Chapter Two: Return to Me


5 years came and went and Bulma was growing up in the ways of the ancient traditions. Bulma was raised to be a fine young woman, the type that all the men in the city wanted, which they did. Most if not all of the men in Tokyo wanted her, she was respectful, modest, helpful, hard working and most of all dazzling with her beauty. In a sense she looked like a young girl but in fact she was a stunning 15-year-old girl the men went crazy for. There was only one man that she ever let get close to her, his name was Yamcha. He was a warrior of the Imperial City, who was not only attractive in his own ways but her fiancee. Every man in town envied Yamcha; he had the most attractive girl in the whole city waiting for him to marry her. They were the talk of the town at times, everyone knew of Dr. Briefs and his adoptive daughter who was going to marry the warrior from Imperial City.

Plans were being made for Bulma as time went on. They were to be wed in the summer, which was 6 months away. Bulma and her Okaa-San bought her dress early on to make sure that it was what she wanted. It was a white kimono with golden lining and shimmery stars on it. Bulma’s hair would be piled high on her head in a bun with bits of hair sliding out from it from the back. She had let her hair grow long, longer than it had ever been. But instead of it falling flat on her back like most girls it defied gravity sometimes. Ends of her hair would be lifted form her back, which caused people to look at her even more. Her Otou-San insisted that woman were not meant to attract so much attention and that with her looks it was enough attention, therefore he found ways for her hair to lay flat on her back when it was down.

Bulma tried on her kimono once more and spun around in joy as her eyes danced with laughter. She was truly happy, there was no doubt about that. Bulma smiled her bright smile towards her Okaa-San who was crying softly as she watched her daughter moving on to with her life.

"Oh aijou you look uruwashii."

"Arigatou Okaa-San." Bulma said taking her Okaa-San’s hands in her own. "Don’t worry Okaa-San me and I Yamcha-San will come to see you and Otou-San. Yakusoku."

"Yakusoku Ka?" She asked her daughter.

"Hai." Bulma answered. "Isn’t this kimono uruwashii?" Bulma asked her Okaa-San after sometime of uneasy silence.

"Hai aijou." She answered her.

"I sure do hope that Yamcha-San likes it." Bulma thought out loud to her Okaa-San.

Her Okaa-San only nodded while looking out of the window. She was thinking about something this was clear to her Bulma but she didn’t know what about.

"Okaa-San Doush'tano?" asked Bulma taking notice that he Okaa-San looked all but well.

"It’s nothing dear. Nothing at all." she answered Bulma choking back on some tears. Bulma couldn’t help but wonder why her Okaa-San was so sad.

"Okaa-San there is something wrong what is it?"

"Oh nothing it’s just that, soon you will be leaving me and your Otou-San for good. You will no longer be out little koujo."

"I know Okaa-San but remember I will come often to see you and Otou-San."

"I’ll remember." Her Okaa-San whispered softly. Bulma rose to take of her kimono and replace it with a more normal one that she could wear down the street and not have people gaze at her so much. Her delicate porcelain colored skin slid out of her fancy kimono letting it fall to the ground while she reached for her lighter more regular colored kimono.

"Okaa-San I have to go to market, I’ll be back soon." Bulma called to her Okaa-San while she ran out of the door. Her Okaa-San didn’t even have time to answer her when her daughter was already out of the door. Her Okaa-San sighed there was nothing she could do now.

As Bulma hurried to market where she was anxiously walking to meet Yamcha she could feel all the eyes of the men looking at her. But it didn’t matter to her even if at 15 she really was a sight to behold. Her kimonos fit her well hugging remarkable figure tightly giving her a mature aura, while her long blue tail was hidden well in her kimono making it unnoticeable. Bulma walked with her head held high not looking back at the imbeciles that howled at her while she walked by. She was in a hurry to meet Yamcha; she couldn’t wait to be there, with him where he treated her like a koujo. Her Otou-San had taught her not to look back at people who disrespected her like that. They had no education or class what so ever and she didn’t need to grace them with her looking back. As she paced herself so she didn’t get tired Bulma bumped into man wearing a black kimono. She nearly tripped into the slippery mud below her and if it wouldn’t have been for the young man who helped her she would have. He took her into his arms holding her tightly around the waist and shoulders while all of the boxes her carried fell to the ground. There was a familiar warmth about the arms of the young man that looked to be about her age or if not only older by one or two years. When Bulma finally looked up her eyes nearly budged out of her sockets. This was the man that she dreamt about at night; he was ouji that haunted her dreams for nights on end making her stay up all night.

