Chapter One: Moving On

"What do you mean the ship never made it to Chikyuu? Doko Ni Saiya-jin no koujo Bulma?" The Saiya-jin no ouji Vegeta demanded once Napa told him that the Saiya-jin no koujo Bulmaís space pod had been lost in the meteor shower earlier that morning. Damage had been done to all of the near by planets, even Vegetasei which was light years away still was hit by the impact of the shower. Some of the stations of Vegetasei were damaged, and if that had been done to them there was no telling what would happen to Bulma.

"Sire we donít really know if she lived. Chances are slim to none. I do however still believe that she is out there. When the chances are slim she always survives anyways. Shimpai Janai she is royalty" Napa said the last statement with pride.

"Napa-San! Shimpai Janai!? Donít worry about it!? Kusottare Maska! Have you lost your mind? So what if she is royalty? She is in space! She couldnít live no matter what happened or how strong she was!"

"GomenÖDemoÖHontou in?" Napa asked the hope in his voice dropping lower.

"Baka na! There is one way to see if the Saiya-jin no koujo is living thoughÖ" Vegeta trailed off thinking of his plan to get his wife back.

"What ever it is my ouji I will help you." Napa said loyally.

"Of course you will help." Vegeta said standing up. "Get my Otou-San weíll need to talk to him if we are ever to find my wife again." The Saiya-jin no ouji Vegeta said. Napa left the room just like he was ordered to.

Vegeta looked down at the ring that was around his finger. At the age of 9 he was already going to married one of the most feared and admired Saiya-jin girls on the planet. Bulma; she was his blue angel and now he was close to losing her. He would never let his otou-san know but he bonded with Bulma. He could feel it in his heart that she wasnít dead. Yes Saiya-jin girls died every day and would it have been any other woman she would have been dead now too. But not Bulma; not his Blue angel, she was tougher than that. She was his woman and could live through that and more if she had to. But this time Bulma was in too deep. Her life was at stake here, if she died then Vegetaís world would go with her. She was his life and the reason he lived; she was the hope for Vegetasei in the future. With her knowledge and power Vegeta was sure that she would make the perfect queen for Vegetasei. She had hopes for the Saiya-jin race; she planed to turn them around to the good side, however if she died now all of her dreams would be shattered. The ouji never lost hope; inside he knew that if Bulma really were dead there would be an unbearable pain in his heart. Never had a Saiya-jin learned to love. The young ouji had only heard of the bonds and what they did to Saiya-jin men. They made them attached to their mates and soon the love over took their bodies causing them to be weak. Vegeta vowed to himself not to bond himself to anyone, no matter what or who that person was. However this was before he met Bulma. When he met her, his plans were twisted and before he knew it his otou-san had arranged a marriage for them.

Being one of the females with the highest power-lever in the whole planet she and 7 others were placed before the young Saiya-jin no ouji. There was no need for a demonstration match to see who was the strongest. There was something about her that made Vegeta want to reach out to her. He just took her as his own and soon they were married. Bulma fit in well in the elegant life style that Vegeta lived. Men waited on her hand and foot now, waiting for every command. But now she was gone making her way to Chikyuu so that she lived although he wasnít so sure now.

Napa walked into the thrown room once more with the king in front of him this time looking high at his Son.

"Otou-San we need to talk." The Saiya-jin no ouji said loudly to the king.

"Hai I believe we do Son. I heard about koujo Bulma." his otou-san said to him slowly walking towards him.

"Otou-San you must do something to get her back here. She canít be dead." Vegeta said letting his emotions get the best of him.

"Son you must understand the chances of her living at very slimÖ" the king spoke but was cut off by the ouji him self.

"Otou-San this canít be!" he screamed.

"Shizuka!" the king screamed causing his Son to silence himself the minute the words left his mouth. "I will do whatever I can."

"Bring her back Otou-San." The young ouji pleaded.

"Napa you may leave." Said King Vegeta waving his hand. Then Napa was gone leaving the two Vegetaís alone to talk. "Boy donít tell me that you let yourself bond with that onna." The older man asked sitting next to his Son.

"Otou-San she is no ordinary onna she is my onna. And the koujo of Vegetasei." The young ouji said defending his wife.

"It is all my fault you know. You were too young to get married, you didnít know better so you bonded with her. Just one word of advice: donít let you emotions rule you, whatever you do." Then the king left Vegeta alone, and all he could do was wonder, wonder if she still lived and if she was ever to return to him.


