma-San you’re not like us…your different." Dr. Briefs stated plainly.

"Nani how so?" She asked walking closer to her otou-san to look him strait in the eyes.

"You’re…you’re a…Saiya-jin." He finished off in total shame. Bulma’s eyes widened as she drew in a deep breath. She took a big gulp and closed her eyes.

"This can’t be." She said to herself.

"Well it is Saiya-jin no koujo Bulma." The other man said, he took her hand in his with care to soothe her, however she pulled away in anger.

"IIE!" she screamed.

"Fine onna believe what you want, just tell me one thing." Vegeta said. "How did your tail which is a sign that sets apart the Saiya-jins from Chikyuu-jins get there since you are no Saiya-jin?"

Bulma gulped as she noticed that her tail was around her waist, over her GI letting the world see it. "I was just born with it." She stated.

"Because you are a Saiya-jin, admit it." Vegeta said rudely.

"Do you remember a thing?" The other guard asked her.

"Iie." Bulma answered.

"I’m Napa." He said bowing down to her with respect. Then for the moment in time Bulma remembered a ship and meteors and Napa’s voice telling her that there was something wrong with the ship.

"My koujo." He said to her.

"Not anymore, Napa-San." Bulma said looking down. What was that odd vision she had seen?

"Hai Bulma it’s your birth right you were born a Saiya-jin and then became koujo." Kakkarot started to say as he watched Bulma eye him with care and caution. "That’s why we’re here." He finished.

"Nani? Why do you need me?" Bulma asked seriously looking for the truth within Kakkarot’s eyes. But this time they were different somehow, they seemed to block her and all other emotions out, just like Vegeta’s eyes.

"Because, between this war we need all of the power we can get." Vegeta said, nearing Bulma then took hold of her by the wrists.

Bulma’s eyes darkened while she looked at her past lover. "Are you implying that I fight against my home planet? That I betray my heritage?" she asked soberly.

"Iie I’m asking you to return to you heritage! You’re a Saiya-jin not a Chikyuu-jin!" Vegeta screamed at Bulma, he wondered what her response to that would be.

"I maybe Saiya-jin but I was raised Chikyuu-jin!" Bulma screamed back pushing Vegeta off of her with force that they were both surprised at.

"So you’re fighting with Chikyuu?" Her otou-san asked. Bulma turned sharply to face her otou-san in the face.

"Iie!" Bulma yelled, "I can’t believe any of you! Two worlds are at war here, both of them my home worlds. You just want me for my power that you claim I have, and you lied to me all of my life! But still you expect me to fight along side either of you? Well forget it!" Bulma said storming out of the lab with anger following her. Bulma felt a massive rage building up inside of her. She didn’t know what to do or what to think she just ran out of the house, into the fields where she had been only an hour ago. There was now a colder October morning breeze blowing at her as she fell stomach-first on the cold grass and began to sob.

Her life was falling apart, everything that she was; that she believed in was a lie. All the things that she was ever told were lies that were told to keep her from the truth. Now she was alone in a world filled with lies and torment wherever she went. There was a war taking place as her life was falling apart. She had no one to confide in; no one to come crying to, there was nothing left in her life that she could hold on to. She felt alone when in reality she knew she was, her parents were liars, and the one boy she ever loved was only using her for her power. Bulma let the tears fall freely down her checks as she realized she had no place to go. She couldn’t go home, for she had none. There was no one for her to turn to, worse of all, there was no one for her to believe. There was a sudden gust of wind that was followed by a light drizzle then a large amount of rain that got harder and harder as Bulma lay on the grass that was growing quite damp. She didn’t care, at that moment she wanted to die; there wasn’t a thing that she wanted to hold onto in her life so she might as well die. As she lay there wet, cold, and empty inside, Bulma suddenly felt a wave of memories hit her all at once just like the times before then great pressure followed that wrapped her around with sleep as the whole world went black around her.

The last thing that she remembered was being picked up by a strong pair of arms that took her away from the meadows. She didn’t dare open her eyes as she was set down on a hard bed, she was just thankful that she was out of the rain while the warm blanket of sleep took her over again.

* * * * *

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