His wild black hair stood on end matching his haughty personality and cold black eyes. They looked like they had no emotions in them whatsoever. He was cold looking, not welcoming at all, the only thing that made him look human was the kimono he wore blending in with everyone else. If Bulma wouldn’t bumped into him then she would have never noticed him. Bulma now noticed that in her dreams she was so wrapped up in emotions she couldn’t tell how devilishly handsome he really was. His tan skin played well with his black hair and eyes. As they looked at each other for a minute or two she thought that she could make out something almost familiar about those eyes, the eyes that seemed darker than ebony itself. They seemed to go on forever and she knew that if she wasn’t careful she would lose herself in them at that moment. The more she looked at him the more she realized that his slightly unnatural hair was attractive, and his tight compact body filled with muscles was more stunning then that of any man that she had ever seen. As she looked at him he was looking back at her eyeing her closely as if there was something he was looking for in her. Their faces were less than an inch apart making Bulma uneasy if not a little scared. There was something so familiar about him, she couldn’t place it thought and only when he let her out of his arms did she realize that they had people looking at them with interest. It wasn’t everyday that one saw two young teens meeting in the street and holding a glance that long. Bulma blushed while the young man looked at her with even more interest than before.

"Gomen." She whispered after sometime of looking at him after being out of his arms. Then she stated to help him pick up what she had knocked out of his hands. There was somewhat of a touch of mystery to him that made Bulma have to peal her eyes off of him. He was so attractive, not the type of men that walked these streets. She hoped that he wasn’t annoyed with her for looking at him so much. He didn’t answer her earlier comment; instead he only looked at her in spectacle as if she was someone that he wanted to remember. ‘Lie! I won’t remember her as I once did. She is an onna of little or no respect for her race. She isn’t the onna I bonded with this is a changed onna. From now on I don’t know Bulma this is a new person to me I’m just meeting her.’ The ouji thought to himself as he watched Bulma pick up all of the boxes that contained the Saiya-jin armor within them. It was what he was sent here for, but little did he know that he was going to find his past love here on the dirty streets that lead to the Imperial City. Vegeta smiled as her thought of something that he could use agents Bulma, if she still had that temper she had when they had been younger this should prove to be very interesting. His smile deepened as he thought of what her reaction might be.

"Arigatou baka onna." Vegeta said taking all of the boxes out of her hands at once.

"Nani?!" Bulma asked looking at Vegeta with flame already growing in her blue eyes. The ouji smiled even more.

"Arigatou baka onna." Vegeta repeated for her once more. He saw Bulma’s face go stone serious, she was no longer amused.

"Bakayaro." She screamed shoving him the rest of the boxes roughly hoping to hurt him in a way.

"Chotto matte Chikusho!" Bulma looked at Vegeta in shock had he just called her a beast?

"Nani?" she had to ask once more.

"My name is Vegeta," he said taking her waist in his free arm. "And you are?" Bulma was left speechless, he definitely was headstrong this young man with the looks of a god. Not every man dared to be so bold and so headstrong with her. Everyone knew that James Briefs was a man of power and money no one would ever do such a thing to his daughter. It frightened her slightly but intrigued her more. This was a dangerous mixture of unspeakable outcomes but she like what he was doing, he was charming her and she didn’t even notice.

"Leaving." She said rudely trying to pull free of his grasp but was surprised to find that she could barely move, not that she wanted to anymore.

"Funny you don’t seem to be." Vegeta teased her more holing onto her small body tighter. The warmth of his embrace made Bulma feel safe. Then Bulma snapped at herself he had just insulted her she couldn’t let him drive her like this. He was making her weak, making her dizzy and in a way even want him. ‘What’s wrong with me I don’t even know this man. What is he doing to me?’ Bulma thought to herself while thinking of what to say to Vegeta so that he would let her go.

"I would if you just let me go baka!" Bulma screamed at this man. She didn’t even know him for 10 minutes and she was already insulting him. However she didn’t care very much he was insulting her first, but there was also a memorable feeling to this type of bickering. It seemed so normal for her to argue with him, as if she already knew him.

Clever little vixen.’ Vegeta thought smiling. "Well onna I have to get going." He said letting go of her waist shaking her up bit while brining her back to reality after a moment in the clouds of heaven.

"About time don’t you have better things to do?" Bulma questioned after she regained her composure thanking Kami that it came to her at that moment but Vegeta ignored her totally.

"Here," He said handing her one of the many boxes he was carrying. "Take one of these you might need it."

"Demo…" Bulma was about to continue speaking but then she noticed that he was gone just as swiftly as he had come leaving no trace of his earlier presence. Bulma simply shrugged letting her aqua blue hair fall in front of her face and took the box with her on her way to the Imperial City Market Place. Where she was going to meet Yamcha her lover and future husband.