"Okaa-San! Otou-San! Iím home." Yelled the bright spirited young woman. She stood by the door with her smile beaming ear to ear. Her Okaa-San rushed over to her with her hands on her cheeks.

"So how did it go darling?" she asked sitting next to her daughter on the sofa.

"Uruwashii." She replied taking her long blue hair into her hands. "I really do think that Yamcha-San is the one for Me." she said trailing off with her thoughts.

"If you think so aijou, anoÖ."

"Okaa-San I know what youíre thinking but he promised me that it was the last lie." The young girl paused to look at her okaa-san. "I believe him." She said softly.

"Bulma-Chan if you say so." Her okaa-san said taking her hand in hers. Her okaa-san got off of the sofa and walked to the kitchen. "Iíll be making dinner aijou."

"Ok Okaa-San." She replied also getting up and walking to her room.

When Bulma got to her room she marched right to her dresser. On top of it there was a golden box. It held in there a chain that Bulma had ever since she could remember. It was made of gold with red marks on it. It glistened in the afternoon sun as she stood looking at it admiringly. She didnít know much about her past life. All that she knew was that the woman that she called okaa-san right now wasnít her okaa-san. Her real otou-san was dead and so was her real okaa-san. Her new okaa-san told her that she was in an orphanage all of her life until they took her in. She was forever grateful for them for taking her in but there were still things in her life that she didnít understand. Why did she sometime want to fight, fight and kill like nothing else was important? Why were there times that a feeling took over her and she wanted to be alone? There was a rage in her heart at times, even when she was alone or asleep she could feel the hate in her soul. At times when she was isolated from the world around her she could her a voice, a voice calling to her welcoming her. She didnít know where it came from let alone what it wanted but it sounded so familiar to her. But most of all if she was a human as they claimed why did she have a long blue tail? All these questions kept going around her mind from time to time keeping her from knowing the truth. They were never answered to her but instead were hidden by more lies that did nothing but confuse her.

Bulma set the necklace down on her dresser and slowly took off her kimono. It was a bright pink kimono that her otou-san had given her for her 16th birthday. She stood in her room with nothing but her bra and underwear on. Bulma reached for her darker colored kimonos that she wore during the night around dinnertime. It was a dark black kimono with purple writing on it, giving her a more sophisticated look while at the same time brining out her hair and eyes. The darker colors played more with her face giving her that stylish chic about her. Bulma took the pins that were her okaa-san's into her hands preparing them to make a bun in her hair. Dinner would be ready in around 20 minutes and her otou-san didnít like her to be late. Bulma looked at herself in the mirror once more before leaving once more into the living room. Her otou-san would not be home until dinner was ready and set on the table. As the women in the house her and her okaa-san were to wait until he was in so that they could eat dinner. Bulma walked towards the door, slowly. Bulma walked slower for a moment, she felt a pair of dark eyes watching her, and it made her uneasy to feel someone looking at her. For some reason it felt as if she knew the eyes that were watching her. But she shook off the feelin while she waited for her otou-san with her okaa-san.


The Saiya-jin no ouji watched the girl with the blue hair closely as his royal space ship with his otou-san and guards with him. He had been watching her for a while now. She looked too much like his Bulma; acted too much like his Bulma, yet at the same time she was a different person from his Bulma. She lived in a world where women were the shadow of men, much like Vegetasei, but only on Vegetasei she would never tolerate it. But on Chikyuu she was the shadow of her Ďotou-saní waiting on him like she was his slave. This was his Bulma, he was sure of it. From time to time he would see that spark of temper that he fell for, and that anger that could not be tamed. She was changed, the humans changed her. It had taken him 2 years to track down Bulma. Now that he had found her he was disappointed, she had changed so much. She was now scared and confused, one of the two things she never was. However he knew that without the shadow of a doubt that this was the Bulma that was once his wife.

Napa entered the room silently so that he didnít disturb the ouji who was looking pensively out of the window of the castle.

"What do you want Napa-San?" Vegeta asked looking annoyed that he had entered his room.

"You Otou-San wants to see you." Napa responded while bowing to the ouji.

"Tell him that I will be there in a minute Napa-San." Vegeta answered walking Napa to the door. He did plan on going to see his otou-san just not at the moment. He was still a little dazed from seeing Bulma for the first time in 2 years. She was just as he thought that she would be. She had grown into a delicate young woman with large blue eyes that made her look like a little girl in a sense. Despite the fact that now she was a Chikyuu-jin she still had that Saiya-jin temper, he could tell no matter what. Vegeta walked out of his room slowly his thoughts still dwelling on Bulma. He wondered if he would ever get her back, if she would ever return to him, but most of all, did she still love him.

