A year or two later Vegeta became king. His attitude changed after he got married. He seemed to smile a lot more. And was nicer, but only in private. The royal families from all the kingdoms were invited to the wedding. Bulma finally met her mother and father. And they were glad to see that she had survived and turned into a fine young woman.

From there place in the stars Amalthia and Halmon watched over there friends. Two new temples were built to honour the goddess of Love and the god of Protection, in Vegetaís kingdom.

Bulma still sang in the tavern from time to time. And none of the four stayed in the palace all the time. They were frequently seen in the town.

Unicorn hunting was banned and so the species flourished again.


(AN Halmon was Amalthia's love's name and not the demon's.)

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Chapter 5
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