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The Dryad's Pipe
By: Sweet Sharie




Long ago, far across the land, at the edge of the sea, there was a small but boisterous kingdom Saiya. The inhabitants were called Saiya-jins and lived in a great city on the edge of a cliff. The Saiya-jins were a very strong people, who had a close relationship with their Goddess, the Goddess of the seas and oceans. She taught them many things and protected their ships, which made a long journey across a tiny channel to trade with the East Islands, to gain food and other products for the Saiya-jins, for the rocky land on which they lived was not made for growing things. They were traders, who dove deep in the sea for pearls and other precious stones and metals and fished their coastline responsibly. The Goddess protected and looked after her children and all were happy. She only asked that in return they honor her with beautiful music. All would have gone well, had the people not found the metals called gold and silver by men in the rocks of the cliffs, and the bottom of the seas of their kingdom. The people spent less and less time honoring the Goddess, and more and more time mining the gold and silver. The Goddess grew angry with their abandonment of her temple, and music to honor her. Some of the people noticed this and made beautiful instruments out of the precious metals, but it was too late. The Goddess came among them and cast a curse on them.

"Since you prefer the gold and silver got by burrowing under my oceans, than the music that should honor me, you may keep you golden and silver toys, no good shall they do you! Not a note shall they utter! I shall not come among you again until I am summoned with an instrument not made of gold, or silver, nor any precious metal. A instrument that has never touched the sea, nor any man's hands and sings with the voice of the gentle giants and the heart of the creator."

The King, ordered his warriors to go in search of such an instrument, but just then the sea rose up and swallowed the kingdom, destroying many buildings and killing many people. Then the great coldness came freezing all where they stood. Only the young crown prince, the king's only son, escaped and vowed to find such and instrument and free his people from the Goddess's wrath.


Confusing ne? I even confused myself writing it, if that makes you feel any better.

Book 1
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