Then all of a sudden her hurry to meet Yamcha vanished; as a wave of memories hit her head driving her off of the side of the road. She held onto a near by tree trying to stop the world around her from spinning. She saw snapshots of a past, a past in where Vegeta was. It seemed too real to her all the memories. In them she was one of them, she was a warrior; killing, blasting, and smirking along side them all. Could it be that he past was like that, could it be that that was her life and where she belonged? Bulma wouldn’t believe it she refused to. Bulma slid down to the cold grass underneath her resting a bit while she tried to mutilate the memories seeing where she fit into them. She studied them all carefully making sure that all of this was real, but as much as she convinced herself it wasn’t she knew for some reason it was. After what seemed like forever to her she got up and walked to the Imperial City tiredly. She no longer wanted to walk there she just wanted to go home and sleep, resting her mind, resting them from the memories. All of the memories that kept her up all night and that had been rediscovered by this figure of the past.

She was still thinking of him when she reached the Imperial City. Then she noticed that Yamcha was running late, for he wasn’t waiting for her. She took her normal spot under the cherry blossom tree while she waited for Yamcha. Then when she saw that familiar figure in the shadows she wasn’t so sure that he was the one for her. Her life had changed in an instant, and now with the knowledge that her life would never be the same she took a deep breath calling upon strength to go threw with this meeting and her future marriage to Yamcha.


"Kakkarot open this blasted door right now." the ouji bellowed from the outside of the ship. It took a while then he heard someone opening the doors and unlocking the heavy locks.

"Gomen Vegeta-San."

"Lie Kakkarot you always do that even if you feel my ki miles away." Vegeta grumbled lowly as he walked by the younger Saiya-jin boy. Kakkarot smiled nervously at Vegeta who gave him a deadly look.

"So Vegeta what was it that you got from Chikyuu that was so important for our mission?" Kakarot questioned. Vegeta set the many heavy boxes on the floor then focused on the taller Saiya-jin. He was the only person he knew that would call him ‘Vegeta’ without the royal title ‘Saiya-jin no ouji’ attached to it. He was the only one, the only one besides Bulma, who used to call him Vege-kun when they were younger. Over the years Kakkarot had been Vegeta’s best friends, sparring partner, and like his brother. Kakkarot was possibly the strongest Saiya-jin living, even stronger than the ouji, but he was an idiot at times. He either was the strongest warrior living or a fool, that or he was the strongest fighter with the intelligence of an idiot.

"Kakkarot for the five millionth time I got the armor!" Vegeta fussed at Kakkarot taking off his gloves.

"What has you all worked up?" Kakkarot asked sitting next to his best friend.

"Nothing…" Vegeta replied but this time Kakkarot wasn’t buying it.

"Hanash’Te." Kakkarot insisted.

"I saw someone…" Vegeta mumbled.

"That’s a start…"

"Kakkarot don’t you have better things to do?" Vegeta asked suddenly wondering if Kakkarot had trained all morning. He knew that when he was gone the chances of Kakkarot training were small and he had been gone twice as long as he had expected to. If Kakkarot started to slack off now then all of then chance of succeeding at their mission were going to take a deep plunge. In part Vegeta blamed himself for staying that long; he knew what Kakkarot was like just like a little kid. But then again it was Bulma’s fault. All because he bumped into her…Bulma. He sighed as her remembered her. Then he came crashing back to reality when he heard Kakkarot calling him again.

"Stop trying to change the subject." Kakkarot insisted.

"I’ll do as I please Kakkarot!" Vegeta said haughtily. Then it hit Kakkarot; there was only one thing that he knew about that would make Vegeta act like this, which was Bulma. He remembered from past events that talking about his past mate made Vegeta mad if not a little upset. Kakkarot had learned his lesson well and hardly ever talked about her anymore. Kakkarot glared at Vegeta who was already leaving the room they were in; he was heading to his private chambers of the ship where he went to train when something was bothering him, as there was something today.

"Chotto matte Vegeta!" Kakkarot called to him however the ouji wouldn’t listen. So Kakkarot sped up behind him and took a hold of his arm. Vegeta spun around fast trying to knock Kakkarot off of him.

"Dame da!" Vegeta screamed at Kakkarot be he wouldn’t listen to Vegeta.

"Lie Vegeta." he answered the ouji with the same amount of force in his voice. Finally Vegeta stopped walking with a sigh then Kakkarot let got of him.

"What is it that you want baka?" Vegeta asked standing next to the taller Saiya-jin.

"To know why Bulma makes you act like this."
Vegeta was left in shock, was it that obvious that he had been thinking about her all of this time. "Nani. What are you talking about? I haven’t seen that onna no hito in 5 years…" the ouji stated but Kakkarot saw threw it all.

"Well that’s what you say Vegeta but I know that you’re lying to me." Kakkarot paused then looked at Vegeta dead in the eye. "When did you see her?" he proceeded.

"Kyoo baka." Vegeta answered gruffly. Why was it that Kakkarot always saw threw these types of things? He didn’t know why, Kakkarot was a Saiya-jin just like himself, however they all knew that Kakkarot was different. Kakkarot was only younger than Vegeta by 1 and a half years; nevertheless at his young age he was still strong and saw things that the older wiser men didn’t.

