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Dedication: To Fleesha' who had a recent birthday. I love you Fleesha! You Honduran, you!


Last Impression
By: Seiya_Odango


Chapter 1 - Taken


Taken and stolen from everything she had ever known. That was the current situation she was in. Two days ago, everything Bulma knew was gone in an instant. She was at her "coming of age" to where the government would choose her fate. The old law of prostitution when you reached a certain age was banished, due to the extremely high birthrate. In result, Japan suffered for years from the overpopulation. Since then, when young women reached their ripe teenage years, the government would decide what to do with them. Usually women with husbands were overlooked, and let be so they could start farms and family for the sake of the economy. However, women who didn't marry at a certain age where dealt with in a different manner. Not only that, but women who were disobedient were treated much harsher than others.

Bulma, with her fiery temper, and bold attitude made it hard for men to marry her. Men would flock for her beauty and grace, but then have second thoughts the second she opened her mouth. Most men wanted their women obedient and mindful of them. The also needed to acquire cooking skills and house duties. Bulma however, wasn't good at any of those things. She made up for this though, with her intellect. That made it even worse though, since no man wanted his wife to be smarter than him. Not only beauty and brains, but she wasn't afraid to speak her mind. All these qualities of women were unheard of at the time. If you even spoke without being asked by a man, you received a beating. That was never a problem for Bulma though, since she usually beat the pulp out of whoever challenged her, man or woman.

Bulma's thoughts came back to reality when she heard the echoes of two men's voices coming down the corridor. Her body began to tremble with fear, but she quickly composed herself, and began to take deep, slow, breaths. She'd be damned if she they'd see her scared. Two brute guards came forward from the shadows, and one began to key open the large metal lock of the cell. "It's time woman." Bulma stood up, completely erect, and her shoulders forward as she confidently strode past the guard in a cocky manner. She gasped in pain when she felt a hard blow to the back of her head.

"Listen bitch, you're not here to be smart!"

"Fuck off!"

"Why you little--" The other guard's hand came in front of him before he struck her again. "The superiors don't like the women to be hassled with. Know your place." His eyes traveled to Bulma's. "However, you should learn your place too. Be more like a woman and stop acting like a man."

Bulma narrowed her eyes in anger at the guard, but kept her mouth shut in fear of getting hit again. She tried hard to ignore the throbbing pain in her head from the blow. They kept heavy chains around her wrists, in case she tried to escape. Once they traveled down the long hallway, they stopped in front of a large red door, decadent with gold trimming and gold doorhandles. The larger guard used the knock and minutes later, the loud creak of the opening door was heard.

"Yato-sama." The guards said bowing. "We have the woman with us. Gomen nasai, for the wait. She seems to be more arrogant then a woman should be."

"I see." The older man in the large chair said, thoughtfully stroking his beard. From the looks of the lavish room and kingly chair, he must have been of high stature. "Let me observe the woman." He said rising and walking towards. He titled Bulma by the chin, examining her features. "My, you are a lovely gem indeed. You just need to be shined a little." He said perversely, letting his hand linger toward her bare shoulder. In response, she spit in his face. When he raised his hand, she clamped her eyes shut ready for his blow. After a few seconds, she slowly opened her eyes, finding him grinning.

"I wouldn't dare hurt this lovely face." He replied, running his fingers over the soft skin of her cheek. The rage flowed through her body, and her cold stare pierced through Yato like a million flames. "No...I don't think you'll be just a regular geisha." The man said grinning evilly. "I think we might try a new American custom on you."

"What's that?" Bulma replied in a hateful tone.

"A showgirl."





"Feh! Why should that shitball of a planet concern me?" Vegeta cursed, pulling his large blue gi over his head.

"You highness, your father feels that we need the planet Vhmara as an ally. He thinks that you going would help with your training to become the next King when he passes."

"That old man is just to damn lazy to do his own work." Vegeta sneered. His eyes wandered until it locked onto the guard's. "And if I refuse?"

"If you refuse, I might be angry." A husky voice answered.

"Otousan." Vegeta turned, addressing his father.

"You will do this for me Vegeta." King Vegeta said sternly. "Besides, planet Vhmara is known for its women. Who knows, you might finally get laid."

Vegeta's eyebrow twitched at that last remark. "That would be the case, but unlike you, I don't go around sleeping with filthy whores."


Vegeta's cheek stung with the force of his father's hand. "Servant!" King Vegeta called. His eyes glared at his son. "Get my son's ship ready for Vhmara."


Groggily, Bulma woke up, shaking uncontrollably. She stopped when she realized where she was. She smirked to herself. "That's right, I'm in living hell." Forcing herself to get up, she stretched and looked out the barred window in her cell. Wherever they were headed must have been pretty far, they'd been traveling for hours. Scanning the room for anyone, she silently pulled out a lighter and cigarette. She wasn't a smoker at all, but these last few days she had been out of boredom. Her father was an avid smoker and a box of his cigarettes were accidentally placed in one of her jackets.

"Otousan..." Bulma whispered sadly. A sudden ache began to form in her heart. She missed her family. She wasn't sure what happened to them after she was taken. They protested when they tried to take her, and the last thing she saw before she blacked out was her unconscious father lying on the ground, and her mother screaming in hysterics. She look a lingering puff of her cigarette. "What a wonderful last thought to remember of your family." Bulma said, sarcasm oozing from her dismal tone. She put out the butt of the cigarette when she realized the ship had stopped. Looking out the window, she saw people. Tons and tons of people. She whistled to herself. "Damn."

The rattling of keys made her turn her head, as the guard opened her cell door. She walked out in the same peremptory manner, making the guard clench his fist, restraining himself from hitting her again.

The dragging of her chains and shackles across the hard floor made a loud clack with each step she took. Viewers from the hallway all gawked at Bulma as she walked past them. She was by far exotic looking, with her long flowing sea-green hair, and turquoise eyes. Some of the stares made her feel squeamish though, it was like their eyes were undressing her. A large metal door they stopped in began to open, and Bulma squinted her eyes under the bright rays of the sun beaming down on her.

Bulma smiled. It felt good to see the daylight again. They seemed to be in a merchant of some sort, carts were overflowing with food, jewelry, and other commodities. The local people whispered and gossiped about the young woman that had been captured all the way from earth. After a long period of silence, Bulma finally asked where they were.

"Vhmara." The guard stated simply.

* * * * *

Chapter 2
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