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The Grass is Greener on the Other Side
By: Syoki


I have to get out of here. thought a yawning Vegeta. He was sitting in the royal throne room next to his father, and they were currently discussing a treaty. Most probably with some colony or another on the outer borders. Vegeta shifted his head from his left arm to the right. How long had he been here? His left arm had already fallen asleep from propping it too long on the armrest.

His father had said that political understanding and comprehension is very important when you are king, and thus Vegeta was stuck here, in the throne room, understanding and comprehending, when he could have been out sparring with Kakarot.

Just when he was about to fall sleep, the word "daughter" popped up in the conversation, immediately catching Vegetaís attention. Females werenít often talked about in the palace, or seen for that matter. Unless they were concubines or whores, but Vegeta was too disgusted by them to even try to start a conversation with them. So it strike Vegeta odd that someone would mention the word "daughter" during the negotiation of a treaty.

"Minister, repeat what you have just said." Vegeta ordered.

"Yes my princeÖ I had requested thatÖ" the minister began, unsure of how to continue.

"You are engaged to his daughter brat. This would ensure the success of the treaty with Chikyuu." Vegeta no Ou replied in a firm voice, making no room for argument.

Vegeta decided to argue anyways. "Father, I am NOT going to get married to the spoiled princess of some run down technology loving minuscule country!"

Vegeta no Ou already knew where this conversation was going and led the prince to the room next door. The eardrums of the minister in the room next door were saved, the walls were soundproof. "Yes you are Vegita, that is final. A merger with Chikyuu will guarantee the continued success of the Saiyajin empire, their technology is incredible!"

"Then why canít we just pummel it out of them father?! Why canít we blackmail them, threaten to kill them if they do not share their technology?!"

"These Chikyuujin are smarter than they look. And they are not afraid to die, and take their capsule technology with them if it could prevent us from getting it."

Vegeta grew quiet. There was no use in arguing with his father. He just wanted to know why. Why would he have to end his bachelor years so early, to be hitched with a complete stranger. "why?" Vegeta said barely above a whisper. Desperation was obvious.

"The Chikyuu believe that if they marry off their princess, they will be on good terms with the Saiyan empire. My spies had said that their princess is quite a nuisance, and they want to tame her as soon as possible. They believe marriage is the best way. I am guessing that they hope to reform the Saiyan empire from the inside out, with a Queen of Chikyuujin blood. I am telling you brat. You will be married to her, but under NO circumstances are you to have a child. I will not tolerate a half-breed as the future holder of the Saiyan crown."


Vegeta lay on his bed, hands behind his head. How was he going to get out of this mess now? He was not going to get married, no matter what his father said. He knew he had to escape. He had to get out of the palace, even for a little while. But he had tried once when he was a child, and he had almost been caught by the gates. Security was very tight and he was only caught when someone spied him in the local pub. Rising from his bed, he calmly walked over to his scouter. Tapping the button several times, he accessed the communicator. "Kakarot, you have to help me."


He was clueless as to why Vegeta would want to leave the palace, but was willing to help. Although only the age of 16, Kakarot was extremely powerful and had become the Princeís personal sparring partner. He was the only one able to keep up with the Princeís great leaps and bounds of power. Over time, the two had become close, and Vegeta had entrusted Kakarot with his life. However, Vegeta was not ready to trust anyone, even Kakarot, with his secrets. His hopes, his dreams, his desires, he rarely talked of them. Yet Kakarot knew enough about Vegeta to know that he really wasnít a bad person, just scarred emotionally. Kakarot stood up from the cliff, dusted off his gi and flew away from the setting sun, towards the palace


Kakarot tapped his scouter two times. "Vegeta, Iím by the East entrance of the palace. What do you want me to do?"

**Create a distraction. Try to lure all the guards away from my wing of the palace. I am going to escape. Iíll tell you when Iím gone.** Vegetaís voice buzzed through the scouter.

Distraction eh? Well I could set off a couple of ki blasts, and noone would ever know its me. No, ki blasts arenít a sufficient distraction. Oh I got it!

Hiding behind some scrubs near the East entrance of the palace, Kakarot shot several small ki blasts above the two guards. The blasts were weak, but enough to loosen to rock of the doorway. He then called upon the Kami of Wind. A strong gust started up, blowing the rocks slightly loose. It continued to blow as Kakarot casually made his way to the entrance, waving to the guards in the process. As he walked by, the rocks gave way, falling on top of the guards. Due to their armor they werenít hurt, but they sure caused a lot of commotion. Both the guards were pinned under the rocks and were unable to call for help. So Kakarot called for them, making sure to cause as much mayhem and chaos as possible.

"Guards! Guards! These men need help!" Kakarot said as he pretended to lift a rock off the manís foot. Almost immediately, several burly looking guards came and helped Kakarot. In almost no time at all, the two guards were freed, and the mess cleared. The other guards returning to their station. The two guards gave Kakarot their word of gratitude and he flew off, leaving a very big dust cloud behind him.

"cough cough. Wasnít he going inside the palace?" The guard said before Kakarot disappeared into the night.


I didnít know how long I was in my room before I heard anything. Nothing happened, everything was so still until I heard a large crash, and then some shouting. I knew it was my cue. Scanning the area with my scanner, I saw a couple of guards surrounding my wing leave towards the commotion to investigate. Kakarot, I knew I could count on him.

I made my way out of the window, dropping down silently on the floor. Iím quite proud of my ability to land on my feet. Not only does it help you with escaping out of the palace, in battle, landing on your feet is possibly the one thing that would prevent your enemy from getting an advantage on you.

I scanned the area. Nothing. I continue to creep towards the gates, making sure to keep in the shadows and to avoid the fallen leaves. CRUNCH. dammit. Why do those damn leaves have to be so loud? I scan the area again. I should really stop doing that, it makes me look paranoid. Just a little further. Great Iím at the wall, to climb over it. Hah! I made it, that wall had nothing on me! Ok, so now Iím on the top of the wall, scan my surroundings again, noone. Have to get farther from the entrance of the gate. Ahh, no, my armor is weighing me down! Itís gonna have to go.

"Whoís there?" a guard asked. He was walking closer to Vegetaís figure.

Gotta get outta here now. Vegeta pulled off the large breastplate and placed it on the wall top and he stripped down to his simple fighterís pants and shirt. He decided to keep the cloak though. It looks good on me. He jumped off the wall and ran into the forest.

* * * * *

First Bulma/Vegeta fic, but Iíve always been a fan of these two, theyíre just so interesting! So Iím hoping people actually read this. Got any requests for the next chapter? I need a name for a character.

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