"I knew you did." Kakkarot said as his big smile deepened. Vegeta rolled his eyes at Kakkarot while he tried hard not to tell him everything he was feeling.

"Then why in the name of Vegetasei did you ask?" Vegeta demanded.

"Because…" Kakkarot stopped to rise from his seat. "I have you in check…slave." Kakkarot taunted. Vegeta rose with record barking speed, hitting Kakkarot in his gut. Then Kakkarot fought the ouji off of him as the two continued to spar.

Hours later Vegeta sat on the floor of the ship with his head resting on the wall of the ship. They were still on Chikyuu, at the ouji’s request. Vegeta would never admit it to anyone but he wanted to be close to Bulma no matter what. Kakkarot was outside, walking around like the idiot he was. Vegeta couldn’t help but wonder where Bulma was now, what she was doing, and most of all of she remembered him. He had come back to her, with no real intention of her accepting him with open arms. Even though he knew that she didn’t remember him it still hurt to know that all he was to her was a stranger who meant nothing to her. He wasn’t ready to leave Bulma just yet. Vegeta kept telling himself it was all a business reason he was staying on Chikyuu, but deep inside even the ouji knew that he was staying for Bulma. Vegeta closed his eyes and pictured her perfect face with her gleaming eyes that resembled the waves of Chikyuu while he waited for Kakkarot to return on ship so that he could leave this life and carry on as the Ouji of all Saiya-jins with no weakness whatsoever.


In a cave far from the outskirts of town a lonely old man worked hard on his plans. His spider like white hair moved around in the wind that entered the cave. His ice blue eyes scanned his plans again; they seemed perfect just as he wanted them to be. Soon he would have his turn; he would have his day. He would have had it sooner if it hadn’t of been for that young Briefs girl and her Otou-San. They were the so called smartest in all of Tokyo. No he wouldn’t accept it, he was the smartest, he was the best, and he was…perfect. He was missing something this he knew after studding his plans yet again. But what he didn’t know what was he was missing. The old man was sure that after he knew what it was that he was missing he wouldn’t have a problem achieving it. Then it hit him. He needed a real human. Sure he was trying to make humans with strength beyond compare and eternal life but first he needed real humans. He didn’t just need one he needed three for what he was trying to achieve and he needed them to be outstanding in a field of their own. The perfect human was strong, beautiful, and most of all smart. His buck-toothed smile widened as he thought of his first subject. The old man reached for the screen near his left so that he could continue to monitor her movements.

"Awe Ms. Briefs, I think there is more to you than you let on." The old man whispered to himself while he watched her and Yamcha walk home.

He had seen when the Briefs first took Bulma in. It had been the year of the snake, which was said to be Tokyo’s disaster year. They were right it hadn’t rained in 6 months and now when it finally did rain, water wasn’t the only thing that fell from the sky. Meteors also hit Chikyuu in a brutal attack taking many lives. It had just started raining when they all heard large crashes that shock the whole city in the distance. He along with many others rushed to see the seen where one large ship lay. Dr. Briefs and Mrs. Briefs where there too holding a child in their arms. She had long blue hair and a small blue tail wrapped around her waist that only the they thought no one else saw, or so it seemed that way only the older man saw it hidden under the arm of her ‘Okaa-San’. When asked Mrs. Briefs told the man that the small girl in her arms was her daughter. Funny how she didn’t look a thing like her and how in the last 10 years of marriage they hadn’t had a child. The girl in her arms looked to be about 7 or 8 years old so there was no way that they could have had a child and have kept her hidden for 7 or more years. But Dr. Briefs insisted along side with his wife that the child was theirs. However when the older man took a look at the frightened child he saw if only for a moment a tail around her waist. Then as he focused on her face to see the resemblance, which there was none, he saw a cut on her forehead gushing out blood. It was amazing how a little girl of that age could with stand a blow to the head like that and still be ok. She wasn’t human that was crystal clear to him now. He just had to show the others there that she wasn’t. But is was a problem seeing how not many people saw the tail or the blood that was dripping from her forehead only he did. Soon Mrs. Briefs left her husband alone with the others in the crowd saying that the child needed to be put to bed. He could only guess that she was taking her where no one would bother them as she examined the child’s rare and un-human like traits. The old man had held out on them all keeping he Briefs’ little secret to himself. After all, the last thing he wanted them all to think was that he wanted trouble with the Briefs. If that was to happen what would they make of him? He would no longer be the perfect scientist leaving the spot open for Dr. Briefs and he wasn’t going to let that happen.