As he walked to his Otou-Sanís thrown room he couldnít help but think of what he wanted. He never called upon him like this and he found it an irregular part of his schedule. However the Saiya-jin no ouji knew better than to question his otou-san. A part of him was scared; this was serious without a doubt. He knew that this was important, maybe it was about Bulma. If it was about Bulma he wanted to know everything that his otou-san knew. Bulma was all that he cared about for the moment, everyone seemed to know that. Vegeta made it into his otou-sanís thrown room shortly opening the doors with force. As he sauntered into the thrown room the guards bowed their heads in respect, but only gaining to annoy Vegeta.

"Konnichi Wa Otou-san. Why is it that you have summoned me?" Vegeta asked bowing infront of his otou-san, even if this was his otou-san he was still his king.

"Son I have news for you." The king said with no emotion taking his Son by the arm and threw the door where they could talk uninterrupted. They walked a narrow hallway for sometime until they came to a room where no one was located. The king opened the door for his Son and him to step in. In the room there was only a bed and a large desk near a huge window that held a breathtaking look of Vegetaseiís two suns diving into the sea making it change itís colors rapidly. They were setting in the horizon turning the sky and sea all kinds of blues, pinks, red, oranges, and purples. For a moment Vegeta was left speechless as he remembered this room well, it was Bulmaís old room where he had followed her one night and mated with her for the first time. He looked at the setting sun while the memories of him and Bulma returned to him. Soon the sky was fading in his gaze that was being blurred by tears that threatened to come out of his eyes. The luminescent colors of the sky turned to a blur as he held the tears in stubbornly.

"Why did you bring me here otou-san?" Vegeta asked. "You knew what I would feel when I came in here. I just donít understand whyÖ" Vegeta kept talking until his otou-san cut him off.

"Chooto maate. I need to talk to you first Son." The king said looking his Son in the eyes. This was going to hurt him, he was sure of this. "We made contact with ouji Bulma a few weeks ago." He continued.

"NANI?" Vegeta screamed. "Why didnít you tell me?"

"We asked her if she would like to return to the Saiya-jins on VegetaseiÖshe refused."
"Nani." Vegeta whispered softly. "This canít be."

"It is. Son donít you see what she did to you?" the king asked. "She played with you, made you weak, like any other slut would."

"Bulma was no slut! She was a great onna no hito." Vegeta insisted.

"She just wanted the thrown of Vegetasei Son, never did she love you of feel something for you." The king reiterated for his Son who was pale.

"AnoÖdemoÖ" Vegeta said to himself.

"Wakarimasu ka?" King Vegeta roared at his Son.

"Lie. I refuse to."

"So be it Son. Just know that I tried to help you." The kind said cooly before leaving his Son alone in the small room.

Vegeta fell back on the bed that was still untouched. It was dusty a bit but he didnít care, he didnít care about a thing right now. All he wanted was to turn back time, to make Bulma stay with him just if only for a fraction more. His eyes were tears streaked now as they fell onto the bed where Bulma once lay. Her sent was still in the covers making his longing for her worse. Then he realized what she had done to him, what his otou-san was trying to tell him. She had made him weak; she had toyed with his heart, she had made him love. Soon the sorrow that he felt turned into a horrible hurt, than that hurt turned into rage. He was the Saiya-jin no ouji he had to be strong. She was making him look like a fool, waiting on her like she was necessary. Why she was just a woman, a plane woman at that. She was nothing to him, not any more.

The ouji was blinded by the rage that he felt; no one played with him like that. No one!

He took his hands and placed them in the position of his attack. He was ready to blow this place sky high no matter what they had shared or what could have been. One after another he released blue ki blasts that were powerful, destroying the room in mere seconds. Vegeta was left gasping for air from the power he just released. Though small attcks it took more than that to drown the memories of the love they once shared. It took all of the will power within Vegeta to keep going, to drown the memories of a hurtful love that would never last. All that was left for him now were the memories, the memories that kept him up at night, the memories that made her come back to him if only for a second. For sometime now the ouji had been holding on to them, looking over them when he needed her. But just like a letter to often read, it was growing old and tattered, leaving the ouji with nothing to remember her by. The room was gone all that were left were ashes of a love that was once there. There was nothing there for him to keep holding on to. For 2 years he had tried his hardest to keep the dream of Bulma returning to him alive, nevertheless all in that instant of rage all of that and more had changed within his heart. No more did he feel an affectionate feeling in his heart for Bulma, nothing was there. He looked inside of his heart for Bulma where she once was, but now instead of love he found hatred for her. Never had he dreamed that someone loved as much as her could hurt him, but now he saw that his otou-san was right, all women were sluts, all of them. They were put on Vegetasei as temptation that could coast a Saiya-jin man his life by bonding to her just as Vegeta had. Vegeta was confused for a moment, why was all of this so wrong. He tried to convince himself that he hated Bulma, but his heart still tried to hold on to her. But he refused, just as she had refused his love.

