Blood Red Nails
By: Kira Anne


Bulma shuttered as she removed the silk gown from her body. She hated to work undercover, but what needed to be done, needed to be done. There hadnít been a day that had gone by since the Saiyans had landed on Chikyuu that she hadnít thought of her mission, destroy the Saiyans, make them pay. For her there was nothing else, they had taken everything from her and countless others. It had taken her two years to get where she was now, the top agent of an underground organization. She had gone from weak and helpless to strong and much more dangerous.

This time her travels had brought her to a small island in the Mediterranean. It was rumored that their Prince was on the planet and if he was, she wanted a shot at him.

" Bulma!" A small voice called. Bulma knew that voice better than her own mothers. It was Daresana, her closest friend and mentor. " Bulma are you there?" Bulma picked the small radio from the nightstand.

" Yeah Iím here." She said in an annoyed tone. " What the hell do you want Daresana? IĎm in the middle of doing my job. You almost blew my cover!"

" Gods youíre so testy today." Daresanaís mellow voice responded. " Do you have the subject ready?"

" You mean the big drunken Saiyan in my living room?" Bulma asked sarcastically. " Yes Daresana I am ready. Do you have the men ready to drag his sorry ass out of here as soon as he passes out?" Bulma whispered harshly,

" Everyone is ready to go." Daresana spoke confidently. " I hope you have your stuff ready, because weíll be moving you again after this."

" Good less Saiyan scum trying to knock down my door and get revenge." Bulma said switching off the radio. She wondered silently what Goku would think about her doing this job. Suddenly memories suddenly flooded back to her at the thought of how this all started.

~ Flashback ~

It had been a bright sunny day that day. It was such a nice day that she had decided to have a picnic. Everything had been going perfect. Yamcha and herself had just finished making out when they decided to come out of hiding. Goku and Chichi were in the yard fussing over a small Gohan, while everyone else was still playing a game of volleyball ball. Gods it had been such a happy day, until the unthinkable happened.

Alarms had gone off everywhere when the first ships broke through the atmosphere, Bulma and her father had run to check there scanners to see what was going on. They hardly believe what they saw, nothing like this could have happened. However less than a half an hour later the Capsule Corporations had been over run with Saiyans. They killed everyone, except Chichi, Gohan, her mother and herself who had been forced into hiding. No one was strong enough to fight them. Everyone that had been on the premises that day, Bulmaís friends, family, employees had all died. When the three women emerged from hiding they had found everyone dead and the capsule corporations in ruins.

~ Flashback ends ~

Bulma shook off the rage that had begun to take over her body again. Gods she had been so young and naive then. Afterwards Chichi had decided to go on with her life and raise her son in peace, or at least attempt to. Bulmaís mom settled down again in a small house in Japan. She had tried her damnedest to get Bulma to let her hatred go, but Bulma had other ideas. She met up with Daresana and her crew less than six months after the attack. Bulma had no other choice but to join the group.

Everything had come out for the best in the end. Bulma was one of Daresanaís best agents, as well as closet friend. So when the information about the Saiyan princeís presence on the planet, Bulma of course had first grabs at the mission, and she gladly took it. Daresana had been more than pleased with this.

Bulma had the joyous task that evening of working a party that she had found out about from her sources. All she had to do was seduce a few Saiyans to get the information she needed not that that was hard. Saiyans were dangerous and brilliant fighters, especially men, but being men, they were also hopelessly stupid. Bulma slipped into a black silk robe and walked back into the living room. The Saiyan man sat restlessly in the chair. Bulma smiled as she leaned up against the wall, loosing her robe to expose her black bra.

" Comfortable?" She asked seductively.

" Very." He responded, his eyes taking her in.

" Good. I want you to relax, cause after this, I doubt weíll have much time to talk." Bulma said flashing him a flirty smile. " Drink?"

" Fine." He grunted. Bulma smiled. She loved an easy target. Bulma slid easily over to the counter and opened a counter. She took out a bottle of wine and a little vile of liquid. " This should do it." Bulma whispered to herself. Carefully she poured the wine and then the vile of liquid. This would put him out of commission in less than ten minutes, so she would have to work quickly. Bulma poured the other glass of wine, sipping it to mark it with her lipstick, if she got this mixed up; it could be the end for her.

" So why are you here?" Bulma asked moving toward the man. " More importantly when do you leave?"

" Iím here to seek out a group of troublemakers on this planet." He said, never taking his eyes off her. Bulma smiled, this was more than likely her group.

" Really?" Bulma said sitting down on his lap. " Who would they be?" She handed him his wine while she sipped her own.

" I donít know." He said drinking his wine quickly. Bulma smiled, this was going to be almost too easy. " The prince give the orders, I follow them. You ask a lot of questions for a whore."

" Oh I just like to know my clients business; it makes easier for me to know what Iím working with." Bulma cooed, setting down her wine on the table. " Besides they all say Iím the best." Bulma said kissing the man quickly. Thatís right whore today, waitress tomorrow. Who knew what she would become the next day.

" If youíre any good Iíll tell the prince about you." The man whispered. " He normally doesnít involve himself with whores, but you may be the exception."

" And why is your prince visiting this planet?" Bulma whispered as she pulled off her robe.

" Politics." He said kissing his way from her neck to her chest, his hand slipping under her robe. "On an island known as Ibiza." He added yawning. Suddenly his eyes closed and his moving ceased.

" Thank the Gods!" Bulma said as she lifted herself off the man. She walked quickly from the living room to the bedroom. She switched her radio back on.

" Daresana!" Bulma spoke into the radio.

" What?" She replied.

" Heís out. Lets move." Bulma said stripping off her robe and putting on a pair of jeans and a tank top. Bulma grabbed two bags and stuffed all her clothes quickly into the bags. The next sound she heard was the door opening and several men rushing in and taking the body of the man away. Bulma walked in minutes later dragging her bags along side her.

" Great work Bulma." Daresana said hugging Bulma.

" Yeah right. Long time no see." Bulma commented.

" Yeah that Switzerland mission had me really tied up." Daresana admitted grabbing of Bulmaís. " Ready to go?"

" Oh yeah." Bulma said swinging her bag over her shoulder, walking out of the apartment and closing the door.

* * * * *

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