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Chapter 8- Last Impression


An overwhelming silence consumed the entire room, devoid of any sound. Vegeta could only stare into the bottomless pits of her eyes, the ones that had been searching...searching forever for an answer, and now she had found it. Her features glowered in a mixture of anger, fear, confusion...betrayal. He knew that feeling all too well, for he had experienced it many times in his lifetime. She was so distressed, that it took her a second to even comprehend that she was crying. It wasn't until a single teardrop fell upon her hand she realized. Her lower lip quivered, holding back a torn cry.

"Onna..." Vegeta whispered remorsefully, brushing his hand across her cheek, wiping away a tear.

She quickly jerked her head away from her touch, not wanting him to see her wallowing in her own self-pity. The last thing she needed was someone feeling sorry for her.


The question made her turn to face him.

"Who's the bastard that did this to you?" Vegeta asked her, clinching his fist in frustration. His eyes bore into hers with an unmistakable rage, a fire brewing within his soul.

"It...it was Yamcha."


"Yes." Bulma replied sadly, lowering her head. "We...we used to be lovers." She said with shame in her dismal tone.

"What?" Vegeta spat, outraged beyond all reason. He needed to kill someone.

"Yes." Bulma answered. "It was all because I wouldn't sleep with him." An rain of tears began to pour from her face as she gritted her teeth angrily. "I can't believe he did this!" She cried, slamming her fists into the mattress. "He took me away from my home...I was forced to become some slave for others to see. My...my family." She choked, withering in pain and lament. "I don't even know what happened to them." She looked to him. "I don't know if they're still alive."

"Onna..." Vegeta responded, brushing the knuckles of her hands. She dove into his chest, weeping as she held him tightly. Unsure of what to do, he unconsciously rubbed her back in a soothing manner, calming her.

"He came."

"N-nani?" His hands lightly squeezed her arms. "He came here?"

"Yes." She sniffled, wiping away her tears. "While you were gone, he sneaked in through the window."

So that's what that scent was...

"He said that he'd rescue me, and to meet him at the spaceport at midnight while you were out at a meeting with the Prime Minister." She rested her head on his shoulder, idly stroking his bare chest. "Vegeta, he thought you raped me."

"What?!" Vegeta bellowed. "Where the hell would he get that idea?!"

"Well..." She said uneasily. "I was naked in your bed, and since you are technically my master he just assumed. I tried to tell him, but he wouldn't listen." She cocked an eyebrow. "Ano...Vegeta?" She peered over his shoulder, finding his face practically grimacing with an unrepressed anger. He faced her, his eyes cold and apathetic. She had never seen him like this before. His face remained stony, unwavering.


"I'm going to kill him." He snarled, his canines bearing. "I'm going to rip every bloody bone from his body. He will never touch or harm you ever again." His features softened. "I may not be able to promise you some things, but, I promise that none will harm you while I am alive."

Her eyes began to water again. "Vegeta..." She sniffled, bringing him into a warm embrace. Her hands ruffled into his hair, massaging his scalp with her kneading hands. Her fingertips brushed his lips softly, before kissing him with an chaste kiss.

"Baka onna..." Vegeta huskily replied, his hands leisurely running down her back, only to pull the bed sheet away from her. He kissed her again, this time with an unrefined passion, his tongue wildly meshing with her own. His hand slipped underneath the cover, gently teasing her mound with a subtle movement of his fingers. Her mouth elicited a moan, as she reached underneath the blanket, fondling him as well. His eyes clenched a shut, a surge of pleasure running through his veins. He growled, his eyes turning primal as he pinned her backwards on the bed. They gazed intensely at each other, their eyes flashing in the darkness. Bulma lightly stroked his cheek. "I love you."

Vegtea's eyes flared, his face froze, not knowing what laudable thing to say. He couldn't tell her the words, he was unsure on if he would ever be able to say those words to her. To the little boy who grew up never knowing his mother, and only knowing his bastard father, those words seemed to have lost all meaning. But now...now he wasn't sure. He knew only one way he could express the new feeling she had provoked in him. Rather than tell her, he could show her how he truly felt. He leaned down, kissing her slowly, tenderly. His mouth traveled down, until reaching the mark he had left earlier on her neck. He instinctively licked the bite, suckling and nipping at the newly formed dent in her skin. She gasped, unaware the spot could evoke such simultaneous pleasure. Vegeta grunted, positioning himself above her. He entered her heated flesh, her pulsating wet walls clenching him tightly. They had only made love a few moments ago, but she was tight, her vagina still taut, engulfing him completely. "Kuso..." Vegeta cursed through gritted teeth.

