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Chapter 2- First meeting


"Besides, planet Vhmara is known for its women. Who knows, you might finally get laid."


Vegeta's fists clenched in agitation from those words. His father's statement from earlier did a playback over and over in his mind, making him think more about his current situation. By normal standards, he was supposed to already be mated by now. However, most of the sayain women who were elites had died of giving labor, or died in battle. The only sayain women that were left were mere commoners and peasants. Vegeta snorted in distaste. The only sayain women left were all too willing to sleep with the Sayain prince. They all had become whores, and they would willingly bow to every man's order. One to give in to submission so easily turned him off. Sure, he had his share of other sexual encounters, but he refused to have sex with someone so lowly and weak. A strong woman. That's what he needed. However, the law wouldn't permit as much. He wasn't saying he needed a mate to be the possessor over him, no, he would be the one for that. He just needed someone who wasn't so weak, someone who wouldn't jump into his bed the second he asked so. There wasn't anybody like that though...At least on this planet.

Putting on his royal armor, he set the coordinates into his ship for planet Vhmara.



They arrived at a large inn, expensive and gallant looking from the inside and out. Bulma gaped at the huge overflowing fountains, and the shiny marble walls and floors. They stopped in front of a room, and one of the doors knocked on the doors. When they opened, a crowd of women and girls stood, along with an older man sitting in his chair. Bulma was roughly pushed into the crowd with the other women, and when the older man raised his hand, the room stood silent.

"What have you brought me here?" The older man replied, standing from his chair.

"A captive from earth sir. We thought she might be well suited in your bar."

He slowly slithered his way toward Bulma. "Yes..." he said touching her face. "I think you shall do nicely. Even for being an earthling, you are a rare find indeed." His eyes were still kept on her face, as his lips curled into a smug grin. "I'll take her."




After everyone was bought and sold, Bulma was placed into a room with one of the older man's guard. Sold? She was some piece of merchandise now? Her mind became completely engrossed in thoughts. Even for the government this seemed a little odd... That's when it suddenly hit her. Had the government taken her even at all? The men that took didn't seem at all like the imperial guards, and surely the government would send her family a notice before they came. Well, I'll be damned... She said grinning at the situational irony she was in. If she would have known that a long time ago, she might not be in the situation she was in. She willingly surrendered herself for the sake of her family. So if it wasn't the government...then who has taken me?

"Time to get out of wonderland, Alice."

Bulma's eyes traveled to the corner of the room where her buyer stood. What the hell was he babbling about?

The man chuckled lightly. "Forgive me, you don't know of that tale do you? After all, it is an American story." He said sitting down in the chair across from hers. His hand lightly stroked her cheek. "My what a hostile face you're giving me. Do you not like me touching you?" He said inappropriately, moving his hand under the fabric of her loose dress. Her foot kicked him in a very, very, sensitive spot.

"You...bitch!" He managed to spit out, as he was on all fours, withering in agony. His guard grabbed her by a head-full of hair and swung her to the ground. Bulma screamed in pain, as her buyer, kicked her in the stomach. "While you are in my possession you will not disobey me!" Before he left, he spit on her. "Take this bitch to be cleaned. Tonight will be her first performance."


Vegeta arrived on the small planet, having the Prime Minister of Vhmara greet him and his comrades. "Welcome to Vhmara Prince Vegeta. We hope you will enjoy your stay on our planet, and consider having peace negotiations with us." Vegeta only nodded his head in a simple gesture and shook the man's hand. Kami, what boring stay this is going to be.


"Why so glum, your Highness? Surely you can't be bored in such a---"

"Shut the hell up Nappa. You know just as well as me what a fucking bore this planet is." Vegeta snapped. He was in a hell of a bad mood, and to make matters worse, there was nothing to do in this damn town.

"We could try that new club at their inn, Sir. They have some new American custom."

Vegeta cocked an eyebrow. "What American custom?

"Showgirls." Nappa said. "They're like geishas but not exactly. They don't prostitute, they"

Vegeta rolled his eyes. "Boring. What's the purpose of dancing around?"

"They strip while they dance Sir."

Vegeta seemed to be a little more interested in the event, but he still thought it was pointless. Basically they were whores who didn't go whoring. "While normally I would turn down this offer, I will go for the fact there is nothing to do on the God-forsaken planet."


Bulma's clothes were literally ripped off as the servant girls stripped her and bathed her. They seemed to do a thorough job, but it still seemed a bit uncomfortable to her. They rolled her hair, and put makeup on her face, as well as smearing fragrant smelling lotion all over her body. When she was done, her eyes grew wide as she looked in the mirror. "Wow." Her hair was long with soft waves to frame her face, and her makeup was done perfectly, her eyes glowed and her lips shimmered with the lovely pearl gloss. Her outfit was lovely as well, but very revealing. She wore a strapless white gown that was tight in the bust and waist, but loose at the bottom. Diamonds and jewels accented the low neckline, and above the flowing silk was a transparent layer of fabric. It was all held together by a tie in the back going in a tight criss-cross pattern along her spine. Not only her dress, but her undergarments were opulently beautiful as well. So much effort just for me to look good...What are they going to do to me?