Vegeta touched the ground slowly trying to find a way out of the maze of emotions he was feeling. When he finally touched the ashy ground that was still hot his boot kicked a chain. He bent over to reach for the chain; he took it in his gloved hands slowly while admiring it. Vegeta dusted it off taking the ash off of it so that he could remember it. It was a thin golden chain that he found somewhat familiar. There was a modest diamond at the end of the gold string that shimmered in what was left of Vegetaseiís twin suns. Vegeta then remembered it as the chain that he had given Bulma when he asked her to marry him. He held it in his palm tightly until his knuckles underneath his gloves were white of the tight grip. He shut his eyes closed with just an equal amount of force trying his best to erase Bulmaís smiling face from his memories while at the same time trying to hold back tears of anger, regret, and sorrow. But no matter how hard her tried there she was smiling at him, looking at him with her eyes pleading for him to keep her in his heart.

"Dooshite? Dooshite you wonít leave me alone?" Vegeta asked himself softly wanting to rid Bulma of his mind.

Again fresh tears threatened his eyes, but this time the rage stopped them. He opened his eyes suddenly, then looked down at the chain he held in his hand. Without thinking twice he plunged it towards the sea letting it sore threw the sky until it fell into the sea with a deep thump. When it hit Vegeta felt a part of him die and a part of him rise. He smiled an uneven grin of pure evil satisfaction. He walked towards the remainder of the hallway that led out of the room that he no longer remembered. A part of him was hurt, wanted to cry out, but that was the part that he was going to kill off soon. He planed to take care of that part soon enough it was nothing 18 hours of training couldnít fix. As he walked to the outside of the castle the ouji didnít notice his otou-san that was looking at him the whole time. King Vegeta was half surprised that his Son did that. He had broken the legendary bond that once it took over a pair of Saiya-jins they were never going to brake it. Apparently Vegeta had done it; he had done the impossible. He wasnít proud of his Son like he thought he would be the day that this happened; even if he never like Bulma, she was too haughty for her own good. This wasnít what king Vegeta wanted it was what Lord Cold wanted. Finally he had gotten Bulma out of his life just as Lord Cold had told him, to he claimed that there was something dangerous within Bulma that would hurt the young ouji. King Vegeta didnít want to take Bulma out of his Sonís life but it was what Lord Cold wanted in order for the Saiya-jins to be free again, Now all that was left was reporting to Lord Cold. Soon Lord Cold would have his way and the Saiya-jins would be free once more.


"Oh lie okaa-san, I will get the dishes tonight." Bulma said politely taking the dishes from the dinner they had just shared. Her otou-san looked pleased with her she was becoming more and more the daughter that he had always wanted. Slowly he was becoming found of the girl that he had taken in slightly over two years ago. Of course she was much different then, she looked fragile, scrawny, and helpless, however at the same time she was powerful, powerful beyond compare. But now she was full of a different life, a sure life making her full of her self and most of all a respectful young woman. There were times when she would forget her manners, or do something wrong but he couldnít blame her. With the knowledge he had of the sciences he researched her because he knew that she wasnít human her long blue tail gave that away. She always kept it under her kimonos, which her otou-san made her wear all the time. It was what all respectable young girls wore and it hid her smooth lengthy tail well without arousing suspicion or curiosity.

He watched as Bulma cleared the table with concern. What if one day her past came back to haunt her? What if she turned agents them her cruel forgotten nature? The chances were very slim of that happening; nevertheless he still liked to be prepared. When he has studied her brain waves and such he had found that she was of a race that had a bloodlust for fighting. He understood why she was acted the way she did sometimes. From time to time he would find her out back Ďsparingí with her shadow Ďkeeping upí with it and Ďblocking hitsí. She needed a way to let out all of the power within her, when he studied her he found that she possessed too much power, and if one thing triggered it she could kill worlds with on lift of a finger. He didnít want to do anything to anger her, but she didnít look like the type that would kill everyone. In the 2 years that she had been his daughter she had been a respectful Kami-fearing woman just as he had wanted his own daughter to be.