After seeing the tail and ability to with stand a blow like that he was intrigued with what Bulma really was. Had it have been any other child he was sure that they wouldn’t have lived like young Bulma did. He knew that she wasn’t human, so she had to be something else. He did years of research studding all he could think of so that he knew what Bulma was. Then a few years ago he found what is known to be the most powerful race in the universe. The Saiya-jins. They were a military race known for their ability to live the most fatalists of blows during a fight. They were the race of anger and war the ones that took over galaxies at a time with only the lift of a finger. At fist he found it hard to connect Bulma with that race, they were nothing like her. But when he saw her true intelligence and strength he was proven wrong. Her intelligence was enormous, bigger than her Otou-San’s. Now more than ever he was convinced that Bulma was a Saiya-jin, and after he saw the writing on the ship she came in he was sure of it. There were words of hate written in their language known as Saiyago. He had kept quite for years after his discovery but it was all about to change now.

But now the time had come to spill their little secret it had been 7 long years and the child was no indeed was a beautiful young woman. The old man had his ways of getting what he wanted and Bulma was intact and perfect just like what he wanted.

"I will get what I want Briefs, and if you don’t like it…I’d love to see you try to stop me." said the old man while pushing his thick white hair out of his face. He walked to the back of the cold cave where he kept a messenger. "This should do the trick."

He took the messenger out while he placed a letter in his hands to deliver to the strangers in the ship that came earlier. They were here on business he was told, they were here on a trading mission or so it seemed. Whoever they were he didn’t like them, they had higher powerlevels than most of the elite fighter he had; however they appeared to be human. But this letter would prove if they were Saiya-jins just like he thought or if they were just humans with extraordinary powers. His smile deepened as he thought of killing the Saiya-jins and taking over every living thing ever known to Kami.


Bulma lay on her bed 3 days after she had met Vegeta on her way to the market place. She hadn’t stopped thinking about him all through the 3 days. He had been on her mind taking charge over Yamcha. Bulma was gazing out of the window in her room thinking about Vegeta when the phone rang. Her Okaa-San got to it before Bulma could so she just sat back; it probably wasn’t for her anyways. However this time Bulma was wrong, it was for her and from someone she never thought would call her.

"Bulma-San the phone is for you." Her Okaa-San called to her from the bottom of the stairs.

"I got it." Bulma answered taking the phone in her room into her hand. "Moshi Moshi?" she answered the phone.

"Konnichi wa Bulma." the voice spoke to her as Bulma felt her knees buck. She knew that voice, it was so smooth and at the same time so powerful.

"Vegeta-San?" she asked.

"Hai." He said smirking on his side of the phone.

"Nani Vegeta?" she asked curtly.

"Now, now Bulma relax. I didn’t call you to insult you."

"How did you get my Otou-San’s phone number anyway?"

"It’s not hard to look for the smartest man in all of Tokyo." Vegeta paused waiting for Bulma to answer him.

"Yeah I guess not." Bulma was suddenly uneasy talking to him even if it was only over the phone. He was still Vegeta but she was thankful not to have to talk to him in person or she was sure she would have turned into putty in his hands by now. "Why did you call Vegeta?" Bulma finally asked.

"I wanted to talk to you, you are after all one of the smartest onnas in the city."

"What about?"

"You ask a lot of questions. But it’s about trade."

"Sou ka?"

"Yeah so where can I meet you?"

"Um…do you know the cherry grove near the forests?"

"Hai what about it?"

"Meet me there."

"Ok onna." Vegeta responded.

"Sayoonara." Bulma said hanging up the phone.

She smiled to herself while she thought of Vegeta. It was kinda nice meeting Vegeta somewhere alone where no one would disturb them. Bulma got up from her bed slowly her mind thinking of Vegeta. For some reason she was feeling a little nervous about going to meet him, something in her stomach started to shake kind of like butterflies. She walked over to the box that he had given her 3 days ago. In all of her chores she didn’t have time to look at what was in there. She sat down on the floor near the box, taking it in her hands and opening it with care. When the top of it slid off she saw a type of armor in the box. It was white with blue and gold linings. Bulma’s hand caressed the armor smoothly admiring it and at the same time in total awe. It was gorgeous and in a sense it was kind of mystical. Bulma took it out of the box and she extended it so that she could see it in all of its glory. The slick design of the armor gave it a look of command making Bulma smirk.

Bulma took off her kimono quickly so that the cold air wouldn’t hit her smooth porcelain skin. The kimono fell to the ground without a sound, just one quick movement. Bulma took the armor into her hands once more. She slipped it in over her legs and over her hips, on to her torso, then over her arms. When it was fully on her she felt something hit her, like a wave of memories. Could it have been the armor that fit her well hugging her form spectacularly, sticking to her every curve? Bulma held her hair in her hand like the last time she had felt that type of pain. Only this time it wasn’t as painful as it was last time. It took her a moment to get herself together but soon enough she was ready to walk out of her own room without a problem. On her way out Bulma looked in the mirror near her bed and was stunned to see that it was her in the mirror. She had never seen herself like that before, her body was always well hidden with her kimonos that her otou-san made her wear. She liked the way she looked, it made her look older and in a way more attractive. Bulma quickly pulled her hair into it’s normal bun on top of her head then took her kimono and put it on again. she took one look in the mirror and strolled gracefully out of her room.