Vegeta and Nappa walked into the large bar, loud and noisy with men and gentlemen alike. Sitting on the stool, Nappa ordered drinks for them. Taking his drink, the young prince turned as the crowd began to grow silent at the attraction. A single spotlight was put on the stage as a young blond woman stepped on to the stage, shy and half covered as her arms so desperately latched across her breasts to hide the skimpy garments and bare skin. The men in the crowd began to grow hostile and disgruntle, from the lack of entertainment. The girl nervously looked around and fell to the floor, sobbing uncontrollably. Two guards had to whisk her away from the stage in shambles.

Vegeta silently sipped his drink. "This is what you dragged me here to see?" He said annoyed.

"I don't think that was supposed to happen." Nappa replied dumbfoundly, scratching his forehead.

Bulma watched from the sidelines. That's what they wanted her to do?! They wanted her to strip for a bunch of filthy men? She began to bolt for the door, until a hand from behind stopped her.

"Ah,ah,ah. Now you wouldn't dare think of leaving would you?"

Bulma's face glowered in mixture of anger and fear. Her buyer.

"After this performance, you're up next my dear." He squeezed her shoulder roughly, making her whimper in pain. His hand brushed a lock of hair aside as he whispered in her ear. "Just remember, my whore, you will never leave this hell until I permit you to do so." His hand loosened from her skin as he let go and walked away. Bulma watched him leave, as she rubbed her aching shoulder, trying to ease away the pain.

The girl before her did a decent performance, nothing too showy, just a few kicks here and there. Bulma knew she had to do good or they might beat her, or even worse, kill her for not fulfilling her duties. Taking a deep breath, she began to walk towards the stage.


Vegeta sulked, in his disamusment of the acts before him. None of these women were at all attractive, or even in fit shape. All of their flexing and stretching skills seemed to be amateur, making Vegeta completely uninterested. Rising from his chair, he was prepared to leave until another spotlight came onto the stage. The announcer spoke as the woman made her way to the stage.

Here we have a young captive brought here today from the planet Earth. She is a rare and exotic beauty indeed. Let's hope she's as good dancing as she is beautiful!

All the men stared in bewilderment as Bulma stepped onto the stage. A creature of her beauty was never seen before, making her all the more appealing. Even Vegeta, the Sayain Prince himself, sat back down to observe.

Trying to overcome her shyness, Bulma began to sway her hips to the beat of the music starting. She tried to remember everything she learned in gymnastics as a little girl, and used those skills to her advantage. Her hands moved suggestively up and down her body, and she gave a alluring look while she danced. A kick here and there, her clothes began to leave one by one, and the men's hollers and shouts began to grow as each article of clothing fell. All that was left was her strapless bra, her panties, and her silk gloves. Crawling on all fours, she stopped at the foot of the stage, flinging back her hair she did so. Her body swung back around as she stood, and she began to bite at her fingers, removing the gloves. Once they were off, she swung them above her head and threw them into the crowd, as men swarmed and struggled to get them. Her eyes began to wander, as she tried to think of something to do next. In the corner of her eye, she spotted a long metal pole. Simultaneously, she jumped and swirled around the pole moving her legs tantalizingly.

Vegeta's blinked twice, watching her do these stunts. Damn, she was a flexible woman. Not only that, but was in shape. Lean, with surprisingly good build for a woman. He felt a hard tightening from his groin form.

Leaping off the pole, she landed with a split, making the crowd go crazy. She got back up, still moving her hips as she turned her back to the men. Her hands grasped the clasp of her bra, and slowly, the garment fell to the ground. The crowd went wild, but some were in disappointment as she turned with her arms covering her upper half. She only grinned from the groans and upsets from the crowd. She scanned the room finding only filthy jerks and aristocrats, until she settled upon a young man sitting at the bar. Her eyes became fixated with his as she continued to sway her hips. He was an attractive young man, with broad, defiant features. He had a muscular build, with a handsome face, and captivating eyes. His hair was a black thick mane, that was spiky all the way to the very tip. Kami, even his widow's peak was sexy.

Her eyes glared with a bit of mischief as she still kept her gaze on him. She slowly let her hands leave her breasts, letting them bounce freely back and fourth. His face showed no interest, but she could see his jaw clench, and a vein pulse in his forehead. She smiled, blowing a kiss to him as she left the stage.

The crowd roared, cheering and clapping with whistles and gestures as she exited.

Calmly, Vegeta turned to the bartender. "Who was that woman?"

Wiping a glass he answered. "A man sold her to the Dragon syndicate, who then sold her here. Her name is Bulma."

"Bulma..." Vegeta replied, letting the words roll of his tongue.

* * * * *

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