When Vegeta opened his eyes again, he was shocked by what he saw, Bulma looming over him watching him carefully. He sat up and gazed at her intently. She wore a white flowing dress and they were in a large field filled with all kinds of grass and flowers.

" W-woman?" Vegeta sputtered quickly. She looked quite amused at his reaction.

" Yes Vegeta its me." Bulma smiled quickly. " Please donít tell me you thought you could be rid of me that easily? We are all dead, Daresana in hell, but we are somewhere very different. They donít usually let people like us in, but we managed to find love and forget hate." Vegeta smirked as he watched her moved closer to him. " You gave all for me, as I did for you." Bulma mumbled as she moved closer to him. "Now we have all eternity to do this." Bulma whispered as she kissed Vegeta passionately. He quickly pulled her onto his lap and wrapped his arms around her waist.


At last peace had come and violence long forgotten. Two parties formally evil as sin, finally have someone to call there own. It may not be very significant, this prince and assassins love. But what do we know is that it is everything to them, and so their story has been told, one of death and passion, of hate and rage, but that's all in the past and means nothing to them anyway. Love is endless, as eternity is too. All that matters to them is the fact that they are together, so with this being said I bid you a dew.

~The End~

Chapter 5
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