One hand entangled itself into her silken locks of blue hair, while the other softly kneaded and pinched at her clitoris. She murmured

incomprehensible moans, as her mind faded into an clouded blur, the only thing evident was the wonderful things he was doing to her. His hands roamed, finding the backs of her smooth calves. He lifted them up, raising them to his shoulders as he furiously pumped in and out of her. She cried out, the position making him fill her to the hilt, past the final barrier deep within her. He felt it. His eyes clamped shut, his mouth shivering to hold back a moan. Her hips began to buck fast along with his, making Vegeta have to latch his mouth on one of her breasts just to hush himself. Bulma bit her lip, wanting so desperately to release, but she waited. She wanted him to be with her as well. Vegeta gripped her hips tightly, thrusting madly to alleviate the growing need to come. Her hand sought out for him, rubbing him at the base of his shaft. She lifted her hips, making him stroke into roughly. With a groan, he came. Titling his head back with hers, they both screamed, their release resulting in an overflowing pour of bodily fluids. They both panted and sweating profusely, as they enfolded each other, both trembling in the convulsions of their aftermath. Vegeta brushed away a damp piece of her hair, kissing her wet forehead. "Tomorrow."

"Hm?" She murmured drowsily, her eyelids falling.

"Tomorrow, I'm going to kill him."


Bulma awoke, started to find an empty space beside her in the large bed. She yawned sleepily, scanning the room. Her eyes suddenly became bewildered. That's right...he said he's going to kill him...he's not really going to do it is he? Her heart suddenly fell prey to sympathy. She chewed her lip nervously. Even if the bastard had done that to her, did she really want him killed? With a resonated sigh, she got up out of bed to get dressed.

After a shower and getting some clothes on, she began to think. How did Yamcha know where I was anyway? I mean, the only person who knows where I am is that Nappa guy, Vegeta, and...

She dropped her glass, making it shatter into a million pieces.


But how? Was he associated with him in the first place? Were they partners from the beginning? Grabbing her coat, Bulma headed for the door. It's time to find out what's going on.


Vegeta silently sipped his drink, eyeing the room for any sign of Katori. He was the only person who could've known were the onna was, meaning the bastard who sold Bulma was involved directly with him. He mumbled in sayaingo, cursing something under his breath. He couldn't believe he was going through so much for this woman, but after all, she wasn't merely a woman. No. She was his mate now. At first it infuriated him that such a woman had the audacity to keep such a hold on him, but even he himself couldn't deny that he needed her. Things he had never felt before began to manifest from the core of his soul, revealing things about him even he didn't know himself. He found everything about her fascinating, she was in essence an ethereal beauty, her very taste a natural aphrodisiac that he craved for.

Feh...I've become such a weakling. The woman is starting to make me soft. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted his prey. Smirking, he followed as the predator.


Katori entered his workroom, kicking his boots off in the corner of the room. "Damn, if I don't get that Chikyuu onna back, I'll lose all my business."

"Unfortunately for you, that isn't going to happen."

"N-nani?!" Katori yelped, frantically searching the room. He found a very, pissed off sayain staring viciously at him in the doorway. "You! What do you want? I've already given you the blue haired woman, what else do you want from me?" He squealed, backing up towards the corner of the room. His hands shielded his face, as he cowered.

Vegeta smugly smiled, cracking his knuckles. "I want information that only you can give to me." He flexed the muscles in his neck, making it pop. "Either you can tell or," he hissed. "I will be forced to kick your puny ass."

"Please! Don't hurt me! I'll tell you! I'll tell you whatever you want!" Katori exclaimed.

"Where is the man you hired to capture the onna?"

"He's staying in one of my rooms...second floor, room number 112."

A knock on the door averted his attention elsewhere.


The door opened, exposing a slender creamy leg. Bulma stepped through, shocked to find Vegeta already there. "Vegeta?"

"Onna? What are you doing here?"

"I came because I just figured something out...Did you already know?"

Vegeta smirked. "Onna, I thought you were a genius." He chuckled. "Even an idiot could have put it together."

"Well excuse me!" Bulma snapped. "And my name is not onna, it's Bulma you know." She chided.

In one single blow, Vegeta knocked Katori out, leaving him unconscious and bleeding out the mouth.

"Onna..." Vegeta teased, mocking her. "I have some unfinished business to do."

"Hm? " Bulma queried. "Oi! Vegeta! Where are you going!"

::Where do you think baka onna.::

...The hell?

Vegeta snickered. ::Baka, I'm communicating with you telepathically::

"Ne?" Bulma blinked in surprise. "But...but how?