Bulma was walking as if she was on cloud nine, she was happy one could tell once she walked by them. Her okaa-san looked at her with care, there was something different about her daughter. Mrs. Briefs just shrugged and continued to cut the carrots for dinner. When she saw that Bulma was headed out of the door she got a little bit concerned.

"Bulma-San where are you going?" her okaa-san asked gently.

"Out." Bulma said calmly while she continued to walk out of the door.

"Bulma-San get back in here." Her okaa-san called to her. Bulma sighed and walked back to where her okaa-san was cooking.

"Hai okaa-san?" she said looking her in the eyes.

"Dinner will be ready at around 7 or 8 where are you going?"

"Ano…to meet Vegeta." she said nonchalantly.

"Who is this ‘Vegeta’?"

"A friend of mine." Bulma paused. "The one that called earlier.

"Oh. Well be back soon ok aijou."

"Hai." Bulma said walking out of the room leaving her okaa-san to think of all of the dangers that she could possibly get into. She prayed to Kami that she would be safe after all she was her only child. She was her only hope.


"Vegeta." Bulma called out infront of her. "Vegeta?" she called again but got no answer.

It was getting late and the sun was starting to set in the horizon. There were slight shrivels of rain falling on her while she walked. In part Bulma didn’t really know what she was doing out her this late and in this weather. Though she was cold but not as cold as she would have been were it not for the added warmth of armor she wore she kept walking. Bulma had been walking around for a while looking for the man that she had just met 3 days ago fighting off the cold water that was getting harder and harder. The air was making her shiver slightly under all of the clothes that she wore. Bulma hoped that she found Vegeta soon wherever he was.

"Vegeta?" she called once more. Then she heard it. She didn’t know how she could hear it, but she did. It was faint at first then it got louder as she walked. The sound of punches and kicks being thrown filled the air as she walked closer to the source of the sound. As Bulma got closer the sounds around her got louder, she was so close that she could almost feel the fighters. All she had to do was push away a stray branch of a tree then she could see who it was fighting. As she moved it water splashed on her face smearing her make-up some but not making it noticeable. Bulma smiled as she saw Vegeta and boy about his age fighting. Bulma was about to call out to him but before she could Vegeta turned to look at her. She froze while Vegeta walked closer to her.

"I see you found me ok onna." Vegeta said taking a good look at Bulma. ‘My Kami-sama she is gorgeous.’ Vegeta thought to himself. Kakkarot walked up behind them both and cleared his throat. "Onna this is Kakkarot. My sparring partner." Vegeta said stepping a side so that Kakkarot could get a good look at Bulma.

Bulma smiled as she shook Kakkarot’s hand briefly. She took a good look at Kakkarot, eyeing him closely. He was unlike any boy his age she had ever seen before; he looked handsome in his own way and even powerful. His body was packed with muscles just like Vegeta’s but there was something different about this boy it could almost pass for gentleness. It could have been in the way that he walked, or maybe even in the way that he talked, but there was something different about him he was nothing like Vegeta. There was a friendly shimmer about his eyes that welcomed Bulma as she shook his hand. He did looked good for a fighter; his raven black hair was sticking up in different directions similar to Vegeta’s hair. The fighter’s GI that resembled the one that Bulma wore was torn in places and drenched with rainwater and sweat. Only that his was darker with the stains of mud and it smelled of blood mixed with sweat.

"Hajimemashite." Kakkarot said removing his eyes from Bulma for a minute too look at Vegeta for a second. The two boys held a glance for a second then broke it looking back at Bulma at the same time. Bulma was a little confused but said nothing of it.

"Hai." Bulma whispered seeing her own breath in the air in front of her.

"Follow me." Vegeta said to no one in particular.

"Where are we going?" Bulma asked walking in the middle of Vegeta and Kakkarot.

"To the ship." Answered Kakkarot kindly.

The rest of the way they all walked in silence, the only occasional noise was the wind and the rainwater falling from the sky. Bulma tried hard not to shiver, she didn’t want to let on that she was cold, however Kakkarot would catch her shivering at times when she wasn’t looking. His smile was warm, warmer than any one she had ever seen. It was hard for her to understand how a boy like this met up and befriended a boy like Vegeta. They were as different as night and day, as different as two boys could get. Soon after walking in the rain for a while they came to a large ship near the outskirts of town. It was large, she wondered then why she had never seen it before, it was very odious that the ship was visible from town.

"Now what I wanted to talk to you about," Vegeta said walking into the other room. "It has come to the attention of the staff on this ship that you Chikyuu-jins have very rich technology. Here in Tokyo it is you and your otou-san that are the most powerful." He was still in the other room changing it seemed to Bulma. But she could still hear his rich and deep voice well. It was loud and clear to her just as if he were next to her. When he came out he was dressed in a dark blue kimono that suited him well. He was no longer wet; he was dry and looking better than ever. The only thing that made Bulma think about his appearance was the odd, brown, furry, belt looking item around his waist. For a moment Bulma thought that is could be a tail just like her’s but she soon changed her mind, what were the chances of there being more people like her? Even yet with a tail for that matter?