There was a large crash that scared both Dr. Briefs and Mrs. Briefs to death, which was followed by a deafening scream. They ran into the kitchen where they found all of the dishes shattered on the floor and Bulma next to them trying to pick them up. But just as she was going to pick them up another ear-devastating scream proceeded threw the room. Bulma held her head in pain grasping onto her long aqua blue hair while she screamed. It was evident to her parents that she was in a lot of pain, but what they didnít know was why.

"Bulma-San whatís the matter?" her okaa-san said taking her to a near by chair.

"IÖAHHHHH!" she screamed not being able to finish her sentence. Bulma grabbed her hair into her hands roughly, pulling it away from her face while her screaming persisted. Her otou-san looked at her with care, and took her face in his big gentle hands.

"Bulma-San calm down." He whispered into her ear softly, stroking her hair smoothly. He noticed at that moment that she had been crying, but she had been too proud to cry out loud, instead she cried in silence, causing her even more pain within. He smiled shortly then took a glass and filled it with water for his daughter. "Drink this." He told her, and she did what she was told. After a moment of breathing deep Bulma calmed down.

"Arigatou otou-san." She whispered hugging him tightly. Bulma didnít know what came over her at that moment when all the pain had started. It felt like her whole world had started to brake apart. She never wanted to feel that way again as long as she lived, but she had a feeling that it wouldnít end right then and there.

"Doo itashimashite." Dr. Briefs said returning his daughterís hug with the same amount of love. They broke free and Bulma gasped as she noticed that she had broken all of the china from the nightís dinner. She covered her mouth with her hands, as she felt gilt for braking the good china.

"Oh okaa-san I am so sorry. Gomen!" Bulma said moving to pick up all of the shattered glass on the floor. The large hand of her otou-san in front of her stopped.

"Iíll do it aijou donít worry about it, you just go to bed. I donít want you to cut yourself, so just run up to bed." Her otou-san said and she did what was asked of her. She bowed infront of her okaa-san and otou-san before leaving up to go to her room.

The minute she closed the door she fell on her bed with sobs shaking her body. Her parents didnít know what she was feeling, how she was feeling, what she was seeing. She saw men and women fighting, killing, but what she kept seeing the most was a young man about her age or older. He had long wild black hair with a cape on and what looked like royal armor. He kept reaching out to her all evening and then finally around the time when she picked up the dishes he threw an object he held in his hands into the water, which caused Bulma all of the pain. She didnít really know what the object was, she didnít know what it meant either all she knew that what once was a vision was now reality. That wasnít the first time that she had seen that young man, it was something she saw nightly now, it started about a week ago. Bulma sobbed into the pillows of her bed not caring what happened to them. Her delicate white make-up was smearing, but she didnít care about anything at all.

Finally an hour later Bulma did deiced to getup, she had to wash her face, change kimonos, and pry to her ancestors. It was something that she had grown use to now ever since she came here. She wondered what her life was like before she was a brief. After she was done praying while she was lying in bed again she saw the young man that haunted her dreams. He stood tall and proud infront of the sea with two sun setting in the back round. His cape waved in the cool afternoon air. The vision was too vivid, too real, she almost felt as if she was right next to him. Then the next thing she knew she was next to him holding on to him like he was her life. She was different girl though, dressed a fine red and gold kimono with her hair in a bun and a crown on top of her head. Bulma tried to erase the image from her head but it was just to real. She could even feel the warmth of this boys body agents her skin. He felt so right, as if she had been in these arms before. The boy besides her hugged her tightly, then she noticed that he was crying. But why? She unconsciously wrapped her arms around him holding him as he cried. Then she started to cry with a pain that rocked her body like nothing else. It punched threw her heart making it worse to tolerate. She held on to the boy looking for help but when she reached for him he was gone leaving her all alone.

Bulma awoke that night in an ice cold sweat like she had been for the past 3 nights. She walked over to the bathroom in her room to wash off the sweat. It as like a relief from Kami as the water hit her smooth skin. She looked for a towel blindly then found it. As she looked up the mirror she saw a koujo looking back at her smiling. Bulma shook her head and went back to bed, these dreams were keeping her up all night long, and she needed rest. Little did she know that light years away there was a lonely ouji trying to block out of his mind the same dream that kept him up all night.


Chapter 2
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