::Feh. Typical of a human. We're bonded now. I can telepathically communicate with you as I choose to do so. Unless of course, you put up a shield::

Typical human? He can be such an asshole sometimes!

::I heard that::

::Gah!:: Bulma gasped. ::You only told me you could communicate, not read my mind!::

::Silly human, as I said unless you put up a shield...::

::How do I do that?::

::I might tell you, however it's going to cost you::

Bulma grumbled. "Horny bastard." She "eeped" when Vegeta swiftly brought her to him, kissing her with a passionately gratifying kiss. He pulled away, leaving her panting for air. "Onna..." He rasped, nibbling at her earlobe. "I'm going to kill the fucker that sold you."

"Vegeta...I." Bulma protested.

"Stop babbling woman. I don't want you coming, you might get in the way. Besides, he might try to use you against me." He ordered in a stern, but gentle command.

"I don't know if I can..." She honestly answered. "Vegeta, I should hate him for what he's done. I should want him dead, but no one really deserves to die."

He titled her chin up to stare into her eyes. "He does." Almost regretfully, he pushed into a pulse point in her neck, making Bulma black out into a state of unconsciousness. "I'm sorry onna. I have to do this."


After placing Bulma in a room far away from where he was headed, he locked the door and was on his way. A twinge of guilt flowed through him, he really didn't want to have to do that. However, she had no choice in the matter at hand. He deepened his scowl. He couldn't wait to get his hands on the bastards involved. How dare they, communicating with his mate. Worse, their intentions were most indefinitely not in her best interest. He reached the door, howling in a fury of rage, bolting the door down with a single punch.

"What the hell?" Yamcha replied meekly. There's was some freakshow standing in his room, and by the looks of it, he seemed awfully pissed.

"You." Vegeta scowled, his voice dripping with a venomous poison. "Die now." He grimaced, his hand flaring with a very strong ki blast.

Yamcha voice faltered. "Ah shit..."


Bulma awoke groggily, her head throbbing with an unbearable pain. "What in the hell happened?" She winced. "That's right..." She remembered. "Vegeta! You bastard! Why did you do this?" She grabbed the nearest thing to her which was the phone, and threw it, slamming it against the wall. She quickly ran to the door, trying to pry it open. To her prevail, it wouldn't budge. "Now how the hell did this happen? Hotel doors aren't supposed to lock from the outside! How did he do it?" She pondered, titling her head to the side out of the window as much as possible. She rolled her eyes. He melted the damn lock with his ki! "No fair." Bulma pouted. "Not EVERYONE has special powers!" She screeched in utter frustration. She stormed back over ot her bed, trying to think of a way to get out.

She knew in reality it actually would be best for her to stay out of the situation, but she couldn't. After all it was about her, shouldn't she have a say in things? It was kinda of selfish for Vegeta to take the matter into his own hands entirely, but she knew how protective he was of her. That was another thing. They had only known each other for a few days, and she slept with him. TWICE, to be precise. She had even went so far as to tell him she loved him. Which made her realize another thing. He never told me he loved me back. Bulma frowned. She had instinctively curled herself into a protective little ball, almost acting like it was a shield to conceal her own insecurities. Her mind began to wander again. But then again, he did tell me he'd protect me. And that look...when I told him I loved him, I had never seen that look in his eyes before. When she had told him, the usual cold and distant eyes that were devoid in any emotion suddenly turned into vast, endless pools of...something she had never seen before. His eyes seemed to pierce her very soul. She began to shiver just thinking about it. "Whatever the case may be," she decided. "I am going to get out of here." She searched the room, for another door, a non-shatter proof window, ANYTHING. As her eyes found a large cooling vent she grinned evilly. "Perfect."


"What are you talking about!" Yamcha yelled, trying to find some reason in this insane man. "What did I do?"

"You know what crimes you have admitted you fucking bitch." Vegeta insulted, raising a fist. "I suggest you hold still so you can receive a quick death. However, you will not receive a painless one." His eyebrows slanted. "Low life's like you aren't allowed that privilege."

"Whoa!" Yamcha reasoned, waving his hands in front of him. "Whatever I did, it wasn't worth you going through all this trouble. I mean what did I do, sleep with your whore?" Yamcha teased, flaring Vegeta's temperature more.

"No..." Vegeta growled menacingly. "You sold her, used her, and now you have the fucking nerve to try to take her from me." His knee swiftly gutted him in the stomach. "Big mistake."

"V-Vegtea?" Yamcha spit out, rolling over in all fours, withering in agonizing pain. Vegeta strode over to him, grinding his foot atop his groin, VERY painfully.

Yamcha's vocal cords literally tore, as he desperately begging for mercy from the Sayain no Ouji.