"Hai my otou-san and I have a known knowledge for the 36 fields of science but where dose this lead me?" Bulma asked sitting up in her seat on the floor next to Kakkarot.

"This is where you will help us." Vegeta said taking a seat next to Bulma and his best friend. As he sat down Kakkarot got up and walked to the same room where Vegeta had been only minutes ago. He too was changing and Bulma then longed for a spare pair of clothes. Vegeta’s thoughts were interrupted by a feeling…it was new to him. It was almost as if he could tell what Bulma wanted or needed. And in this case it looked like she needed some new clothes, just like the feeling he was getting in the pit of his stomach and back of his mind. As he sat next to Bulma he could have sworn that she was cold and wanted new clothes. He lost his initial thoughts and rose while holding eye contact with Bulma.

"Onna are you cold?" He asked instead.

Bulma smiled faintly. "Terribly." She said grinning.

"Wait here." He said getting up to walk next to the room where Kakkarot was. The moment Vegeta walked into the room Kakkarot finished changing. He wore a burgundy colored kimono that was longer than it should have been but not that long that it ruined the look that he had achieved. Then Bulma noticed that he too wore a belt like Vegeta’s, it was long, brown, and furry kind of like a tail. She then wondered if it really was a tail and not a belt. Nevertheless Bulma again dismissed that thought from her head. Kakkarot looked happy dry and changed but his smile was still the same as it was when she had met him half an hour ago. Vegeta walked into the main room of the ship where her and Kakkarot were minutes later with a small droid following him. It was a round little one who was holding a tray with three steaming cups of green tea. He or she looked familiar to Bulma anyway but she didn’t say anything as the smell of green tea got stronger. The smell filled the room instantly making Bulma’s mouth water.

"Here onna. Take this a go change it will make you feel better." Vegeta said nonchalantly tossing her the white and pink kimono right to her face. Bulma caught it with ease and walked up to go to the room where she had been instructed to go. She opened the heavily closed doors with ease, which surprised her. She didn’t know that she was that strong. When she stepped inside a nice heat took over the room drying her down to the last drop. She took her old kimono off letting it fall to the floor with on heavy motion. Then she worked on pealing the body tight GI off of her body. It was hard to take off such a tight object off but in the end she did thankful that it was off. It gave her an odd feeling to have it taken off of her body after a while of wearing it. Her body seemed to need it now that it was gone. She seemed to stubble as she put the heavy kimono on, for this one was heavier than the one she had on earlier. It was warm with nice smooth silk on the inside. She tried to walk calmly as she opened the heavy door, only this time she had to us more force to pop it open. It hurt when her arm pulled on the door and she wondered what happened to her previous strength.

When Bulma stepped out of the room she was in the ship seemed colder than before. Her head spun as she tried to make her way over to where she was sitting originally. She felt the world underneath her shake while she tried to get the spinning of her head to stop. It was odd how everything appeared to move even as she took a breath of air deep within her lungs. Vegeta took notice that Bulma was ready to fall so he took her into his arms before she really fell and he had no one to do the trade with. Or that’s what he kept telling himself. Bulma looked tiredly into his eyes as he held her by the waist and shoulders. This was the second time that he had caught her and saved her from falling.

"You are one clumsy onna." Vegeta taunted helping Bulma to sit down.

"I guess…ano…?" Bulma stuttered rubbing her head.

"Nani?" asked Kakkarot looking over Vegeta’s head to see Bulma.

"Well, I don’t understand it. One minute I’m fine then the next minute I was weak as a child. What happened?" Bulma asked hoping that someone would answer her.

Kakkarot only smiled at Bulma making her smile back. "Bulma did you have anything under that kimono you had on?" Kakkarot asked reaching for his mug of green tea and handing Bulma hers.

"Hai. I had this type of training GI on that Vegeta gave me. Now that I think of it, it kinda looked like yours." She answered sipping the liquid in the cup after blowing off the steam.

"Oh well then there is your answer." Kakkarot stated and went back to his tea.

"Nani I don’t get it." Bulma said looking at Vegeta who was drinking his tea calmly while paying attention to the conversation at hand.

"What Kakkarot meant to say was, the type of GI I gave you isn’t normal." Vegeta said answering Bulma.

"Huh? I thought that they were like the ones that they used to train the elite warriors of General Tow." Bulma said.

"Lie. Now that you bring it up those GI’s aren’t from this area, not even this planet." Vegeta said casually.

"NANI?! What do you mean?"