"THAT is for touching my mate. Consider your sex drive to be permanently destroyed."

"Vegeta!" Bulma called, from the doorway. Vegeta glared at her.

"Onna, I thought I told you to stay put." He haughtily replied.

"Well excuse me for butting into my own damn business." She retorted. She let out a shrill cry when she felt someone choking her from behind.

"You..." Yamcha hacked up a mouthful of blood. "ji"

"What in the fucking world is going on?" Youji panicked, holding a dagger dangerously close to Bulma's exposed throat.

Vegeta took a step forward, resulting in Youji putting Bulma in a tighter stranglehold. "Come one step closer and I'll slice the bitch's throat."

Vegeta gritted his teeth, a vein popping out of his forehead. "I suggest you let go of my mate." He bid. "Now."

"Don't pull that tough guy shit with me man. We have the upper hand you know."

"Do you?" Vegeta commented, his eyes fixated on Bulma's. ::Onna, go for his groin:: He advised her telepathically.

::Are you crazy?! He'll kill me Vegeta!::

::Listen carefully. He's got a flimsy left arm. I want you to fling your elbow up, knocking his arm. And then I want you kick him in his groin.::

::Are you sure about this?:: She replied doubtfully.

::Onna! You have no choice but to trust me now!::

::Right, right. Gomen::

With all of her might, she flung her elbow up, knocking Youji square in the jaw. Spinning, she landed a back -kick right where it hurt. Very hard.

Even Vegeta winced at the sight of pain. In the midst of confusion , Yamcha took the liberty to flee for his 22 caliber pistol in his dresser drawer. The faint click was heard in the echoing room.



"VEGETA!" Bulma screamed, jumping in front of him on natural instinct. Crimson blood poured from her body, spraying in all directions.

"ONNA!" Vegeta cried, clutching her body that flung backwards. Bulma weakly raised her hand, caressing his check softly.

"It's okay...Just a little blood...Just my arm...no," She coughed. "big deal." She said before passing out.

Vegeta stared blankly at her, guilty that he let anyone harm her. His eyes flashed into a killing, cold, animal stare, as he raised his head to Yamcha, snarling, baring his fangs. In a blind rage, he went super sayian, the gold aura filling the room.


Bulma's eyelids slowly fluttered opened, invited with Vegeta hovering over her. His eyebrows furrowed, showing concern. "Onna." Vegeta whispered, relieved. "It's about damn time you woke up."

Bulma warily smiled, brushing a fingertip across his jawbone. "Yes, I'm fine. Don't worry." She replied, knowing the hidden meaning of his words. "You killed them didn't you."

"Yes." Vegeta replied tersely.


"Nani?" Vegeta asked, confused.

"After what they tried to do to you, I'm glad you killed them."

"No, after what they did to you, they deserve to die." He replied sternly.

"Hey." Bulma behest. "Don't go all serious on me now." She laughed, her hand holding her chest. She blinked rapidly, feeling nothing air and a thin sheet. "Vegeta, am I naked?"


"Wait, my wound! It's not there anymore!" She exclaimed, feeling the spot where her gnash used to be.

"Baka onna, it's healed. After I stitched you up, I used my ki to make the healing process go faster."

"Oh, Vegeta." Bulma replied warmly, embracing him. "Vegeta?"


"Why are you naked?"

"Well," he admitted. "I was going to just lay with you, but now since you're awake..." He replied hoarsely as he nibbled at the spot behind her ear.

"Hentai..."Bulma murmured as his hand skimmed over a breast, rubbing his thumb back and fourth over a nipple.

"We're going home." He mumbled, letting his hand follow a trail down an imaginary plane down her flat stomach.

"Home?" She asked. "Where is home to you..." She managed to say between coaxed kisses.

"Vegetasei." He groaned, feeling her hand encircle him, stroking. "After, we pick up your parents." He babbled something incoherent before brushing the tip of his erection into her sheath.

"What?!" Bulma cried out, at the same time he entered her. "Vegeta..." She moaned, wrapping her legs around his waist. "What are you talking about?"

"I did some investigating." He grunted, burying himself deeper into her. "And, you parents are very much alive."

"Vegeta!" Bulma wailed happily, spreading her arms around him. The sudden movement made her topple over him, making her the one on top. She started to ride him, with fast hard, strokes, making him grunt in response.


"Thank you Vegeta." She moaned, thrusting with more force.

"Just as long as your mother isn't some harpy."


Vegeta huffed. "What have I done?"

"I didn't know what to think of you at first, but now I know one thing." She softly whispered, hovering over his face to bite his nose.


"You've left a lasting impression on me."


The End!

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