"Well me and Vegeta aren’t from around here. We’re from Vegetasei a planet far from here." Kakkarot said setting the cup down on the tray the droid carried. Bulma looked at him wide eyed for a moment then she looked at Vegeta who was just sitting there like Kakkarot was telling the truth.

"What are you two?" Bulma gasped.

"Saiya-jin." Kakkarot answered.

"What is that?"

"It’s a race of people much like humans only that there are a few things that set us apart from them. The fact that we could destroy worlds at a time is one thing then there is a whole tail thing."

"What tail thing?" Bulma asked helplessly lost within the conversation.

"Well our race has tails. All of us do usually the color of our hair or eyes. Like me I have one that is brown like my hair color when I was younger. It got darker over time but my tail stayed the same." Kakkarot said unwinding his tail from his waist. It lifted to his side shaking from side to side like if it was happy. Bulma smiled unsurely looking at Kakkarot in disbelief. She was sure that there were no more like her. ‘This can’t be happening I have to be dreaming. This isn’t really happening…’ Bulma thought unsure of what to make of the whole event before her eyes.

"I thought that…that they were belts." Bulma said.

"Baka onna. What’s wrong with you?" Vegeta asked coolly avoiding her eyes.

"Well it’s not everyday that I see a boy with a tail!" Bulma screamed making Vegeta’s ears ring. She still had her Saiya-jin voice.

"I guess." Vegeta said rolling his eyes.

"Well Bulma how are you feeling?" Asked Kakkarot putting a hand on Bulma’s shoulder.

Bulma closed her eyes and rubbed her forehead. "Ano…better."


"Ano…what I don’t get is why do I feel like this?"

"Well the fighting GI was made for the Saiya-jin body. When they put it on it concentrates their power level, and when they take it off they feel slightly weaker. I guess that’s what happened to you." Kakkarot said looking confused.

"But she’s human." Vegeta commented looking over some papers that the droid had brought him. Then he looked at Bulma seriously with his ebony eyes taking in her beauty. "Aren’t you?" he asked sounding much older than he was.

"H-hai." She answered gulping hard. ‘Do they know?’ she wondered.

"Well whatever!" Kakkarot said looking over some of the papers that Vegeta was looking over. "What’s this for?" he asked pointing at one in particular.

"The trade I wanted to talk to Bulma about." Vegeta said taking it out of Kakkarot’s hand without thinking twice.

"So you wanted to talk to me, right?" Bulma said glancing at the papers.

"Hai onna." Vegeta responded sitting closer to Bulma.

"What about?" Bulma questioned.

"Trade." He said pointing to the papers in his hand.

"I know that much." Bulma said haughtily.

"Look onna this is important I won’t stand for you ‘otou-san’s little koujo’ act ok?" Vegeta said taking a good stare at Bulma, she didn’t filch at his words like he had intended her to, instead she only looked back even with a smirk on her rosy red lips.

"Deal." She said smirking coldly. Kakkarot was amused by it all; it looked like Bulma was showing Vegeta that she wasn’t scared of him one bit. "Start Vegeta." she said.

"Fine. Look here, this is what we have achieved." Vegeta said pointing to a chart on the paper.

"Wow! That’s a lot. How do you Saiya-jins do it? This is more technology than I could even dream of." Bulma said in total awe.

"Well we just say what we want and if we don’t get it the good way we get it the hard way. But either way we get it." Vegeta said smiling proudly.

"So where does Chikyuu come in on this?" Bulma asked raising one thin blue eyebrow to Vegeta.
"We want you to make us armor." Vegeta stated.

"What type?" Bulma asked.

"The strongest you can make." Vegeta said. "Anything that can make us train harder something with weights or something."

"Um…Vegeta what kind of weights?" Bulma asked.

"Kakkarot where are you now?" Vegeta asked Kakkarot looking at him.

"Ano…400g." he answered remembering hard.

"400G!" Bulma asked in shock.

"I know it’s low but I had stopped training for a while." Kakkarot answered.

"That’s…that’s impossible he could be killed." Bulma said with sweat trickling down her back.

"Lie he is capable of more." Vegeta said taking even more paper in his hands. "I’m at 480g Kakkarot is capable of all that an more."

"What is wrong with you Saiya-jins?"

"Nothing Bulma." Kakkarot answered. "We just train hard."

"So listen Bulma this is what we want, armor. Heavy armor."

"And Chikyuu gets what?"

"Our loyalty."

"I don’t understand." Bulma said earnestly tucking a strand of aqua blue hair behind her ear.

"Well see us Saiya-jins are the strongest in the universe. If someone tried to attack Chikyuu we would help you out." Vegeta said. "Deal?"

Bulma hesitated. "Talk to my otou-san but if you ask me you have a deal."

Then they shook hands. Making a deal that could bring a new era upon Chikyuu…the era darkness. Far from the Saiya-jin ship a man was watching Bulma, Vegeta and Kakkarot.

"Looks like part one has been set in motion." The old man said reaching for a pen and some paper.


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